1. its_me_Sandy

    Thread [CLOSED] Where to buy ? New or used

    Hey all am planning to buy this phone due to awesome battery but everywhere it is out of stock. From flipkart to olx Any leads in chennai, India.. or if anyone is willing to sell kindly let me know
  2. I

    Thread S20 plus data safe erase - prepare to sell

    Hey, i just wanted to ask you whats the safest way to safe erase the data from a phone and how i can look up afterwards if it worked. Thanks in advance
  3. T

    Thread [App] Analysis for eBay # BayAnalytica

    Have you ever wanted to know what something is worth on eBay and wanted to optimize your listing by using a free and easy to use analysis tool? With BayAnalytica it is possible to load thousands of sold articles including custom searches in a matter of seconds.The tool is easy to use and...
  4. A

    Thread Trade-in with Google or sell on Swappa or even craigslist?

    Let's say I wanna get the Pixel 3 XL (yeah, even with that notch). Would you rather trade-in your current Pixel 2 xl with Google itself OR sell on Swappa or craigslist? or anywhere else? 1 . The phone is all stock, will be giving the Caseology case with it too and also two D-brand skins. 2...
  5. hallo dare

    Thread [CLOSED] Oneplus 5 128gb for sale

    Mod Edit: XDA is not a marketplace, you've misunderstood the point of this section, which is discussing ways to sell/buy and fund projects. Thread closed.
  6. K

    Thread Remove personal files securely

    Hi there. So I sell my OPO. Well, i got myself a OP3, mainly because of LTE in Germany (band20) and the dual sim. Someone will buy it on sunday, so by then, I will obviously go through the sticky "[GUIDE] Return your OPO to 100% Stock" My question would be, after I backed my files up on my PC...
  7. Seion

    Thread How do I get Rooted Note 3 on OB6 to a sellable state?

    I have a rooted note 3 on OB6 running Jasmin Rom 5.1.1 as a virtual rom with multi system. I want to keep root and get it cleaned, and sellable without the flashcard and a virtual rom. What would be the quickest steps in accomplishing this.
  8. N

    Thread I can sell Nexus 6P 64GB Graphite to you

    Mod Edit: Content removed
  9. ChriKn

    Thread [SWAPPA] Selling my OPO

    I am selling my OPO and would prefer handling it over to someone on XDA ;) I'm a bit sad to quit the Oneplus ship... but I got a new workphone, and the OPO merits a better home than my drawer. Mod edit: Link removed Mint condition (4 Month old after a RMA), new screen protector (the old one...
  10. S

    Thread USB Board for Sale 15€ plus shipping

    Hey guys, I have an extra usb board for sale: GT-I9100 Rev 2.3 R.C52 5. Can be used with the split fix method if your usb port has problems ( I'm asking 15€ plus shipping, and it would ship...
  11. A

    Thread [Q] Sell modded phones legalities.

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if its ok to sell modded phones to end customers, from a general legal perspective? I have some friends asking for advice about which new phones to buy and install some specific mod. So I help them with this, buy the phone for them, install the mod, and then give...
  12. R

    Thread Selling Android Games

    Hello! We are indie game developers team - Anima Games! We want to invite you to purchase the source code or builds our games. With a list of games you can find on our site - The availability of the game specify a personal message or e-mail [email protected] At the...
  13. darkforce314

    Thread [Q] Will you buy Xperia Z99?

    Hello my friends and enemies! I was using my z1 since it gone out and it is beautiful smartphone at exterior & software. Sony made awesome work with this one. But recently the Japanes company are not going well... :( - Economical problems -> Sony Mobile reduced number of workers -> Less...
  14. T

    Thread [Q] Better to replace the battery or sell it?

    I've been using my Nexus 4 since December of 2012, and I loved it. I have had only a few issues with it along the way (mostly due to bad flashes or something caused by me) but the phone's battery has just been killing me lately. I can't even get 6 hours of standby time before it dies on me. I...
  15. SiberianLeopard

    Thread [FOR SALE] LGE Phoenix P505

    ====i dont kno where 2 put ths==== I don't know how I'm going to send it out, but.... I am ready to sell my Phoenix. Sad day. This Phoenix can be used for whatever you want. It has MAJOR CASING DAMAGE on the LEFT SIDE screen UP. The screen has minor scratches (minimal, actually). I have repaired...
  16. C

    Thread How do I return to absolute clean stock/s-off/rooted?

    The phone is unlocked, S-Off, rooted(rom TBD). So obviously i have all my stuff on here and i want to completely wipe everthing but a factory reset doesn't really get rid of EVEYTHING that's personal. I wanna leave all the Rom/Rooted stuff on the phone but i need to make sure everything else...
  17. JB_Da_Greatest

    Thread Best place to sell

    Hi, I have a metal grey HTC One M8. I had it about 5 months and a couple days ago it met its fate over a disagreement with my girlfriend... So with that being said the screen has ONE long crack in it. Other than that its in working condition. It's on the current 4.4.4. firmware with a Unlocked...
  18. masterofnocrack

    Thread [Q] Motherboard questions.w00t

    Hello everyone, Well, as all of you can see from my signature,my XZ's mobo is screwed.The baseband is not detected. And what am i gonna do with a mobile phone that cant make PHONE CALLS!#@#[email protected]$ I want to get it replaced. I live in India So,How much is it gonna cost in Rupees. if i get it done by...
  19. helmanss

    Thread [Q] [Android] 4.0+ Air Swiper - Price discussion

    Hello guys, recently I was given an offer from a company, which wanted me to sell them my application - Air Swiper. Now I wonder, what do you guys think the price for the app should be set to? What could be its real price in your eyes? That is what I would like to know. What are your opinions...
  20. J

    Thread [Q] How to sell a rooted phone?

    So here's the deal everyone. Today I got the S5 :highfive: I want to sell my galaxy S4 now. only problem is, it is rooted and the knox counter is "tripped". Is it possible to sell a rooted (flawless condition, lots of accessories) phone, and if so where?
  21. V

    Thread [Q] Selling i9505 for i9506

    Hello everyone, I currently own a Galaxy S4 i9505, and I was thinking about replacing it with a LG G2 (D802). However, I found that there aren't lots of roms actually for the LG G2, and I have lots of things for my S4 (batteries / cases / external chargers / dock...). So I was thinking about...
  22. M

    Thread Have you sold your Nexus 4 yet?

    Hey! How many of you have sold or planning to sell your Nexus 4(s) for the Nexus 5? I sold mine and can't wait! If you have or are going to, write below as to why you are! All my Indian brothers, the Nexus 5 will be available in India! SO what do you think about the phone now?
  23. P

    Thread [SALE] HTC One V for sale.. Mod Edit....

    Selling, trading and exchanging devices or any item will no longer be permitted in any forum or via Private Messages. XDA Makes Swappa Its Official Marketplace
  24. S

    Thread [Q] Strategy for selling my Windows Phone 7 device

    I plan on moving on from Windows Phone 7.8. MSFT looks like it is going to do big things with Windows Phone 8 later this year. I believe I should be up for an upgrade by Q4 2013. I have a Lumia 900. Do you think it will be worth anything in December? It is an at&t operator unlocked phone...
  25. satyamsit

    Thread Want to sell my one day old L5 @ 9000/-

    XDA Makes Swappa Its Official Marketplace Selling, trading and exchanging devices or any item will no longer be permitted in any forum or via Private Messages.
  26. A

    Thread [Q] Sell my dell streak 5, 4 batteries, 2 chargers, 16gb

    Hi, its been a fun journey with the dell streak 5. However, i feel its time to move on. i have recently got the entire phone replaced on 8th feb, 2013. I intend to sell it. I am based in Ahmedabad, India. All items that came with the box are intact. I have 4 batteries and 2 charging units in...
  27. Y

    Thread [Q] help for board galaxy tab

    hi everyone, i have tab p1000 and tab sprint sph-p100, all condition is brick and loop to logo samsung. where to buy board for tab p1000 and sprint p100?
  28. J

    Thread GT-P5113 Factory reset

    I want to reset my tablet due to I'm going to be selling it. I've unrooted it, but SpuerSU is still on the system. I've gone into the backup and reset and selected factory reset and it asks for a PIN number, which I thought I knew, but I guess I don't cause it doesn't like anything I type in. I...
  29. samcortez

    Thread Where can I buy a broken screen i9023?

    Hi guys, my i9023 gets broken, it's doesn't turn on anymore, anyway, the screen is perfect. I got a idea some days ago to buy a new i9023 with a broken screen, so this becomes cheaper and I fix this by myself. So, where can i find somewhere in the internet selling that? I can from someone here too.
  30. S

    Thread [Q] What to do before selling

    Hey guys, since I got myself a Nexus 4 now I am thinking about selling my good old Desire Z. Currently I have the JB Test build ROM on it(iirc) and rooted of course. So as I never sold anything modified like that I would like to know if its "common" to roll back to the stock rom/unroot/unlock/...
  31. samcortez

    Thread [Q] Where Can I buy the Motherboar for i9023?

    HI, my Nexus S got the motherboard burned, this is sad for me because I used to love the device, well, I'm trying to find somewhere in internet somone selling and I did't find. Can someone here help me? Or sell me too :) ?
  32. R

    Thread Considering getting ride of the A100

    Three weeks ago, my A100 died. I went to Acer support, called and ended up sending it in for warranty repair. But... Since the holidays are very busy for me, I needed a replacement immediately. No time to research so I just went out and bought the 4th generation iPad. Honestly, I love the iPad...
  33. stat30fbliss

    Thread [Q] Sell a Note 2 for Nexus 4

    Hey there everyone! I have been a happy owner of a Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint since the phone launched. I truly do love the phone, and I can't find any core complaints about it, however, I find myself really craving a Nexus 4. I have jumped into Android development with my Note 2, and have...
  34. B

    Thread Selling my HTC HD2 in Vienna/Austria

    Mod delete
  35. A

    Thread bricked razr xt910!!!

    Removed selling is now against the rules
  36. Wolfbeef123

    Thread Looking for a Sprint GSIII

    Pretty much sprint screwed me over. I'm looking for the cheapest price, used or new, it don't matter as long as its cheap haha preferably in white. if you are selling one, please post something lol. thanks alot.
  37. good4y0u

    Thread [Q] how much would an iphone 4 (8gb) and ipod touch (32 gb) w/ camera good cond

    how much would an iphone 4 (8gb) on AT&T go for , it CAN be unlocked if the buyer wants, and has been in an otterbox since the day of purchase however the box is not included in the sale. and ipod touch (32 gb) with camera good condition but not 100% perfect and everything works. it comes...
  38. doesntexist

    Thread New eBay App allows you to List Items

    I just got an update through for the wp7 eBay app and its great, it finally allows you to list items straight from the phone. I have been waiting for this for a long time :D Im glad they have finally brought full functionality to the app since its already on other platforms such as iOS. Just...
  39. K

    Thread [Q] selling my kindle fire

    i got a second kindle fire that i don't use. how much would i sell this for since it is used?
  40. djngal

    Thread [21 Dec] [Q] Selling my Beloved HD2. Head start here :)

    Hello Guys I am a very very happy owner of this amazing device, the allmighty HD2. As one of the early adopters I really know the true value of this beast, ahem, baby :D Recently i've decided to sell this device as I need the cash for upgrading to a samsung nexus. I thought I would have...
  41. A

    Thread [Q] If i sell my ChevronLabs Unlocked WP7...

    Hi, If i sell my Wp7 in the future, do i have to provide the buyer with just my Chevron unlock or do they also need access to the email with which the code was bought? Should i make another Live ID to buy the code with? Because i dont want the to-be buyer accessing my private emails.. Thanks...
  42. 4

    Thread Selling my DHD with CM7.1 > Factory Reset?

    Hello awesome people, I will be selling my DHD (with CM7.1) to fund the next Android and have several questions: 1. Before I wipe, I will use the Titanium Backup (free) to backup all apps + contents plus SMS_Backup for the text messages. 2. I will be formatting the SD card before I put it...
  43. U

    Thread Anyone want to buy a new laptop dock? 85$ shipped

    I haave an unopened laptop dock that i decided im not going to use after reading reviews so if any one would like it, i can let it go for 85$ shipped? It is unopened/new in box. Paypal only please, and only shipping inside the US. Thanks guys!
  44. J

    Thread [Q] HTC EVO 3D 👀 htc unlocked, with a custom ROM & RECOVERY

    My question is how much should I sell it for?it for?no longer under contract with Sprint????
  45. K

    Thread [Q] Which Phone To Get

    Okay I'm selling my iPhone 4s and am going to get somewhere Between $600-$800 I am really missing android and I need a new Phone I'm on AT&T and want to obviously get a gsm phone and that's Android and I want it to be dual-core and have a decent development Community what I have already...
  46. benydc

    Thread [Q] Can I sell my HTC Desire Z here?

    Hello, my question is: can I sell here my HTC Desire Z? I have it already posted on ebay, so it is ok to post the link from ebay here and anyone can read the descriptions of the phone there?
  47. Terror_1

    Thread [Q] What's it worth?

    I have a Fascinate and will be getting a Bionic in the mail shortly. I am just wondering what a Fascinate is worth with an extra battery, external charger, seido case (black), extra screen protector (real look), and original charger and cable without an SD card?
  48. P

    Thread [Q] FS ? Galaxy Tab 10.1 32GB Graphite + Book Cover

    Hey everyone, So I purchased the Galaxy Tab 10.1 along with the book cover recently and I think I'm having buyer's remorse and thinking about parting with it. It's in immaculate/out of the box condition; I just don't have much of a use for it, and given my finances I find it hard to justify...
  49. C

    Thread [Q] HTC Holiday prototype found....? (hypothetically speaking of course..........)

    So lets just say, hypothetically speaking of course right....., well lets just say someone found one on the street...? should this person turn it in, or should they sell it to someone.....??? i mean, im sure someone would want that phone if this was all true right..? idk IM JUS SAYING THO, what...
  50. K

    Thread Just Sold My G2X

    Hey guys, well when i first got the g2x i couldn't put it down, but it lost it's luster the longer i held on to it, i sold my ipod touch last year and ive missed it since, i also spent a goo $100 in the itunes store, i decided to move to the iphone and the first step was to get rid of my phone...