1. S

    Thread [CLOSED] Data Transfer: File Share Apps

    Want to Transfer File at a Fast Speed for free?🔥File Transfer App for Data Transfer, Playlist Transfer and Music Transfer is the right Choice for you because File Share App helps in Easy File Sharing with a Very Simple Transfer Method for Ultrafast File Transfer. Share Files for free with Phone...
  2. C

    Thread Question Oneplus 9R india - Share option not working

    I have oneplus9R 12GB/256GB India version Oxygen OS11.2.6.6.LE28DA Model LE2101 I had recently formatted the phone and am using it. The phone was working fine but after abt 2 weeks, I started facing an issue. When I try to share any file using the share option in Whatsapp or in Fiel manager etc...
  3. S

    Thread BUG: MX Player Android TV version - "Can't play this link" when trying to play anything from network share

    I am using MX player on my Mi TV stick for a while and I am vey satisfied - it is only player that is flawless in reproduction of anything - but now, for the first time I tried to play video files from my Windows shared folder and that does not work - whatever I try to play (AVI, MKV, MP4...), I...
  4. S

    Thread [APP] Inbox everything with 1 click using InboxIt [now via Tiles]

    Ever find something you really want to read or review later, and then forget about it? Whether it is an article, image, video, or anything else, easily send it to yourself with a single click and find it waiting for you later! How it works? For sharing items like websites and files, InboxIt...
  5. B

    Thread Dowloaded/Attached files problem

    Good morning everyone, I'm going crazy with a problem on my Mi 10. When I download a file from a browser, an app or a mail and I click on the notification (of ended dowload) it doesn't open the menu for selecting the app i want to open with but ,instead, it open a "Share" menu like the file...
  6. B

    Thread Blueft - file transfer via Bluetooth (OBEX FTP)

    Hi Tizen developers, If you need an application to transfer files from any Bluetooth device to your watch you can use Blueft app. It is fully standalone application - you don't need to install extra app on a phone. You can transfer files from any device witch supports Bluetooth OBEX FTP...
  7. C

    Thread Android 10 Share Crash

    I just got the OTA update from AT&T for my V35 to Android 10. Now, whenever I try to Share from an app and the system Share panel is invoked, the Share panel starts to populate and then crashes and often takes the app with it. The only app that I can Share from now appears to be Firefox, but...
  8. G

    Thread [App] Best Status & Quotes 2019 - Status share for whatsapp and social media

    Best Status & Quotes 2019 The best whatsapp and social media status and quotes app that help you to easy copy and share status and quotes direct to whatsapp or share to any other social media app or copy your status or quote to your clipboard and use it wherever you like. Top Status and quotes...
  9. SirDigitalKnight

    Thread 360 Cam photos and videos... how to post them for all to see???

    The 360 camera add-on to the PH-1 is super easy to use and takes really good 360 photos but.... I am taking some 360 photos (and videos) of my house that I am selling and want to know the best way to get them out there on the web for everyone to see what I have for sale. What is the best way...
  10. Mysterio33

    Thread Can't share Data from Android device using bluetooth tethering

    Hi folks, I've got my Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (Global Version) two weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it. There is only one problem: I can't share my Data Connection via Bluetooth! .. Neither with my car and its bluetooth speakerphone, nor with my Smartwatch, I can't get managed to share the...
  11. brijaquin

    Thread I need Themes Default

    Share Themes Default Huawei P30/PRO? :confused:
  12. kanzi83

    Thread Turn A95X MAX on A95X NAS

    Using the A95X MAX HDD/SSD is a very simple, cheap and usefull way to turn this awesome TV Box on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) Check that on Youtube :good:
  13. J

    Thread Problem with Miracast Screen Share on LG TV

    Hi, I just have my new p20 pro. Today I tried yo screen mirror on my TV and got connection error. I have always screen shared to this TV with my Xiaomi redmi note 4. I have tried everything. Any suggestion? I got p20 pro with Version
  14. C

    Thread [APP/GAME] [ARCore] PaintAR - 3D Augmented Reality Drawing

    Hi everyone, I'd like let you know about my ARCore app/game called PaintAR. It's for painting/drawing/sculpting in augmented reality! Your device needs to support ARCore. Download link: I would love your feedback, questions...
  15. M

    Thread [APP] Insta Easy Save- Download Instagram Media

    Hello Xda developers, we made this simple application that let you download Instagram media in an easy way. Insta Easy Save app makes it easy to download media from Instagram. Once you download the image or the video, you can do the following: Click on the image/video to view/play in full...
  16. P

    Thread Huawei P10 B162 update and Webview share button broken

    Hello, I just updated to B162 on my P10 and the share button on webviews is broken. Do you face the same issue?
  17. M

    Thread Allshare Cast aka Screen Mirroring not working on Samsung Galaxy S3

    OK here we go. I ended up removing components for Allshare in 2014 when I got my S3 using Titanium Backup. I was uneducated about Allshare. However I did mange to reinstall the missing components and now when I go into screen mirroring I get not one but two propmts that says settings has stopped...
  18. R

    Thread [APP][4.1+] GIF Share Overlay - Search & share GIFs without leaving your favorite app

    [APP][4.1+] GIF Share Overlay - Search & share GIFs without leaving your favorite app GIF Overlay GIF Overlay provides an overlay that draws on top of other apps and lets you quickly search and share GIFs without leaving your favorite app. Features Search and share GIFs - Powered by GIPHY...
  19. K

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Share TouchWiz Theme Names.

    Hello guys i thought about maybe we can Discuss about themes. Sometimes i really have to laugh because some of the themes in the store are very ugly and childish and they want to ask money for it, so did you guys found free themes that have premium looks so you can share the names here if you...
  20. razorsbk

    Thread Is Direct Share feature enabled on Moto Z Play ?

    I have this feature on my Nexus and i was wondering if it's available also on Moto Z Play. More details here: Thanks.
  21. deV_a

    Thread [APP] [4.2+] AnyPark - parking made social

    Hi guys, It's Alessio Merello here, social manager for AnyPark, a young startups made by young italian developers. We work online at developing an app that will make parking your car a smart and social experience. AnyPark is a social network where users can share the expiration of their...
  22. ozgur-gorgulu

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] App Manager: Share, Backup and Manage Applications

    App Manager Description: A powerful application manager. What can App Manager do? ―App Manager can share your applications with Bluetooth. ―App Manager can backup your applications. (You can rename backup folder.) ―App Manager can install your APKs. Highlights ―Backup applications to your...
  23. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Meme Creator

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Meme Creator a free application helping you to create, manage and share your Memes easily on Android. Meme Creator is freely available on Google Play Store : You can discover Meme...
  24. K

    Thread Share Yor ROM+Kernels setup here

    Hi there, this is the thread to share your rom and kernels setup and if also some mod that you use in your rome such as audio mod. Might be helpful for and the other users to try. Maybe some of you using MiUI Rom either chinese or global or or other MiUI based rom and maybe some of you...
  25. Aronuser

    Thread [Share][Recovery] TWRP 3.0.2 developed by cofface [Redmi 3S]

    !!THIS IS NOT MY WORK, IT'S SHARING ONLY FROM A CHINESE BOARD!! TWRP 3.0.2 by the Chinese developer cofface (not me) FOR 3S Download: Password for unlocking download: yyut Installation: (Unlocked bootloader required) flash using fastboot: fastboot flash...
  26. RealSkier

    Thread Can't share contacts. "Messenger failed to load attachment."

    I am tearing my hair out over this. I use text messages to share contacts. Or at least I used to. This feature recently stopped working on my Nexus 6 (stock). To share, I select a Contact from Contacts, click the 3-dots, select Share and select Messenger. The moment I provide a contact to share...
  27. S

    Thread [REQUEST] Patch format for APK files

    Currently we don't have any patch format like diff for APK files.Having one would make it easier to share APK file modifications to other developers so that we don't have to share the modded APK file ;) Does anything like this exist now or will I have to develop it ?
  28. TerenceWSK

    Thread [Resource] Moto Z Bootanimation & Ringtones

    Hello, everyone! As one of the very first users, I've used moto z for a while and I'm glad to share with you: Moto Z's Bootanimation & Ringtones These files are extracted from /system/media. Here's a Quick Guide: To use these files, you must have a rooted and compatible device, then replace...
  29. M

    Thread Mokee Rom 6.0.1 Nightly Builds for Kenzo

    SHARING HERE NOT MY WORK HOW TO FLASH: 1.Download official Mokee Rom From The Given links 2.Download OpenGapps 3.Now Boot into TWRP and Perform a clean wipe (I.e Internal,Dalvik cache), Flash the Mokee,Opengapp zips together. 4.Thats It, Now your Phone will boot into Mokee 6.0.1 Marshmellow ...
  30. Flextrick

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Screenshot Crop & Share - Smart and powerful screenshot utility

    Take a screenshot, crop & share it. - Fast and easy Do you know this process? .. taking a screenshot, opening the gallery, searching the screenshot, cropping it and finally after 2 minutes you are able to share your perfectly cropped screenshot. This app opens an overlay with your screenshot...
  31. hamzahrmalik

    Thread Handover - Seamlessly move tasks from phone to PC!

    Handover YouTube demo : Handover lets you seamlessly move from your phone to your PC by letting you open whatever content is on your phone in one click With the Chrome Extension, you can also move from PC back to your phone in one tap In most apps, you can use the...
  32. itayg

    Thread [APP] Smart Screenshot - Great tool for saving ★ instagram ★ photo

    This app gives you a smart tool for cropping , drawing and sharing any screenshot capture in a few sec. ★ The app will be opened automatically after any screen capture ★ Great tool to save photo from Instagram Features: -------------------------------------------------------- * Sharing the...
  33. Andrei Radu

    Thread [SHARE][MOD]Patched services.jar for GT-S7390

    Hi everyone! I want to share Patched services.jar for our device GT-S7390. -Link Thread- I'm not responsable for any device, sd cards etc... damage! Do a backup before and use it on you'r risk What's included in the attached services.jar : >Supercharge your service.jar - Yes >Which...
  34. v7

    Thread [SHARE][!DEAS]Leave your Suggestions/Ideas for app developments here!

    Innovative app ideas and suggestions are welcome here.Share your requests with a basic description of how you intent the app to work Let's hope that some Dev finds it useful and develops it!:)
  35. #Henkate

    Thread [SHARE][APP] SwiftOpen - Fast Launcher

    Hello. Yesterday, i was searching for an launcher (NOT a home launcher} which allow me to run apps more quickly from any app I'm running at an moment. I found this app named SwiftOpen. It's thread is here...
  36. yoniinfante

    Thread Tell Us What You Like About The Note 4

    There seems to be plenty of people moaning about what they don't like, there is a Note 4 Let Down Thread, so I wanna read some positive comments about what we DO like about the Note 4 in General, it doesn't matter which model you got, but if you feel happy about it please share your positive...
  37. kalinskym

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge On Screen Time?

    Thinking of upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge but worried about that the battery life won't be the same as my Note 4. I normally got around 4 hours on screen time with a charging time of 90 ish minutes, does the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge really beat that? ;) Share you screen on time...
  38. rahuliyer95

    Thread [APP][2.3.3+][v1.1] SvS - Share via SMS

    Welcome, XDA Developers! AVR Apps brings to you: What is it? SvS - Share via SMS is an application that makes contact sharing smart, easy and fun! Share your contacts easily via SMS using SvS - Share via SMS. Features Share contacts using Messaging, Hangouts or any other SMS-enabled...
  39. gripfly

    Thread [Collection][Stock]Xperia Z3 apks | system files

    I've seen in the past days some requests for apks of stock ROMs and had today the idea to upload them all so everyone has the possibility to get them without asking again and again. I guess this is much easier and faster. Download links MEGA folder: See new collection thread for system files...
  40. D

    Thread [Q] Null Rom - Bluetooth File Transfer

    Hey all, I installed null rom on my galaxy gear and am trying to figure out how to transfer files to it with my phone. The gear connects just fine to my phone (calling, texts, etc), but I just can't seem to figure out how to send files to it. Any and all help is appreciated!
  41. AmniX

    Thread [APP][2.3+]App Share : Share Apps Easily [Review and Suggestions Needed]

    Hello Guys! I Developed an App Called App Share. Description: Often we get a sitiuation on which our friend or family member or anyone else ask us to share a app but we are Unable to Share Apps lack of in-build feature of android to share any App But, Now we have an app called Share App...
  42. ergsan

    Thread [APP] [2.3+] Instant - Share, transfer ANY file temporarily

    Hi, I present you "Instant", our new app for sharing/transferring files from one device to another one easily without registrations. With Instant, easily and instantly transfer any data from your phone or your computer (<30Mb) to any connected device or computer (windows, Mac, Linux...
  43. P

    Thread [APP] DrawWear - Draw and Paint on Android Wear and Share the Art with your Phone

    Hi Everyone 'DrawWear' is a simple drawing/painting app built for both round and square android wear devices. Draw anything you want anytime anywhere on your android wear and Share it on your Phone. Scroll Down for installation and usage. Google Play Link -...
  44. C

    Thread Is there a way to add an application to a share list?

    I"m trying to stream movies from my desktop pc to a smart TV. Including subtitles is of prime importace. After a long experimentation process, looks I"m quite close to finding a solution. I start with with ES Explorer. Connect to my TV. If only I could choose Emit as my player, my problem would...
  45. N

    Thread [Q] connect my lg d855 to my android tv via home share

    I have an android tv (g-guard) v4.2.1 , and it has an important application called (HOME SHARE) . so when i search for devices into our wifi network i can see the list of those devices and my lg g3 mobile among them .. but when i press on its icon it asks me for username and password to login ...
  46. cotda

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Checkout - Shopping, Synchronised.

    Hi! I'm posting this thread to show you an app I've been working on for a little while, and is now available, Checkout. Checkout What is Checkout? Checkout is an innovative new service for groups of people, that allows anyone with a computer or smartphone to create and manage a combined...
  47. C

    Thread [APP][4.0+] geoPulse v1.1 - Navigate and Share Your World - Safely & Privately

    Navigate and Share Your World – Safely & Privately Share your exact location through text – for safety (emerency situations) or for fun – to your customized list of contacts. geoPulse is a unique location sharing application that provides the user with a feeling of safety and comfort while...
  48. Tonio78r

    Thread [SHARE][ROM][LB/UB] ST Ultimate | Version 3.0 11.01.15 | HOT Features

    I guys, Today I'm sharing with you a new rom made by henry chip (I asked him before sharing this), with a lot of great features. It was made for Z1 but now it supports Z1C too :D. This rom is based on latest .157 firmware, full deodexed, rooted and zippaligned apps FEATURES : Medias : - Audio...
  49. F

    Thread [APP][2.3+] FastFileTransfer 2.0 - Fast, Offline File Exchange Between Any Platforms

    FastFileTransfer has a simple mission: Offering fast, offline file exchange between literally any platforms. The app works via Wifi, allowing for speeds of more than 40 Mbit/s, which means e.g. 1 Gigabyte in under 4 minutes. FastFileTransfer does not require the second device to install...
  50. ravikanthrkc

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 1s :- Post Your Home Screen Setup Here

    Share Your Xiaomi Redmi 1S Home Screen Here With Everyone Plz Share The - Launcher You're Using - Wallpaper You're Using - Widgets You're Using - Themes Your're Using And Others Hit "Thanks" For That Post If You Think That Home Screen Is Beautiful Or Helpful For You :cool: