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    Thread [Q] SensorManager -> SensorHAL stacks

    Hi guys, I've compiled the android sdk from AOSP and now I'm trying to modify the source code to add a function to SensorManager class to call a custom function implemented on SensorHAL. I've added simply my function on framework/base/core/java/android/hardware/ file and now...
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    Thread Rom 5.2.21018.1.6.0

    This page is obsolete.
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    Thread [APP][22/09/2008] Diamond SnowStorm

    Here is a "Snow Dome" type of application. Completely useless, but it was fun for programming. Try using it 2 days in a row :) Watch this space for enhancements over time. - Changed the speed All new version on 22 Sep 2008 This has been a complete rewrite of the SnowStorm application and it...
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    Thread [Q] [SOLVED] Development using koush's sensor sdk

    Hey, this is my first post but i've been browsing these forums ever since i got my diamond and they've been a great help. I've been trying to learn some c# so i can give back a little to this forum, I've been able to make some simple app's but recently i've been trying to use koush's sensor...