1. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [GUIDE] Advanced swipe gesture shortcuts using Tasker, for running any task or automations.

    Table of Contents Preface Requirements Difficulty How it works! Uses Autorun Demo, screenshots, TaskerNet & project backup Tips Why not those easy to use apps from PlayStore? End note. 1. Preface Before getting my hands on Pixel 6, I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8 running on an Android 10...
  2. ShebeerPrince

    Thread [CLOSED]Mod edit

    Content of post removed on request of OP @ShebeerPrince
  3. A

    Thread [5.0+][v1.4][FREE] Apps Nested Folder

    This's a full version, not trial nor restricted features. If you like it, please support me and Buy the paid version from Google Play. Also you can support me further by making a donation at my PayPal account. Create nested folders for your apps. Easily reach & open your apps using one hand...
  4. FlorjanKlancar

    Thread Question: OnePlus 7T pro shortcuts missing

    Hello, Recently I have find out that my phone is deleting all of my shortcuts on my home screen after Android updates... So for example every Chrome shortcut link icon on home screen or contact shortcut gets deleted / is missing after Android Update of my phone. Does any of you guys have an...
  5. FlorjanKlancar

    Thread Question: OnePlus 7T pro shortcuts missing

    Hello, Recently I have find out that my phone is deleting all of my shortcuts on my home screen after Android updates... So for example every Chrome shortcut link icon on home screen or contact shortcut gets deleted / is missing after Android Update of my phone. Does any of you guys have an...
  6. ptitsnake

    Thread Quick shortcuts menu of the notification panel has disappeared

    Hello, For a few days the line of system shortcuts has suddenly disappeared. Here is what I currently have : Instead of before : I When I click on the pen I can see all the icons and options. But after validation nothing happens. I searched all the parameters submenus but I found...
  7. alienator88

    Thread [Substratum] Lockr - Minimalist Lockscreen

    Lockr Via this substratum theme you can hide the shortcuts, lock icon, carrier label, statusbar icons and minimize the fingerprint icon to a small dot. Note: The left and right shortcuts still work if you swipe, they are just hidden. How to apply overlays: 1. Select both overlays 2. Build and...
  8. LeeDroid

    Thread [App] Volume Control Panel Pro/Free - A Flexible Volume Control Panel Replacement

    Ladies & Gents, I thought it was about time I fired up a thread for my latest app, so here it is . All feature requests & suggestions taken on board, I am really keen to make this the best it can be! It's available to download via Google Play & XDA Labs, the labs version can not be updated...
  9. T

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts, with real app icons

    Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts Quickly open apps, shortcuts & websites, directly from your notification shade with icons that fit in perfectly! Download from the Play Store here How is this app different to other similar apps? Other apps do not use the real app icon in...
  10. N

    Thread Easy way to launch an app from Fire TV?

    Hi, I am setting a Fire TV 4K stick for my mother in law, and would like to make it as simple as possible. She only needs to use two apps: Netflix and Youtube. Is there any way to quickly launch one of those two apps? Right now, clicking the home button will show the "Sling App" on top, I have...
  11. RenaKunisaki

    Thread Tab3: how to edit/disable the "taskbar"?

    I've got the TB3-X70F with root on stock firmware (Android 6). It has this extra "taskbar" button that pulls up some app shortcuts. How can I edit the list of apps here or remove the button?
  12. ramonguthrie

    Thread How do I get these camera shortcut icons?

    I was in phone store and I noticed these shortcut camera icons similar to what I could do on the s7, does anyone know how i can get these quick settings camera icons?
  13. C

    Thread [APP][4.0+] OneTouch Launcher for Android (Android App)

    To Whom It May Concerns ! I would like to introduce OneTouch Launcher for Android, a cool tool for Android devices (running Android 4.0 - API 15 and up) How many moves/gestures do you often make to adjust volumes or start an app ? With OneTouch Launcher you will need just one touch to...

    Thread Shortcuts.

    In the previous version (EMUI 3.1.1 - Android 5.0.1) when I was pulling the status bar to access the shortcuts, I had all the shortcuts available. Now (EMUI 4.0.3 - Android 6.0), I only have 9 shortcuts available (3x3). I can only replace them with others in the edit menu! Anyone know if there...
  15. 2B_4G10

    Thread Home Screen shortcuts! need them put!

    hey, i've been struggling with the LTE disengaging and HSDPA replacing it for a while now. anyhow i made my mind to update to the latest factory image fully blowing the phone back to stock, but the thing is and the thing is silly possibly, i need my home screen icons to remain as is after i...
  16. C

    Thread Is there any way to make the short-cuts dropdown menu in MM look like the one in LP?

    After upgrading to MM B511 I can see only 9 shorcuts at one time in the drop down menu. I think it was 20 with B331. Is there any way to make the short-cuts dropdown menu in MM look like the one in LP in a rooted MT7-L09? There was a thread opened for a similar topic but that thread is dead...
  17. RubbedLung

    Thread Open two Apps with one Shortcut?

    Hey I needed to open two apps that work in conjunction but I was curious if there was an app that could create a single shortcut that could open them both simultaneously?
  18. P

    Thread How to backup my created desktop shortcuts urls?

    Is there a simple way to backup my desktop shortcuts made with adblock browser? I like to put my favorito websites on my android desktop, but sometimes i do Factory reset and lose my shortcuts
  19. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.0+] Digit Control

    Digit Control Current Version: 1.0.x Digit Control, lets you quickly start applications, make phone calls, or launch any other task by simple number codes. Basically you can use the numbers as shortcuts for different tasks. Supported Actions ★ Make phone call ★ Send email ★ Open...
  20. P

    Thread OTG Keyboard Shortcuts for Android

    Hey, I know there are some useful keyboard shortcuts on Android (like Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+Backspace etc.) when you have a bluetooth or OTG keyboard for your Android device. I also found these here: Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Scrolling • Spacebar: Page down in any Web page/document view •...
  21. D

    Thread Floating Toolbox on S6

    Floating Toolbox( Floating Launcher ) is a shortcut application similar to Samsung Galaxy S5 Toolbox. Floating Toolbox gives you access to your apps from anywhere by pressing the Floating button. - Add applications to Floating Toolbox by long pressing the Floating icon or press the launcher...
  22. andreglud

    Thread [Q] Keyboard Folio Edit Shortcuts

    Hello world, I really enjoy using my nexus 9 and the folio at school, but the shortcuts annoy me. Or, there's a few things that could be better. Ex. It's asking me everything I press Search+P to which music app I wanna open. And even though I press Spotify and "always" it just asks me...
  23. S

    Thread [Q] Lifehack - Move up quicklaunch icons on lockscreen

    Hello everyone! I think it would useful for everyone who have little hands and this big smartphone :) - It is very useful thing to launch favorite apps by one slide from lockscreen - BUT! it is very difficult to reach this shortcuts (quick launch icons) on bottom of lockscreen. - I have stock...
  24. O

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to backup my home screens?

    Is there a way to back up all the shortcuts, widgets, folders, and such on my home screen? I already have a backup of the apps...
  25. D

    Thread [Q] Disable My Magazine Shortcut?

    I rooted and was trying to remove apps I didn't want... On trying to use the My Magazine app, it had no options to disable the shortcut. I have since deleted Flipboard and My Magazine, but the swipe motion to bring up My Magazine instead brings up the Google Play store and the phone saying it...
  26. bill_viper

    Thread [Q] How to change lockscreen shortcuts with Nova Prime launcher?

    Hello guys, i have rooted my One and using the ARHD rom. I didn't like Sense, so i've bought the Nova Prime launcher. But i can't change the lockscreen shortcuts with this launcher. Is there any way to do this? Thanks, Bill
  27. A

    Thread [Q] Put Folder of Contact Shortcuts on Launch Bar

    Apart from the prefix "Can I", or even "how do I" if I can, it's all in the heading really. On my phone I have a screen of contact shortcuts, usually two per contact - ring mobile, send SMS. Some get ring work as well. Having a small family and few friends, one screen is enough. I would like...
  28. Decad3nce

    Thread [App][4.1+]Quickly Notification Shortcuts

    Hello all, This thread is to discuss my application "Quickly Notification Shortcuts" or simply named "Quickly". Quickly is a simple app that creates an ongoing notification in your notification drawer filled with up to 12 shortcuts to an application launcher, direct dial to a contact, direct...
  29. GreenFuzzer

    Thread [Q] Shortcuts Toolbar

    After doing a Regular Search and Advanced Search and not finding an answer I'm sorry to say I have to ask for help. When we take the stylist out you can have it set so that the "Shortcuts Toolbar" slides out on the right hand side. I'm using Apex Launcher but also have Go Launcher EX, Nova...
  30. C

    Thread [Q] Direct Dial shortcut not supported?

    Does anyone else have the problem that direct dial shortcuts are not working (created by custom launcher like LauncherPro or ADWlauncherEX). I can create the shortcut but it doesn't initiate anything when I press it. Can anyone confirm if they are having the same issue? If so, does anyone know...
  31. guido3300

    Thread [REQUEST] HTC Quicklaunch Widget and Clock

    Hey guys, when I was on the HTC Amaze days they ported Sense 4 from the VilleC2 and it came with the Quicklaunch Widget but it didn't come with the Clock Widget incluided like it was back on Sense 3.5. Now they're 2 separate widgets. For some reason they didn't come with Sense 4 for the Evita...
  32. O

    Thread Delete shortcut from Application Menu

    Is there any way to remove application shortcut from the Applications Menu for HTC Sence on ISC? I am not talking about the main Sense interface. I am talking about the shortcut created by the .APK file in the main menu. Is there any way to rename or remove such shortcuts?
  33. P

    Thread [Q] Go Launcher folders shortcuts?

    I was wondering if there was a way to link to standard go launcher folders to save the need for a separate folder app. So far I cant find them when I try to put a shortcut to them in programs like swipepad.
  34. mengfei

    Thread [Q] Just 1 data.ext4 with 3 SD-Roms

    is it possible to use just one data.ext4 file with 3 different SD-ROMs providing that that data.ext4 is completely compatible with those 3 SD-ROM. my son was asking if he could just put "shortcuts" inside those the folders :D
  35. J

    Thread [Q] Change Quick Panel Shortcuts in SGSIII

    Hy enevryone, I was wondering if the quickpanel shortcuts can be customized ( ideally brightness and plane) using the Quickpanel settings ( that I can't find even while looking at it :() ... Anyway did anyone tried to do that and explain me how it works ??? Best regards
  36. zPacKRat

    Thread LG Home (T-Mobile VS. LG Unbranded) Need some help.

    After having my T-Mobile Optimus-T running the latest 10s OS hang and not reboot after updating a few apps I decided to install the unbranded 20G firmware to make the jump to Gingerbread. I like a lot of others found the fastdormancy bug and battery life went out the door. After trying to update...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] Keyboard stupid question - problem with "G" and "S"

    When I am trying to write a message or e-mail with my language (Greek in this case) when pressing on the natural keyboard the S or the G it thinks that I am pressing the shortcut buttons, but I am in the text area trying to write.. Every other letters are fine except those which are shortcuts...
  38. C

    Thread [Q] How do I add back keyboard shortcuts in settings?

    Hi, I've recently become addicted to pairing a bluetooth keyboard to my Evo 3d. However, a number of guides recommend that you create your own application shortcuts by going to settings>Applications>Quick Launch. We don't have quick launch in the Evo 3d menu. Any idea how I can make it appear...
  39. _Iulian

    Thread [Q] Shortcut positions inside folders, stock 2.3 launcher problem

    Hi guys, first post here. I have this weird problem regarding 2.3, basically, since i updated on its release date, doesn't matter if it's on ck or sk. Currently i'm on Wolfbreaks V5c version and the problem's still here. When i'm done organising my shortcuts inside a specific folder, after a...
  40. N

    Thread [Q] webOS Keyboard Remapping

    Does anyone know how to configure custom keyboard mappings and/or shortcut bindings for WebOS? Is there a config file I can edit to do system wide remaps? Dammit, mods move this to General please. Thank you.
  41. S

    Thread [Q] create shortcut to directly settings?

    Is it possible to create shortcuts on the home screen to point directly to specific settings? E.G. I would like a shortcut to the USB utitlites setting (Settings>Wireless and network>USB Utilities) for when I want to plug my usb cable in to transfer files. I'd also like a shortcut to the Wi-Fi...
  42. tjb3401

    Thread [Q] Kindgom Lockscreen

    Talking about the Kingdom Lockscreen by Seo found here: I am not new to flashing mods/roms/anything, but with this are there supposed to be shortcut icons on the lockscreen like in the Kingdom port by virus? I'm using GengerSense which is...
  43. oldmanmoz

    Thread [Q] App shortcuts don't work using devoid.franco & franco v12 kernel

    I can't get any applications to create desktop shortcuts, tried unified remote (with which i spoke to it's dev) and XM Notes, neither of which will create shortcuts via the context menu, the menu is there, it just produces no shortcut, no error etc. From my investigation i assume it's something...
  44. K

    Thread [Q] An Interesting Problem with Shortcuts on the HTC HD2...

    Dear Reader, I have a problem relating to shortcuts which I am almost certain cannot be resolved but I wanted to see, before giving up on it, whether anyone has any ideas. I use a rather extensive file system on my desktop for work relating to multiple projects. These are sorted in folders...
  45. penpen2

    Thread [Q] change shortcuts AT&T launcher

    Hello, wanted to know if you can change the launcher icons AT & T example instead to contacts, mmm i dont know handcent.. its posible?? thax!
  46. RIPBAP1999

    Thread [Q] Music display shortcuts drag

    Hi, in CM7, or any rom really, when you pull down the top bar and music is playing, it shows what song is playing, the album, and such. I want to know if there is a way to have shortcuts like pause next and previous. Is there an app that does that? Or is it possible? Thanks. Using CM7 nightly...
  47. L

    Thread Think Outside Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts on Samsung Vibrant

    Bluetooth Keyboard Shortcuts on Samsung Vibrant (And Possibly for Samsung Galaxy Tab) Smartphones now come in bigger screens of up to 4 inches or more. It is no longer uncommon for a phone to have a 1 Ghz processor with storage of up to 32 GB on an external sd card. With these improved...
  48. exekias

    Thread An easy Alternate doctrine for Apps on your X10

    Currently our current doctrine is to be app obsessed, and to admit it, i am too BUT the more apps = less space, higher battery consumption, more FC, more browsing time, slower app market startup times, higher cpu strain and my personal favourite opening the process manager and clicking "kill...
  49. dtsouers

    Thread LnkMgr v0.0.2.7 Alpha Released [03/19/10]

    LnkMgr v0.0.2.7 Alpha Released Now includes fix for shared folders and minor graphic improvements LnkMgr is a link/shortcut creator and editor for the Pocket PC. It allows a user to effortlessly create and catagorize links en masse in the Start Menu folder. It also allows you to remove...
  50. de Wolfe

    Thread [HINT] Using Myriad JAVA taken from SE X2

    Hello everybody, Maybe a couple of you are like me not really satisfied with the integrated JBlend. It doesn't create shortcuts, looks bad etc. ... For me the Java-client of the SE Xperia X2 did solve that problem. You can load it here: *KLICK* (Post 2) Install it and if you're not using WWE-Rom...