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    Thread [MOD][5.0+] HTC Sense Ui Experience Package For All Devices

    Mod Edit : Thread closed due to advertising all over the forums
  2. XN Logos

    Thread Install htc sense ui app[Launcher, Gallery, Camera and other] on oneplus 3T

    *********************sense ui apps for Oneplus 3T********************** for Sense Ui Lovers, Whats Work-- htc camera htc gallery htc launcher htc internet htc music htc widget htc video htc file manager hotspot widget htc location service htc weather[ in update] htc message[in update] htc...
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    Thread Sense Ui For Mi MAX

    [FONT="Georgia"]Sense Ui For Xiaomi Mi MAX Disclaimer- Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device. It will erase all your data, so we advise you first to take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed. Ensure that your phone has at least 50-60% charged to...
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    Thread Convert Redmi Note 3 into htc 10

    Converting Redmi Note 3 into htc 10- Disclaimer- Follow the steps correctly otherwise you may brick your device. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone. It will erase all your data, so we advise you first to take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed. Ensure...
  5. Snigdho

    Thread [Theme][MTK][HDPI] AXUS UI Full Version

    [Theme][MTK][HDPI] AXUS UI Full Version . This is my new Flashable theme for 4.2.x+ devices. I have made this theme.. And it a update to the previous AXUS UI BETA . Please read the full post before flashing it.. And the flashing instructions to as it's little diffrent. . Theme Name: AXUS UI...
  6. bala_gamer

    Thread [Theme][4.1.2] Sensewiz v5.1 A sense ui based theme for Samsung Roms[updated 11/1/13]

    A very big thanks to @Vertumus and his super awesome JB Domination theme, My theme work is based on his theme as base.So here is my first theme SENSEWIZ, Waited for this theme so long for samsung roms. Atlast after days of time spent here it is ;) SCREENSHOTS: FEATURES: * Most of the icons...
  7. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread HTC sense on the Nexus One

    So i tried out basically all the sense roms out here and decided to write a little review, that hopefully will make you choose the sense thats right for you. First up: Sebastiaan15's runny port! Well, i think this is the very best sense rom atm. Based on sense 3.5 Infact this is my daily rom...
  8. A

    Thread [Q] CM7 2.3.3 upgrading to cm7 with sense

    I need help PLEASE can anyone tell me how to install this one: or any kind of cm7 with sense ui... :(:(:(:(:(:(:( is it possible to install it to my nexus one?? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: im...
  9. damastah

    Thread [Q] Why wont my MT4G run any ROMS that have the Sense UI?

    I just started flashing ROMs to my phone and I do want to have the ability to run ROMS that have the sense UI. Every time I flash one, all these processes start crashing one after the other. I can never get to the homescreen. :/ Also, I LOVE the way the MIUI ROMs look, but this one process...
  10. Superfasty

    Thread [Q] Sense Rom with Landscape Homescreen?

    Hey I'm new here (and to custom roms in general) so please forgive me if I don't know what I'm talking about. I've had my incredible S for about 4 months now and have pretty much customised it as much as I can without loading up custom roms and stuff like that, and basically I was wondering if...
  11. Hintay

    Thread [32A][6.35][23 Sept 2012][Aroma]HTX Zero 0.32 (Sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5)

    This is a port from the China release of the 2.3.5 Sense 3.5 ROM from the HTC Explorer(Pico). idogx is a hero for this project!!! Developers: idogx, Hintay Some link: (world first port) Hero200 version by idogx: This post...
  12. JiroPrinz8


    Just came across this one while I was checking ROMs for my Ideos, you can check the OP here. (Thanks and all the credit goes to Cheez2553) Decided to try it out on my XT and I must say, after using Go Launcher forever, I love the look! If you want to get the full Sense look just add Beautiful...
  13. gerbetta33

    Thread [SENSE UI][CM7] 99% Complete theme ported from Optimus V

    Hey guys, I made a sense UI theme a while back ago for the optimus v, but it is really a universal theme. All of the elements need for the theme are included in the zip file, but things like the status bar mods and the fonts won't work because there is no cyanogenmod for the triumph yet. Once it...
  14. P

    Thread [Q] Multiple Issues with my Inspire 4G

    I just recently(about a week)purchased a brand new Inspire 4G and unlocked it for T-Mobile. I have not rooted it. I went through the set up and checked if there was any new software available. It informed me that 1.84.502.11 was availible for download. After the software downloaded and the phone...
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    Thread [Q] Sense UI Connection Error

    I recently purchased a brand new Inspire 4G and unlocked it for T-Mobile. I went through the set up and checked if there was any new software available. It informed me that 1.84.502.11 was availible for download. After the software downloaded and the phone reboot, everythings seemed fine, but...
  16. gerbetta33

    Thread Sense ui theme 99% complete

    Hey guys, I posted a theme in the Optimus V section, but since it is almost completely universal (must be on a phone capable of CM7) I thought I'd post it here as well. Here is a link to the thread: Sense UI Theme in Optimus V themes On a side note, could a moderator please move that theme to...
  17. SciFlyer

    Thread [Q] Ideas for Improvements to HTC Notes

    Although I do appreciate the functionality already in HTC Notes, I have been spoiled by Microsoft OneNote for many years. Below are some of the features available in OneNote that I would like to see in HTC Notes version 2.0. • Ability to expand the space between handwritten notes to add more...
  18. gerbetta33

    Thread [UPDATED 7-11-2011][Theme][Sense UI] 99% complete / CM7 / aospCMod

  19. mill3rkydd

    Thread [Q] Android 2.3, HTC Hero CDMA. How to put HTC sense on it

    I have a question to ask. I'm going to get an HTC hero on Sprint and i've seen all the hacks. If I were to hack it, how would I get the Sense UI Launcher back? I'm very fond of it, but i'm also fond of Gingerbread. If anybody has the instructions or solution. Tell me. THANK YOU!!! :D
  20. Rang3r

    Thread [THEME|MOD] LauncherPro Sense WidgetPack (UPD 04.19.2011)

    LauncherPro Sense WidgetPack Download | Official site of the mod | Destiny of other themes | Twitter You’ll need to install the latest version of LauncherPro (0.8.5 or higher) to use LP Sense WidgetPack. (Of course the Market Unlocker needs too) After installing the apk, go to Preferences...
  21. Binary100100

    Thread [THEME] SenseBionix

    A few of you might know my work from the G1 and MyTouch forums. So here it is... the latest update for SenseBionix for TeamWhiskey's latest public rom Bionix NextGen 2. Remember! Backup your device and flash by Clockwork Recovery. I am not responsible for undesired results!!! Use at your own...
  22. G

    Thread [Q] Black screen on unlock - notification bar OK

    Hi, I have an odd issue. I got a Legend as a loaner for my samsung SGS i9000m (don't get it...). Anyhow the phone died from low battery last night and now when I turn it on I get the lockscreen fine (screen in full colour etc etc) but when I unlock it the screen goes black. I cann't get...
  23. W

    Thread [Q] "com.HTC" process/application

    Firstly I wasn't 100% sure where I should place this, so if it is felt that it is in the wrong place and the mod has to move it then please accept my apologies in advance. I have been trying to free up space on my HTC Desire. I have looked at it from a number of angles, I have rooted the phone...
  24. G

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire "appears" as if it has the home button stuck, since a recent update

    [Q] HTC Desire "appears" as if it has the home button stuck, since a recent update One of our HTC Desire is exhibiting very weird behaviour since a recent update (couple of days ago). It only affects one of the phone, the second one is working fine, both were updated within the same day. ** I...
  25. F

    Thread [Q] Need Help!!!! NEED HTC DESIRE ROM 2.1

    I recently installed a custom ROM on my CDMA HTC Desire for USCC and i forgot to back up my phone and now im stuck on the cydongenmod rom and i cant get back to the original htc 2.1 sence UI, does anybody have the files so i can restore my htc desire back to stock!!!!!! :(
  26. Diablo5

    Thread [Q] Sense Rom for G2

    I know I have seen it some where in a thread, so I do apologize in advance if someone has already started a thread like the one I want to start. I'am interested in using Sense UI on my G2. Does anybody know of any good roms that have the functionality cyanogen but with a Sense UI on top or any...
  27. I

    Thread [Q] Flashing HTC Sense on my T-Mobile G2 (Help!) :)

    Hello everyone, I'm not only completely new here, but also to the whole process of "rooting", "flashing", and other aspects of unlocking my G2 device. This thread was not only made for helping me and directing me to where I go about "installing" the Sense UI - but along with a couple questions...
  28. A

    Thread DZ Sense UI BUG LIST

    Let's create a buglist for sense ui on android 2.2 so we can report the whole list to HTC for repairs, because they don't take single reports seriously. Here are what I've found so far, but please tell us yours! European version (Software# 1.34.405.5): MAJOR BUGS! *The SMS bug where...
  29. tin2404

    Thread ★⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠★[theme] STARGATE SENSE UI★⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠★

    ★⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠★[theme] STARGATE SENSE UI★⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠★ Here we go !! As I allways do,here are preview images of my new interface Sense UI design STARGATE SENSE UI " Symbols are locked in place ! "
  30. N

    Thread [Q] Bad Desire HD signal / call quality

    I just bought a new HTC Desire HD, which I haven't rooted and is running the latest version of HTC Sense for Android 2.2. my problem is that even though I am sitting still and my phone hasn't moved for an hour or more, and it says it has full reception, when my G/F tries to call me, half the...
  31. W

    Thread [Q] Install HTC Sense without installing a ROM

    I know I could download the Desire port and flash it via recovery to get the sense ui, but that would erase everything, and I don't want to do that. I want to know if I could just download a sense ui app or mod or something and install it over my current existing ROM without having to erase...
  32. Gr8gorilla

    Thread Let's talk about the Android UI's

    I have been an Android user for a year now. I started with a Nexus One. I really enjoyed the whole experience and flashed a lot of ROMS. I was a Cyanogen devotee. I really enjoyed stock Android. I have found from using my various android phones, Nexus One, Vibrant, G2, MyTouch 4G, that each of...
  33. J

    Thread [Q] upgrade htc touch p3450 to windows 7

    is it possible to upgrade my htc p3450 gsm wm6 to the latest w7 or is there any similar rom.please tell me if there are any roms with sense ui for my phone please reply
  34. L

    Thread [Q] updating a htc magic

    okay i have a htc magic unlocked from rogers. but im using it with telus. it still has the 1.5 rom on it and i want to update it so it has htc sense i was wondering if i update it will that erase the unlocking? if so will it be possible to re unlock it thanks
  35. marak210

    Thread [Q] How would one test his app on sense UI?

    I have a stock N1 and my app seems to work fine on there.. But when the first person downloaded the app he said it failed on the EVO which is most likely running sense UI. So it is a matter of trying to find someone with a sense ui phone and asking them to test? or Is there a way i can have...
  36. koltregaskes

    Thread [Q] HTC Desire rooted, how can I upgrade to 2.2 and keep Sense UI?

    I've rooted my branded O2 UK HTC Desire 2.1-update1 phone with unrevoked3. Is there a way to upgrade to 2.2 and keep Sense UI? What is the best way to upgrade to 2.2? I read on here that I need a 'Goldcard'. Will updating via OTA not work or is not advisable?
  37. B

    Thread [REQUEST] HTC Desire Sense UI for Hero

    Pls. If Somebody knows a solution how can I use new Sense UI features on my Hero, pls write this.
  38. shenye

    Thread [THEME] Sense UI Theme r2 for FroydVillain 1.5.0 and 1.4.4 [19th SEPT]

    Here's the Sense UI theme for FroydVillain1.5.0! Changelog r2: -Fixed text colour in dragdown notification bar. NOTE: IF YOU WANT THE FLIPCLOCK, YOU WILL NEED "FANCY WIDGET", IT IS HOWEVER NO LONGER ON THE MARKET... Download -works with both 1.5.0 and 1.4.4 Donations are greatly...
  39. M

    Thread [Q] Colored Settings.apk on other android rom (2.1)

    Im sorry if this is the wrong section or anything like that, but this is my first post here on XDA. My question is, is there a way i can get the settings.apk from a sense rom (the one with the colorful icons) on my htc magic 2.1 rom? Any help or links or even download would be appreciated...
  40. S

    Thread [Q] Flip Clock Animation Missing

    Hi, I am new to the Android game and I got the HTC Aria few days back. I am a big fan of the Sense UI. The main reason I got this phone. My question is that why doesnt the flip clock on my Aria actually FLIP, like it does on other HTC phones with the Sense UI as shown in the videos. Am I missing...
  41. jbucklee

    Thread [Q] Facebook replacing my Google pictures automatically when I don't want it to!

    How do I get my HTC Incredible (w/ Froyo 2.2) on Verizon to stop overriding my pictures? I want my contacts "linked" to their Facebook profile, but I want to use the picture that I have selected and not the one that Facebook feels I should be using without warning. :mad: I am very anal about...
  42. S

    Thread new to rooting and flashin roms..

    ok. so i just got a mytouch the first one that came oout.. i wanna try and root it but i wanna find a rom thats like the hero.. im confused though.. is the 2.1 the same as the espresso rom??? where can i find the rom that looks like the hero that has the sense ui???? help plz
  43. milesje

    Thread No dialer

    After disableing the HTC Sense UI I no longer have a dialer. Is there a way to add the stock android dialer or really any other dialer while Sense is disabled?
  44. T

    Thread htc sense Question..?

    Okay Well this is what my question/Help is about Well I like The Look Of htc sense Ui But I Hate There launcher.... I like THe Stock Nexus one Froyo launcher And i was Wondering is there any way to Get sense Ui With OUt The launcher P.S Thanks Guys For All the help i have Gotten In The Past...
  45. N

    Thread More LED Options like Stock Android Phones

    Has anyone figured out a hack to get a Sense UI device to display more than green, amber, or red like the Vanilla Android phones.
  46. D

    Thread HD2 music player question

    Does anyone else have an issue with... 1. songs will "pause" or "skip" for a second every now and then? i would say mine does it almost twice a song. man is it annoying. 2. why wont it continuously play? i have to unlock the phone and push the next key for it to play another song. It only does...
  47. zachattack052

    Thread zachattack052 & xillius200's 2.1&1.5HERO(v2.0-1.5,v1.5-2.1) "back in the game"

    zachattack052 & xillius200's 2.1&1.5HERO(v2.0-1.5,v1.5-2.1) "back in the game" Zachattack052 & Xillius200's 2.1 Hero ABOUT ZX 2.1 HERO I dont know about any of you, but i love sense. however sense has never met my standards in terms of speed, and stability.. well thats what i want to fix...
  48. J

    Thread Is HTC Sense UI on Android identical to Windows Mobile?

    Is HTC’s Sense UI identical on Android and Windows Mobile? I’m trying to decide on a new phone this month – HTC HD2 versus HTC Supersonic. I’m leaning towards the Supersonic, but really like how Sense looks on the HD2. I understand that there would be differences in system configuration...
  49. eboelzner

    Thread [.netCF 3.5] Sense Interface SDK v1.50 (03.19.2011) [HTC's Sense UI Look 'n Feel]

    I have created a new .netCF SDK that mimics HTC's Sense UI Look 'n Feel... I have attempted to reproduce, as close and as possible, the human interaction with this WM skin from HTC. Highlights: Separate WVGA/WQVGA Resource libs [for you skinning guru's] Full Apha Blending, Transparency...
  50. USAF22

    Thread Can I remove all of Sense UI?

    Hey guys, sorry for the n00b question, but after searching briefly, I couldn't find it anywhere else on the Hero forums. I am running Damageless non-expresso, and I wanted to know: Is there a way for me to remove ALL of sense ui? If HTC made it, I don't want it. I know, I know, should have...