1. vanhcov

    Thread [HELP] Teclast m40 setting bug

    I'm having a teclast m40 tablet newly purchased. From the beginning, sometimes the wifi shows no signal (it happends about once a day). Then I tried to go to settings but the settings app doesn't work too (while other apps working fine). I also try to restart the device by pressing restart...
  2. M

    Thread EMUI 11 "power-intensive app" toggle gone?

    Hey guys! I finally got the EMUI 11 update a few days ago, but there is something that's driving me crazy since. My P40 Pro is googlefied, and it has been and is working perfectly with GMS, but since I updated I keep getting a notification that the Google Services Framework is a power-intensive...
  3. K

    Thread Junsun V1 PRO 4GB + 64GB - Android 10 CANbus settings issue

    Hello from a new member. I'm pretty new to Android head units and i just bought this unit (Junsun V1 PRO 4GB (RAM) +64GB (ROM) Android 10) : Everything works pretty much correctly for the usage that I have...
  4. H

    Thread [Help needed] Make Now Playing app show artists names in English

    My phone suddenly started showing artists names in my local language (Hindi) suddenly. Also, it's not for all the songs. If you see the circled items in the attached screen Maroon 5 is once shown in the local language and another time in English. How do I make it show in English all the time? I...
  5. L

    Thread Does anyone know how to keep date and time synced, but use a custom timezone?[SOLVED]

    I want to keep the tablet's clock synchronized over internet, while configuring a different timezone from network-provided one. However, at present it doesn't appear to be possible, as General Management -> Date and Time -> Automatic Date and Time option would automatically set to use my...
  6. G

    Thread 865+ binning issue?

    i am wondering if the snapdragon 865+ has binning issues. because i am using my phone and with just stock options no added power saving or apps to delete, just uninstalling and blocking apps through the phone. last i checked i had 38% and ran it down to below 5% and had over 4 hours of screen...
  7. mronegin

    Thread Disabeling sugesstions in settings

    First method (adb/root): adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 Pros: Ability to collapse suggestions Cons: You will disable search option Second method (root): 1. Backup /data/data/ 2. Edit the end of...
  8. giober98

    Thread Blue Light Filter?

    Hi, I've had the tab S6 Lite since launch. When setting up it basically restored all my s10's settings and so I found the blue light filter in the quick toggles panel. But if I try to look for it in the settings there's no mention of that. I wanted to program it to be on during certain times of...
  9. C

    Thread Tasker 'Secure Settings' ADB access - How 'safe' is it ??

    Ok lets first explain the situation I've been dabbling with Tasker (Paid for version)- getting some automation depending on certain situations (mainly stuff like 'If I'm @ {location} get volumes set high' or ' If Unread msg then vibrate my Amazefit bip watch' - Nothing too complicated using...
  10. N

    Thread Vibration strength settings?

    Has anyone found or somehow modified the vibration motor strength? Its really too strong for my liking
  11. Lifear

    Thread Profile Switcher(Car, Home, Work) like on LineageOS

    In LineageOS for Galaxy S7, i found the profile switcher the Androoid Quick settings. I can switch between different profiles like Car, Work, Home and so on with a quick settings tile. Is there some way, to get the same on a Samsung Galaxy S9?
  12. MrRalphMan

    Thread Accessing Anxious settings on additional users.

    So I've installed Tyco's settings link from suggested, so I can get at the Android settings on my quest, but this does not work for and additional users I've added to the Quest. They are stuck at 'New User'. According to Tyco it Just worked for him in the other users, but for me it just pauses...
  13. 0

    Thread Change vibration intensity?

    Hey! Is there a way to change the intensity of the system vibrations without root? I didn't find a setting and usally there is a setting for stuff like that in Android. I hope somebody can help me. Greetings
  14. A

    Thread Can't lock 4K 60 fps in the camera settings

    Hi, In the camera settings I can't lock the video to be 4K 60 fps, it lately just switch back to 30 fps and it is really frustrating. Do you know I can report this problem to Realme or solution to stick to 60 fps? Thanks!
  15. C

    Thread Elemental kernel & Android 10 settings

    Can anyone help with elemental kernel settings? I left them all out of the box and battery is terrible... Looking for settings suggestions! :confused:
  16. K

    Thread Headphones Monitor feature in Settings

    Path: Settings>Sounds & Vibration>Headphone Monitor Description in device: When turned on, you can enjoy a live karaoke experience in real-time through your headphones. Meanwhile, please turn off the karaoke app's headphones monitor function to avoid sound conflict. Anybody figure out yet what...
  17. L

    Thread From LG to Mi 9 - help!

    Hi, guys! I've been using LG phones for years and have just recently switched to Xiaomi Mi 9. While it's a great phone, a few things are bugging me. Can you help? - How do I enable permanent notifications at the top of the screen next to the clock? - How do I enable notifications on the AOD...
  18. A

    Thread Can`t pull down status bar

    Hey guys, as the title suggests, sometimes I cannot pull down the status bar in order to view notifications or turn on/off wi-fi, reading mode and so on. I couldn`t recognize a particular pattern when this will happen and it could (as of my knowledge) only be resolved by rebooting the phone...
  19. A

    Thread Meitu T9

    Good evening! I recently bought a limited edition Meitu T9 phone (Card Captor Sakura edition), and I'm extremely happy (I bought it because of my collector's heart). But there are some slight issues I'm facing, and if I'm able to fix them it will be even better. It uses MeiOS 4.3.5, based on...
  20. Keiko87

    Thread Who can optimize my Device Settings? Vids incl

    hi, think i messed up my settings configuration and phone manager settings..bit I would like to ask, if anyone could watch my device settings Video. And reply here your optimize suggestions, tipps..In case of my mate 10 lite settings. Like.."What can be disabled, what should be enabled, which...
  21. M

    Thread Uninstalled

    Hi, so story:I like a AOSP Look of a phone so I thought that uninstalling a settings app and replacing it with AOSP whould work and whould gave my satisfying resolts. Boy was I Wrong. Steps I Made: 1.Backed up old apk by doing this: adb shell pm path
  22. K

    Thread [ISSUE] Settings app crashes when I try to access 'App Shortcuts' in the lock screen

    Hi , Recenty I discovered some issues with my phone SM-N950F, updated to most recent firmware version: settings crashes when I try to enter "lockscreen shortcuts" auto galery stoires not working delaying messages more than 30 min won't work I thied to boot in safe mode, and settings works...
  23. T

    Thread turn off fingerprint animation?

    How can I turn off the animation when using fingerprint to unlock the device? It's just looks ugly to me.
  24. CanerTR

    Thread Note 5 60 fps problem (Arena of valor)

    Hi good morning. I have a note 5. This phone is great and i really like it. But i cant play games smoothly. In arena of valor i have lags and low fps. Does anyone knows that change the game's settings? I just really need 60 fps for that game. (I used fps cao and gfxtools but i didnt really like...
  25. rahlquist

    Thread Adjust number of SMS messages stored on Pie?

    So neither the stock OnePlus messaging app nor the vanilla messaging app seem to allow you to set the number of messages per conversation anymore? Does anyone have a clue if they have moved it somewhere outside the app or?
  26. SpH1nX

    Thread Missing battery settings

    IDK why but in settings I miss the battery entry. It suddenly disappeared. I tried upgrading to pie but it didn't solve. Any idea? What can I check?
  27. denise1952

    Thread Need tutorial on Samsung Galaxy J337V.04, Version 8.0

    Question: Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial, specifically one that covers "settings" for this phone? Samsung Galaxy J337V.04 Version 8.0 I searched the web, and all I find is Samsung S9. Talk about "left behind" :(
  28. B

    Thread Settings keeps stopping

    Any suggestions how to fix this sh1t without factory resetting?
  29. B

    Thread Camera settings

    HI just, i just got the note9 euro version for my birthday. I was asking myself, since there are a lot of settings, what's the best setup for taking shots ? auto or manual? with what settings (es focus method)? and is there a way to enable touch to capture (like in the previous samsungs)...
  30. Spardantex

    Thread [Quest] Best camera settings?

    Hello, today is my first day with xz1c. I noticed that photos are really bads. My settings are on 19 mpx. Maybe I have to set other? And what about best manual settings? P.s.: album app take lot of time on loading completely pictures, why? Thanks in advice :)
  31. C

    Thread [Q] Where is the Notification Priority/Importance Setting in Pie?

    Just upgarded to pie and found that notification is a bit different in Pie. There is no more "High", "Medium", "Low" to manage the notifications. I used to set persistent notifications as Low, but they now all shows up as regular notification. Anyone upgraded who knows where is the Notification...
  32. E

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to improve Snap Camera in LineageOS 15.1

    Hello guys, I'think I found a nice configuration for the settings of Snap Camera app (stock camera in LineageOS 15.1). You'll get a lot more sharpness and details for your photos, even if some noise may occour (but in good light conditions the results are very good and crisp). The main...
  33. Scattering

    Thread How do I disable USB Debugging via adb on my Computer?

    Hello xda community, I am currently in possession of my beloved S7 edge, though I cannot enter the Developer Settings, at it crashes the app. I tried adding 3 lines to the build.prop, but that doesn't work. I have no root on my phone (running a Custom ROM but I want to play Fortnite, therefore...
  34. zaris

    Thread Notifications in Site Settings (Chrome or other browsers)

    Hello guys, I need to receive notifications from some sites but that is no longer available. I'm on 5.1.8 OxygenOS and I have the latest Chrome. As you can see in site settings the permission available is sound. So I can't receive notifications from this site or any else. In the second pic you...
  35. CrashOverride93

    Thread Change LineageOS Settings (Java Function)

    Hi guys, I can get and put (set) any of the available Android settings of my device using following Java Functions: • Get. . . A1: Java Function [ Return:temp Class Or Object:CONTEXT Function:getContentResolver {ContentResolver} () Param: Param: Param: Param: Param: Param: Param: ] A2: Java...
  36. GreatApo

    Thread [APP/WATCHFACE] GreatFit v4.1 with settings - Verge/Stratos/Pace (2019-08-26)

    GreatFit IntroductionThis is the most advanced - open source APK WatchFace for Amazfit! Compartible with both Pace, Stratos and Verge! ONE WATCHFACE TO RULE THEM ALL! I am here to support the unsupported ;) This project is not a watchface for Wear OS. This is an APK that you can install on the...
  37. demetry14

    Thread ISO MTCD MCU Factory Settings Definitions

    ISO MTCD MCU Factory Settings definitions for all fields in all pages. Does anyone have a link, doc, etc.?
  38. N

    Thread Activities - settings

    Since I couldn't find this info anywhere I opened this thread to collect informations about possible activity settings in various ROMs. Attached are the possible activity settings for the Amazfit Pace Chinese BETA ROM. I limited myself to the settings of the following activities for...
  39. S

    Thread GCAM Best version and Settings

    Hello, I am using Mi6 rooted on ROM and camera2api enabled. Can anyone suggest best version of GCAM along with its detailed settings for maximum output of HDR on both Front and Back cameras? Also , does GCAM have potrait mode as in stock cam of mi6? Any help will be highly...
  40. Quinny899

    Thread [APP] Springboard Settings for Pace - Rearrange/Enable/Disable pages on the launcher

    Springboard Settings allows you to customise the home launcher (Springboard), enabling/disabling and rearranging the pages on the screen. This allows you to customise it on the watch, rather than having to use the Amazfit app on your phone, and also allows for the removal of the China-only pages...
  41. dave il barbaro

    Thread Remove Suggestions from Settings (Oreo 8.0)

    Hi Guys, How can I remove the annoying suggestions that appear in the top part of the settings home page? I can't fine the option anywhere in the settings. Jan 2018 Oreo 8.0 not rooted.
  42. C

    Thread Battery Saver Menu with Performance Profiles - explanation of profiles?

    Dear Community, Can someone describe the direct actions and settings changed (or point me to the right direction) when someone changes the battery saver menu's performance profiles in LineageOS? I tried to set the slider to every position (from battery saving to performance, every step) and...
  43. P

    Thread Tweaks with init.d

    Hi, I am curious on what tweaks you guys have using init.d. post what scripts you got in the /system/etc/init.d here :cool: Is so easy come on! Just look in there and tell me what you guys got lol
  44. M

    Thread Fire HD 10 (2017) - Alexa won't beep when called (no option for "Start of Request")

    Fire HD 10 (2017) - Alexa won't beep when called (no option for "Start of Request") I have a Fire HD 10 hooked up to a bluetooth speaker. When I say "Alexa", there is no audible beep, so I don't know if it heard me unless I can see the blue bar on the screen. Obviously, this takes away a lot...
  45. V

    Thread In brilliant mode colors shift from saturated to standard and vice versa while scroll

    I notice some weird problem. When I switch to brilliant mode in display settings, while scrolling through pages or scrolling any app colors shifts (kind of like color stutter) from light shade of the color to saturated shade of color and vice vera, thought in standard mode everything works just...
  46. mathieum28

    Thread Question for development

    Hello. i'm trying to change the credroid rom, i have a problem with the settings.apk application I can decompile the apk correctly and modify the desired files, but I can not recompile the apk. I will need your help please.
  47. M

    Thread How to enable Now playing?

    I don't have the option under advanced in sound. It's missing on my pixel XL... Everything I looked for online points to sound settings.
  48. J

    Thread How to define (as a ROM developer) apps that can be disabled by user in Settings?

    Okay I've been searching for this for almost a year, without any luck. First of all I'm not trying to discuss as an end-user. I know how to root my phone, and I know I can disable any app by typing 'pm disable' from shell. Also I'm not looking for safe-to-disable list for my phone...
  49. C

    Thread settings stopped when configuring security

    Hi I have a problem with my SM-G925T in stock does not let me configure any type of security (PIN, PASSWORD or fingerprint) I gave the error that settings stopped now I'm in XtreSolite and it works but in no other rom it leaves me any ideas or solutions?
  50. L

    Thread [LineageOS building] source code organisation

    Hello, I'm looking for some help to understand better Lineage OS 14.1 source code organization... For instance I'm looking for default settings, and after a few hours I can't find where parameters such as "display_temperature_night" are "stored" or generated at build time in the source code...