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  1. K

    Thread Sense 7 with MM vs CM 13

    Which one you prefer? The Official HTC Sense 7 ROM with Marshmallow or the Official CyanogenMod 13 ?
  2. dodo2244

    Thread Sense 7 and BlinkFeed on the J7

    :) Coming from an HTC Sensation XE, I went a-googling for alternatives to BlinkFeed and came upon this Install HTC Sense 7 with BlinkFEED On Any Android: How-to I gave it a shot. You have a choice of launcher at the next reboot. The BlinkFeed is a bit stretched out though (dpi?) :p
  3. S

    Thread Sense 7 on KitKat

    Hello everyone. Stumbled across a thread here offering Sense 7 apk.'s for all devices, but when I try to install them on my HTC One Mini2 I get a "App not installed" message, and " An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed". It would be nice to...
  4. P

    Thread Sense 7 theming help

    Can someone please tell me how can I theme the status bar of the settings and dialer app. I don't like the way it got changed in marshmallow. I tried editing the apk but didn't succeed in finding the values.
  5. Pacattack

    Thread Pac's SD ReMix v7.0 | M8 Sense 8 | Android 6 | 6.12.401.4 |

    Team SkyDragon Mantra Always strive to provide XDA users with the best custom Rom experience. Using the latest and greatest offerings from HTC, to develop and deliver an awesome custom Rom for the HTC. Based on htc 6.12.401.4 ruu A Very Big Thanks to dragonesdenano, joni2012 and ckpv5...
  6. E

    Thread Just a question about porting Sense 6-7

    Hi guys, I have question: Why any developer doesn't ported any ROM like Sense 7 ? Beacuse I think that there are like 10 ROMs with same features and looking the same stock Android. I tested all the ROMs available and I don't found any unqiue outstanding features. Without gapps all the ROMs...
  7. S

    Thread [Q] Porting Sense 6/7 ROMs

    Have any Sense 6/7 based ROMs been ported to the HOX? Is this possible?
  8. F

    Thread [ROM][GPE 5.1]Cosm-OS GPE 5.1. Deodex ROM + Sense 7

    ROM FEATURES Based on latest GPE 5.1 6.04.1700.6 Rooted Zipaligned Stock ROM with Gapps In Aroma installer you can choose to install a Stock GPE 5.1 or you can chose to installa Sense 7 Flavour ROM. If you choose Sense 7 you can have: Sense Home 7 with Theme Support HTC...
  9. Neo


    STOCK---VZW---SENSE 7---5.1---2.6.605.10 * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * or you getting fired because your alarm app failed. Please do * some research if you have any concerns about features in this * ROM prior to flashing it! You...
  10. M

    Thread Disable Stock Mail app?

    Is there any way to disable the stock mail app? I honestly cannot stand the stock Sense 7 mail app. I don't necessarily want to remove it all together, but disable it in a way where it is completely inactive and does not pull mail any more. Also I cannot just disable the account because I need...
  11. riteshbendre

    Thread HTC Themes (Download Location)

    Hey fellas, I just downloaded some themes, wallpapers and icons from HTC Themes app (Sense 7) ...I flashed a new ROM and it just got vanished.. Does anyone know where it saves these wallpapers and other stuff?? Cant find it in the gallery!
  12. aburayan2005

    Thread [APP][5.0+] HTC BlinkFeed and GALLERY - SENSE 7 with Theme feature

    First of all I'm NOT the person who ported these APPS to work. ALL Credits MUST go to: 1- xpirt for his awesome work to port Blinkfeed Sense 7 & Sense 6 to work on ALL devices running android 4.4+ / 5.0+ Original thread : HERE 2- thereassaad for porting M9 CAM & Gallery (not working on 4.4+)...
  13. iamavneetsingh

    Thread [PORT] HTC Sense UI

    Mod Edit : everything removed
  14. A

    Thread [MOD][CAMERA][AOSP] HTC ONE M9 Camera Port

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. You are choosing to make these modifications, and if * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. Just Discovered an excellent camera...
  15. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]&[KERNEL]LeeDrOiD One M8 V8.4.1 - [Discontinued] | Oct 30th 2017 | Awesome!

    Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!! All carriers supported My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the...
  16. baadnewz

    Thread [ROM]InsertCoin M7 7.1.3 | Sense 7 Android L | Tweaks

    Come to the DarkSide. Cookies Below: #include /* * Unlocked Phone @ HTCDEV or S-OFF * Custom Recovery * Common Sense, Brains and logic */ By downloading and flashing InsertCoin Custom ROM for HTC ONE(M7) you agree to the following: Your warranty is now...