1. R

    Thread How to send files to another android device via NFC?

    Is this even possible with the Mate 9? I know it can't be done with iphones, but can it be done with other android phones that are not Huawei? I tried it with a friend's Samsung Device, but could not get it to work. I made sure NFC was on on my device. I went to click share and selected Huawei...
  2. jackaros

    Thread Can't Send SMS messages but can receive

    Hello i am having a problem with sending SMS messages about a month now. I narrowed down the fault being the Custom Rom i run. Phone : S3 I9300 ( International) ROM : Unofficial CM 13 SaberMod Rom Link ...
  3. arvindgr

    Thread [TIP] Send any apk zip etc by Whatsapp without any extra app

    Recently I was searching for a way to send apk to my friend, via whatsapp but since its directly not possible, I was looking for workaround. All Google posts linked a extra app, that combines our other extension file with jpg, so that whatsapp sees that jpg to send it. After being sent...
  4. SE_iCEQB

    Thread Help debugging Messaging problem after installing pre-rooted FW.

    Hi all, I recently got myself a Z2 and installed the latest pre-rooted FW I made myself with PRF Creator (I did these tasks before with my XZ w/o a problem). Before I installed the update I made a complete wipe on the FW it was on before, so I had a fresh start on the latest FW (I know I could...
  5. guru_iyer

    Thread Sending Email from My Email address

    I am a beginner to Android development. I just started making an Android app in which there multiple EditText fields where user would fill in some data and then click a button. On button click I need to send an email using my email address which is GMail (NOT THE END USER'S). So, I searched on...
  6. chiragkrishna

    Thread [GUIDE] OKAY Google send whatsapp message

    6zLu7RCkkxA -------------------------------------------------------- Things You Need -------------------------------------------------------- 1) Rooted Android Phone 2) Tasker 3) Autovoice 4) Whatsapp (any application can be used if u know how to modify the tasks)...
  7. chiragkrishna

    Thread [GUIDE][UPDATE] OKAY Google Send Whatsapp Message & Whatsapp Handsfree

    -------------------------------------------------------- OKAY Google Send Whatsapp Message -------------------------------------------------------- 6zLu7RCkkxA Video is outdated -------------------------------------------------------- What It Does...
  8. F

    Thread [APP][2.3+] FastFileTransfer 2.0 - Fast, Offline File Exchange Between Any Platforms

    FastFileTransfer has a simple mission: Offering fast, offline file exchange between literally any platforms. The app works via Wifi, allowing for speeds of more than 40 Mbit/s, which means e.g. 1 Gigabyte in under 4 minutes. FastFileTransfer does not require the second device to install...
  9. thahim

    Thread How to send Flash SMS

    I have read many other threads here but no one came with a proper reply. I need an app to send FLASH SMS. I think its also called Class(0) SMS. I have tried Flash-SMS app it doesn't works. Any one knows any other app to do this?
  10. MonsterMMORPG

    Thread [Q] Best android software to send sms to over 300 contacts - and where to download

    Best android software to send sms to over 300 contacts - and where to download I will use the service provider. Not like sending over internet. Thanks for the answers Phone : Galaxy S3
  11. SimplicityApks

    Thread [Q] Disabling Landscape send keyboard Window

    Is there any way to disable the send window when the user enters text to an EditText in landscape orientation in my app? I mean this: It is quite annoying because the user cannot see the app anymore. I searched and played around with setInputType but didn't find anything that worked and I don't...
  12. droidriz

    Thread [APP][2.1+]WiFi File Transfer

    All Credits And Developed By SmarterDroid. WiFi File Transfer lets you upload and download files to/from your phone or tablet over a wireless connection. Easy-to-use web interface, no USB cable needed. FEATURES • Upload or download multiple files at once • Delete, rename, copy, zip or unzip...
  13. I

    Thread Pending texts will not send

    I am having a problem with sending texts. I am on the latest MeanBean 3.09. I ran this rom version for almost a month with no issues. I can toggle airplane mode or reset the phone and sometimes the texts will send when the network recycles. I've turned off/toggled Automatic Connections, GPS, Wi...
  14. S

    Thread Beam links/youtube videos to any device from your Windows Phone

    Beam links/youtube videos to any device from your Windows Phone ##FREE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE. LOOK BELOW FOR LINKS Check out the new app BeamLink. It allows you to beam links(youtube videos, blog posts, pdfs, ebooks etc.) from your Windows Phone to any device with a browser. That's right...
  15. W

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Xperia V

    After posting on Sony's website and didn't get a reply... 1. I can't send/receive files through file explorer via WiFi Direct, just like how I did on my Galaxy Tab :/ I am unable to use WiFi direct to send or receive files, just like my friends who are using Galaxy S3 Then... what's the...
  16. N

    Thread [APP]Send Anywhere - great app to share anything!

    Just stumbled across this app and thought I would share it with you all. Fantastic idea, simple, clean and brilliantly executed. :good: Share your photos, videos, contacts, apps or any files, any folders, easily and quickly. Definitely worth checking out. Free and paid versions available...
  17. D

    Thread [Q] App to delay sending SMS text for X number of minutes

    Back in the jailbreaking iPhone days, there was a SMS replacement app in Cydia that had an toggable user-defined # of minutes delay in sending a text. Once set, you can exit out of the message and app, and it will still send automatically. I know that GoSMS and Handcent both have ways to set the...
  18. ramonguthrie

    Thread [Q] Is there an App that i can send posts simultaneously?

    Is there a TweetDeck like app that i can post to Google+, Facebook & Twitter at the same time, simultaneously?
  19. Atrixx

    Thread SMS won't send initially until I've hit retry

    Hi, I'm having the strange problem where my One X won't send messages on the first try, i have to resend it in order for it to work? If anyone is able to help me, that would be great :)
  20. E

    Thread [Q] Can't send message right now. Too many many unsent multimedia messages

    The thread title is the error I'm getting. This, from what I can tell, is not the wifi issue. I'm stock, rooted and I use GoSMS. I have noticed recently that when I try to send a picture message that is the large clear resolution that is shows up pending for a long time and eventually wont...
  21. D

    Thread [APP] Make Readable Later - Adds "Share Via" functionality for Readability app

    [APP] Make Readable Later - Adds "Share Via" functionality for Readability app This functionality was missing from the Readability app for Android, so I made this free app using the Readability API for easy adding of websites to Readability. Make Readable Later is a simple app that allows you...
  22. Dinchy87

    Thread [Q] MMS over wifi?

    Is there any chance to get MMS (send/receive) over Wifi, i have an unlocked htc 7 pro. interopunlock OS 7.10.8107 ??? because i have no data plan i Bosnia and Hercegovina i use my wifi connection and i have wifi all over the places where i'am around... i know that mms is a service of gsm so...
  23. R

    Thread [Q] Phone will not send texts longer than one page?

    I just recently flashed an ICS rom on my Evo, works great but whenever I send messages that are even one character longer than 'one page' I instantly receive an error message saying that it failed, anything less than one page seems to work fine though, any and all advice would be highly appreciated
  24. P

    Thread HERE(Free Send GPS Location via SMS or Email base google map link)

    HERE is a free Send GPS Location Application. You can use it to find your location, then lets you send a link with that location to a friend, family member, business associate and so on. When the intended recipient receives the link, they can click on it to open a dynamic map that displays...
  25. B

    Thread [Q] very frustrated !

    I tried to e-mail a file on my Atrix and i think because of the size the file will not go through. The phone continues to try to send the file and has been doing this for 6 days now. It is hard to keep it charged. I am getting the error message that file has not been sent. I can't figure out how...
  26. L

    Thread [Q] No Text Compose In Google Voice App

    I have installed the APK for GV on my mom's Fire. Although it connects to her Google account and displays received text messages, there is no way to compose and send or even reply to text messages. I Do not want to install a secondary text messaging app because those give you a new phone...
  27. R

    Thread [Q] Can't send texts

    I just flashed Cyanogen 7.1 on my mesmerize from rooted 2.3.4... when i send a text it says that it has been sent, but the person never gets the text. I can receive texts, and i can send MMS(If i send mms then the person will get the message). I have tried flashing the ee19 radio, that makes the...
  28. B

    Thread [APP] Baby Justine's Send Contact Info -[R]- 10/10/2011 -[U]- 10/27/2011 -[V]- 1.20

    Name: Baby Justine's Send Contact Info Baby Justine's Send Contact Info is a FREE Application to send or forward contact info via SMS or Email. Support Mango Fast-App Switching and Live Tile shows the last contact forwarded. QR Codes are now supported too! Source: Baby Justine...
  29. Dr_Wolodya

    Thread [Solved] Sending SMS fail

    HTC: T-Mobile myTouch 3G. Firmware: Cyanogenmod 6.1.0-DS. Can't send SMS - "sending SMS fail" error appear. Solution: need to write correct SMS centre number. In Cyanogenmod it is hard to make this but google help me: *#*#4636#*#*, select "Phone information", in field "smsc number" enter your...
  30. open1your1eyes0

    Thread Major Issue sending e-mails with attachments

    I am having the oddest issue that appears to only be affecting my work e-mail account set us as "Corporate Sync" using our Exchange server. For whatever reason, I cannot send or even forward e-mails that have attachments in them. Whenever I send it, it goes straight to the outbox and no matter...
  31. S

    Thread App Idea: Chrome to Phone to 'Comb

    I have an idea that would combine Chrome to Phone, Phone 2 Chrome, and also allow for a tablet to be used independently. When installed, you give your device a name (Phone, Tablet, EVO etc) It would operate just like the other two apps mentioned: On Google Chrome: Press an extension button...
  32. JakaraRuus

    Thread Only MMS unable to Send/Recieve

    I found this solution on the cm7 forum for the htc evo stable mod, thanks to atyler, ([/url]). oesjmr wrote: Since upgrading to CM7 RC4 from RC2, I haven't been able to send any MMS messages. I select a photo to send via Messaging...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] GO SMS can't send MMS

    Hi, GO SMS is a great app, faster than most others I think but I can't get it to successfully send out a MMS. Has anyone here gotten around this problem? Thanks in advance
  34. B

    Thread [Q] Sending MMS Under Froyo FRX06, Tmobile

    I know there's a ton of messages on MMS, but I've tried searching and have been unable to find a fix for this. I've got an unlocked TP2 from AT&T running on Tmobile, booting Froyo off of my SDcard. I've got an old Suncom sim card with a grandfathered in 2g data plan, it's not the fastest but...
  35. Z

    Thread [Q] Unable to send sms with messaging stock app

    Hi, i'm posting here cause i've less then 10 messages in the forum, is this the right place? A couple of days ago i flashed the FroYo AOSP for Tattoo v0.333 by fyodor, and everything works fine except the sms sending. Did a full wipe/factory reset, wiped cache and formatted system partition...
  36. S

    Thread [Q] Sending SMS

    Is anyone else noticing it takes longer than usual (for an android phone) to send an SMS? I sent a 5 message long SMS (700+ characters) and it was on "Sending" for almost a minute. I know it takes longer to send longer messages, but on previous phones (D1, Fascinate), the "Sending" process...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] - How to Change Font to stok email composer?

    I have The Darky's 9.3 extreme edition on my I9000. When i send a new mail from stock email composer the font used is Courier New. How to change the font? I think that with the stock Froyio 2.2 the font was Arial. Thank a lot in advance
  38. G

    Thread [Q] Sending files through bluetooth on predetermined devices programmatically

    Hi all, In the app I'm developing I will need to be able to send arbitrary files (probably many at a time) to known and previously paired bt-enabled devices. Is there any way to bypass the discovery dialogue and the devices list by somehow providing a registered intent with the address of a...
  39. P

    Thread [Q] Ignore Calls by Sending Text

    The stock Hero dialer/phone allows you to send a pre-determined text message to a caller when you hit the menu button as a call comes in. Is there ANY app in the Market or apk file we can pull from the stock rom to have this feature in CM6? This feature came in handy quite often.
  40. S

    Thread Anwer/End keys don't work when receiving a call when awake

    I just paired my headset and then i noticed my send/end keys do nothing when receiving a call if the phone is already awake but the slider works, when the phone awakes from sleep when receiving a call then everything works as it should. i tryed unpairing the headset and it still does it. I have...
  41. temka

    Thread [bug] Exchange Mail - sent e-mail is also saved as a draft...

    Hi all, I have been googling around, both on XDA and beyond, and have found no solution to this problem so far.. When I send mail using my exchange account, the mail is sent as it should, hovewer a message pops up "The message have been saved successfully". What happens, is that my phone...
  42. R

    Thread Button mapping (volume problem)

    Hi Guys, first problem in years: Just flashed a new rom to my HD2 (like i do every 2 days), and suddenly my send (green phone) and start (windows key) control the volume, so when i press the send key my volume goes down and when i press the windows/start menu key the volume goes up. i've tried...
  43. maciejb84

    Thread WM 6.1 WWE 3.03 by Cotulla - How to make MMS work??

    Hello does anyone know how to make mms messages working in that rom? i've installed tak fix, the one that is pinned and nothing, still cannot send mms...
  44. H

    Thread auto send/receive when online

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone of you know if it is possible to set up my e-mail account on my TD2 to automatically do a background search for new e-mails when i'm online (browsing, using the youtube app etc) instead of having to go to the menu and select send/receive? Maybe this question...
  45. A

    Thread Modifying the Camera registry to send image by FlexMail, or what is path to temp img?

    Hello. Can someone help me with the registry a bit? What I am trying to do is modify the registry so that when taking a photo, the HTC HD camera application will allow me to "send by email" using FlexMail instead of default HTC email client. I made some mods and I think I am close... I located...
  46. garok89


    It been a couple of weeks since i started the Cyanogen Updater - which made it to market in less than 24 hours. It was on everybody's TODO list and it just took one thread being opened to get it done. Lets try and pull off another miracle.... LETS GIVE ANDROID REAL OBEX SUPPORT Thanks to the...
  47. S

    Thread NetSend in Windows Mobile?

    Hello Does anybody happen to know, if there is a possibility / software to send net send messages from a Windows Mobile phone to a PC? I searched with google and in this forum, but couldn't find anything useful... Thanks in advance samo24
  48. uncled1023

    Thread [REQ]Auto-Send SMS txt message on connection

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a developer out there who would be able to solve this little issue. On the Fuze, when you dnt have service, and try to send a txt message, it just says, cannot send, and sends it to your drafts folder. Now when you re-connect, it doesnt send the messages in...
  49. D

    Thread Can't Send MMS

    Hi i have been trying ot figure this out for a while on my Diamond well technically its a FUZE. Everytime i try to send and MMS it just goes right to the outbox and stays there. i have tried sending several different ones with different picture sizes and they are all there sitting in my outbox...
  50. L

    Thread Problem with SEND Button (Green)

    Hi I am having O2 Orbit. The Green Send key is getting pressed automatically as soon as I switch ON the device and it auto dials the last dialed number continuesly. I opened the case all through and tried to find any obsticles physically, but its fine. Can any one suggest any tips. How do I...