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  1. C

    Thread Parcel service to Europe that is not blocked by google/best-buy/amazon?

    Hi I'd really like to get my hands on a 4a but my orders (to parcel services) got cancelled both by best-buy and google. Does anyone know a service that is not black-listed and can forward the phone to europe?
  2. L

    Thread Breaking Barriers of Online Shopping with HUAWEI MeeTime Calling

    "See this coat? ""Which one? "But look at those negative reviews." "Let me see... Where is it?" "Wait, don't buy it now! Get the coupon first!" "I can't see it. Where do I get it?" "The red one's better." "Which red one? Red 2901? Red 2902? Rose 5411? Or..." Sound familiar? This is what...
  3. de vetnek

    Thread Who can edit and repack the best (discontinued) loyalty card app ever? Beep 'n Go

    Hi All, For a while now, the best loyalty card app ever Beep 'n go has been discontinued since 2016. The app still works kindalike but you can't store your cards in the cloud and you have to skip the login page time after time. logging in itself doesn't work anymore as there is no server...
  4. bencallis

    Thread [APP][2.2+] DealPad - UK Deal Discovery App (Giving away 100 ad-free promotion codes)

    Huge give away: 100 promotional codes for a free upgrade! Yep that's right! To mark the release of DealPad v2 for iOS I thought it is only fare to reward our large android user base with 100 free DealPad Ad-Free promo codes! Get your free promotional code by doing one of the following things...
  5. M

    Thread ScanAndPrice scans barcodes and then allows comparison shopping

    Comments and suggestions are welcome. :) ScanAndPrice an all-in-one shopping companion. In order to scan product barcodes, you must have either a native scanning app on your device or you must load a scanning app. (I recommend Barcode Scanner, a free app available at the Google Playstore)...
  6. X

    Thread [APP][4.0+][MATERIAL ANIMATIONS] Cinnamon - Grocery Shopping List

    Hey XDA, Gary here. My first app Cinnamon, a grocery shopping list app I have been working on for 8 months is finally released. Would love if you gave it a try: Download Cinnamon Cinnamon is a beautiful and efficient grocery shopping list app. Cinnamon has features that are guaranteed to...
  7. GigaSPX

    Thread I'm interested in this, but I need some opinions

    Hi all. I used to own an Asus Transformer Infinity TF700 tablet, until I sold it off due to it being obsolete in speeds for me to use as a daily driver. I haven't been using a tablet all that often lately ever since (except for my 2nd gen iPad, but I want to sell that) and all I have that...
  8. cotda

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Checkout - Shopping, Synchronised.

    Hi! I'm posting this thread to show you an app I've been working on for a little while, and is now available, Checkout. Checkout What is Checkout? Checkout is an innovative new service for groups of people, that allows anyone with a computer or smartphone to create and manage a combined...
  9. Y

    Thread [App, Shopping LifeStyle][4.0+] Wishlist - Capture your wishes wherever you are

    We are excited to announce that a new version (1.1.0) of Beans Wishlist has just been released. [Description] What is the lovely handbag I spotted and wished to buy in the hasty shopping last night? Where is the restaurant I stumbled upon the other day that I wished to try? What does the...
  10. N

    Thread [APP][2.3+]Shopping List 1.0

    Tired of searching products which are placed in near departments? Got sick of trying to remember and enter prices of products, to know how much money take to the shop? Now you can forget about it, with new shopping list! Add shops which you visit, fill it by departments, set departments in the...
  11. dionysos77

    Thread [Q] Spain Price and where to buy

    Hi everyone, I live in Turkey (where we won't be able to buy N9005 because N9000 will be sold offically). And I'll be at Spain during third week of October (16-20). So I decided to buy N9005 from Spain. What is the expected price for Madrid/Barcelona? What is the best Technology Shop in...
  12. B

    Thread [Free App] Shopping Lover - Simple Grocery App

    Application is built on the habits of shoppers. It increases the efficiency and speed of your shopping experience, and also prevents any unnecessary mistakes. Features: - No ads and alway free - Make shopping list - Smart typing - Check out what have/haven't been purchased - Share your...
  13. S

    Thread Omnibeam for the Galaxy S4! (US Mobeam app)

    OmniBeam playstore link (United States only) If any of you have talked to Dave Beebe about his Mobeam technology and partnership with Samsung to include it in the Galaxy S4, you probably also got this E-mail today: I'm going to download it when I get back home and try it out. I'd love to see...
  14. pentium1061

    Thread Online shopping app : India Coupons [New Coupons] [16.7.2013]

    Hello guys, New Update India Coupons 1.1.2 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhaee.coupons Coupons updated on 16.8.2013. Description Now get the hottest coupons and discounts at your fingertips. India Coupons allows the user to search for coupons and deals for online...
  15. pentium1061

    Thread My first app India Coupons

    removed New page http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2272146
  16. S

    Thread [Q] I'm having trouble deciding on a phone!

    Here are my Issues! I have run out of my Sprint contrap and I use a hot spot for the Relay for Life Port Hueneme, Ca. I have one eye, so I need something that's Like the Samsung Galaxy S3, but costs less Required specs: SIZE 6 in tall x 3 in wide ROM 32GB internal RAM 32 - 64GB External...
  17. P

    Thread Free Amazon Prime for students (6 months free 2 day shipping with edu email)

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/student/signup/info?ie=UTF8&refcust=LR4TBLN6FT3QK6WECGT4OYRLTQ&ref_type=generic I've bought tons of stuff on Amazon lately because of Prime and it's paid for itself, and any Prime eligble item lets you do next day shipping for $3.99. If you've never shopped with Amazon...
  18. chakdev

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Rainbow Compare - Save on groceries

    Hi everybody on xda-developers, Compare grocery prices using Rainbow Compare. Rainbow Compare automatically calculates and compares unit prices of the products that you're interested then visualizes the comparison result for you to make a more informed, frugal buying decision. Rainbow...
  19. A

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Shopping Flyers Canada [Free]

    Hi there community, I have created my first android app, Shopping Flyers Canada. Shopping Flyers Android app provides you with the latest weekly shopping flyers from all the major retailers including Best Buy, Futureshop, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Staples, Sears, Source and many more. So if you...
  20. U

    Thread [FREE App] Shopper's Top Ten - Awesome for Finding Gifts and Hot Selling Items!

    Here's the newest release from Sleepy Hungry - Shopper's Top Ten. Any suggestions and comments welcome so give it a try and let me know what you think! http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/2d0167bd-3b2e-4b42-a16f-30c5eaed4284 Want to know what the best selling items are in books, music...
  21. K

    Thread [Q] Grocery List app specific to India

    I am searching for a Grocery app specific to India. Wanted to have a go at Grocery IQ but it is not available to India. Please HELP!
  22. B

    Thread [APP] LazyShopper - lists of purchase

    Hi, I want to introduce my application LazyShopper. LazyShopper is a new functional application which helps to create and handle lists of purchase on your smartphone. A distinctive peculiarity of this application is an easy-to-use work with lists, a capacity of forming of templates/recipes...
  23. F

    Thread [Q] Power Button/Key Where to Buy

    can anybody give me ebay or any link where to buy that key because my got stuck and my nervos sister broke it up :)
  24. Ethan Allison

    Thread [APP] Starbucks Card Quick Pay 2.1 (unofficial barcode tool)

    Update: version 2! Now with on-phone barcode generation instead of getting it from the internet! Plus, more streamlined interface! For some reason Starbucks doesn't have an Android mobile pay app. So I made one! Update: Starbucks released an official app a few hours after I did. Sure wasn't...
  25. R

    Thread Request for an Awesome APP

    I'd like to have someone develop an app that helps people shop. Here is my idea. You go shopping. Pick up an item (Example: box of cereal). Use the phone to scan the UPC bar. The APP then searches the web or specific manuf. to see if there is a coupon for the product. If there is it shows you...
  26. P

    Thread Online Store - CellPhoneShop.net

    Hey Everyone, I have made now two purchases from this website. The prices are very well worth it, for most accessories. The best advice I would say, is don't buy things that are complex as it isn't always the parts or supplies that make a product bad - sometimes, it is the construction and...
  27. Z

    Thread [APP] AmazonIt! 1.3 [2010.09.13] barcode price lookup

    [APP] AmazonIt! 1.3 [2010.09.13] barcode price lookup What It Does AmazonIt! helps you shop. Ever see an item on the shelf that looks interesting, but you wonder A) if you can find it cheaper online? B) if it's any good? That's where AmazonIt! comes in. Using AmazonIt!, you can scan a...
  28. S

    Thread Shopping...so many choices. Please weigh in.

    Back story - I have a HTC Fuze (Raphael) and it was my first advanced smart phone. Been on those little grey screen nokias until this phone. So I totally got into the whole fuss and fury of hacking the heck of phone. :rolleyes: But as time has progressed it seem I may have gotten one of the...
  29. P

    Thread Searching for an calendar app and shopping list app

    Hi there, I'm searching for calendar app which: + same comfort like HTC calendar .. or better + has the ability to set entries as private + does not need google calendar (I don't want to save my personal data on a server where i can't be shure that someone else had access to) + can be...
  30. L

    Thread Where to buy Diamond in Buenos Aires?

    I'm staying for Buenos Aires, Argentina for a while. I lost my Diamond and need a new one. Where to buy? (I don't know price guide websites, etc. here) Thanks Andreas Brekken