1. nitinsawant

    Thread Raspberry pi 0w: How to use it like microcontroller?

    How to use it like microcontroller? How to use the pins to read data from sensors, which programming language is used and how? total n00b here
  2. loiczimm

    Thread Battery optimization not available

    Hello, I'm developing a tracking application that runs on Wear OS watches. I have some troubles when the watch goes to sleep. As soon as the watch goes to Deep Idle mode, all sensors acquisition stops. For that I'll need to whitelist the app using: Intent...
  3. sandy7874

    Thread General sensors off

    hi! I m using OP9Pro and after the update of C.46, I m unable to locate the Quick Settings tile named "Sensors Off". can anyone guide me on how to disable all the sensors? It was a useful tile to put all the sensors off in one go.
  4. A

    Thread Oukitel WP7 sensors and IR leds suddenly stopped working

    Hi all, I bought this smartphone less than an year ago (January 2021) and, few days ago some sensors (barometer, compass, light sensor and proximity sensor) and the IR light suddenly stopped working. I still haven't opened it and got just some water in the bathroom sink... someone else had this...
  5. L

    Thread What do I do about a non-functioning gyroscope/accelerometer?

    A while ago—and I didn't think I noticed it right away, so it's hard to say exactly when or if it was immediately after an Android update—my Pixel 4a's gyroscope and accelerometer stopped functioning. I installed the sensor logging app phyphox from F-Droid and it tells me my device doesn't...
  6. A

    Thread Can someone help me? sensors not working

    A family member told me that their phone had some of its sensors not working, (gyroscope and proximity) and it looks like it's not a hardware issue but a software one as if someone wiped a partition that shouldn't have (the phone had an old version of TWRP installed). If someone has a backup for...
  7. N

    Thread Need Persist.img (Please help)

    My sensors stopped working after flashing lineage os.. I didnt messed up persist partitionbut some how sensors not working light sensor and gyroscope.Finger print also gone i think its because of unlocked BL.. But still i need to try flashing persist.. Please some one send me persist.img of...
  8. diagoby

    Thread Pixel 3a sensors not working

    I bought a Pixel 3a and as soon as I received it I immediately updated it to Android 11 (yeah, my bad). And eventually I noticed that all of my sensors isn't working. I've tried several sensors-test apps and result always the same... There's a related thread with the same issue on XDA but with...
  9. A

    Thread All (almost) sensors stop working

    Hi everyone, Almost all sensors stoped working after few days on my brand new Pixel 5 : Failing sensors : - Proximity sensor - Accelerometer - Gyroscope - Compas And maybe others I don't know of... Fingerprint & cameras are still working. I've contacted Google support, and they advise me to...
  10. P

    Thread Problems with Gear Fit 2 Pro sensors!

    I have just bought a Gear Fit 2 Pro and almost all its sensors seem to be defect! It does not track steps and it cannot be acitvated using the gesture (raising my arm to switch on the display). When I set it up the very first time, it seemed to work (I guess three or five times) and there...
  11. J

    Thread MI 9t global sensors - Popup camera, auto brightness, screen auto rotate problem

    Hello, I got problem on MIUI offical only with auto brightness, screen auto rotate problem camera pop up with no problems. On every custom ROM unfortunately camera also don't pop up. I've used Havoc and blissrom both the same. What can it be ? Firmware ? I was on 11.05 and 11.04 ? Flash new...
  12. ricolhaw

    Thread [GUIDE] tutorial fix/remove sensors proximity for mi a3 9.0 android

    FIRST OF ALL, i did a lot of reasearch and found NONE guide that fully works so i did this guide to help you i cracked my screen RIGHT ON THE SELFIE CAM i followed this guide but its for OLD ANDROIDS ( ) YOU NEED MAGISK...
  13. G

    Thread How do i calibrate all my sensors and then backup the persist partition

    I heard the IMEI and mac address are all reserved in persist partition, and this partition is flashed in factory , so if for some reason i loose my persist partition i will loose my imei and mac address. people makes mistake so it could happen, for that reason i want to make sure all my sensors...
  14. A

    Thread Kate: No sensors working, flashing persist doesn't change

    Hi, I'm trying to resurrect my Redmi Note 3 (Kate edition) and I can't get any of the sensors to work, no proximity sensor, no light sensor, no gyro, no compass.. The typical behaviour that seems to be attributed to a corrupted persist partition. The phone is unlocked, and I tried restoring...
  15. nikhilnangia

    Thread FIXED - Android 10 - Sensors Bug

    EDIT 5 In addition to the two methods highlighted below, I'm sharing a third method which was brought up in the thread. This one is much easier, however, root is required. This method works for many, however, it is not confirmed by me. Again, no one takes responsibility for this or the previous...
  16. U

    Thread SM-N950F Sensor Issues

    My Samsung Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950F) has recently started playing up. I first discovered that the iris scanner was "Not responding, then I saw that the Auto-brightness also was not working, as well as the manual brightness slider. I tested the rest of the sensors by dialing *#0*# into the dialer...
  17. S

    Thread Help needed!

    Okay so no sensors on my 2-week old Gear S3. For example, the heart rate monitor just flat out refuses to come on. Going into the test menu (*#0*#) and going to sensor data doesn't show any values for any of the sensors there. Please help as to what to do! Any and every help is appreciated! Thanks!
  18. Skurvy_Pirate

    Thread Sensors stop working after a while. Reboot fixes them.

    I have been having a problem lately, I feel like it was started after the last OTA (Verizon). After a while, some of my sensors stop producing data. Most notably the compass, magnetic, and gyro. I use the magnetic sensor in a tasker task to launch car mode when I stick my phone to the car dock...
  19. T

    Thread WhatsApp constantly using sensors (Accellerometer and proximity)

    Hi to all, I noticed a strange behavior about WhatsApp and use of sensors, briefly, the app is using sensors all the time, I can't understand why, and what is the purpose of the feature (if it is a feature, or bug) By the way, I'm attaching screenshots made on the better battery stats app. I...
  20. B

    Thread Spoofing sensor values

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to spoof android sensor's values, especially the light sensor's readings. I'm trying to do that in order to trick samsungs to enable their ultra bright screen mode by setting the brightness reading high enough. Any input on how to do that is helpful. Thanks.
  21. B

    Thread Spoofing sensor values

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to spoof android sensor's values, especially the light sensor's readings. I'm trying to do that in order to trick samsungs to enable their ultra bright screen mode by setting the brightness reading high enough. Any input on how to do that is helpful. Thanks...
  22. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] My Thermometer

    Hello, I create that thread to present you My Thermometer a free application that gives you temperature around you by using your Android device's sensors. My Thermometer is available on Google Play Store : You can discover...
  23. C

    Thread S6 Edge sensors go crazy ...

    Have anyone an idea for my problem : I have a S6 Edge (german version g925f) and my IR Blaster does not work , even without gps . yes i said gps. My other sensors like Proximity , Heartrate , all axis sensors (acceleration etc) START working everytime when i (really get, just activating is...
  24. vsriram92

    Thread Available Sensors in Honor 5X

    Honor 5X has the following sensors. Accelerometer- For auto rotate feature, the accelerometer is one of the most common sensors one can find in a smartphone. It checks and analyze if a phone is ideal or is in motion. It calculates the orientation of your smartphone along 3 axes. Information...
  25. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Learn to list all Sensors available on Android

    Hello, I create that thread to offer you a new tutorial aiming to learn you how to list all Sensors available on your Android device. You can discover the tutorial on my blog here : but I put the complete content in...
  26. skibbi_pl

    Thread Barometer and pedometer sensors

    Hello, Does OP3 have barometer and dedicated pedometer sensors? Specification isn't clear on those two.
  27. morr22066

    Thread How can I revert sensor software

    Ever since I upgraded my maxx from 4.2.2 I have had problems with it shutting down. Sometimes I will get the warning that it is over heating even when it is cool too the touch. I remember after upgrading that I had a message about the sensors and after many hours or reading about similar issues...
  28. blackbird5308

    Thread [FIXED!] Fix for not working sensors/rotation

    Hello everyone, after i updated my E975 to 6.0.1 i found out that ui had no sensor response whatsoever, except for proximity and brightness, so i decided to investigate. I did a comprehensive search of the forums since the old 4.4.2 times and found out this could be caused by a corruption /...
  29. V

    Thread Galaxy Note 4 fingerprint sensor not working after Lollipop 5.1.1 update

    My Galaxy Note 4 nobrand, ITV, received OTA update 5.1.1 I made the update and everything is good but I'm unable to register fingerprints to use the sensor. It requests 10 registrations to save the fingerprint but after 2 or 3, it hangs... It doesn't recognize any more fingerprint and I'm unable...
  30. Childofthehorn

    Thread StyleSwap covers and Code hacks.

    Just got my OnePlus 2 today and took a sec tonight to check out a suspicious set of connectors on the Styleswap cover. We have a VERY easy way to add hardware Buttons and Sensors to the Phone. On the OnePlus 2 StyleSwap cover connectors : That connector is just a SMALL sticker with a single...
  31. benna

    Thread SpO2 sensor??

    Does my Note Edge N915F have SpO2?? I cant find it in Shealth. Looked at videos on the internet, but my Shealth does not have SpO2 tab. Or is there an other app I can use to make use of the sensor. I am in the medical field and would like to see how accurate the phone is an play with it( if...
  32. B

    Thread [HELP] Sensors undetected

    Hi Everybody ! Today i ported MIUI V7 to my Archos 45 Helium 4G from the Ktouch 3 To port it, i took the boot.img of a MIUIv4 ROM from the Archos, and edited the BOOTCLASSPATH row But now, my sensors doesn't work anymore, i tried to replace libs and a lot of thing, nothing works I saw that...
  33. S

    Thread [App][4.0+] CPU Hardware and System Infos

    Hello, I create that thread to present you CPU Hardware and System Info a new application to monitor and inspect your hardware and system informations and data easily and quickly. Application is freely available on Google Play Store ...
  34. Nostalgius

    Thread Sensors only work un LP, HELP!!!

    Well guys, my english is really bad so, i pasted the text what i posted in htcmania translated with google translate. "First of all I must clarify that I am fully co desperate ... mostly because of not knowing what the **** is wrong with this phone. I'm going to summarize everything. A few...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] DAQ speed and stream data speed limits?

    I am considering making a proof-of-concept using my smartphone sensors but before I crack open the Android IDE I want to ask if this is even possible: - Can I acquire 9 sensor readings (acceleration, rotation, compass) with reasonable precision (8-bit) and stream above 30 Hz over Bluetooth with...
  36. ilikenwf

    Thread Surface Pro 3 - Development Thread

    This all relates to my experimental Android-x86 (x86_64) builds ( Any and all help is appreciated! One interesting note is that if I use the debug boot item, I cannot boot as the type...
  37. ChromeJob

    Thread [Q] Nexus 4 updated to 5.1, all sensors gone (not supported)??

    See: tl;dr: after flashing 5.1 factory image (not wiping user data), seems sensors are kaput. I've cleared cache and restarted, no joy. Restarted into Safe Mode, no joy. Think I'll have to flash BACK to 4.4.4 again ... as...
  38. G

    Thread sensors.qcom wakelocks are high and drain battery!

    Hi guys, As the thread title shows I have problem with "sensors.qcom" process. Ever since I updated my device (Nexus 7 2013 WiFi) to Lollipop I've had this problem, I mean on every stock ROM; 5.0 to 5.1.1 . I hoped the updates would solve the problem but it still persists. I also tried every...
  39. Shrewdy

    Thread [Q] Sensors Work And Stop Working

    I own a Galaxy S4 I9505 device. Earlier I was running the stock based Custom ROM (Imperium 16.1, Android 4.4.2) on my S4 and there was no problem at all. That ROM gave me supreme performance, stability and battery life. And then official Lollipop (5.0.1) was released by Samsung. I flashed the...
  40. applegrew

    Thread [Q] Why rotation vector fusion sensors are missing?

    I have CM 12 installed on Yureka, but in spite of it having Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors, the TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR and TYPE_GAME_ROTATION_VECTOR fusion sensors are missing. Am I missing something? Shouldn't they be there?
  41. I

    Thread How to Fix Sensors Not working issue

    I think you also in the same problem that sensors of your phone was not working right? Also After flash color os maybe your sensors not working or not working correctly right? :( But don't worry. Here I am (Nishantha Indika) to fix this... :D Just easy to do... It got me hard to find how to...
  42. laehtis

    Thread [Q] SM-N9005 All sensors offline

    Hello, I have a Note SM-N9005 32GB variant. Now, I have a problem: all my sensors are offline. None of them are working. Rotating the screen won't work, and proximity sensor doesn't get any response. the problem began when I tried TW Lollipop, and changed bootloader to Lollipop. Some days...
  43. M

    Thread Sensors stopped working... help...!

    All my sensors stopped working, see attached screenshort from Sensor Box. Things I tried doing: 1) Rooted the device and tried the fix suggested by the OP here: 2) Factory Reset. 3) Flashed CyanogenMod...
  44. S

    Thread [Q] None of the sensors work on my Note 3(N9005) after waterdamage

    I have a note 3(n9005). It was working fine till i spilled water on it. One day i got water damage. My phone was next to a glass of water on a table next to my bed. There was not so much water in it. Whyle I was sleeping I somehow overturned the glass. My phone was whole night lying on little...
  45. joshumax

    Thread [Q] All Nexus 5 sensors mysteriously non-functional?

    Update: Sorry about the title, it should be "[Q] All Nexus 5 SENSORS mysteriously non-functional?" Well, I usually don't post under Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting unless I'm stumped... I was flashing an OMNI-hammerhead update a couple days ago on my N5 and noticed something funny, the orientation...
  46. K

    Thread [Q] All sensors Turned OFF, Help required

    For some strange reason, on my HTC One X (Endeavoru) I have got all my sensors turned off. My phone is rooted, installed with Cyanogenmod 11 Nightly (latest Nightly Bulid). The last thing I can suspect as culprit is an application I installed "Battery Benchmark", I made it to stop and latter...
  47. K

    Thread [Q] All sensors Turned OFF, Help required

    For some strange reason, on my HTC One X (Endeavoru) I have got all my sensors turned off. My phone is rooted, installed with Cyanogenmod 11 Nightly (latest Nightly Bulid). The last thing I can suspect as culprit is an application I installed "Battery Benchmark", I made it to stop and latter...
  48. L

    Thread [Q] [i9500] All Sensors stopped working after flashing new ROM

    Hi guys, My Galaxy S4 (i9500) was working properly on Android 4.3 official, then I flash the Indian 4.4.2 (Oficial) and now every sensor and the front facing camera stopped working. All sensors are listes on CPU-Z, but none of them show any activity.. I've flash 2 custom ROMs trying to fix it...
  49. Greatness83

    Thread [Q] Weather sensors

    Are there any good apps that can be used to display the humidity and temperature on this phone? Maybe something with a good widget?! Thanks in advance
  50. A

    Thread [Q] why my Gyroscope/accelerometer work only in portrait mode?

    Hello everyone, I have a Galaxy S Advance Gt I1970, running under Android 4.1.2 (official update). the problem is when i try to play games that require the phone sensors, for example Angry Birds Go or Frisbee Forever, the player always go to the left, but then i tried "Ridiculous Fishing" which...