1. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! I want to put on my phone the style of any htc mobile !!! Can somebody help me?
  2. H

    Thread ROM suggestions for HTC ONE M9

    Hi everyone, I just got a HTC ONE M9, as my Redmi Note 4 broke. Can you guys please recommend best stable and high performing roms for this device? I know I might get some flak for being a noob and lazy, but I did try LOS 16 (since I adore stock Android :p) and Stock Deodexed rom, but LOS lags a...
  3. S

    Thread General question about camera quality

    With other HTC phones e.g. HTC Desire HD there was a significant reduction in camera quality for non-sense ROMs. Is this also the case with the M8? I gather this was because the phone had an image processing chip for which the libraries were only available in Sense-based ROMs. I'm keen to...
  4. KEB64

    Thread Replacing Sense without root possible?

    Wondering if the Sense UI can be disabled (without root) and if there is an underlying Android UI lurking there. Just curious. I realize this just might be the stupidest question on XDA yet, but I'm wondering if it can be disabled through ADB and what would happen. Question is probably moot as...
  5. wolfaas12345

    Thread Is it possible to port older sense versions to phone that never had them

    I am tempted to create sort of nostalgic looking rom with either sense 2.1 or sense 4 for Htc one max questions is can it actually be done as of can phone run sense version that it never had or am i just gonna waste my time would be nice if few devs could shine some light on my case :D
  6. Digitalkarma

    Thread HTC U11 Themes

    here is the place to discuss anything theme-related such as theme ideas, requests, help/tutorials, or share your personal themes with screenshots , etc I just have been feeling this itch lately of wanting to get back into it and a beautiful device like the U11(which i sadly do not own yet) does...
  7. daedric

    Thread [Q] Which rom for best camera quality ?

    So, let's group roms in 4 kinds: 1. Stockish Sense (like ARHD) 2. Custom Sense (Venom and NuSeven with upgraded Sense) 3. Stockish AOSP (like GPes etc) 4. Custom AOSP (Specially Nougats) For the record, i'm currently on a OV camera sensor, the original ST (although susceptible to pinking) was...
  8. M

    Thread Porting full HTC Sense to S7 edge

    Guys I had HTC Desire EYE and have moved to S7 edge a year ago cause it looked awesome plus the better capabilities (CPU.. RAM..) and battery. But I miss Sense UI! So I thought of porting the full manufacturer ROM to our device from HTC 10. Any guides? Is it even possible? If I want to make a...
  9. P

    Thread [Apps] [5.0+] HTC Sense Ui Experience Package For All Devices

    Mod Edit : Thread closed due to advertising all over the forums.
  10. Arun.Gunupudi

    Thread [MOD] Sense Home for Nougat 7.1.1 ROMS

    Sense Home for Nougat ROMS(Desire Eye). About: This will add Sense Home to our HTC Desire Eye running Nougat ROMS like crDroid, Lineage os, CypherOS, Resurrection Remix, Slim7 & etc Requirements : HTC Desire Eye running a 7.1.1 ROMs such as crDroid, Lineage os, CypherOS, Resurrection Remix...
  11. sdwyz74

    Thread T-Mobile LG v20 HTC Themes APK ???

    I just Bought the V20 and i Like it But i Love HTC Sense as ive been Rocking with them Since the ( PPC 6700 ) Anyway Because of the Removal Batterry and Some Other Factors Like Getting the Phone on Sale for $360 and they Threw in a Mini Projector and also a Otterbox Defender i Jumped Ship but i...
  12. bonesy

    Thread One M9 4.14.617.6 and 4.19.617.1 Stock TWRP Backup N

    As the title suggests this is a TWRP Backup of the stock 4.14.617.6 and 4.19.617.1 build. Firmware 4.14.617.6 is suggested as ive not tried it with the old firmware 4.14.617.6 FIRMWARE ONLY HERE Version 4.14.617.6 Available here TWRP November Build Nougat Rar file will need to be exracted...
  13. errikosd

    Thread Disable Sense and Clock Location detection

    Hello, I just got my HTC 10 and during setup wizard, where Sense asked whether to share location or not I chose yes. Is there any way to disable this? I have looked almost everywhere and I cannot find the setting anywhere. Sense home widget, lock screen clock widget and the Clock app, all keep...
  14. F

    Thread HTC Sense UI on Samsung Note 3

    Dear fellows, I hope all are doing good over here. I came here after a long time. I'm a member since 2006; the times of HTC TyTN and HTC Prophet. Nowadays I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3; I was wondering if it is possible to install the HTC Sense UI on the Galaxy Note 3? I know it's a part...
  15. U

    Thread [Solution] HTC Sense Input Lag after Android 6 update

    Im sharing with you the fantastic support that i had today with Francesca from HTC UK. Symptoms: After upgrading my phone began to present lag in the application Sense Input. I use dictionary prediction. Solution (5 stars): 1) First we need to went to phone definitions » Applications » Find...
  16. Smilex93

    Thread AT & T Firmware for CM13 (GSM m8) ?

    is the at & t firmware for gsm m8 model and compatible with cm13 ?
  17. Smilex93

    Thread Decryption my Phone in a endless loop, need help !

    ive installed firstly the latest S.Team S4 Rom also HTC 10 Base, but it ended with a assistant to decrypt my phone so ive done the steps. have do a factory reset, and nothing has do, it asks again for decrypt my phone, so i tested with other Roms the same problem was with Leedroid, Skydragon...
  18. TheRoyalSeeker

    Thread [6.0+][Apps][4/07/16]HTC Sense Home | Apps | Sense 8 For All Devices

    TheRoyalSeeker Presents HTC Sense 8 Apps FOR ALL PHONES Working exclusively on android Marshmallow, Android N, CM, stock, AOSP based roms .... How to install Apps: Go to Download Page and download the APPS you want. [Download links are in second Post] Transfer it to phone...
  19. M

    Thread HTC One M8 GPE vs Sense? Which one and why?

    Hello people, i just bought an unlocked Gray HTC One M8 (GSM Unlocked). Its model number is "0P6B160". Its a brand new one with stock 4.4.2 with sense (Official, non rooted, non S-Off, locked BL). I think i can convert it to the official GPE ROM easilly, My main concern are the ram, fluidity...
  20. weirdsciencex

    Thread GPE Camera v Sense

    I've been a long term user of Sense on various devices, the most recent being HTC One M8. When the GPE was updated to Marshmallow I decided to convert and give it a go, I ran it for a few weeks and it was superb, fast, great battery life and the UI is so modern and sleek. Yesterday being bored...
  21. H

    Thread HTC sense tv

    Hi I need HTC sense tv to use it on my HTC mini + bluetooth or else it won't work is there any way I can get it without updating to peel.
  22. Minions_Army

    Thread [No Root - Apps] HTC Sense™ Apps for Android One / All device [4.4++]

    HTC Sense™ - Sense 7 Apps all Device original Thread Here How to Apply in our devices? Download file in Original from main thread Instal like normal apk -My HTC -HTC service pack -HTC Blinkfeed launcher (first link on fulmics,hi-res just for high resolution device) Go To Setting...
  23. XAB235

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][hermes] Delirium Sense7

    Mod edit by Darth : Since the Op wishes to remove the content, Thread is closed. OP, if you want to repost again, then let the moderators know and we'll reopen the thread.
  24. A

    Thread [Q] Converted GPE 5.1 vs. Sense, is it worth the hassle??

    Gentlemen, I'm thinking of converting my 5.0.1 sense rom (currently using Revolution HD) to GPE so I could always get the latest versions of Android. So I was wondering how GPE is compared to Sense from ppl who tried both, better performance? Battery? Will I get OTAs, or would I need to...
  25. M

    Thread [ROM]Venom 1.3 .::. Sense .::. Super Smooth .::. Super Stable[August 4]

    Venom Rom , Beauty , Smooth , Optimized , Debloated Rom . It Aims To Get More out of Nexus 5 Stock Rom , This isn't a compiled rom , this is based on Stock Factory image : lmy48b with Stock kernel Features : Reduced Boot Time to Almost Half Boot time Pre-Rooted Surrond Sound " Sound to Come...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] Going back to sense rom

    I have been trying for a while to go back to sense rom. I tried some of the guides here' but could not make it work. I read that i might need to use a different ruu software depending on where my phone came from. Anyway I'm giving it another shot, hopefully someone could help me make it work...
  27. T

    Thread [Q] AT&T M7 Turned to GPE, need back stock

    Hello , I Installed a ruu of GPE on my AT&T m7 and it worked fine but I want to go back to stock (I saw that 5.0.2 is out for at&t), I want to install that rom but I can't find a way to go back stock or flash that RUU (I already download it) Htc One M7 AT&t converted on GPE and now Install...
  28. C

    Thread [Q] Sense 6 or 7 icons pack

    Hi, I just changed phone after many years with HTC's phones, but I would like to have the sense icons (6 or 7) in the new phone too. Where Can I find them? If it's possible compatible with Nova Launcher or others. I don't search a whole Sense ROM but only a way to have sense icons :) Thanks!!
  29. iamavneetsingh

    Thread [PORT] HTC Sense UI

    Mod Edit : everything removed
  30. ThunderSky7

    Thread [PORT] [APP] [Sense] [LP 5.0+] HTC One M9 Sense File Manager.

    HTC One M9 File Manager Hi, XDA I have ported HTC One M9 File Manager. To Lollipop 5.0+ To Get it Just Flash the Zip. Download :- ScrenShots Tested on :- CM12 CM12.1 Credits ThunderSky7
  31. S

    Thread Sense 7 Apps,Libs,Framework !

    These are most of the sense 7 apps (most require lollipop to run).(blinkfeed requires htc services to run). <ive uploaded them on MediaFire, kindly follow this link to get to there :- > (PS: some of the apps are yet being uploaded ) These...
  32. G

    Thread [Q] Going back to Sense

    Hey guys. I've been working on getting my GPE converted device back to sense but I've hit a road block. First off, this device was upgraded to 5.0 while it was a GPE device and all the tutorials I've seen are for devices on KitKat. The point I'm stuck at is where the device was supposed to boot...
  33. blackster135

    Thread Downgrade from 5.0.1 GPE to 4.4 Sense

    Hello, I have converted my HTC One to a GPE and i am now running on Lollipop 5.0.1. Now i want to downgrade it and reconvert it to stock KitKat because of a warranty problem. Which RUU should I use with my device? (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.54.0000...
  34. N

    Thread [q] gpe vs sense 6?

    Simple really, hows the experience with sense 6 vs gpe? I love sense 6 but ive had aosp or cm roms on all my previous androids and debating if i wanna move over on this phone too. By experience i mean like features, graphics, functionality, speed, BATTERY, etc. ESPECIALLY BATTERY AND SMOOTHNESS.
  35. T

    Thread [Q] Quick RUU question

    Recently I converted to GPE for lollipop, now I'm looking to switch back to Sense. Is it possible to just run an RUU to restore phone to stock and reformat the data partition back to the proper Sense size or do I need to just follow one is of the GPE to Sense conversion guides? I'm not worried...
  36. andreglud

    Thread Mods not requiring Xposed Framework

    Hello world! I remember I found a mod for like a year ago that made me able to change the button icons using nothing but Root. And as Xposed Framework doesn't work for Android 5.0 anymore I want to ask you guys to posts the best mods that's not requiring Xposed Framework. Root and flashing in...
  37. santod040

    Thread [MOD] Sense Mod | Aosp NavBar Soft-Keys | Sense Lollipop Roms | VrTheme

    M8 Aosp LP Navbar Mod for Sense Lollipop Roms Aosp Lollipop Navbar buttons, vrTheme installer method set up for Lollipop Sense Roms. So this means this can be flashed on top of any and all other mods and will not effect anything except the 3 button images. (This DOES NOT replace the...
  38. D

    Thread [APP][ROOT][HTC][Sense 6] Kernel Configurator

    Hi guys. :) I made an app in full Sense style for settings your kernel params. This app is compatibile with all Sense 6 ROMS and devices (like m7/m8, Max (t6), Mini ecc [only with Sense 6 ROM!]). Features: ---Configurator--- State (Thanks to Francesco Rigamonti aka Cesco)...
  39. M

    Thread Weird behaviour since converting back from GPE.

    Hi guys, So I recently converted my phone to a GPE edition with the RUU in order to experience Lollipop. After a while I missed the Sense features a lot, so I decided to go back to Sense. I followed the steps in this thread and succesfully flashed the firmware and a stock nandroid...
  40. O

    Thread [KERNEL] Stock Reset Kernel - M7 - Sense - [4.4.3] [6.09.401.10]

    Hello everyone, for those that flash kernels back and forth and might want an easy way to get back to the stock kernel. Besides, the release of Android 5.0 (Lollipop) for our dear and beloved HTC One M7 is just around the corner too, so I've figured that it might be useful to have a stock...
  41. G

    Thread [Q] Changing touch/Sense functions without root

    Hello, Not sure what the actual term for these functions are: when the screen is off and you pick up the phone and swipe in any of 4 directions it will shortcut to homescreen, blinkfeed, last used app, ? and what you turn to landscape and press down volume it will go to camera. Is there any...
  42. B

    Thread [Q] HTC TV app not working

    Hey xda! So I just got a tv in my bedroom, so I decided I wanted to put htc's tv app back onto the phone. I had made a nandroid backup, so I was taking the apks from there. I got the app to launch, but everytime I hit the IR remote button at the top, it FC's. Also, upon launch it gives me the...
  43. P

    Thread [Q] HTC One WiFi range problem (new phone)

    Hi Guys, Been a while since I was on XDA but I have a problem with my new phone and if anyone has a answer for me I bet he's (or she) is on her... I recently received a brand new HTC One (m7) from the HTC customer service as a replacemant for the HTC One X+ I had. I was very happy with the...
  44. philohtc

    Thread [Q] Stock T-Mobile to stock debranded or Dev Edition

    Hi! I´ve just got my M8 replaced by HTC, so now I´ve got it completely stock (it´s carrier unlocked). I would like to know the specific steps to follow to turn it to Developer Edition or International Sense Stock, so I can receive updates directly from HTC (tired of waiting for T-Mobile). Once I...
  45. wschamps42

    Thread [Q] How Can I Return My M8 Back To Stock For T-Mobile?

    Does anyone know what I could do to get my M8 back to full stock, with the T-Mobile ROM so I could trade it in?
  46. D

    Thread [Q] What are the roms that don't look like stock

    I'm searching for roms that don't look like stock android, I love stock android look but everything gets boring by time, I tried lots of themes but I want the whole OS to be different, I tried miui, its nice but it's still not what I'm looking for, please don't tell me buy a Samsung or HTC phone...
  47. S3LEE

    Thread HTC ONE M7 Return To Stock ?

    Hi i was wondering can anyone help me to get back to stock with my S-OFF Htc One M7 ? the international version not at&t ect... i need the latest uk version, i have only recently got into modding the One as i usually have Samsungs and Chinese replicas. ive had a few roms on the one but i want...
  48. S

    Thread [Q] Quiet Hours possible on Sense?

    So I was wondering if it is possible to get CM's wonderful Quiet Hours onto Sense? If not what is an app that works like the Quiet Hours setting. I love the Sense battery, wifi and over all stability, but I really hate having to mute my notifications everytime I go to bed and then have to...
  49. B

    Thread [Q] cant send mms apn settings help

    Hello all so i have not been able to mms for quite some time used to not bother me , now i kind of need it and i cant get it work for the live of me, i am pretty sure it is apn related but don't really know how to fix it , i found some settings from virgin mobiles website but don't seem to be...
  50. gmbhneo

    Thread [Q] One Getting very hot at AOSP Roms

    Hey Folks, my One just get pretty hot on every AOPS Rom ive installed so far. It is pretty hot on just beeing on the homescreen and do nothing. If i do any Graphic specific stuff its getting freaking hot. I do not want to brick it so I wanted to ask for your help first. It is only on AOSP Roms...