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  1. RohinZaraki

    Thread [APP] HTC Sense Home Launcher for Non-Sense Devices

    So apparently HTC has been working on bringing its Sense Home Launcher to non-HTC devices. Their latest beta apk seems to work fine on non-HTC devices. So far I've tested it out on my M8 running the latest H14 GPE and it seems to work fine enough (although I feel it looks less polished than the...
  2. D

    Thread [Q] Sense Home In App Purchases, what about it?

    Today I got an update on HTC Sense Home, description says improvements on bug fixes and performance, but when I click on update, it looks like Sense Home now needs permission to make In App Purchases. Sent a mail to HTC asking for the new permission but got no reply, and the Internet is quiet...
  3. xpirt

    Thread HTC Sense™ Home and Themes | New Apps | Sense 9 | for all devices [12/03/2018]

    Latest HTC Sense Home and Apps Status: working Requirements: android 5.0 or higher Included: HtcSenseHome - v9.14.929638 - download (updated: 26/05/2017) HtcServicePack - v1.05.825111 - download (updated: 20/05/2017) News Republic - v7.9.5 - download (updated: 12/03/2018) [thx lesscro]...