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  1. Eams1986!

    Thread 51 minigame SuperBattle2

    Hello! Friend here I show you a MiniBattle to have an entertaining time I hope you like it  🔥Link of the game🔥 📱🕹️ 👉 http://bit.ly/3jBNapY - Android 🤖 ✅ 📱🕹️ 👉 http://apple.co/3qfjqlC - iphone-ios 🍎 ✅ 🗒️ Description: Here's guaranteed fun, here are 51 simple and cool head-to-head games...
  2. N

    Thread Team Shot - Augmented Reality Multiplayer Shooter

    Playing shooters on PC is so 2000s. Playing shooters on your smartphone is so 2010s. Welcome to the experience of the next decade: augmented reality. Play against your buddy with your phone as your weapon: run, hide, aim, and shoot or stab... And make sure not to be stabbed yourselves. You don't...
  3. Super.Apps

    Thread [Game][Action][5.1+] Shooter Tactic Top-down view

    Hi! This is cool tactical shooter with unique mechanics and top-down view. Collect all items on levels, be careful and shoot quickly to kill the enemy. Play for free, no ads and no push messages! The game is developing, new levels are added regularly. Play Market link...
  4. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [GAME][4.1+] Alien Shooter: Massive Space War Invasion Attack

    Alien Shooter Fly space fighter air craft and shoot alien invaders to stop massive Earth invasion! Fight, take down and kill intruders to defense our home planet from sudden strike! Save Earth from enemy attack from the black hole star in galaxy far away! Play exciting endless space shooter and...
  5. mamap2000

    Thread [Game][4.1+] Zomoby: Zombie Monsters Arena 1.3.1 FREE

    Introduction This game is very easy to play: autofire, single finger control, it almost hasn't any text (at all), you can play it in a vertical and horisontal orientation both with one hand. Zomoby: Zombie Monsters Arena is a dynamic action game about destroying crowds of a zombies, monsters...
  6. W

    Thread [Game][FREE][Arcade]Space Rush Shooter

    Hello, i am an indie-developer and i just made a space arcade called "Space Rush Shooter" Google play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Space.Rush Screenshot: Trailer: o6D9AzCXKrM Overview: Classic space arcade "Space Rush" is a game in old traditions of space games...
  7. S

    Thread Zombie Shooter : Revenge in VR v1.1 [Full HD 3D VR Game]

    Zombie Shooter : Revenge in VR v1.1 Requirements : 4.4 + Overview : Your city is in danger. Protect and Escape. Your city is the center of the world's latest zombie outbreak. You are John, member of the Anti-Zombie Task Force, a private military organization designed to find, track, and...
  8. S

    Thread [GAME] VR Alien Bots Shooter .:: Must Take a Look ::. Best VR ever

    Virtual reality Games are the games in which You feel Yourself in the World of game. You will fight with the enemies, shoot them and enjoy. In this Game, You will be on a Running Armor Truck with automatic gun fitted on it. You Just have to Aim the Cross-hair White color Dot on the...
  9. ThunderStick

    Thread [GAME][APP]Space Crusader Space Shooter VR

    AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY PRODUCTION DOWNLOAD HERE https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igottadroid.vrprime BETA TESTERS HERE https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.igottadroid.vrprime In full swing now, a production release has been published to Google Play, LINK AT THE TOP...
  10. S

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Drone Defense - New Arcade Shooter

    Drone Defense In the vein of the classic arcade shooters, fight your way to the highest score and unlock medals as you progress. Clear the waves of enemies to earn bonuses, from speed boosts to score multipliers. Download on Google Play...
  11. M

    Thread [GAME] Just Cause 3 Shooter Game

    Just in Chaos Survival Shooter its a most wanted Realtisc Just in Chaos game!! You play a super ultimate Future Soldier in a Training camp. The most Chaos game ever Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ExitBossGames.JustinChaosSurvivalShooter Features: -Best ragdoll...
  12. tamasu

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Starbase Defense: Invincibles 1.0

    Classic elements of the tower defender genre are combined in Starbase Defense, while your enemies are attacking your ship, you can shoot them with blazing projectiles and use various skills to destroy the incoming aliens. Google play...
  13. R

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Cowboy vs UFOs. Raise your gun!!! Bang! Bang!

    Hey Cowboys! I'm glad to introduce our new original alien shooter "Cowboy vs UFOs". Help cowboy legend Johnny Wrangler fight the UFO invasion and save the Wild West town of Hobble Hill before the aliens succeed with their dastardly plan!
  14. Z

    Thread [GAME][FREE][2.3+] Shooting Balloons Games 2

    GET IT! GooglePlay This amazing game improve your skills! Practice your shooting skills and become a master! Grab a Shooting Balloons game and shoot to balloons! How to play: Tap the screen to shoot. Shoot only to the bad balloons and destroy it! Game features: - Six mini games - 49 levels -...
  15. Y

    Thread [GAME][FREE] Bubble Shooter Pirate Game

    Bubble Shooter is a fun and free highly addictive bubble shooting game for both kids and adults. Join the adventure and play through hundreds of levels without getting interrupted by annoying ads. Install it right now! Get it from Google Play
  16. P

    Thread [Q] I need help with evo3d GSM - absolutely no sound...

    Hi... i have weird problem with HTC... A few months ago i bought a HTC Evo 3D for a secondary phone. Okay, it's work perfectly, nice, etc... and one morning lost his voice. All voices. I haven't sound from: -loudspeaker -earpiece -earphones & handsfree. But! I have sound from BT Audio and MHL...
  17. D

    Thread [GAME] TYPE 2 KILL - Innovative shooter [FREE]

    Hello there, our latest game TYPE2KILL is finally available on the Play Store! Right before christmas! In case you are wondering how we manage to release another game so shortly after Colors 2. No, we're not some huge company like gameloft or king. We are a small company of two people and an...
  18. G

    Thread [game][2.3+] moon assault

    Hello! I would like to present you my latest game - MOON ASSAULT. Get into your space bomber and destroy enemy outposts on the moon. Use your rockets and bombs to annihilate bunkers and lasers on the surface. Avoid enemy missiles and try not to crash your ship into the rocks. If you like the...
  19. Y

    Thread [GAME][3.0+] Gamma Stralkniven: Mass Driver Earth Defender

    Hi guys! I would like to introduce my game titled GAMMA STRALKNIVEN: MASS DRIVER EARTH DEFENDER. I hope you like it! Please shoot me a comment/suggestion. I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys! Google Play Link
  20. C

    Thread [GAME] Double Gun

    Hi all, I want to introduce you my shooting range on Android: Double Gun Many people predicted various ways of the apocalypse: biological weapons out of control, turning people to zombies - living deads, radioactive contamination causing mutations, invasion of alien aggressors... But nobody...
  21. P

    Thread Undead vs. Plants – Free Ricochet Shooter

    Undead vs. Plants is a new shooting game. Use ricochet kills to shoot all the plants and move through the levels. Get ready, aim and shoot to help the zombie kill all the plants in this physics simulation game! With 150 levels, the game is a real pastime pleasure. Undead vs. Plants takes...
  22. P

    Thread Free Shooting Games: Zombie vs. Plants

    Zombie vs. Plants is a new ricochet shooter game. Use ricochet kills to help the zombie kill all the nasty monster plants. But be careful! The ammo is limited so you have to be witty to beat the plants. If you like physics games, this is the right choice for you. The game is a good brain...
  23. kapuscianyglab

    Thread [FREE][GAME] War Against Terrorism - 2D shooter

    Hi all I recommend to download my latest game on Android - War Against Terrorism. You are a soldier who fights against a horde of attacking terrorists. the graphics are cartoony. There is no violence at all levels. Just shooting in the style of fairy tales. Link to Google Play...
  24. tamasu

    Thread [Game][2.3+]Shooter 2 - A Space Shooter for Android

    Shooter 2 is a fast-paced top-down perspective shoot'em'up action game. Required skills are more than fast reactions and memorising enemy attack patterns. The player must also have strategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use the appropriate skills during specific missions.
  25. I

    Thread Mails from "rider.php.va.us.xda-developers.com"

    Hi! Every day my mail server rejects mails from "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" because the domain used as sender has no valid DNS entry. Maybe there is something misconfigured?! :eek: Sender address rejected: Domain not found (total...
  26. R

    Thread [GAME][4.2+] Space Hero: Invader Takedown

    Hey guys i am proud to present to the world my first android video game! It's quite buggy.. but its my first "Playable Release" It was created using Unity3d. Most of the media is borrowed from www.opengameart.org and i take no credit for them. This game will always be free and free of ads...
  27. R

    Thread Space Hero: Invader Takedown[delete plz]

    Delete this.. not sure how :/
  28. howpathetic

    Thread [ROM][08.02.2014] YAS4 v11 /Yet Another Sense 4.1/ with 3DCamera

    Howpathetic and Snoob25 present Thread index: Screenshots: Features: Installation: ROM is also compatible with S-ON Suggestions and facts: Credits: If we forgot someone just PM to us :)
  29. L

    Thread [Game]Victory Saber S3D

    Story line: Earth is captured by unknown aliens. You are riding on the newest fighter "Victory Saber" at outer space and fight back to earth. Victory Saber S3D is a third person view shooter game. you can use accelerometer or on screen button to control the fighter. It also enable Stereo 3D...
  30. Romeo Ordos

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Tanktastic

    Tanktastic Latest Version: 15a-alpha Genre: Online shooter Last update date: 1.02.2013 Short description: Fantastic tank battles with Tanktastic! Free massively multiplayer 3D online game for Android in your pocket. Currently is an early alpha version so many features are not implemented...
  31. DarkRazorZ

    Thread [GUIDE] MMS Fix for MetroPCS Jelly Bean (AOSP)

    I have only personally tested this on Agrabren's Disarmed Toaster ROM (CDMA) This is my first guide, so bear with me :) I'm creating this because I've noticed that MetroPCS users of the Evo 3D are a minority on these forums, and as a result, there isn't much support in the department of MMS...
  32. bigwillyg

    Thread [Kernel] ButteredToasT ICS RLS18 | Linux 3.0.101 | linaro 4.7 -O3 | otg | HTC beats

    ButteredToast (Buttery smooth and extremely wicked) CDMA/GSM Ice Cream Sandwich, sense 3.6, 4.x, AOSP Be Gentle folks: This is my first kernel rodeo after many months of studying how the great ones do it.I hope you like it, if you dont then theres the door (figuratively). Toolchain/Compiler...
  33. E

    Thread [Game][Free] SpaceBreak Space Shooter

    SpaceBreak is an old school, vertical scrolling space shooter. It is currently in beta, stuff is still being added, and improved upon. The game currently features 5 weapon types, 7 powerups and 10 enemy types and an upgradable ship. More will be added in every update! I'm currently a 3rd year...
  34. ainen

    Thread Critical Strike Portable - Counter Strike Clone

    Play Store Link For anyone that enjoys Counter Strike on the PC, here is a very well done clone! It run's perfect and the controls are actually good for a touchscreen shooter. It has single player, multiplayer, and a zombie survival mode. There are many maps to choose from and even more...
  35. myp3uk

    Thread [GAME] BloodLand [3D,Zombie,Shooter,+iOS][2.2+]

    Hello, everyone here! Let me introduce my new game for our Android devices - BloodLand. Description: Only zombies surround you. There is no cure, only you and your weapon. You need to find a way to survive in this world. You must kill them all. Unlock new weapons and cool killing bonuses...
  36. V

    Thread [GAME][2.1+] SCAWAR Space Combat

    Blast your way through hordes of alien scum in this high octane space shoot-em-up! A beautiful piece of arcade symphony of colors, action and sophisticated art of destruction! SCAWAR Space Combat is a heavy piece of ground shaking alien blasting action. Enjoy yourself in high-intensity...
  37. r3v3rb

    Thread [APP][GAME][2.2+] ASTEROID 2012 3D PocketChange Edition

    Woot! I released a new Free to play version of 'Asteroid 2012 3D' basically its now part of the PocketChange network of games... You get 3 free plays and can then use tokens bought in any game with any game... Its an all out old-school shooter in 3D, based on the original arcade concept of...
  38. M

    Thread Phone not charging, sudden death.

    Hi guys, I've had me evo3d from the first day it came out here, august 6th. Never had any problems at all. Until now. Srry about the novel... I've highlighted the most important parts for your convenience. About 2 weeks ago, i dropped my phone from about 60cm, but with no apparent damage...
  39. HeckNoTechnO

    Thread [ROM] Droid Mobiles Net 10.20.11

    Droid Mobiles Net is based off of CleanRom 2.7 by Scott more info on Scott's Roms can be found here, my changes are marked with an * All HTC and Google Apps are uptdate as of 10/19/2011. ROM is de-odexed and based on official Sprint RUU 2.08.651.2. Features OS: Gingerbread 2.3.4 Deodexed...
  40. subliminal609

    Thread [Q] Amaze 4g PORT?

    Just wondering, I always liked the Espresso Rosie Ports on the OG EVO and perfered the setup of the My touch 4g UI rather than the Sense on the EVO series. I know theyre both sense ui, but if any developer have seen the preview from the Amaze 4g its sick. I've seen posts on XDA on changing the...
  41. C

    Thread [Q] Status 0 during Shooter Rewind RLS2.1 Installation

    I got the (status 0) error in CWM while installing Shooter Rewind. It only happens with RSL2 and RSL2.1, because i could install RSL1 and other roms without any problems. I've tried redownloading the files, but it keeps getting me the same error. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance...
  42. toastcfh

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod-7 for EVO 3D :: VALPHA3 (25 Sep 2011)

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built distribution of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. THIS IS AN ALPHA BUILD. THERE WILL BE BUGS. PLEASE NOTE THIS BEFORE FLASHING THIS IS NOT HTC SENSE AND NEVER WILL BE. DO NOT ASK ABOUT IT IN THIS THREAD. THANK...
  43. B

    Thread [Q] Live Streams (atdhe,..) on Evo3D

    I have a question about live streams on the evo3d. is it possible to watch them in any browser on the evo3d? especially live sports on atdhe and other sites. and if there any possibilitys, how laggy are the streams? (is the samsung galaxy s2 with a better browser performance better for live...
  44. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM]LeeDrOiD 3D V5.4[KERNEL] V5.4 2nd April |Aroma|Tweaks|Fast|Stable|Beats

    Presenting LeeDrOiD 3D S-Off & a Custom recovery required Huge thanks to Alpharevx+unrevoked for acheving S-Off :D Android 2.3.4 - GingerBread & Sense 3.0... No gimmick's, no bullshit.. Just a Sensational Android experience from a very experienced developer ;) With thanks to: ChainsDD l...
  45. C

    Thread [Game] Titan Turret (Feedback request)

    Hi, I've been working on a Android game for a while and have just released an update. The game is called "Titan Turret" and it's an endless strategic shooter game. Based on the 80's game Paratrooper/Sabotage, endless waves of enemies try to take out your turret. Destroying an enemy gives you...
  46. T

    Thread swapping rosie from one sense rom to another?

    i've been testing out all the sense 3.0 roms available for the past few months and gruesomwolf's shooter port is by far my favorite one. the only thing i'd like to change would be the way the rosie launcher looks on his newest release. the newest release has the rosie virus has used in his...
  47. gruesomewolf

    Thread ****[ROM][08/10/2012] Shooter for the EVO 4G Sense 3.0****

    Please consider a donation to help continue development Download Nocturnals Shooter Final V2 Team Nocturnal IRC
  48. B

    Thread Resistance Is Futile Game/Android Boot Manager

    Malfunctioning Androids have invaded your system and deemed it obsolete! They can't be bargained with... They can't be reasoned with... And they absolutely will not stop until they have taken over your system! My First game, done in VB! Enjoy! Installation: UnZip and place folder in the root...
  49. jp2014

    Thread [GAME] BlockFall - a physics game | June 30 - BlockFall Builder Live!

    Edit: I am now working on a level builder for BlockFall. I will continue posting updated BlockFall Builder apk's to this thread. Thanks! BlockFall is my first android game. I'd love to hear some feedback/advice. Thanks! Enjoy. You can get it from the market by searching for BlockFall or use...
  50. G

    Thread [GAME][R][05-19-2011] GB&W - Game for Windows Phone 7 [v1.0.0.1][TRIAL]

    Hello friends, This is my first app|game for Windows Phone 7 Application name: GB&W Marketplace Description: GB&W is an atomic mix of such genres as Hardcore 2D shooter, brick breaker and aero-hockey. You will encounter a lot of weaponry including 3 missile types, one carrying nuclear warhead...