1. U

    Thread Resetting to a stock Android?

    Hey guys, hope all is well with everyone and you're all having a great new year. Just a quick question. I had to buy my razer phone off eBay as they don't sell it in Australia. It's the 3 version for some reason from Hong Kong. Just wondering what image I should use that is the latest standard...
  2. Devinda

    Thread Model Wallpaper pack (Portrait)

    I'm a big fan of customizing homescreen and that's one of the reasons why i love android so much and never liked the scrolling wallpapers in android launchers, So i always stop the wallpaper scrolling and then the next thing is that it's always awesome to have model wallpapers once in a while as...
  3. morfic

    Thread [DER KERNEL] Trinity for Nexus 5

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kernel: Source: This thread benefits from "OT posts" as it fosters a healthy community in which "users helping users" is strong...
  4. C

    Thread [BOOT Animation] Sexy One ! (collection)

    HTC One bootanimation called "Sexy" One ;) Installation: 1) hit THANKS button, 2) download flashable version for your ROM, 3) install via recovery ps. if you can NOT find download files just tell me what are you looking for, whats your ROM and then I`ll add them to the collection...
  5. S

    Thread [Live Wallpaper][Free] Sexy Live Wallpaper HD

    Enjoy this amazing girl dancing before your eyes as your Live wallpaper, she will definitely blow your mind, the app doesn't have any noticeable battery drain. If you want the full...
  6. Rampage

    Thread [MOD][12 JAN][ICS] Sense 4.1 | Lockscreen Mods by CrayzyBoy

    Lockscreen Mods for ICS Sense 4.1 Hello One S Community I want to share with all of you my lockscreen mods. For the beginning i have two, maybe more in the future (if anyone still wants them for ICS). I am NOT responsible for you damaging or bricking your device! Use these mods on your own...
  7. 7alvi

    Thread (19/1/13)-Xperialized-MiUi(V4)-Build#3

    XPERIALIZED MIUI V4 SOME NOTES (PLEASE READ) INSTALLATION Of course i'll ne updating this with Jelly Bean MiUi and more improvements in this one too. Until then, Please give your valuable feedback and reviews :D
  8. chick3n564

    Thread [FINAL][CDMA]{2.3.3}ZeuscNXTLite v1.1.1

  9. PuRu a.K.a ProCtor

    Thread Awesome & stunning Pure HQ wallpapers (Not Live)

    This is my collection of wallpaper that i like to share with u guys. All are completely fit on screen on portrait style, those who like only 1 home-screen slide, this is an awesome bunch of pieces. Hope u like it. i will add more wallpapers regularly if thread receive appreciations and thanks...
  10. E

    Thread Sexy Hot Girls Gallery (HD) - FREE!

    Sexy Hot Girls Gallery (HD) Description: This app consists of sexy photographs of beautiful girls it is totally free! The gallery is updated everyday. Download it now and enjoy... Download Now!
  11. myp3uk

    Thread [APP] Hot Girls HD [2.2+][Widgets, Daydream, Live Wallpaper, Tablets Ready]

    Hi everyone, Let me introduce my latest application, it uses all the new features of android 4.2 like DayDream and Lockscreen Widgets. Description: We add new high quality photos of sexy girls every day. A huge community of users rates them anonimously to bring best for you. You can set new...
  12. jeff432

    Thread Galaxy Exhibit CM9 PURENEXUS (10-07-2012)

    Hello, I made a custom rom based on Jocala's CM9. To be clear, most of the work belongs to Jocala and other awesome people that are beautiful. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. I want this to be a community-based rom where your (viable) suggestions are heard and make our clunky low-end phone less...
  13. B

    Thread [Go Sms Theme] Sexy Babe

    This is a new Sexy Babe Theme for Go Sms. Play Market Facebook
  14. mikpel

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Bikini Boobs - Live wallpaper

    Bikini Boobs - Live Wallpaper for Android 2.2+ Bikini boobs is a live wallpaper that reacts to the motion of the phone. Just shake your phone and see what happens :D Check out the video to find out how it works. All feedback/bug reports/ideas for improvement are welcome! Download...
  15. T

    Thread [Theme] Sexy-CG Theme

    Modified from stock GB Xperia Mini Default Theme. Hope you like it :) HOW TO INSTALL : - Copy to SD Card. - Using Root Explorer, move to /system - Change Permission into rw-r--r-- - Move to /system/app (overwrite the DefaultThemes.apk) - Reboot your handheld, Done ! This theme should...
  16. hello00

    Thread ╠█╣THEMES╠█╣▄╠█╣Black&Cyan ICS 4.0.4 AOSP & JB 4.1.1 №1╠█╣▄Themed Gapps/Apps/Icons

    ╠█╣THEMES╠█╣▄╠█╣Black&Cyan ICS 4.0.4 AOSP & JB 4.1.1 №1╠█╣▄Themed Gapps/Apps/Icons Hello everyone..I would like to share some of the stuff..I have themed almost every google application for those who like black & cyan. Some of these apps will not WORK on Sense. If you are going to use my themed...
  17. baadnewz

    Thread Please delete

    im tired of xda !
  18. Sergio76


    [ROM][03 APR]COREDROID SENSATION XE & 4G v5.1 [ICS][SENSE 3.6][FAST|SMOOTH] ONLINE! MOD EDIT: As of November 7th CoreDroid officially moved all its support to another site. Due to repeated kanging from other Roms as well as needing CST paid version to obtain the latest version of the Rom...
  19. brainmaster

    Thread ◄ ▌[19.Mar.12] [ROM] Brainmaster's MIUI 2.3.16 ICS | 2.3.7b v2 GB ▌►

    ◄ ▌[19.Mar.12] [ROM] Brainmaster's MIUI 2.3.16 ICS | 2.3.7b v2 GB ▌► 2.3.16 MIUI ROM CN-EN-DE Released on Twitter. Dear Nexus S MIUI Community, I have announcement to make: I can't continue to work on my MIUI ROM and will probably not publishing or releasing any MIUI ROMs in the future. If...
  20. EVOlvedAndroid

    Thread [ROM][7.7.11][ODEX]EVOlvedROM Directors Cut RC1 "Bringing Sexy Back"

    I designed this rom to feature the needs that I personally need and love about a phone. Speediness, Simplicity, Sexiness, Angry Birds :D (And Yes It Does Include Angry Birds And Cut The Rope Free Version :D). And To My previous users who used to use my roms, you now how crazy my themes are, its...
  21. designgears

    Thread [Rom][2.3.5] Cognition 777 r2 [11/15/2011]

    Cognition 777 Join Us on IRC Welcome to Cognition 777! The idea behind this rom is to unify my rom making efforts into a single rom for the i9100 and the i777 with only minor changes between them to make managing two or three roms take the time of one rom. I have decided to base everything on...
  22. GrimReaper24

    Thread To Partition SD card and Flash KINGDOM Guide :D

    1. BACK UP YOUR MEMORY CARD TO YOUR COMPUTER AS THIS WILL ERASE EVERYTHING!!==== THIS IS IMPORTANT 2. Reboot into recovery (Use Amon RA 2.3==NOTHING OTHER THEN AMON ) 3. Select =Partition sdcard= 4. Select =Partition SD= 5. Set swap to 0 (you can leave this at 32mb, I did.) 6. Ext2-size =...
  23. GrimReaper24

    Thread Post Evo pics taken with cam.

    Haven't seen a thread for this. Anyone interested in posting pics takin with the evo. Cm7 camera app or the newest camera from sense 3.0 or stock sense app . ;) Random photos of anything evo takes some sweet ass photos of everything. :D
  24. GrimReaper24

    Thread [Q] Who's not going 3d?

    I kinda find it funny in a way that people were doggin the evo and bragging about the Evo 3d. So now that you know the Evo 3d is locked down. Who is sticking to the Evo? Evo is a great phone she is the best so you might wanna pick her up give her a hug :o and kiss it ;) and she will forgive...
  25. Romanbb

    Thread [ROM] Trigger 3.2 Final » EDT » 5/3/11 » "When in doubt, re-read OP!"

    Join our IRC channel! #einherjar @ freenode Complete Trigger rebuild from T-Mobile's 2.2 KB5 KB5 Voodoo Kernel (Thanks drhonk!) KB5 Modem Trigger theme :) EDT Tweaks FUGU Tweaks Toggle AM/PM & Toggle Clock Black market Includes Gingerbread Keyboard & Swype Installer 6 Lock Screens & Shutdown...
  26. MiSfit211

    Thread {ACS}[KingsRom]Misfit's ALLOY 5/12/11 added ODEX version

    KINGROM,ACS, Present Misfit's Alloy Just my opinion but Odex ALLOY is one of the fastest roms I ve used. Give it a shot. Download link for both ODEX and deodex: Release Notes: This rom is android 2.2 and uses...
  27. apreichner

    Thread [ROM] NexusSense 0.3 (0.3 UP!) DO NOT FLASH

    [/URL] CURRENTLY FOR GSM ONLY PULLED DUE TO SERIOUS ISSUES Update 5/10/2011: 0.3 Tentative Release Info: ZipAligned and Deodexed frameworks Sense 3.0 Lockscreen New Bootscreen Fixed Root issues NS4G Support Thanks aaronpaws for the video Fine...
  28. omegasun18

    Thread [Theme][ACS] Honeycomb Dreams (Sense 3.70/Fresh) 3/26/11

    Omegasun18 and the Android Creative Syndicate present HoneyComb Dreams RELEASE NOTES: V1.1: Removed LauncherPro - this is now a separate optional download. If you have previously flashed v1 there is no reason to flash v1.1. If you are experiencing problems with LauncherPro just uninstall it...
  29. H

    Thread New Tridentcase (Aegis Series)

    They made a new series. :) I'm diggin' the yellow one! I'm going to order it as soon as I get my mytouch 4g... which will take a while.
  30. omegasun18

    Thread [Themed App] (3-24) Elite Series Launcher Pro (ES3)

    Omegasun18 and the Android Creative Syndicate present LauncherPro ES3 This Themed LauncherPro based on the Elite Series Rom by Konikub and the ACS. First i want to say thank you to KoniKub and the ACS for their amazing work. Thanks to Konikub] for the use of many of his icons used when...
  31. N

    Thread AwesomeRom-Triphoria-ICanHazNetflix? 5/12/11

    Welcome to AwesomeRom! This is my first rom on xda. enjoy :) v.1-Warm edition: a fantastic romp in the woods. this version includes a variety of images and theme files from Myn's Warm 2.2 rom for the HTC Evo. v.2-Same as v.1 with a few behind the scenes elements. now incorporates...
  32. g.lewarne

    Thread [23.FEB.11][DFT] CleanDROID v2.55-Froyo+CM [Kernel GL_Core_v5b]

    CleanDROID Following on from my WM 6.5 ROMs for the HD2, I now present my first NANDroid ROM. Built for speed, space and maximum customisability to be decided by you - the users! Main Features: - Extreme speed and responsiveness - Froyo 2.2.1 - CyanogenMOD 6.1.1 - ADW Launcher - Standard...
  33. g.lewarne

    Thread ROM WWE --- CleanEX RV Series - WM6.5/.5 - Stunning Speed - STOCK - 30/12/10 - FTP

    CleanEX RV Series Presenting the very latest clean, stable, stock and FAST roms! General Overview Preserving my cooking phiosophy of creating the cleanest, fastest, stock like ROMS I decided to revisit my old development and release a new series. Based on the latest stable, HTC sourced...
  34. S

    Thread [ROM] [WWE] [ April 16 ] [ simplicity - 21916 | 29017 | Sense 2019 ]

    After flashing many many many ROMs looking for a relatively clean one, I was never truly satisfied with what was out there, so I decided to make my own ROM. I've probably spent a little too much time on this, but I'm really happy with how it turned out ;). This ROM, simplicity, is my take on...
  35. L

    Thread Extra Hot and Sexy HD2 Wallpaper Collection for age 18+ NSFW

    My own collection of Hot and Sexy HD2 Wallpaper... Enjoy
  36. NRGZ28

    Thread L [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    6.5.X & 6.5|ROM|WWE| Energy Series 29022 /21916 Sense 2.5 + Many Variations (See next post) Welcome to the "EnergyROM" thread ! This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the HTC Touch HD2 (Leo) device. I build my ROMs with four main goals. Eye candy (...
  37. NRGZ28

    Thread R [WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|NLD] |July 4| Energy™-.¸¸.·´¯ 6.5|21916 / 6.5.X|29022 * Sense 2021

    Welcome to the "EnergyROM" thread ! This development thread is for my "Energy" custom firmware series for the HTC Touch Pro2 (Rhodium) device. This ROM only works on GSM devices, flashing to a CDMA device will make it non-bootable (flash a stock, or CDMA specific ROM, to recover from...