1. D

    Thread Android persistent script backdoor

    Hi, I am using msfvenom, on Kali, to embed a payload in an app. When the app launches it starts the backdoor reverse_tcp service which connects to my session. Once I have a meterpreter session I try to run a shell script, in the background, to constantly try and reconnect when/if the app...
  2. B

    Thread How to access data folder from non-rooted device?

    A few weeks ago one of my important apps started crashing on open. Since I have important informaiton saved on that app I need to obtain it. Is there a way to access that package folder (and that app is not debuggable) with adb or shell? When I try to access via adb and shell the result it...
  3. noidodroid

    Thread [GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D

    [GUIDE] IMEI / Connection Repair on Asus Zenfone 2E ZE500CL Z00D I am writing this guide because I recently recovered a bricked ZE500CL and after flashing around so many different files I lost my IMEI and connection abilities. After a little research and some thought I easily repaired my IMEI...
  4. M

    Thread Is there a shell script to lock phone for a period of time?

    Hey there! I'm trying to make a macro automation where after it is triggered it runs a script that locks the phone for a custom period of time, not allowing to reboot or power off the phone through hardware keys. I believe it would happen on the bootloader, like when there's a firmware update...
  5. memorycorruption

    Thread Why is adb still showing "http" links in its terminal outputs?

    Upon getting an permission error when using ./adb shell .... I noticed that in the displayed output, http links are being used instead of google's own aggresive years-long push for sites to use https due to security concerns of the http protocol etc... The whole site...
  6. N

    Thread Any way to figure out the recovery mode button combination using adb?

    I changed few lines in build.prop of my android TV box and it resulted in a "services died => GC_EXPLICIT freed => cant get entry" loop, with long lines of error if I look into the logcat from adb. The device screen is stuck at the android log. Even though, I changed the build.prop file to how...
  7. oF2pks

    Thread [APP|ROOT|FOSS|5.0+] ADBungFu: appOps manager / ADB simulator (#su Magisk)

    EDIT: android 12 appops added Superuser ADBcmd appOps freezer ^4 root ed :# su Magisk (all appOps not requiring aosp/sOpPerms i.e. the permission-less ones) *Official build is live on F-Droid; attached _debug flavor has extended functionalities (and latest chainfire/libsuperuser:1.1.0)...
  8. B

    Thread Gtec Framework | ARM | MIPS | X86 | X64 | WINCE | WM

  9. MarcelS

    Thread Does Terminal Emulator stop execution of program when I close the window?

    I started 'ping' command from Terminal Emulator which execution is infinit. I wasn't able to stop that. When I pressed Vol- + C (which should work as Ctrl + C), 'ping' command didn't abort. So I just closed Terminal Emulator app. So if I close terminal without stopping program ('ping' in this...
  10. k1ll3r8e

    Thread [TOOL] ADB-Overlay [ - .Net 6]

    Heyho together, after my P9-Lite and P10-Lite toolkit i thought, it's time to build a more generic version. Here it is, the ADB-Overlay! The main point of this project is to serve a GUI for ADB. Currently, there is a File-Explorer, Remote-Desktop, Shell interface and APK installer implemented...
  11. prahladyeri

    Thread Is there a way to grant myself MANAGE_USERS permission while inside the adb shell?

    The thing is that I'm fed up of some stock adware apps on my Micromax phone and want to disable them for good. So, as per this Android SE answer, I used adb shell to disable the app, but I'm getting the following error: [email protected]:/ $ pm hide com.micromax.trendingapps Error...
  12. CrashOverride93

    Thread shell commands cannot write on external sd card

    Hi, I'm trying to create and delete zip files through command on external SDCard, but fails. The 'Permission denied' message is shown when both commands are executed. I have tested it on latest Tasker beta version, and also using Terminal app, but as it would be obvious, same error is shown. I...
  13. P

    Thread Which forum for asking questions about the shell and changing environment vars etc?

    People, I have a rooted Google 2 XL and routinely connect to it from my Fedora Linux machine and the first thing I realise is that things are so different from Linux that I can't find where to do even simple things like changing my prompt via editing Environment Variables etc. I had a quick...
  14. J

    Thread How to overwrite system file with script

    This script creates another file in the same directory, with the *same* name as the desired target file: There are now two files in the same directory with the same name (???). The original file has an Android icon, and the new file has a text icon (Total Commander). #!/bin/bash/sh ... echo...
  15. T

    Thread Help with mounting SDExt partition

    Hi floks, I have a oneplus X phone (Onyx) with the weirdest problem with AOSP 8.1 (this rom). I am trying to mount my partitioned external SDCard (ext2 primary partition) in /data/sd to be able to move some app data to my card and free up internal space. Mounting works ok from adb ("su"+"mount...
  16. X

    Thread [ROOT][ALL] Android Scripts Toolkit (AST)

    My thread and project are inactive now. Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience.
  17. M


    This post is not an authority on the subject, but just a few reminder notes for me and for those who are interested in grasping things in simple way. WHAT IS SHELL Shell is the commandline interpreter i.e. it takes commands from user as text and facilitates the execution of relevant binaries...
  18. MOAMEN123

    Thread [tool][windows][adb shell program by moamen][v1.0]

    ADB SHELL PROGRAM BY MOAMEN Why did i make this tool? To help new users and developers to use adb and fastboot with easier way;) What is new in it and why it is different ? Because it allows you to use most of adb commands without typing one command line as well as you can use any additional...
  19. W

    Thread Read-only file system - ONLY SOMETIMES - On Android 5.1.1 Flash Drive

    I am really stumped here. I have an Android 5.1.1 TV computer, rooted, SuperSU, shared mount namespaces, and generally working as expected. I have Tasker run a shell script, using root, to perform a nightly backup of my /sdcard to a file on a flash drive attached to one of the computer's USB...
  20. letrain02

    Thread Debloating Using adb shell - information thread

    i have been unable recently to get the lg debloater app to work. not sure why, looks like it was pulled from the app store? well there is an easier way anyways. here is my list of apps i removed via adb shell. if anyone else would like to add any other apps i think this would be a great...
  21. raynan

    Thread Screencap command not working as root?

    I've been researching this for the past few days and haven't found anything particularly helpful and I'm just curious to see if anyone else has tried this or has a solution. Running the "screencap" command as root on my 2 XL running 8.1 no longer works, regardless of any options; if I did my...
  22. KobiP

    Thread How to modify build.prop

    Hello, the Main XDA Page had a tutorial on how to disable the Google Assistant. Step 1: Root Step 2: Change build.prop But somehow I am stuck with how to change build.prop. - With adb pull I can get the file, but I can't push it, I get the message "failed to copy 'build.prop' to...
  23. Matt07211

    Thread Unable to get a root shell in ADB

    Preface: I am trying to attain root, on a un-rooted device, Samsung xCover3, (Note: Root is able to be achieved on kit-kat, and marshmallow, not on Lollipop, which is the current device I'm working on...
  24. elfrisi

    Thread Unable to hide the HTC 10 Lock Screen

    About two months ago, I hid the HTC 10 LockScreen (to get the AOSP one) using the abd shell pm hide It worked flawlessly. However, last night I had to Factory Reset my HTC because it randomly started bootlooping and giving me an SD card reading error (unfortunately, my SD...
  25. R

    Thread Where to get original coloured housing?

    Hi, anybody know where to get these coloured battery back doors? I have found only black one...
  26. facuarmo

    Thread [SCRIPT] Log CPU Usage with interval (Linux)

    Hey guys, I've just decided to get inside of the Android development world. Anyways, I'm mostly a fan of Linux, so I've made my first Linux script, I know it's simple, but I've never interacted with the user before, or picked an output. When I knew that Android made use of Linux in its core, my...
  27. mrgnex

    Thread Fix "device offline" when using adb

    Today I wanted to use adb on my phone but it always returned the message "device offline". Baffled as I was I started searching the web. To my surprise there wasn't a solution out there. But I did manage to fix it. How to fix it: 1. Locate the folder with the adb.exe and AdbWinApi.dll and...
  28. I

    Thread Tasker root shell command not working

    I have a Taiwan model H815, rooted using the injection method. I'm trying to use a root shell command in a Tasker profile task to enable/disable mobile data in Tasker ("svc data enable/disable"). The command appears to execute, and a message pops up saying "Tasker has been granted superuser...
  29. C

    Thread Mechanical problem: Dropped Xperia Z - jolted power button and lifted case rim

    Hi, I dropped my Xperia Z the other day and now the power button seems to be permanently down (recessed). The case rim below the power button (when looking at the screen) is lifted. Luckily, I can still power up/down, but now the lifted area below the power button has become the button. If I...
  30. Deic

    Thread [TOOL][v2.0] SH-OTA, an Android script auto-updater utility

    *** Disclamer I'm lazy for this now xD... Introduction An Android script auto-updater utility. How to 1. Download SH-OTA (down) 2. Edit your script 2.1 Add the code of in your script 2.2 Write the latest version of your script, example: version="1.0_stable"...
  31. mike the inkman

    Thread [shell][utility][terminal] munky-tool

    ***MUNKY-TOOL*** IS AN ONBOARD ANDROID UTILITY FEATURES Copy system.img Copy boot.img Backup efs Logcat Backup and Restore Contacts Out For A Rip Munky-tool will locate and copy most partitions without you having to track down paths. This is convenient if you use a ROM kitchen, or just want...
  32. B

    Thread [Game] [3.0+] Battle of Tanks : Reloaded

    Bigger, Better, Meaner - Battle of Tanks: Reloaded, our new Android game is out: Get it from Play Store: Battle of Tanks is an action-packed, addictive, 3D Android game. In Battle of Tanks Reloaded your goal...
  33. thisguysayswht

    Thread adb push/pull with wildcards (or adb shell cp /foo/*/bar_*)

    I've been working on a bash script that automates commonly used adb and fastboot commands. Its pretty much done, but I have one option I'm trying to incorporate that takes a backup (through the adb twrp interface) and automatically puts it on the host machine. It needs to wildcard both the...
  34. brainscollector

    Thread Top quality Moto G 2013 shell

    Hey. I'm looking for colored (red / royal blue / turquoise) moto g shell that is covered with rubber layer like in black "stock" version. I've heard that there are some produced with this method but so far I have bought 5 (most of them sent back to seller) that were just a plastic - slippery...
  35. P

    Thread [Q] "Simple" bluetooth question: Disable Automatic Connection or workaround?

    [Q] "Simple" bluetooth question: Disable Automatic Connection or workaround? I am looking for some way to prevent every phone in the house from trying to connect to a bluetooth speaker or receiver when it's turned on. the devices in question all run Android 4.4.4 stock unrooted Motorola...
  36. R

    Thread Grip shell for Moto G 2014

    Anyone know if they will be sold by Motorola in the future? Or any OEM or Chinese brands out there? I'm surprised noone asking about them. I have one on the original Moto G and it's great. I wouldn't want to get a case to add thickness to the new Moto G, a grip shell would be perfect.
  37. osm0sis

    Thread [DEV][TEMPLATE] Complete Shell Script Flashable Zip Replacement + Signing [SCRIPT]

    Complete Shell Script Flashable Zip EDIFY/update-binary Replacement + Zip Signing Documentation Background Information First truly done by Chainfire for his SuperSU zips, the typical update-binary in flashable zips may be replaced by a shell script and the recovery will run this instead. This...
  38. Bexton

    Thread [SCRIPT][1.6+][WHATSAPP][14/11/08] Disable sending read-receipts for WhatsApp msgs

    Shell script to disable read receipts for all your incoming Whatsapp messages Even "better": Others won't see whether you've already read their message(s) or not. However, you will still be able to see the read receipts of others! :p...
  39. AnteusFogg

    Thread [Q] How to make an apk out of a shell script?

    Here's my problem: For Aviate users, the transparent theme is highly anticipated. It is available with a little change of a key in the config XML file. But that's only available for rooted users. I know shell, so I should be able to put together a script that does the job but it'll still not...
  40. 7175

    Thread [Shell][mksh][Scripting]::mksh-R50e-static-FULL+mkshrc_mods:::

    :::BRIEF DESCRIPTION::: mksh is the official, currently-developed shell used for Android. It is not an app nor a virus (lol) like some people seem to think, looking at a quick xda search. And as the core shell for android, it is used to shell superuser, so if you're rooted and get a message...
  41. K

    Thread [APP] Arcadia Scan - network scanner utilities on Windows Phone 8

    [APP-TITLE] Arcadia Scan Lite/Pro [R] [DATE POSTED] 03.03.2010 [UPDATE] 05.22.2014 [CURRENT VERSION] V. 2.1 UPDATE 2.1 MAJ: UPDATE 2.1 22.05.2014 News Updates 2.1 *Complete change of the entire interface. Style (Windows 8 tiles) *Adding the function of port scanner machine range on some...
  42. K

    Thread [FREE][APP] CONSOLE WP8 - Shell Dos For Windows Phone 8

    CONSOLE WP8 UPDATE: 1.8 - 2014-12-23 03:10:00 I'm excited to announce today the 1.8 update "WP8 Console" - Added new command: [shortcut] to create tiles (shortcut) on the home screen link to a file - Added new command: [set] to create / edit environment variable - Adds new command: [tree] To...
  43. E:V:A

    Thread ssh: No controlling tty

    I have a rooted a GT-I9195 (SGS4-mini) done with CF-Auto-Root and the latest Busybox. I then decided to use the "Ssh server" from The Olive Tree, since it is simple, small, free, but unfortunately have ads. For on-device/local shell, I use the Android Terminal Emulator and everything works...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] How to emulate gestures with tasked & root

    So I've seen how to emulate taps and swipes with tasked using a shell command... But I wanna have tasked emulate a -><- ie index finger at x,y moving to x,y and thumb at x,y moving to x,y (this would make my device zoom in while on a web page for say) I would also like to beable to make tasked...
  45. bmg002

    Thread [Q] how do I get currently playing song from shell?

    I am trying to figure out how to get the title of the currently playing track from the shell. The reason I am doing this is I am working on some "quick and dirty" keyboard shortcuts to do stuff on my phone. For example, I have a hotkey to play, pause, next track, volume + and volume - all from...
  46. rodrigo82

    Thread Rugged shell/battery cover for Moto G?

    Is there any rugged/rubberized/slip free shell or battery cover case for Moto G? I'm looking for one like this I want one that does not leave fingerprints.
  47. razorsbk

    Thread [Q] Moto G back shells

    Where did you get your Moto G back battery cover shells ? I am interested in buying a Moto G and also a Turquoise back cover. The Moto G is in stock on Amazon UK, but the back shell is "Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 months. " I am from Europe, so i can order only from stores that ship in...
  48. jaromil.rojo

    Thread [APP] ZShaolin light XDA-DEV release

    This is the new thread dedicated to ZShaolin light xda-dev releases More information on ZShaolin: APK download: works without root - only for ARM based devices ZShaolin light xda-dev is an unrooted shell of full static binaries of...
  49. K

    Thread [Q] Booting with shell

    Basically, my problem is thus: I changed a fairly critical system file, and forgot to chmod it correctly before rebooting. Now my phone will not boot. Is there a way I can use the bootloader to boot it up into the equivalent of a live distro that would allow me to use adb shell to fix it?
  50. D

    Thread [Q] mount cryptfs?

    vdc cryptfs enablecrypto/changepw exists. Where is vdc cryptfs mount? I.e., how can I mount the encrypted /data partition from a shell (ultimately via adb shell in recovery)? Thanks!