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  1. lebigmac

    Thread [SCRIPT][Android 10+] Universal Mount System R/W (read/write)

    If you can't get this script to work on your device check out the brand new sophisticated superrepack tool by @munjeni line SystemRW© v1.32 by lebigmac automated bash script for Android 10 and newer Creation date: February 2021 Updated: August 2021 Requirements: rooted STOCK Android 10 or...
  2. lebigmac

    Thread [SOLUTION]How to make system read-write R/W in Android 10+

    Welcome to SystemRW by lebigmac This script removes the read-only lock of all partitions embedded in the super partition of your stock firmware. This allows you to debloat all unnecessary system apps, customize your device to your liking and make MIUI run as smooth as silk! MIUI 12 is great but...