1. xvadsan

    Thread [APP] MySafe: secure storage

    MySafe is a safe storage of documents, cards, discount cards and notes on your phone. The application works offline and has a nice interface 📄📱💳 🗒️ The main difference from competitors❓ 1. The application works completely offline. All information that you add to the application is stored only on...
  2. S

    Thread Secure ROM?

    Hello, I want to install a privacy focused rom like GrapheneOS on my phone. I hope there is an alternative for xiaomi. Most important to me is the disk encryption and sensors permission. It would also be nice if magisk manager would run on it. Is there a ROM that can offer me some of these...
  3. tnitunes

    Thread Question Moto g Power XT2041-4 Locked and stuck in Bootloader Help

    Hey XDA! I am looking for a flash file that can be used for moto g power XT2041-4 for secure flash. Stock rom files can't be flashed. The phone is locked and only boots to bootloader. There is no recovery image installed and I can not flash any recovery images onto it. GETVAR RESULTS...
  4. N

    Thread Please help me to solve this Smali Patcher issue (disable secure flag)

    Hi, thank you for your Smali Patcher software. It successfully passing all steps except last step "Download Magist Template". It stucks at 100% for hours no change. What can I do? My Net Framework version is 4.8+, Java installed, Avast turned off, I have good internet connection and no firewall...
  5. optimumpro

    Thread [ROM][11.0_r63]JAGUAR ONEPLUS 6 OFFICIAL V28 Updated January 6, 2023

    TELEGRAM CHANNEL ADDED: HERE TELEGRAM CHAT GROUP: HERE Jaguar is available on locked bootloader with working root (Magisk). NO BOOT WARNING WHATSOEVER. SAFETYNET HAS BEEN FIXED WHEN USED WITH MAGISK 24.3 You can actually use alarm when the phone is shut down. It would boot 2 minutes prior to...
  6. M

    Thread How to disable flag_secure on Android 10?

    I have tried smali patcher and the following method with no luck: I used Tickle My Android to decompile/recompile services.jar and found this file...
  7. S

    Thread VR-Secure GO App not working Root (Magisk)

    Hey, my Banking apps arent working. Im rooted on One Plus 7 Android 10.0.10 with Magisk 21.1. I hide Magisk in its Settings and Restarted but didnt worked for me. Please help!
  8. R

    Thread [CLOSED]The most private browser just got more powerful!

    Hey guys, I'm super excited to share the latest update to my app, Snap Search v5.5. Now a more complete browser with literally handful of features which you won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the standout points: ZERO permissions required Better Ads-Trackers-Analytics blocking ~6MB in...
  9. R

    Thread [APP] [UPDATE] Snap Search: The largest list of search engines on Android

    Hey guys, Super excited to share the latest update of Snap Search with ya'll! :D For those who aren't aware - Snap Search is a privacy first browser with Super Incognito mode. Here's what makes it unique: ⚡️ ZERO permissions ⚡️ Better Ad-Tracker-Analytics Blocking ⚡️ Lightweight at ~5MB ⚡️ 58...
  10. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread Tasker 'Secure Settings' ADB access - How 'safe' is it ??

    Ok lets first explain the situation I've been dabbling with Tasker (Paid for version)- getting some automation depending on certain situations (mainly stuff like 'If I'm @ {location} get volumes set high' or ' If Unread msg then vibrate my Amazefit bip watch' - Nothing too complicated using...
  11. X

    Thread LG G6 (H870 - Europe) : how to block PIE updates and still update security issues ?

    LG G6 is a great smartphone for taking pictures ... and a few other things like using it as a standard phone. Mine is working fine on android 8.0 (Oreo) EU stock, with bootloader legally unlocked and the infamous lock screen. From what I read here and there, it is nonsense to update it to...
  12. S

    Thread How to secure wipe /data and /data/media

    So the last ROM I had on my Moto G5S plus required me to disable dm-verity and force-encryption. Now I want to sell the phone and would like to secure erase all data on it. But I do not know how partitioning on Android works. Right now I am on Stock ROM which has encryption enabled. If I fill...
  13. X

    Thread How to reset Secure Folder PIN (Due to passing away of the owner)

    Hello XDA users. Last week my beloved sister passed away in her fight against cancer. She was doing well but unexpectedly got ill from the chemo. All her affairs are in order except for her "secure folder". Normally it says "Reset PIN" on the bottom. Unfortunately that disappeared after 2/3...
  14. D

    Thread Samsung Secure Wi-Fi - Is it worth it?

    Is this thing worth it? (Powered by McAfee) Taking into consideration the integration with the Samsung Ecosystem. Or do you stick to already known providers like NordVPN?
  15. A

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Remote Fingerprint Unlock - unlock your Windows PC with your fingerprint

    Hello guys! Tired of typing your password each time you want to unlock your computer? After months of work, I have finally launched my project, Remote Fingerprint Unlock, which allows you to remotely wake up and unlock your Windows computer with a single fingerprint tap! Features: • Simple...
  16. D

    Thread Use of Secure Wi-Fi?

    Can anyone enlighten me on this one? Seems one of the most useless things that could be on the phone (along with the ram/memory cleaners and antiviruses, which basically is the Device Maintenance tool). Thanks!
  17. GalaticStryder

    Thread [Kernel 3.18.122][Android 8.1.0] Lambda Kernel for the Le Max 2 [Weekly][09/15]

    Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war. Please do some research if you have any concerns about using custom ROMs/Kernels. You are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device...
  18. S

    Thread [WIP] Secure Boot and Linux for Surface RT

    I've been informed that this secure boot unlock is only for Windows 8.0 and NOT 8.1. Attempting this on Windows 8.1 can result in a brick! This may also be risky for Windows 8.0 You've been warned. We need some serious help and organization. This thread will be dedicated to getting Linux on...
  19. J

    Thread Secure Folder

    Hi all Not official, but working Best regards
  20. CaptShaft

    Thread [GUIDE] CopperheadOS - Ultra-Secure Android ROM - Background & Installation

    Site: CopperheadOS is the next-gen hardened android distribution, for those fine folks amongst us who have need for a high-security smart phone. As we all know, there are latent bugs in just about everything, but CopperheadOS [COS for short] attempts to work around...
  21. javier24

    Thread Note 7 Secure Folder heavy user

    I'm a secure folder heavy user. I got a few apps duplicated with my dual sim phone, that way I keep things separate, work and personal. How to get this on another phone? I don't want to give up my Note 7!
  22. betatap

    Thread [APP][4.2+] ? MINT Browser: Slick, Slim, & SPEEDY! ***FREE PROMO CODES***

    MINT Browser ***100% OFF DISCOUNT: Leave a comment saying you want a promo code and we'll PM you.*** ***Now with Tor support & fingerprint scanning!*** SPEEDY Slick design means faster loading. MINT Browser's architecture is designed to be speedy like a lightweight browser, but not...
  23. Fusseldieb

    Thread Unpack and repack boot.img (Help needed, stuck at booting)

    I've been trying for like hours to unpack and repack a boot.img. I never made this before, I was reading much (actually too much) on the internet on how getting this done. So... I downloaded some tools for unpacking and repacking the boot.img and followed this tutorial...
  24. facuarmo

    Thread Really? Ha, ha!

    What is that? It's really strange and even sounds funny, haha.
  25. M

    Thread G4 F500l secure boot error 1006

    Hi guyz, Little background of my device: I have converted my device successfully to h815 by following this thread and it worked like a charm for few weeks. Last evening i just recieved few updates on...
  26. ThunderStick

    Thread [APP]Hello, Secure your device remotely with SMS

    Hello is an app I developed to let you secure your device using any device or software capable of sending SMS messages. Yes most android devices are capable of using Device Manager, the only problem with this is. It's not a system app and can be removed easily and if not logged in using your...
  27. optimumpro

    Thread SMS Secure AES-256

    As many know, the developer of Textsecure has abandoned secure sms messaging in favor of over the internet messaging. In addition, his insistense on including Google proprietory blobs in his app and the requirement of having the spying Google services framework, totally negates security. Here...
  28. D

    Thread "Secure" folder, how to revert back encryption.

    I installed CM12 nightly a few days ago on my XT1097 and yesterday my retarded brother was messing with it and opened "some file manager app" (his words, I don't know for sure if it was this way things happened) that asked if he wanted to browse the "normal folder" or the "secure folder" and...
  29. N

    Thread [Q] [S] Most Secure Rom for Photon Q (like Blackphone)

    Hey Everybody, since i'm getting more and more concerned about my privacy, i've started looking for more than just an app to password-protect various apps. I was wondering if there is anything like a blackphone-rom or something security-oriented like that for my photon q? Ive googled and looked...
  30. 4Freedom

    Thread [HOSTS][UPDATED]Remove Ads[ROOT]

    Best way to block ADS on Android. (FOSS Methods) AdAway (Android >2.1 + ROOT required) DNS66 (Android >5 + NOROOT required) Blockada (Android >4.4 + NOROOT required) Netguard + Hosts file (Android >4.4 + NOROOT required)
  31. vit_

    Thread Sicher: new free secure messenger from developer of IM+

    Hi :laugh::D:cool::):good: Let me recommend you Sicher, a new free messaging app. Sicher (pronounced “Zee-her”), is a German word for both “safe” and “secure”. Google Play link App Store link Microsoft marketplace link What makes Sicher different: end-to-end encryption of text and voice...
  32. T

    Thread [Q] Secure box

    Ok, so for some unknown reason (believe me I've searched, but to no avail) I don't have the option to block or secure messages on my AT&T M8. The only option is All messages without a drop down. A long press on one of my message conversations & the message options are: Delete Call Open...
  33. Socially Uncensored

    Thread IMPORTANT --- Security Flaw in TapaTalk

    If you're site is using TapaTalk, update now! There was a security flaw found in TapaTalk and they decided NOT to inform anyone or advise anyone to update their files. I did not find out until today, when I just happen to scroll over and found a post about it. They even publicly admit to...
  34. rootcid

    Thread Private Place Secret SMS and calls on M8

    Hi guys. Im going to china next week and i am hoping to pick up a new M8! Im also considering the Z2 as i know for a fact that Private Place is working on the sony. Its a special app made for keeping phone logs and messages away from family eyes. Like a separate phone book and phone/ messaging...
  35. R

    Thread [Q] Most secure instant messenger?

    Hello, I am looking for a WhatsApp alternative and thanks to the NSA scandal, there are many "secure" IM apps like Telegram, ChatSecure etc. popping up. Now I would like to know what is the best/most secure of them. Looking forward to your answer :) Regards, Random
  36. iLuvMudkips

    Thread [Discussion] Secure ROM Setup

    My Nexus 5 is unlocked, rooted, and running MultiROM. I'm looking for a secure ROM to dual-boot with my stock ROM. I plan on using the stock ROM for casual use and the secure ROM for things that are more... private. ;) I won't flash gapps on the secure ROM and I plan to use f-droid, connect...
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to have both a pattern lock and widgets in the lock screen?

    I'm running SkyNote currently. I want to have both lockscreen widgets and a pattern lockscreen, but I can't find a way to do so. Does anyone know a workaround to this?
  38. naresh babu

    Thread [12/04/2014][APP][2.2+]NMemo0.5-keep your data secured

    NMemo-A App For Storing Data Private From others With A Simple key... Features Version0.2: 1)Secure Your Data such as email id,s passwords etc.. 2)Store General Data.. 3)Different UI.. Version0.5[12/04/2014]: Added a Button "Clear All" to clear all the memo's with verification Layout...
  39. naresh babu

    Thread [4 OCT 2014][APP][4.0+]NMemo0.7.5- Secure notes with encryption

    NMEMO Finally NMemo updated giving more flexibility for the user to store both general and private information.. Q)What's new in NMemo0.7? Ans)Now it's providing more protection to the private information by storing encrypted text of the user entered information. Features of NMemo0.7.5...
  40. M

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to add a security pin or password in Recovery mode??

    I am worried that if ever my tablet is stolen then the thief can just go into recovery mode and then reset my tablet and use it as much as he wants. So I wanted to know if I can add a pin or a password to secure the recovery mode so that no one can access it without the password/pin.:confused:
  41. kevdliu

    Thread [APP] [3.0+] Short Message Service Secure (SMSS) *BETA*

    Worried about your carrier or someone else reading your text messages? Short Message Service Secure (SMSS) is a SMS app that enables users to send and store encrypted text messages. Install the app on your phone and your receipent's, establish a communication link, and start sending encrypted...
  42. Dan Law 001

    Thread Secure voltage range and temperature???

    Hello, recently, we have hear many stories on the news about phones battery's explosion. After doing some researches on the Web and using some common sense and basic knowledge, I know that voltage range and temperature of the battery are strongly related to the overall condition of the battery...
  43. nikwen

    Thread [Petition][Poll] We want Https on XDA!

    [Petition][Poll] We want Https on XDA! Three days ago I had a conversation with benkxda. During that conversation, he pointed out that XDA uses no https encryption. Therefore everybody can read our passwords and PMs when we send them to the server. What if someone replaced our downloadable...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] Not able to Boot any more

    Good afternoon everyone, I was at work today and I went to reset my phone and when it was booting everything looked normal and then my phone went straight to TWRP. I tried rebooting and it kept on going to TWRP. I tried to flash my backup and that didn't resove the issue either. When I power on...
  45. M

    Thread [MOD][Xposed] Multiple Widgets and Camera on secure lockscreen

    Android 4.2 introduced lockscreen widgets, which allow you to glance at your widgets without unlocking your device, even when it's secure. Samsung decided to rip this apart, and disable widgets if the device is secured. This mod fixes that, all while enabling a secure camera on the lockscreen...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] HTC One NFC Secure Element

    Hello. Let's get this sorted once and for all. I have a Developer Edition US HTC One, and it seems that the only way to get Google Wallet working on the device is to pull the secure element off of the Sprint version of the device. Does anybody know how to go about doing this? I know it was done...
  47. Untouchab1e

    Thread Test

    This is a test
  48. fenritz

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Safe Camera v2.5.3

    Please report any bugs to [email protected] SafeCamera is a camera application that uses the military grade encryption (AES 256) to encrypt your photos on the fly to ensure they are secure, are safely stored and hidden against third party invaders, even if you lose your device and it gets...
  49. E

    Thread [Q] SMIME Support for Windows Phone 8

    Does any one know what's the plans for supporting SMIME? Is there any email client that supports SMIME for Windows Phone 8?
  50. Vadwiser

    Thread [Q] Whatsapp is not secure, replacement needed

    As most of you already know, whatsapp's security was compromised. I seek for a properly crypted replacement. It should be cross platform (I mean it should work equally on Android and IOS). What is your choice and why? How secure is your program of choice? Thanks you in advance.:good: