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  1. H3wastooshort

    Thread How to make Android 11 permanently not shut down on low battery.

    Pretty much noob here. I have a Galaxy S3 Neo running non-rooted LineageOS 18.1 and the TWRP bootloader. It has a broken USB circuit. The Port looks fine after taking it apart but getting power or data connected is a 1/100 chance. Because of that I attached an external charging circuit (TP4056)...
  2. TheWolf_Prod

    Thread Phone turns off suddenly for a long time

    Hello, I have a really strange problem with my A50FN/DS. The phone turns off by itself and I can't turn it on for a minimum of two days! Recently I had the phone plugged into the charger and it had 3% and I was watching a movie on it, all of a sudden android freezed, made a high pitched sound...
  3. W

    Thread Faulty

    First of all -please excuse the thread's title, but I encountered an issue where I couldn't input content in the "title" box unless I refreshed the page and started typing before it loaded the page fully (tried on both Chrome and Firefox - VERY odd). Recently I've encountered issues with the...
  4. A

    Thread Galaxy S7 randomly shuts off with the battery at 0%

    The phone in question is a Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F. Here's the issue: The phone randomly shuts off (at any battery percentage). The only way to reboot it is to put it on a charger. When you put it on the charger, it acts like the battery was drained completely. The charge begins at 0% and it...
  5. D

    Thread Galaxy S4 shutting down randomly

    I'm having some trouble with my rooted Galaxy S4 (SGH-M919). The last couple days it just randomly shuts down, restarts, and shuts down again. There's really no rhyme or reason to it, it can be sitting on a table and have it happen, or be in use. Sometimes I can go hours without a problem, then...
  6. CompuTechnoPro™

    Thread N920C hangs/reboots/shuts down randomly

    For the first on this device, I have flashed TWRP via Odin and then tried flashing Khonloi ROM with TWRP using a Flashdrive via OTG (since, I couldn't copy zip files via TWRP mount feature, said something like the device is no longer connected or stopped responding). Flashing got stuck while it...
  7. C

    Thread What to know before RMAing - trying to inform myself

    First off, I just wanted to thank you guys for always being so helpful. It's really nice to have people like you to discuss things with. I just bought a used Nexus 6P, and it seems to suffer from the battery shutoff issue once it gets below ~10%. The original owner bought directly from the...
  8. G

    Thread Get rid of shutting down after "device corrupt" message - so possibility to gain root

    Get rid of shutting down after "device corrupt" message - so possibility to gain root Some of you might face the problem that whatever you do anything you change on your device in order to gain root even if your bootloader is unlocked your device is turning off after promting "device corrupt...
  9. GiorgosKanellis

    Thread How to shut down permantly one core on Android phone programatically

    Good Afternoon. I working on an Android application, but I'm stuck on a problem now. I want to shut down permantly one (or more) of the four CPU cores of my android device. I found a way through ADB but none through Java.:crying: Can anyone help me out?:confused: Thanks in advance!
  10. GiorgosKanellis

    Thread How to shut down permantly one core on Android phone programatically

    Good Afternoon. I working on an Android application, but I'm stuck on a problem now. I want to shut down permantly one (or more) of the four CPU cores of my android device. I found a way through ADB but none through Java. :silly: Can anyone help me out? :confused: Thanks in advance!
  11. A

    Thread Xperia Z3 Keeps restarting by itself

    My Xperia Z3 just started restarting by itself every few minutes. The phone functions normally for a few minutes, and then suddenly, the screen turns Black and you cant do anything with the phone. You would need to reset it in order to temporarly fix it. I also have noticed the screen was...
  12. D

    Thread Why I want to throw my precious lg g3 into the ocean...

    Hello everyone! ( i know that there are some other topics about this problem but no one seems to have answered them):) My lg g3 d855 ( the international model) isn't rooted and there aren't any modifications I've made on it. I've bought 2014 on the 10 of september. I was worried about the...
  13. zrilman

    Thread Phones goes down by itself

    Hello everyone, first of all I tried to find this tread in the G3 subforum but I couldn't find it. If it already exist please send me the link of the topic and delete mine. I have a problem with my D855 32GB version (rooted,stock rom,latest lollipop installed). When I'm not using my phone it...
  14. S

    Thread [Q] Random shut downs

    My VZW 2nd gen. Moto X is randomly shutting down on me at work while it is in my pocket. The phone gets a little warm and doesn't always boot back up right away when I hold the power button. It almost seems as though it is actually frozen rather than shutting down. I do have rather poor cell...
  15. mjwitt2

    Thread [Q] M7 Shutdown issue when plugged in...Red Text/Battery Icon

    My M7 is on AT&T running Insert Coin Sixth Sense v2.3.1, S-off with Rumrunner. My issue is this... If I try to charge my phone powered down, it appears to be hanging up on this screen on shutdown that displays the red HTC text from the bootloader, along with a battery icon. The red LED light is...
  16. S

    Thread [Q]I can get into TWRP, can't reflash 4.3, hangs @ ATT logo.$5 Paypal if you can fix!

    Hello all, I flashed and rooted my SGIII about 6 months back using these threads Everything was running fine until Saturday, I noticed my phone kept shutting off in my...
  17. cmerlyn

    Thread [Q] Vivid turns off hard

    I have an ATT Vivid, SOff, rooted, TWRP installed, running DU. Runs great, but every now and then it turns off. The battery has plenty of charge, not running any apps (often in its holster). I go to wake it up and find it clear off and not responding to power button. Pulling battery works. Any...
  18. F

    Thread [Q] KF hanging in final shut down phase

    A question about shutting down on Kindle Fire 1st Gen. After pressing “Power Off” you get the small oblong (blue word/line) power off window with the shutting down circle. After this has closed there is usually a few seconds of a vague blue light (mostly seen on edge of screen) on a black...
  19. pana22

    Thread [Q] The phone automatically turns off. Bricked?

    Hi guy. Heres the problem. I had the phone charging (all night). I disconnected. I wake up, answer a couple of messages and automatically shut down. I press the power button and does not start. I remove the battery and put it back. I plug the charger and shows no battery! I'm using the German...
  20. avirk

    Thread [Q] CM9 shuts off itself on SGS2?

    I'm facing a very weird problem on my SGS2, using CM9 9.1.0 stable making me crazy. My device go to in deep sleep in 12-24 hrs once when I'm using Siyah kernel while CM9 stock kernel do it once in a day. :'( I have Googled for it and got this thread where the problem is same...
  21. junne

    Thread [Q] Battery problem

    Maybe a week ago my nexus start to shut down when battery reach 20%. I charged it and every time when my battery reach 20%, says that battery is empty and shut down... I try to re-install my ROM - same, then i try with another - same, then try again with another - same! Also i reset my battery...
  22. Hypercaine

    Thread HTC Rhyme power off issue

    Ok, so my friend got HTC Rhyme, 2 year contract and all that. The phone worked fine for about a week, when it started having random shut-downs. She sent the phone to an official HTC repair shop, it was there for about a 20 days, and they returned it, stating that they couldn't find any of the...
  23. khalilcr

    Thread [Q][resolved] Phone shuts down?[camera]

    Every now and then when i take a picture the phone shuts down, and i cannot turn it back on unless i plug it in the outlet, or remove and replace the battery ....(regardless of my battery level). Is that a known issue? Any fix available? Here is my setup: Running Tweakstock 1.4 + ext4 + PBJ...
  24. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Back up WM Apps from the WM Market

    There isn't really a General section for Windows Mobile, so I'm placing this thread here. If it needs to be moved, I'm sure a mod will handle it. Like many of you, I recently received the e-mail about the Windows Mobile Market shutting down. I'm glad I never actually used the market, but some...
  25. N

    Thread [Q] Nexus One will not stay powered off.

    My Nexus One doesn't shut off. Simply does not stay powered off. I hold down the power button, push Power Off, it reboots. Any other way I've used to power down the phone also just results in a reboot. I take the battery out, put it back in, it reboots. I power off from bootloader, it reboots...
  26. T

    Thread [Q] Is there a fix for 3VO shut downs?

    I haven't seen any actual fixes just a lot of reports from people regarding their EVO 3D shutting down and requiring a battery pull to get working. I have owned the device for two weeks. I bought the phone on eBay. The phone is a refurb (VTO 11/23/11 sticker under battery). The first week the...
  27. H

    Thread [Q] Radar Randomly Turns Off

    I got a radar for free from work, had it for a month or 2 and something funny started happening. Whenever it takes a little tap in the wrong place or i put it in my pocket it turns off. I opened the phone up and completely took it apart and put it back together again making sure that every...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Xperia X10 Turns off when using internet through Carrier but not through WIFI.

    Hello, I have a strange Issue with my phone Xperia X10. When I use the Internet through the Carrier (3G) for several minutes, and the battery is less then ~80% the phone simply turns off unexpectedly for no reason. If I then try to turn on the phone it will immediately shut down again so...
  29. sjamie

    Thread Full Reboot App

    Is there any app that can actually power down the MoPho and restart it? I am NOT talking about the fast reboot apps that don't actually power down the phone. Preset Reset worked perfectly for my retired Palm Pre. There are certain things I definitely miss about that phone. (sniff... sniff...)
  30. M

    Thread My Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 is restarting and shuting down. Please help!!!

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. The phone came with the firmware version 2.3.3. However, I am having some battery issue and automatically restart and shut downs. The battery only lasts some hours (may be 8 hour) in the standby mode, after a complete charge. The phone normally restarts...
  31. Psychoticus

    Thread [Q] Power Off Splash Screen

    Hi Guys, I've been searching for a while but haven't come up with an answer, When powering off my Sensation with the LCD Density set to 180 the splash screen looks odd and is cut off, just wondering if there is anything i can do to change this or flash it with a custom? Thanks for the help in...
  32. Y

    Thread random shut down

    Has anyone's mesmermize shut down randomly when it is in the standby mode? I've noticed that the Captivate, Fascinate, Vibrant, and Epic have experienced the problem. Also, if it has, is your IMEI number within the range identified by the internal service bulletin?
  33. J

    Thread Vibrant shuts off/down after screen timeout

    I started having problems with my Vibrant turning itself off after the screen times out.. I searched quite a few sites and saw others complaining of the same issue, but never an answer to the issue.. So far I havent found it here, but I am a bit new to XDA so I maybe missing it.. My Vibrant is...
  34. E

    Thread HTC Desire Shuts Down at 30% Battery

    I need help. My HTC Desire keeps shutting down automatically at 30% battery life. And when I power it back on, it stays on for a while then automatically shuts down again. The same happens when I havent fully charged it and its still in the charger. It does the same with both my batteries.Is...
  35. Senax

    Thread [APPs] a (little) Collection of freeware SOFT POWER OFF WM PPC

    Hello all interested people, Here some soft alternatives to our Power ON/OFF Button. Do you have an nice application too? Please mention the official download link in this thread and I will add it here. TIA. xdaShutdown (Skinable) AA...
  36. DoAndroidsDream

    Thread HTC Desire won't shut down / power off

    Turned off the phone last night, returned to it this morning (6+ hours) with "Power off - shutting down" on the screen. I ended up pulling the battery and booting from cold. The phone turned back on with no problems, but 45 minutes after turning it off again - it is displaying the same screen...
  37. L

    Thread Is there a tool to manually turn off the LCD of TD2?

    As I do not want to push the power button to turn off the LCD, I hope it can turn off the LCD by a menu. (e.g. Menu->Turn Off LCD) By the way, is there a same tool to soft reset / shut down my TD2? My OS is windows mobile 6.1 English, and the ROM is from HTC official.
  38. F

    Thread Kaiser Sudden Reboot

    Hi all, Recently, my phone seems go wrong. It always sudden shut down during my phone call / 3G internet connections. It keep annoying that it keep reboot again during the windows booting stage. Usually, it can be solved until I plug the power cable and reboot. I tried to hard reset and...
  39. H

    Thread Atom life shut down by pressing on cover

    Hi. My Atom life shuts down when i press (it has not to be very hard) on the cover between display an the button panel. Sometimes it even shuts down when it is lies somewhere. I tried with hardreset, but no change. So I cann't use it, because it shuts down permanently. :eek: Could it be a...
  40. R

    Thread dash crashing/shuting down erratically

    Im starting this thread bcuz it was hard for me to find the information about my dash shutting down on me in the middle of stuff (specially online videos) so here it is: battery. Its what I came across looking around the threads (for a while) and it makes sense. Your phone is working great for...