1. M

    Thread Can't share video...

    Hi, I've a problem... I can't share (via w.a. email etc) video files taken with camera (any camera app) of my OP2 running Lineage OS 15.1 Audio and video are non sync and just first few seconds are shared, but just after many minutes of uploading... Same problem via 4G and/or wifi... Any...
  2. D

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to mount a network Windows folder as a local folder on my phone?

    Hello! I am having a surprisingly difficult time finding anything about this that isn't from 2011 or earlier. A lot of apps on my phone will ONLY let you browse local folders (ie: /storage/emulated/0/) and that's it. I know that some file explorers let you browse your network folders but that...
  3. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] SHAREit - Connect & Transfer (Ad-Free)

    SHAREit, the World’s fastest Cross-Platform File Transfer Tool for near-field Communication NFO: Version: 5.1.58_ww Architecture: armeabi-v7a Package: com.lenovo.anyshare.gps Min: Android 4.1 DPI: nodpiDownload: AFH
  4. H

    Thread NEW Galaxy Note8 Global WhatsApp discussion group!

    As some of you already know, the original group is being run by petty people who like to impose their will upon others and then kick people out for expressing their opinion. They want to move to Telegram and disband the WhatsApp group. I created this group for people like me who don't want to...
  5. D

    Thread Slow Motion video sharing?

    Hello, good friends P9. You know if there is any way to share videos in Slow Motion? Every time I send it by facebook, whatsapp, or any method only looks normal. The same if viewed with other gallery than the stock. It is also applicable to fast camera. Thanks in advance
  6. T

    Thread ROMs and Kernels, which are you running and why?

    What's YOUR Set-Up? Hello everyone, like most people here on XDA, I enjoy switching between ROMs and Kernels while keeping an eye out for a daily driver that I like best. If you have any other ROM/Kernel combinations that you enjoy and think others might also enjoy, please feel free to share...
  7. F

    Thread Problem with network file sharing

    Hello, today i tried to setup remote shares that you can find under storage in settings i read tutorial on this website So first of all, my remote shares setup menu is different (see screenshots and if...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] Invalid Icons in "Share with" Menu/Screen

    Hi all, I do not use social networking website like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter so I have rooted and removed the respective apps from my Note 4 (SM-N910G). As I result, I have invalid blank icons appearing in the "Share with" menu/screen. Screenshot as attached. Does anyone know how to get...
  9. H

    Thread Xiaomi Mi3W/4W Telegram Group

    From the makers of the active "Xiaomi Mi3W/4W WhatsApp Group", we present to you the Xiaomi Mi3W/4W Telegram Group! :fingers-crossed: Send and receive any ROM, .apk, .zip files and more. :good: Join now! Mi3W/4W WhatsApp Group - (78 members and counting) Mi3W/4W...
  10. C

    Thread [Q] Android Media PC - Windows accessible share?

    I recently bought a Android PC that act as a Media Center, I plan to connect a 3TB hard drive to it and use the Android PC to play all the files on the TV. The Android PC is network capable, so I was wondering is there a way to "share" the external USB on the network so I can update the contents...
  11. R

    Thread [APP] SideSync, now compatible

    Hi everyone, After KitKat 4.4.2 update (in Italy, too) SideSync is compatible with our Note 10.1 2012! Interface is the same as new Samsung tablets like Galaxy Tab S or Note PRO. But you can't connect the tablet to the PC or MAC to control it, you only can connect a compatible Samsung phone...
  12. K

    Thread [APP][FREE] Emoticons Sharing

    Share on your phone the best and most varied emoticons, smileys and emojis. You can share it from any messaging or chat app (email, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Bluetooth, Gmail, Facebook, G +, Skype, IM +, BBM, Telegram, Hi5, SMS, MMS...). It contains more than 1000 emoticons divided into...
  13. K

    Thread [APP][FREE] ASCII Text Symbols

    You can use the symbols anywhere in your phone like sending SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc... Features: - Direct Copy to clipboard. - Insert text between symbols and share directly. - One click to share to Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Email and more... Link: ASCII Text Symbols
  14. M

    Thread [Q] How to share Google Play music on multiple deviceses

    How can I add my google account to my wife's phone so we both have access to our music? I have added my account to her phone, but we seem to have issues. Even when notifications for my account on her phone are OFF, she still seems to get things popping up from my account, such as Google+...
  15. B

    Thread [Q] SAMBA or other network sharing for XBMC on Fire TV?

    Has anyone been able to get SMB or some other kind of network sharing going on XBMC? I installed it and it's running fine but I can't browse any network shares. I have not tried to set it up as a UPNP server but I was wondering if anyone has anything working yet. I've been reading through the...
  16. J

    Thread [Q] How to manage a virtual development team without putting your code at risk?

    Hello everyone, Me and a friend of mine are thinking of hiring 3-5 people to develop an app for us. Our concern is how safe will our code be. We already have some of the code that we started ourselves and we will like to keep it safe. We are thinking of using Github repositories for the team...
  17. C

    Thread [Q] Guest Mode and Sharing

    Guest Mode on the LG G2 is a great feature. But I found that if from the guest mode you shared something (From the gallery, browser or any other app supporting sharing), the user have the ability to choose any other apps installed on the phone (even if these app are not shared). And once the...
  18. T

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Bluetooth Tethering Manager 1.0

    Bluetooth Tethering Manager is an app designed to automate Bluetooth tethering connections between your phone and other android devices. It allows you to choose when the tethering should stop (Screen off or WiFi connected) to save battery on your devices (Bluetooth takes very small amount of...
  19. B

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Backitude - Server-side development

    I am creating this thread to start an area for Backitude server side developers and for casual users looking to implement their own flavor of location history or Google Latitude, to come and chat, ask questions, and get information. Backitude is an android application that allows users to track...
  20. andriusic

    Thread Google+ Community

    I just created a new comunity in Google plus for easier sharing. Link:
  21. bassie1995

    Thread [GUIDE] Using the Share Intent

    Hello everyone, While making an app, I wanted to let the user be able to share some content (shameless plug: from a clearable EditText). So, I looked up how to do this. In this thread, I will share (pun not even intended) with you how to use the Share Intent yourself, so that your users can...
  22. MofroShow

    Thread Swipe to Screen App

    I was talking with a friend about finding an app that is able to "swipe" a screen/webpage/photo to another android device. I know there are apps like it (BUMP, the new S4 capability, etc.) but I was wondering if anyone knew of one that instantly translates the view to the adjacent device..kind...
  23. M

    Thread SnowBallEffect : A todo list helping your apps be known

    Hi, I build my first game and my second one is neer the starting lane. I try making my entourage to do some stuff to help me. It was so difficult so I made this little service : Easy : just put some game informations and social networks, then send your snowball to your...
  24. Aleq

    Thread [Q] Share media (files) between users in Android 4.2

    Hello Everybody, I'm wondering anyone figured out already how to share media between users in Android 4.2.2 (Nexus 10)? I mean sharing a large number of photos and movies, something without online connection (no dropbox/drive). A solution without duplicating the files in each account is highly...
  25. glennlevi

    Thread Game sharing thread!

    EDIT: I have reconsidered that SPAM would naturally be unavoidable, so to help make this thread clean, I will just be quoting the shared games here in the first post, instead of posting them all over the thread. I would like to start a game sharing thread so that everybody can go here to find...
  26. X

    Thread [Q] HTC 8X questions for new user

    Hello, I was looking to buy an 8X and had a few questions before I do I was hoping someone could/would answer: 1. I was wondering if anyone can post suggestions of reputable retailers that sell the "HTC Windows Phone 8X Unlocked" that will work on AT&T with 4G LTE. Please note I am looking for...
  27. A

    Thread [Solved] how to share internet connection via usb cable?

    Hi guys, How to share phone's internet connection through the USB cable? On windows XP. Any clue? Allisson EDIT: Installed the RDNIS drivers from this link and got it working on windows XP.
  28. C

    Thread [Q] Streaming content from PC to tab

    Hello Chums, Did a quick search here and everywhere else for that matter and couldn't find anything of help. Basically we've purchased a trio of pads, I was testing one of them several days ago to see if it could get media from my HTPC, it could get music, pictures and videos. It was a fairly...
  29. I

    Thread [Q] How to enable tethering and 3G switch on AT&T

    I am suffering a case of search block - I am betting this has already been asked and hopefully answered. 1. I want to enable tethering without a tethering plan. I know all the warnings, but on occasion find this useful. Never more than a few minutes at a time. I don't want a tethering plan...
  30. N

    Thread Nerokwik apk wanted

    hi folks, i wanted to give a try to the new nerokwik app (picture sharing) but it s not available in my country (.fr) Can smbdy pls be kind enough to post the apk here? here is the google play link thxxx
  31. Wingman5

    Thread Dropbox

    Hello anyone. What is the best thing you have on your dropbox account? Don't have it yet? you miss some very easy handy features of you phone/PC('s) read below (signature) how to obtain a dropbox account if you don't have one.
  32. P

    Thread Testers wanted for PeerDeviceNet -sharing thru wifi, wifi direct and mobile hotspot

    !!! updated 12/28/2012: add code to detect and use mobile hotspot to enable sharing among devices !!! I'd like to invite people to participate an open testing session for app "PeerDeviceNet - sharing thru WiFi and WiFi-Direct". It runs on android 2.2 and above. It is free at google play...
  33. P

    Thread [APP][SDK][2.2+]PeerDeviceNet - enable sharing thru wifi and wifi direct

    New release v1.0.8: new WI-FI Direct features for creating software access point and connecting legacy(normal) WI-FI devices PeerDeviceNet connects your mobile devices (phones and tablets) through WI-FI network or WI-FI Direct to enable sharing across devices. It allows a group of devices...
  34. V

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Panels - A New Way To Share Apps

    Ever been asked to recommend apps? Anyone still recommending apps by providing a long long list of app names or links? Anyone want to remember apps they like without writing it down onto a list? Panels A New Way To Share Apps! Its extremely simple to use. To Share Apps 1. Download and...
  35. C

    Thread [APP][4.0+] SixPic 1.0 - Search for new Pictures to Share

    Hy there I just finished a nice little App for you folks. I warn you: It might still be buggy. Is is called "SixPic" and has beer as icon. :rolleyes: What it is all about? It's about searching and sharing Images from wherever you are in Android. You can: * Launch the App from your favourite...
  36. gaetawoo

    Thread [Q] App that allows to share directly to contact?

    I can't believe no one has written an app like this or i just don't know about it... I frequently want to share links and things with my wife, so when I go to share, it comes up with a list of apps to share the content to. So i click messaging and then i have to type her name in the TO box and...
  37. edgarpoe

    Thread Internet Sharing via connection bridging" NDIS-Ethernet / ethernet to bridged WIFI.

    Internet Sharing via connection bridging" NDIS-Ethernet / ethernet to bridged WIFI. My entire house has internet wifi connection from a bridged router connected via ethernet to a XP computer that has a windows network connection bridge between my Vogue's NDIS USB and computer's network card...
  38. gazzacbr

    Thread [Q] es explorer and mac os x

    hi, i have no problems sharing my file over wifi with es explorer on windows 7 but cannot seem to get it to work on my mac. i have sharing enabled and the login user and password is the same as windows. is there something else i need to set on the mac?
  39. winwiz

    Thread [Q] Sharing pictures via Gmail - Do you have this problem?

    Ok, so take a picture, and then share it via gmail when typing out an email address, do you have the problem where letters appear twice? e.g. in the To box, I aim to type [email protected] and instead appears ttetestest this is really annoying, can anyone confirm if they are having the same...
  40. W

    Thread [Q] Anyone got the new update yet?

    I just wanted to ask around if someone in here got the new update with Internet sharing yet. Would be very appreciated if someone would upload it. Thanks!
  41. jhonnyx1000

    Thread Access SD card from another device

    This thread shows how to channel your SD card through your wireless router, therefore making your SD card accessible from most devices (tested on PC, Android and iOS). Please note that your phone and the device must be connected to the same network. 1. Download and install File Expert (it's...
  42. M


    hii guys...finally....share your laptop's internet successfully and instantly 1)without ROOTING the device. 2)without installing the software. 3)works for not only android devices but for any!! Use "mhotspot"--the best effortless way...without installing the software..turn your laptop into a...
  43. 0

    Thread warch your pc videos from xoom (the simple way)

    tired of fighting with cifs.ko mounts cifsloader and different kind of kernels and other ***** stuffs i found a much simple way to watch my videos from the pc (without having to download them) just install easyphp on your pc then open your stock browser on...
  44. C

    Thread [Q] Sharing pics to Picasa

    Hey, today, when trying to share some of my photos to Picasa, I stumbled on theproblem. I can select Picasa, but then, "Add Google account" screen appears. I logged in, but then it said that this accound already exists on this phone. Also, I dont see Picasa option in Google account syncing in...
  45. M

    Thread Wifi fixer problem

    i bought the SAMSUNG GALAXY ACE phone 2 weeks ago... intially my phone did not detect ad-hoc n/w from my i used "mhotspot" software(no need to install the software) after that its ok...i am using wifi internet the problem is solved but after a few days, when i tried to switch on...
  46. R

    Thread Sharing music from phone to PC, is it possible?

    I know that it's possible to stream music from my Desire HD to any device that supports DLNA, but is it possible to stream my music via WiFi to none-dlna devices like my PC? In other words, is it possible to let my phone work as some kind of a "network" player, that maybe Windows Media Player or...
  47. G

    Thread [Q] 2 TF's one keyboard OK?

    I'm thinking of buying a 2nd TF - this time with a keyboard now the buggers are finally available as bundles and I now realise that the keyboards as accessories look like being a rip off at twice the price differential. The keyboard would be shared between what will be 'his n hers' tablets. (I...
  48. dsa88

    Thread [Q] How to add a custom app in the share option?

    I would like to add option to share URL directly to Status Updates (widget, part of Motoblur Social Networking). It's handy for combining RSS or browsers links with URL shortener. But when I click share, only limited number of app are there (email, facebook, picasa etc) I'm talking about this...
  49. G

    Thread [Q] Connecting a Tab to a home media server (WHS2003)..... ???

    Ive just today bought a P1010 wifi only galaxy tab after getting a price match sorted and a great price of £149 through Best buy and their new store opening.) Ive already got a Galaxy S and have used this without any problems to connect that and display video content on the phone which is on my...
  50. gazzacbr

    Thread [Q] internet sharing (from phone)

    hi, is it possible to share the internet connection on my phone so i can use it on my windows 7 laptop (away from home right now) kaiser with Thoughtlesskyle latest v18 on SD, .25 kernel