1. G

    Thread how to _disable_ sdcardfs in 14.1 on unrooted sgs2?

    Hi, I have had issues with many of my apps not being able to access my sdcard after I upgraded my sgs2 to lineageos 14.1. I am able to access it with the included file manager but apps like osmand can not (problematic when one needs gigs of maps). It seems the root of the problem is that...
  2. G

    Thread How to start over flashing SGS2

    Hi a bit back I tried flashing my SGS2 with Cyanogenmod12 and it didn't go great. No boot loops or bricking but it was supposed to be an upgrade, a dirty flash (i think thats the term) so I thought ok, I will just do a clean flash by wiping everything buuuut, no go, I tried with the new recovery...
  3. D

    Thread [Q] How can I tell that my root was succesful?

    Hi, I'm trying to see if rooting my phone was successful. I used the method in the sticky of this forum I used 2a Doomlord's method. So ya... How can I tell if I succesfully rooted the phone? I thought something would show in odin...
  4. C

    Thread [P] [CM11] Bluetooth media data transmission to car audio fails

    Hello! I have 3 Samsung devices: GT-I9000, GT-I9100, GT-I9505. All devices are paired with my car via Bluetooth. I can use all devices to make phone call and to play music. However, with the device GT-I9100 the media data is not displayed in the car audio device but with the other devices...
  5. ppm48

    Thread [Q] rooting

    hi ive had a sgs2 for awhile now and its never been able to connect to the laptop but i just put a new charger bit in the phone and now it connects to the lap top so i want to root it and put on a rom only trouble is this is a old phone and i imagine all the links will be no good any more its...
  6. G

    Thread [Q] KitKat/4.4.x and battery issues (regardless of the ROM)

    I have been trying out various 4.4.x ROMs (CM, Resurrection Remix, SlimROM) and had varying levels of success but the one issue that I have had consistently with all of them on my SGS2 is battery. 4.4.x seems to devour my battery no matter which ROM I am using (and the different ROMS are using...
  7. Rushing

    Thread [MOD]Theme][4.1.2]Xtra-functionSytemUI.apk_with screenshot and pwrbttn on statusbar

    Hello Peeps thought I would share my systemUI.apk I made for Hackingwiz it has a good look plus screenshot and power button on status bar. INSTALLATION FLASH IN RECOVERY no wipes needed this is for odexed roms unless you go in and delete the odexed systemui.odex counterpart and then add the...
  8. darkwoof

    Thread Galaxy S II Sudden Death?

    Hi All, I was using my phone normally about 2 days ago, then put it back into my loose shirt pocket. When I took it out a few minutes later, I realised that the phone was off. I turned it back on, and while it was on the "Samsung Galaxy S II" logo, I placed it back in my pocket to give it time...
  9. R

    Thread [Q] Screen blank phone dead?

    Hi! My phone did some strange things in the last 10-15days so i decided to do a factory reset format the userdata and the sdcard and reinstall every app i need. After the factory reset the phone boot up, clicked "next-next-finish" so the main screen was seen, after this i turned it off, removed...
  10. Rushing

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][Kernel]GWIZ

    WELCOME To GWIZ TouchWiz...Hacked and Googlized GWIZ uses the T-989 4.1.2 T-Mobile Jelly Bean final update as a base. The project's purpose is to offer extra functions and better looks over stock while maintaining maximum stability, while increasing speed and battery life. Also...
  11. Rushing

    Thread MAR-24[ROM][Kernel][UVMC6][4.1.2]HACKINGWIZ WiFi calling and MMS over WiFi

    WELCOME To HACKINGWIZ TouchWiz hacking HACKINGWIZ uses the T-989 4.1.2 T-Mobile Jelly Bean final update as a base. The project's purpose is to offer extra functions and better looks over stock while maintaining maximum stability. Aesthetics have been considered and vastly improved over...
  12. ginseng8888

    Thread [Q] Stumped

    I've had this phone for years and I'm always messing with it.. But now it's doing something I can't figure out how to fix. No matter how I wipe, reset, re-rom the phone, the problem is always there. The phone even in a fully wiped and reset mode will tell me the internal memory is full right...
  13. psydex

    Thread Battery drop when not in use.

    Hello , i'm on an investigation why did my phone died last night. Basically i left it on 33% and in the morning the phone was completely dead! Usually it never took more than 15% overnight. I was unable to determinate the problem via BBS because as you may know BBS doesn't really work on 4.4...
  14. T

    Thread SGS2 is not recognized as a USB device by windows

    We had a power bump the other day while my phone was charging. since then the computer started to not recognize the usb device. I downloaded new drivers and tried all the old tricks I used to use to get it accepted by 4 different windows PC. I have tried multiple usb cables as well still no...
  15. L

    Thread [Q] Support for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100

    Does ParanoidAndroid officially support GT-I9100 and continue to develop ROMS for this device? I do not see any updates for PA in the ROM repository and neither is it listed in PA's Device registry (G+ link below) G+ Device Registry However, I found an...
  16. avirk

    Thread [ROM][Oct 23][JB] XWMS1 NeatROM [EXTRA-LITE] [V5.1.1] [Mods/Themes]

    Guys your feedback will make it even better and help us to improve the ROM so don't hesitate to post your opinion and bugs to let us fix. Features October 20, 2013 Firmware: XWMS1 NeatROM ExtraLite v5.1.1 (4.1.2) Build Date: Wed Sep 25 18:08:47 KST 2013 Modem: XXMS4 CSC: NEELS1 Multi Change...
  17. avirk

    Thread Mods and Themes by super devs for NeatROM

    There is a lot of mods for our beloved NeatROM and people ask to get them and we have to reference them to each one manually. So I came over to this problem by thinking that this thread will help them all to grab them at on place. Rules for posting No abusing please You can request for new...
  18. N

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][Unofficial]CarbonRom JB 4.3

    About Carbon CarbonRom is an aftermarket firmware based on the Android Open Source Project. We are dedicated to fast, stable, and feature-filled roms, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code. We like frequent builds, with the very latest and greatest hardware...
  19. A

    Thread [Q] Light sensor stops working, is that normal?

    Hi everybody, I'm using the CM 10.1 and I have a problem with my light sensor. After some hours without reboots it stops working, the "lux" indicator becomes fixed until I reboot the phone. After that it works again for hours, until next "sensor crash". I'm the only one with this problem...
  20. H

    Thread [Q] How to Backup Driver from Galaxy S2 Jellybean

    Hi All, been looking for this Question, but came up with zero result, i'd like to know about custom rom suitable for SHW-M250S, since when i've tried convert shw-m250s to gt-i9100 jellybean firmware, my Compass points wrong direction and GPS doesnt perform well. for now im using official...
  21. L

    Thread [Q] Galaxy S2 showing that he is charging,but the AC is unpluged

    Hello XDA members.I faced bit strange problem.SGS2 (I-9100) is showing that he is charging but the charger is unpluged. I noticed that couple days ago when phone started to do some strange things like usb doesn't react to pluging it.Tried reflash,full wipe and changing to another battery and...
  22. Cocolopes

    Thread [Q] Is it possible install a stock firmware from galaxy note (n7000) on the S2

    Hello....I just want to know if there is any chance to do that. I see that the only thing that its diferent in the Note is the screen and the ghz (1.4 vs 1.2). :cool: I wonder whats happend if I flash a stock firmware from SG Note in my SG S2....:cowboy: Thanks :highfive:
  23. egingell

    Thread [TIPS][SCRIPTS][ROOT]egingell's scripts. Updated 11/22/13 11:30 MST

    I will be using this thread to post my scripts and link them to other threads as needed. For this thread, I am assuming you know what you're doing. You don't need mad hacking skills and you don't need to be an expert (I'm sure as hell not), but knowing your way around the file system and basic...
  24. Colliebudz

    Thread [Q] ubuntu on galaxy s2! no vnc. anyone interested in helping?

    Hello All, Another ubuntu project here.. its a chroot jail free looped native framebuffered something? one folder on sdcard called linux /sdcard/linux with the .img your mount point..i use /data/local/mnt/linux the scripts i use /data/local/mnt simple you will need to edit the scripts if u...
  25. Colliebudz

    Thread Native ubuntu/chroot jail free? no vnc

    Hello All, Another ubuntu project here.. its a chroot jail free looped native framebuffered something? one folder on sdcard called linux /sdcard/linux with the .img your mount point..i use /data/local/mnt/linux the scripts i use /data/local/mnt simple you will need to edit the scripts if u...
  26. N

    Thread [Q] storage space running out 4.1.2

    my brother's S2 says that storage space is running out. it is the 4.1.2 spanish stock. after we checked for big folders and deleted the "log" folder, there was about 150MB free. but a day after suddenly there was about 60MB free. someone has an answer for this missing space?
  27. StressSyndrom

    Thread [MIUI 5] experience

    good evening devs & members, [ GER Time ] I want to ask if anyone had any experience with the rom - MIUI 5 - has made? I think about to flash it on my Samsung Galaxy SII and wanted to ask how it is first! Thanks in advance. StressSyndrom.
  28. pedestre

    Thread [KERNEL] APOLO [i9100][SAMMY & AOSP]

    Branch 4.x only for Sammy ROMS 4.1.2 (CWM and TWRP) Branch 5.x only for AOSP 4.2.2 (CWM & TWRP) Branch 6.x only for AOSP 4.3.x (TWRP) Branch 7.x only for AOSP 4.4.x (TWRP) Branch 8.x only for AOSP 5..x (TWRP) DEVELOPMENT STOPPED . APOLO WON'T WORK IN LATEST LP ROMS . MORE INFO Apolo...
  29. thippesh

    Thread Few Stunning wallpapers coming more

    Stunning wallpapers from my SGS2
  30. C

    Thread [Q] Experimental car handsfree set, how to connect external microphone to my SGS2

    I am making my own car handsfree set. I have connected MiniJack in SGS2 to to my car radio wich has aux, so I can hear someone speaking along with some internet radio ect, cool. Now I have no idea how to connect external microphone to my SGS2 and use it wheen someone calls all that without...
  31. Kasun Anuradha

    Thread [SOLVED] [Q] How to get boot animation of a ROM?

    Hi friends, Is there a way to get the boot animation from a custom ROM? I have a SGS2 and currently installed NeatROM Lite and want to get the splash/boot screen of that. Please guide me on how to successfully replace a boot animation for the NeatROM lite. :) Regards, Kasun Anuradha
  32. foreign body

    Thread [Q] sgs2 - Slim Beam build 4 - photo - power button -

    Hi everyone, Slim Bean build 4 is it actually possible to take photo using the power button? Thank you FB answer :) yes, camera - setting - power shutter ON
  33. R

    Thread [Q] From NeatROM to Stock Rom - version

    Hello, I have a problem with my SGSII smartphone. Unfortunately there are many bugs in NeatRom plus it is running really slow which is why I would like to return to my stock ROM. However, I am not able to find a suitable Stock rom version. My Product code (found out with product checker) is...
  34. ~PAIN

    Thread [Q] {Q} BootAnimation Problems?

    Hello All, This was my first time changing bootanimation on my Ace, but I have made my own bootanimation on my Xperia Mini Pro and changed it and I did not get any problem but now currently I am on SGS2 rom v11.2 by SpaceCaker and I flashed the Battery Extender Kernel 1.6 and installed Project...
  35. psydex

    Thread [Q] Huge battery drain since i've upgraded to 4.1.2

    Few days ago i've upgraded to the official 4.1.2 (not rooted) and i can't get half a day the way i normally use my SGS2... Let the screenshot speaks for itself: *Screen brightness is set to automatic As you can see huge (instant 20%+) battery drop occurs when i restart my phone. I'm not...
  36. dong2007

    Thread [Signed] S-Voice to S2 ODEXED

    Hey Ppl Ported S-voice App from S2 Plus (newest S-Voice version) Fully work on S2 Stock Odexed Instruction: First Download the Extract and install FIRST (CWM) After installing, you will not see the icons yet. Now you install the...
  37. cerj

    Thread [TIP][TRICK][SCRIPT] ISD for Link2SD #2P, ESD as ISD, 300MB ESD, VM#, NTP.

    Thank you, for taking the time to put this together for the E4GT community. Nice work
  38. C

    Thread [Q] In-call Volume horribly low!

    Hello Everyone! I have been using SGS2 for more than a year now. Since I upgraded to ICS, I am experiencing this problem. The in-call volume is very low. It is almost impossible to hear anything if you are on the streets. I tried googling for it and found the service menu option. When I tried...
  39. jakuburban

    Thread {MIUI} Lockscreen theme

    Hello I would like to share with You my new theme. You can find more info here:
  40. Rushing

    Thread [ROM] Intergalactic_Infantry_2.0 oc crt-off 3/5/!3

    A = A PRODUCTIONS Presents INTERGALACTIC_INFANTRY_2.0 =) Version: || A=A || Android T-989 4.0.4 UVLH1 ★ KRZ-2pa Deodexed Base ★ ★ CRT-OFF ★ no apps, hard wired this feature. ★ BLN ★ I included the .apk and other files... the kernel allows bln functions. ★ Volume wake...
  41. KidCarter93

    Thread Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 *NOTICE* To put an end to some of the unneeded posts in this thread, this thread will be remaining locked. If there's anything which needs to be added to this FAQ, please PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP! This a short list of frequently...
  42. Peaster111

    Thread [Theme] HoloWizS2 v2.5 for SHOStock3 v4.0 [27-Oct-13]

    HoloWizS2 v2.5 Theme for SHOStock3 v4.0 By Peaster111 SCREENSHOTS IN SECOND POST I’ve been making ROMs/themes for quite awhile now. shoman94 has made it easy for me lately. The intent is to make TouchWiz to look more like the Holo themes found in CM/AOKP based ROM’s. Many subtle...
  43. G

    Thread [Q] Is there a better modem than another for CM?

    I'm thinking to swiching to CM (again), but the last time i had a lost of signal losts. I think that the modem can help to improve the quality of the signal, is that true? and if it is, what modem should I use? (I'm from spain)
  44. Ghodmode

    Thread [Q] Battery stuck at 0%, need battery replacement?

    Suddenly my phone won't charge. Do I need a new battery? Here's the details ... Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9100) CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightly (10.1-20121229-NIGHTLY-i9100). I've had it for almost 2 years. If I leave it plugged in, everything works fine. I can boot it up and use it normally. The...
  45. LuciferzRage

    Thread Bootanimation Tutorial

    Animation Tutorial Requirements: - SUPER © Converter ( - Youtube Video Downloader (google) - Sony Vegas or any Video editing software -WinRar ( **All must be installed before continuing** Notice!!! There will be photos...
  46. D

    Thread [Q] SGS2 root 4.0.4 vodafone UK

    Hi, I recently got a galaxy s2 and have been wanting to root it. It has vodafone branding but is unlocked. I've searched everywhere and cannot find a single tutorial to root what my phone is running. I really need help. Model number: GT-I9100 Android version: 4.0.4 Baseband version I9100BULP8...
  47. N

    Thread [Request] Modded SMS apk for group messaging

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there was a way to mod the stock SMS apk (of if there is one modded somewhere) to support group messaging from iphones so that everything is in one thread and not multiple (I think its called threaded group messaging?) I've tried all the messaging replacements such...
  48. iKillCypher

    Thread CyanogenMod 10 FAQ !!

    Mods : sorry just wanna see if the air can be cleaned cause spam seems be on the raise.. Cyanogenmod 10 Bugs : Hardware Composer: doesn't support all JellyBean features Audio: Headset volume bug USB: slow ums transfer speed Surfaceflinger: short screen flash after CRT-off animation Camera...
  49. C

    Thread Samsung alleged water damaged fiasco...

    Hi all, My SGS2 packed up around 3 weeks ago after freezing during use. I took the battery out and tried to reboot it, but it was dead. Long story short, I submitted the phone via the UK Samsung Service Centre procedure and within 48 hours they had rejected the warranty on the grounds of...
  50. A

    Thread [Q] Enabling Mass Storage 2.3.6

    I'm trying to root my friends' ATT SGS2 i777. on GB 2.3.6 When I connect it to the computer it won't recognize it and say the device has malfunctioned. The phone says "MTP Initialization/Connected" when I want it to enable mass storage The Latest Samsung Kies is installed, and the computer...