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  1. Pator57

    Thread [ROM](Sense)Tweaked-Themed_Buzzfire final:

    Hi all dear wildfire user, i have made a final uptate for Buzz fire, it's now based on Jokerdroid 4.2 and i used the uptater from kwbr rom.It's look more sense 3.0 , now the icon are take from sense 3.0 , the lookscreen is still the stock rempuzzle lockscreen. I fixed all bug, and glitches, now...
  2. W

    Thread [Q] Update OTA VIVO Sense 3.0

    Update OTA VIVO Sense 3.0 :crying: Help me legend :crying:, My Inc S has unlock via htcdev, S-ON. I have Install any custom rom and wanna back to stock rom htc sense 2.1 android 2.3.3 (previouslly I dont update to 2.3.5 sense 3.0). I have success restore backup rom and clear. as soon I got...
  3. S

    Thread RUU names

    Hello, I want to know which RUU i should install if i want to get to sense 3.0 GB 2.3.5. I want the FOTA firmware which i got on my phone. I live in India. RUU_Saga_hTC_Asia_India_1.47.720.1_Radio_20.28I.30.085AU_3805.06.02.03_M_release_199605_signed.exe...
  4. D

    Thread [MOD] Sense 3.0 Lock Rings 7/6 - Zeus/Gingeritis/ShiftS3NS3/BAMF Forever

    Sense 3.0 Lock Rings See Post #2 for Instructions, Thanks/Credit, Troubleshooting, etc. TECHNOLOGY LOCKRINGS AndroidChrome01 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 -- BAMF Forever 1.10 AndroidChrome02 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 -- BAMF Forever 1.10 AndroidPeek01 - Zeus/Gingeritis3D/ShiftS3ns3 --...
  5. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread [Q] Porting Sense 3.0 Trouble's

    Every single sense 3.0 rom i try to port osays either status 1 bad zip or will just go into an infinite bootloop. What am i doing wrong? I port using this guide: Logcat attached in the thread [Q] Bootloop.
  6. il Duce

    Thread [THEME][SKINS][3.0]team d3rp[05/02/12]

    team d3rp: pstevep, ranger61878, thoughtlesskyle, vanessaem, dkdude36, jdeloach, SteelH, fdb8231, Ajthescot, and me. Below are skins of our themes, and they are amazing. -After install, from your homescreen, click menu key/personalize/skin/ -Select the skin, apply, reboot. IF YOU HAVE MEAN...
  7. FatGuyWithWifi

    Thread [Q] Best sense 3,0 rom?

    Whats the best sense 3.0 rom? Here are features id prefer to narrow my options down a bit: 1) that transparent rosie look 2) ultra fast rosie, like in virtuous affinity 3) a few extra tweek options would be nice too Now dont get me wrong im not picky, these are just things i would like in a rom...
  8. F

    Thread [Q] HTC Sense 3.0 lock screen display timeout

    Hey hey, Just received the system update with Sense 3.0 on my DHD. I'm annoyed with the lock screen display timeout because it switches off after 10secs or so. Given i've got the setting to show my gallery pics, it would be nice to leave the screen on for a little while to actually see the...
  9. seaskyways

    Thread [ROM][WIP][PORT][3D Sense] The Sens3D ROM | Porters Help Needed !

    Welcome everybody , this is the thread which will be updated for the 3D sense 3.0 from the Galaxy Ace Sense 3.0 Port , I am still having errors in flashing , and booting so i am trying to help fix these problems , the Kernel is m1ndh4x8r's , but i will re-try to port this through the dsixda's...
  10. dkris2020

    Thread Sense 3.0 roms?

    So Sense 3.5 is starting to annoy me with the lag (due to processor) so I'm trying to get a sense 3.0 rom as it will run faster and smoother, the only one I could download was virtuous unity which is nice but not great.
  11. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]LeeDrOiD HD 4G V5.1.1 -7th Feb | Tweaks | APM | Fast | Stable | Pure Awsomeness!

    Presenting LeeDrOiD HD - The Return of! (For now anyway ;) ) S-Off & a Custom recovery required Android 2.3.5 - GingerBread & Sense 3.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) With thanks to: ChainsDD l snq- l Scar45 |...
  12. R

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.0 vs. Sense 3.5

    I recently flashed my phone with Virtuous Unity, and I've been enjoying the features of Sense 3.0 compared to stock Sense 2.1 (especially the quick settings in the notification pulldown). However, I'm aware that this particular ROM has reached end-of-life...and there are a bunch of Sense...
  13. J

    Thread [Q] Signal loss

    I've noticed that with any Sense 3.0 ROM I seem to get quite better service than any Sense 3.5 ROM. I live in an area with very shotty service, so this can become quite a pain since I really like 3.5 over 3.0. Anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this? Have tried multiple radios...
  14. O

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.0 People force closing, wallpapers disappearing and skins inconsistency

    I recently updated my Desire S to Sense 3.0 via OTA. It arrived down here in Thailand rather late. I almost gave up waiting for it because it has been months since it first rolled out in Europe. OTA went fine. I am very pleased with Sense 3.0. New lock screens are so great I go awwww the first...
  15. C

    Thread [Q] About upgrade to 2.3.5 and sense 3.0

    Hi!! I'm from Venezuela, I bought my Incredible S S710e unlocked from My question is: will I be able to upgrade OTA? I've seen that many people have got the update already and I don't know if I can. or how can I get it. Since my phone is not from Venezuela what can I do to get this...
  16. H

    Thread sense 3.0 on IS looks different than on Senstaion

    Hi guys, I have updated to stock sense 3.0 on IS OTA yesterday, but immediately I found that the look/feeling on our IS is quite different from which on Sensation (in the bad way). I know 3.0 was originally targeting QHD display not WVGA, and the screen ratio of Sensation is different from...
  17. C

    Thread [Q] Desire Z 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 update??

    This phone has enough power to run this version. Many DZ owners can confirm this. Is the HTC Desire Z ever going to get this update?
  18. S

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.0 (androdid 2.3.5) update for rooted deivice (revolutionary)

    Hi! I have successfully rooted my Desire S with revolutionary. Now I would like to have new Sense 3.0 and android 2.3.5. update that is available via OTA update. I read if forums that I shouldn't update as the phone will hang. Is there any chance to have the latest update and still remain...
  19. jkrough0728

    Thread [Sense 3.0][Skins][demonic] NEON Series!

    Just wanted to show some previews of what I have been working on. These are now officially live in the android market. Sense 3.0 Cyan Neon Skin Sense 3.0 Blue Neon Skin Sense 3.0 Green Neon Skin Sense 3.0 Pink Neon Skin WEATHER Found a nice olvia wild wallpaper to go...
  20. E

    Thread [Q] HTC messages app roll back?

    Hi, I'm using a rooted DHD with an Android Revolution HD 6.1.5 ROM (Android 2.3.5, Sense 3.0) and I was wondering if I could use an older HTC keyboard, such as the standard HTC one on Android 2.3? Thanks
  21. M

    Thread [16.NOV][CLK/MAGLDR] maryno-ICS 4.0 with Sense 3.0 v1.0 RELEASE! [Tytung R14.0]

    ICS BUILD WITH SENSE 3.0 I have made a ICS build with SENSE 3.0. I am still very busy working on it and im expecting a release tomorrow
  22. P

    Thread picasa plugin sense 3.0

    hi man, i'm flashed saga 3d rom. the stock one with root permission and some tweak by proxuser, it's all good, but i can't find the picasa plugin for the gallery. i'm sure that in previous rom i have it installed. nobody knows how install or flash this plugin in a rom with 3.0 sense? thanks a...
  23. R

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.0 and Sense 3.5

    Hi there, What is the diffrences between sense 3.0 and 3.5 ? Is it possible if I upgrade only the sense( because i still love the stokRom), if yes how? thanks, ROnald
  24. R

    Thread [Q] android 2.3.5 for salsa?

    Will htc roll out its ota update of android 2.3.5 and htc sense 3.0 for htc salsa? Hardware wise its decent with 800MHz processor.
  25. moloto

    Thread [Q] How to replace sense 3.0 clock widget with sense 3.5 clock widget?

    Currently running on sense 3.0 and i like the 1 line 3d clock widget from sense 3.5, is there any possibility to copy just the HTCCLock3dWidget.apk over(in /sysem/app/)? Because if i do so its not working, does the 3.5 widget has some dependecies wich has to be copyied too? I dont want to flash...
  26. dastin1015

    Thread [ROM][Mar. 28, 2012] Mayan End of Days (Xloud, Bravia, Beats and more!)

    Hello guys! Some of you may recognize me from the Hero CDMA forums, but the majority of you will not. This is my first development release for the Evo 3D and for my first 3D debut I will be releasing a slightly modified 2.17.651.5 OTA ROM. Personally I prefer to have a simple stock ROM with just...
  27. mcluvn

    Thread Sense 3.0 Skin - TRON SENSE

  28. Splux

    Thread Seems like we're getting official Sense 3.0!/PaulOBrien/status/128749954217951232 "Like the Desire S software update, the software update for the Incredible S will bring with it Sense 3.0, along with its goodies like a 3D...
  29. razamanaz

    Thread [Q] How to S-on HTC Desire S after Revolutionary S-off to make OTA update to Sense3.0

    Here is the question, that many people interested (i think so): how to install last OTA update from HTC (not to flash dev ROM) on Revolutionary S-offed Desire S? From different threads i read, that there is 2 ways: 1. Change HBOOT to 0.98.2002 (but it needs to wipe all the data?) and run...
  30. W

    Thread [Q] Sensation XE or SGS2

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a new phone this week, and i'm torn between the Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2. I can get them both free on a £30 per month contract with 900 mins, 5000 texts and 1Gb of data. So i'll post this on both the Sensation (since there is no XE board) and the SGS2...
  31. W

    Thread [Q] Sensation XE or SGS2

    Hey guys. I'm looking to buy a new phone this week, and i'm torn between the Sensation XE and the Samsung Galaxy S2. I can get them both free on a £30 per month contract with 900 mins, 5000 texts and 1Gb of data. So i'll post this on both the Sensation (since there is no XE board) and the SGS2...
  32. F

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire S Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0 Update???

    Im still awaiting the update for my HTC Desire S i am in the UK and my service provider is 3, does anyone else have the same issue as me???? and are you in the uk on 3 aswell??? Also do you have any news about it?
  33. L

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3.5 for HTC Incredible S

    Do you think that HTC Incredible S will get official update to Andorid 2.3.5?
  34. N

    Thread [Q] stupid starter questions

    Hi, I am using IS 4 half year, and I decided to flash this Rom recently. However, I have a few stupid questions and I hope u guys can answer me. 1. What is the tool to wipe my device? 2. Is it ok 4 me to flash the Rom by using '4EXTRecovery v2.1.0 FINAL' 3. When I flash this Rom, am I going to...
  35. B

    Thread [Q] sense 3.0 lockscreen porting

    Can this be done fro HTC Wildfire too ? They have ported the htclockscreen.apk and rosie.apk from Sense 3.0 to Wildfire S. This is all that people waiting for a new Sense-based ROM want. At least me that is. People...? I am content...
  36. Lola_79

    Thread [Q] HTC Sense calendar event indicator

    I really like Sense 3.5, apart from the way the calendar shows there's an event on a day in the month view. In Sense 3 the monthly view has a little column which has a different colour where you have an event. I find this really useful as it gives you an idea of roughly when your event is, and...
  37. kc_exactly

    Thread DOES THE WIIMOTE WORK on the EVO 3d?

    Does the wiimote work with the EVO 3d stock rom(rooted or not rooted)? Does the PS3 remote work? Please, I don't can about the first Evo so if you own one good for you. It is a different phone. I just need a simple proven answer. It has been months since it was brought up and the phone has...
  38. pradzio1

    Thread [Q] Looking for Sense 3.0-like lockscreen.

    Hi! I've searched it on WM forum, but I found nothing. I'm looking for Sense 3.0 (from android) look-like loockscreen, like that:
  39. Shizophren

    Thread [Q] Change the Sense 3.0 nav-bar zu the sense 3.5 nav-bar

    I wonder if theres a way to change the navbar from sense 3.0 with the navbar from sense 3.5. The only thing in sense 3.5 I find thats better then in sense 3.0 is indeed only the navbar :-) Like sense 3.0 more than sense 3.5. Could there be a way to archive this anyway? The sense 3.0 navbar has...
  40. cycostallion

    Thread [Q] HTC Sync for Cool3D Sense 3.0

    Can anyone here tell me which version of HTC Sync would be required if i wna use it with this ROM? TIA
  41. T

    Thread Sprint Lover with HTC Sense 3.0

    Sprint Lover is the only reliable fully functional ROM, I wish it had Sense 3.0. I loaded Synergy Rom and it looks great and runs ok, but has a few bugs. I love Sense 3.0, but wish it was in a reliable rom like Sprint Lover.
  42. stephen240

    Thread [Q][MOD] Transparent vanilla statusbar on sense 3.0?

    Anyone know of a sense 3.0 mod that will implement a vanilla status bar with icons? More importantly a transparent one? Oh and I already know about Team Nocturnal's sense+vanilla rom, but I'm looking for just a mod to use for another rom. Thanks!
  43. creativcoder

    Thread [THEME] [W]QVGA SENSATIONAL 1.0 IPhoneToday plugin theme

    SENSATIONAL 1.0 IPHONE TODAY THEME FOR [W]QVGA Hello...once frnds I have come up with a new theme inspired by the new trends in htc sense As you know htc sense is a very beautiful interface and a theme with it ....i always wanted to do... This theme is based on htc sense 2.1 and...
  44. jkrough0728

    Thread [SKINS][Sense 3.0][Demonic]Batman 10/25! Superman! Spiderman! Green Lantern!

    Sense 3.0 Batman Skin in now live! These are found on the Android Market. Previews: I hope everyone enjoys! :) Follow us on Twitter @DEMONIC_PROD
  45. E

    Thread [REQ] Sense 3.0 skin making guide

    Hey guys, I'd really like to make my own skin(s), because I'm never done customizing my device (when I have a nice skin/wallpaper/whatever, I'm done with it after 3, max. 4 days already, depending on my "mood" LOL). I already have a nice 3.0 skin in mind (a Beats skin, yeah this week I'm in a...
  46. Chaqmol

    Thread [ROM] Aurora v6 ★Special Edition★ [23th Feb]

  47. jkrough0728

    Thread [Sense 3.0][Skins][Demonic] Assassins Creed! GEARS OF WAR! New MW3 up!

    Hey Guys, As promised we bring you Battlefield 3 Skin for Sense 3.0. This skin has way more features than any of our other skins! You can find it on the Android Market! The titles of each post will have the name of the Skin in the Market! BF3 previews: **Remember, you do not get...
  48. blindndumb

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] Rom Flashing Help

    Downloaded v1.1 stable 2.3.5 with sense 3.0. I am on stock rom with s-on, well i know how to s-off and root. But then what, how to flash this rom and do i need to upgrade hboot. Please help me out with whole procedure including recovery.
  49. M

    Thread [MOD] Customize ALL Sense Lock Rings [How To + Requests + Photoshop tips!!]

    Hi everyone!! Here's a tutorial on how you can edit the lock ring on all Sense Lockscreens!! (This will work for all Sense 3.x and 4.x Sense Versions) First and Foremost, DO A NANDROID BACKUP!!!!! I am not responsible for any mistakes that you make or if anything happens to your phone. Now we...
  50. blindndumb

    Thread [SOLVED][Q] S-Off , Rooting and Flashing Roms

    Hey I am new to android and HTC Desire S is my first phone:confused::confused:. Well lets come to the point. I want to root my phone and flash Sense 3.0 ROMS. After searching I found that I will have to S-OFF my phone (which can be done by RELOLUTIONARY) and the ROOT it (Which can be done by...