1. amjad_2020

    Thread after update to 1.4 my SHIELD Android TV pro stops at a Fastboot Menu

    Hi i have SHIELD Android TV pro After update 1.4, I get the NVIDIA boot logo and then booting stops at a Fastboot Menu ....... i try to fastboot oem unlock but it give me C:\adb>fastboot oem unlock ... FAILED (remote: Read less bytes than expected) finished. total time: 57.252s i am trying to...
  2. K

    Thread Self Sufficent Media Box with a Linux Chroot

    So the main selling point of this box is that it will work as a media box, and a gaming box. I've attached a USB drive to my shield for some storage, and wanted to convert it from NTFS to EXT4 which will definately take some linux knowledge. Decided to load up Linux Deploy, install Arch Linux...
  3. H

    Thread Spoofing on Nvidia Shield Android TV ?

    Hey Have anyone managed to spoof another device on the Nvidia Shield Android TV with a stock rom (rooted?) So you managed to enable playstore with ALL apps on it ? Ive tried both Market helper and device spoofer but dosnt seem to work :( appriciate help
  4. N

    Thread How to stop google Play Store from updating my to phone app

    My Nvidia Shield Android TV 500GB is unlock and rooted. I did install full custom Android 1.8 rom and went back to stock but left bootlocker unlock and rooted. Now my box is updating to the latest Google Play Store app the the latest version which is for the phone. Nvidia Shield Android TV has...
  5. M

    Thread Adding url's via Pastebin?

    Is this possible? & if so any chance someone could point me in the right direction. I'm looking to add some live TV url's to Playlist Loader, but most are incredibly long & I've yet to successfully add a single one manually.
  6. S

    Thread HBO Now Fire TV APK?

    i see that Fire tv now has HBO NOW.. but the Shield TV is still lacking this APP.. is there any way to extract the Fire TV specific APP and side load it on to the shield tv? im sure that the Shield TV is more then capable of using the apk... i dont know if its compatible and i wonder if...
  7. C

    Thread Remapping Volume

    With root or a custom Rom, would it be possible to instruct the Nvidia Shield TV volume up/down to somehow bypass the system volume and instead control a usb IR blaster which would then give a signal to my audio receiver? I like the volume controls on my Nvidia remote but wish they would...
  8. lartomar2002

    Thread Torrent app on unrooted shield

    Has anyone been able to install a torrent app on a unrooted shield? If so which one because I have not had any luck sideloading any.
  9. M

    Thread How do I move game files to external drive (install there?)

    I was told that if I formatted my 128GB Flash Drive to NTFS I'd be able to move game OBB's there, how do I do this? I can't seem to find any option for it also is it now possible to install the games there?
  10. theinspector

    Thread We all need to band together on this

    The nvidia shield tv, the most powerful android device available, which has root, twrp, and custom roms available, along with tons of support keeps failing to get its own proper forum. The discussion page we currently have is unacceptable. There is tons of people doing development on other sites...
  11. jocala

    Thread adbShield: Companion software for Android TV

    adbShield is a Companion App for Android TV and Kodi Features Full Kodi Support Manage unlimited Android TVs Custom Cache Support for Kodi Video Move Kodi data/thumbnails to external USB (with upcoming 2.0 firmware) Extensive Hyperlinked Help Adb-enabled command-line Extensive logging...
  12. W

    Thread ANDROID M

    Does anyone happen to know if Android M will be adding support for installing applications to external USB storage?
  13. M

    Thread Sideloaded apps/games on homescreen?

    or even better in designated folders.. as far as I understand, this can be done after rooting right? but I'd rather not go down that route (at least atm) as I haven't a clue what I'm doing & the methods I've seen for the Shield TV are a little complicated for me (is there an automated method?)...
  14. B

    Thread Almost No Need For Sideloading Now

    I was reading some stuff over at the Nvidia forums and someone mentioned that they were able to install apps from the web play store onto their Shield, that wouldn't show up in the Leanback Play store. I gave it a try and sure enough I could install a bunch of apps, I even tried completely...
  15. N

    Thread [Q] Kodi support

    I am looking to pick up a shield android tv my main concern is how well does kodi work on this compared to an amazon fire stick? I currently have a fire stick and it streams all my local media pretty well. Is there going to be any difference in kodi running on the shield?
  16. lartomar2002

    Thread projectM music visualization for Kodi

    Can we add projectM as a music visualization addon. If so how would I do it and where would I find the necessary files?
  17. B

    Thread Delete

    Double post
  18. B

    Thread Emulators

    I have not done a whole lot with emulators in the past, but looking to try a few. I dont mind paying for them at the play store since I got a $30 credit anyway, but wondering if some are better that others. I dont want to spend money on ones that dont work well. I have a box of old...
  19. C

    Thread [Q] Help, no longer able to flash system partition

    Hi all, well I think I have all but wrecked my 16gb shield tv. I unlocked bootloader, installed twrp and rooted, all was working fine. Then I decided to flash the full android rom that is on the forum . before doing so, i used twrp and made a backup. I installed the full android rom, although it...
  20. kajer

    Thread [Q] hangouts dialer says no microphone present

    I'm running shield tv (rooted) and have installed the latest hangouts apk from the play store. However, dialer complains that I don't have a microphone installed. Doesn't the controller count? Voice search works well from the controller, so why not hangouts dialer? I have not connected my...
  21. D

    Thread nav bar keys

    has anyone able to install any softkey like back,home,recents etc button?
  22. noneabove

    Thread Random reboots

    Seems I posted this to the wrong area, hard to find this section from mobile.. I've gotten a couple of random reboots while playing games, not enough to be super concerning but enough to make me want to figure out what's going on.. Anyone else seen this issue? I think it has only happened...
  23. D

    Thread [Q] nVidia Sheild TV... not quite ready for the TV

    So the unit is a power house no doubt. But I have found it to be very lacking and frustrating when it comes to available streaming media apps. First it had to update to get Netflix. Then in order to get Crunchyroll I had to side load it from my PC. The option to sideload things like Amazon...
  24. G

    Thread ..

  25. G

    Thread ..

  26. Z

    Thread [ROM][Full Android 5.1 for Shield TV][v.2.2]

    Content removed.
  27. B

    Thread -snip- (moved thread)

    -snip- (moved thread)
  28. R

    Thread [HOW-TO] Root the Shield TV

    First of all, let me say this isn't my post, and I didn't develop this method. The user, "Teletype" got this all figured out and did an amazing write-up for it. I'm posting it on their behalf so it can be in this newly added forum. The link to the recovery zip is also in his original thread...
  29. J

    Thread NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV and Remote Unboxing 4K

    Here is a video unboxing the Nvidia Shield recorded with my LG G4 in 4K Let me know what you guys think. 3ggDrutFZ68
  30. S

    Thread Apps to Sideload

    As we wait for the list of officially supported apps to grow, I am hoping this can be a place to list (side-loaded) apps that are known to work well on the Nvidia Shield Android TV. The couple apps that I have side-loaded don't really work (Google Photos) with only the controller. I would love...
  31. cha_kumar

    Thread [Q] Expanding Internal storage

    OBB data on SD card I'm using 32GB sd card on 16GB Nvidia Shield.. There is option to move apps and games to sd card.. The OBB data won't support only the application apk are moved actually to sd card... I know this issue is seen from kitkat when Google blocked app to use to sd card.. But in...
  32. C

    Thread Dolphin (Wii / Gamecube) Emulator

    Guide for setting up Dolphin emulator on Nvidie shield tv:
  33. D

    Thread New roms for shield tv

    has anyone flashed new stock based rom by DroidMote Server / Client?
  34. I

    Thread [APP] [Windows] Nvidia Shield TV Utility App v0.11

    Hi Guys, I've created GUI app to easily sideload your apks to the Nvidia Shield TV via USB or over the Network. I will be updating it over time with extra bells and whistles. The link below will direct you to the download page where you will find the app. Mod edit: download links removed...
  35. r0sh

    Thread Nvidia Shield TV Console & Router settings?

    I got my Shield tv console delivered yesterday, (late as possible damn ups) and love it so far, haven't had enough time to play more, but after work today I will. I have an asus rtac68w, which according to nvidia is a held ready router, but I need to know what and how to set up my router to...
  36. cha_kumar

    Thread Serpatre forum for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

    How about creating serpatre forum for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV
  37. cha_kumar

    Thread [Q] How to Root NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV

    How to Root NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV
  38. SkOrPn

    Thread NVIDIA SHIELD CONSOLE? Android TV SuperComputer Cloud Gaming? WOW

    EDIT: Can everyone who visits this thread please take the time to do a official request for adding the SHIELD Console forums? Just visit the below thread and put in your request please. Thanks ORIGINAL POST: Is this a new device coming...