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  1. womenarentreal

    Thread cant go in fastboot mode

    after flashing phone to stock firmware im cant go in fastboot mode when im hold up vol and power phone only vibrates on screen is showing nothing pc recognizes phone as "Android" in devices menager phone work fine (can go in recovery , system) but fastboot dont work im got the same result trying...
  2. A

    Thread Cyanogenmod Nightly Build [check link for newest version] Update 7/24 Full Market

    There is another thread in general evo discussion and it has like 140 pages and growing and there is a lot of mess. Here is the link for nightly build. This isn't full official or anything but it is CM! From reading so far I can read FM radio does NOT work or 4G...
  3. Phromik

    Thread Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE ABOUT THE VARIETY OF AUDIENCES AND POST ONLY APPROPRIATE IMAGES Over three and a half years later, I have made a follow-up post lol: Let's keep this thread going! :)...