1. Mayism

    Thread What Can I Do If My Joint Operations App/Game Is Rejected Due to Inconsistent App Signatures?

    Background: I have integrated the HMS Core SDK for a game, and recently, submitted a game update for review, but it is rejected because the app signature differs from that of my released game. I’ve written the following troubleshooting guide to help resolve this problem. Troubleshooting 1...
  2. Y

    Thread Is It Possible To Mod The Spen's Signature Color For Screen?

    Well as the title says does anyone know a way to mod the Spen's signature color, preferably without rooting the device? If not it's really not a big deal but it'll be a nice feature if possible. Thanks *Screen Off (in title)
  3. A

    Thread fix/bypass signatures do not match the previously installed version

    So i need to back up app which has backup function disabled, so i decompiled app, changed backup to true and compiled, app installed and i could back it up with adb but data was gone, i needed to keep /data/data/com.myapp so i did, with pm uninstall -k and it kept data but now i can't install my...
  4. R

    Thread [APP][FREE] Draw Signature - Need Feedback and Review for My First Android App

    Hello, I have created my first Android application and finally uploaded on Play Store. This app is all about practicing your signature or creating a new signature by drawing on canvas, I have also added some additional features like directly sharing your drawing through any third party app eg...
  5. linuxct

    Thread [Guide][w/o Root] Bypass Google's Signature Check

    Bypass Google's Signature Check mod any Google application on your own and bypass Google GMS' signature checks! Hello everyone, After the Pixel Launcher Backport success, today I wanted to share a little bit more on how I bypassed Google's Signature Check, in order to get it working after...
  6. Q

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Gesture Lock Screen

    Gesture Lock Screen allows you to unlock your phone with gesture, fingerprint or recovery password. Gesture Add/change/delete gesture Solid/transparent/invisible gesture colors Single (one touch drawing) and multiple gesture strokes Fingerprint Fingerprint unlock is only available on Android...
  7. B

    Thread MM&nougat superusermod (.297&.417)

    this file is Xperia XP Superusermod file. based on Customized KR it compatible MM(35.0.A.1.297), Nougat(39.2.A.0.417) version. copy in '/system/framework' paste using file manager and 644 permission. or enter twrp flash it. Thank you. thanks to nougat version refers to @venkat kamesh
  8. theonlyanil

    Thread How do I edit my signature?

    I can edit city and other info but not my signature. Here's the screenshot
  9. A

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to reduce size of .apk without break signature?

    1) The SHA1-Digest in the signature is based on the compressed or uncompressed files inside the apk? 2) If it is based on the uncompressed files, is it possible to decompress and recompress with 7-zip utility (always in the zip format) and then zipalign without break the signature? 3) Is there...
  10. beletruz

    Thread [Completed] I can't edit my XDA signature and I'm stuck with this outdated one.

    I know, I know first world problems but for real I've been trying for at least 5 months to edit that damn thing but I have no edit button besides the signature tile. If any of you have any idea please tell me.
  11. H

    Thread Help me bypass GoogleSignatureVerifier!!!

    Hello guys, I've already written there but I think that was the wrong forum. I need to bypass google signature check in application Waze in order to mod Waze and bring back radars in France! I think I've found the smali files to patch which is googleSignatureverifier.smali. I try to spoof the...
  12. H

    Thread How to make OTA updates work on rooted or modified phones

    I get OTA updates to Cyanogen OS, but the embedded update script checks whether my system partition contains the previous version exactly. Which it doesn't, because my phone is rooted and has another little modification. The check for the exact previous version is a nuisance, because the OTA...
  13. fred_gaou

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] 'adb reboot bootloader', I need feedback

    Hi, I've just reported an issue about a batch using adb commands. Please, go to see my post where I report the issue and give me some of your enlightenment about it. This can be summarize in one question: On win 8.1 x64, is it normal that the adb reboot bootloader command process keeps...
  14. dadicated

    Thread [Q] This is gonna sound stupid

    I can't find where to set/edit my signature for out going reply and posts. I've dug through all the settings and can't find it... please help.
  15. dohnkendall

    Thread [Completed] [Q] HTML Signature using XDA Mobile App

    Hey there. I've tried to create a signature using an image in the XDA Mobile app, however when I post, it seems it just posts the code, and not the image. Is this possible? Thanks, Dohn
  16. red_hanks

    Thread [Sig][XDA2014]Custom XDA Developers Signatures

    I have been with XDA since 2008 and back then during the WindowsMobile era I participated a lot. I can still remember when I dismantled the battery of my device (it was an HTC BlueAngel) just to show that 2 Nokia batteries can be fit in and will work afterwards. And as time passes by, I got busy...
  17. Tech N You

    Thread [MY WORKS] Thread relating my contributions and development, my BIG signature :P

    Hello all I am taking this thread as part of my signature :P Sorry my signature is getting pretty big so can't place everything under it :silly::( Currently developing for XOLO Play 8x-1100 and XOLO 8x-1000 HIVE So here it goes - My Works ROM's 1) Stable Unofficial CyanogenMod 11 [4.4.4] for...
  18. benkxda

    Thread [Guide] Squeeze more content into your signature [10 Jan 2015]

    Thread link The signature on XDA is limited :confused: Yes! It has a limited amount of characters. But with a few tricks, you can squeeze more content into the signature. This is my attempt to find a way to push the limits a bit. If you have other ideas, post them in the thread and if you...
  19. K

    Thread [Q] Please Help! "remote: 12 signature verify fail" needed

    Hi, I know this question has been asked many times before but I haven't been able to find a solution that works and I don't want to try anything that could make the situation worse. I had rooted my HTC One M7 but now I want to unroot it so I followed the below steps taken from the link...
  20. N

    Thread ••• [Sigs][Avatars][XDA 2015 Themes] Custom XDA graphics! •••

    Graphics requests are currently CLOSED. Hello, all! First off, I'm very excited to say that this thread has an XDA Portal post now! :good: After seeing this thread and seeing that it is dead, I have decided to resurrect it with my own! Signatures I will make you a signature that has: 1...
  21. iceyhotguy

    Thread [SHARE] ROM Signatures

    This is not a personal signature request thread. I've made a few of signature for a bunch of ROMs around here so I figured I would put them in one place so all users can easily find and use them as part of their own if they want to. Right-click any of the signatures, select "Copy Image URL" or...
  22. hugo.gabriel999

    Thread [Q] How to Disable Signature Check?

    Hello everyone, I'd like some help .. Well, I have the following problem, I would remove the signature checking on system apps, because I want to modify the manifest.xml .. I've tried everything and I can not .. :crying: Services.jar\com\android\server\pm\PackageManagerService.smali .method...
  23. AndreIrawan97

    Thread I Don't See My Sig

    Well, i already create my siggy, but i don't see my siggy... What's wrong? :confused: *EDIT* Well.... My bad... You can close this thread.. Sorry :D *EDIT 2* Okay i don't see it now... Sometimes it appear, sometime is not *EDIT 3* Well, i get it... I don't see that there's an option "Show...
  24. Sgt-Obst

    Thread [Signatures] For Motorola Devices - Hub

    Hi guys, my signatures, part 2: Motorola Devices, which I also like very much! (waaay more than Samsung devices, but HTC stills rocks as hell!) Moto G Razer HD Razer i just be paitient... more are coming :D
  25. A

    Thread [Q] How can I restore Eclipse "debug.keystore" file?

    Hi to all, I've just cleaned my computer and now I have reinstalled Eclipse. When I try to debug to device my Android Apps (before in another OS) now I'm getting an error that says that the APK signature has been changed (because I formatted my PC). How can I restore (or recreate) my previous...
  26. nfaust01

    Thread [Q] Delivery Signature for Nexus 5

    Does the Nexus 5 shipping to the states via UPS 2nd day air require a signature? I got my tracking and it is scheduled for tomorrow and usually it says if a signature is required but this one does not. Just wondering if anyone else needed to sign or not.
  27. B

    Thread [Q] Modify OEM's or hack signature

    Hey xda community, my question comes down to rooting Slatebook X2's. Finally, HP placed one of their files online. It seems that it is signed with Google's certificate but i can't confirm that for sure. So i am trying to inject su binaries into this file without loosing...
  28. v_superuser

    Thread [SIG-PICS]Signatures for XDA Developers members !

    Hey Folks Here are few signature pics that comprises of many ranks over XDA. Requests, suggestions, feedback's, changing of colors :P and demands(For sigpics :p ) are welcome. [CENTER] [CENTER] [CENTER] [CENTER] [CENTER] [CENTER] [CENTER]
  29. PulseDroid

    Thread [HUB] Nexus 7 Signatures

    INTRODUCTION:- Hello okes, so it's been a really long time since I have contributed to XDA. It's almost exams, but we have next week off before our first test, and I am already done studying so, I reckoned I could take the weekend off. - What better place to relax than on XDA! I then started...
  30. Phoenix

    Thread ||Team Phoenix|| Signature | Logo | Banner | Avatar |

    You might be wondering why i have created this thread as there is similiar thread available here in XDA. Let my Clarify I know there is another thread for the same intention and i am also member of one of them, but as I want to work alone and want to build my own team so i have created this...
  31. SahilC

    Thread Signature?

    Hello xda! I want to wrap a link around a piece of text in my signature, but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I doing something wrong? Check out my sig below ;) Thanks!
  32. aluk4rd

    Thread [SIGNATURES]SGS III mini pictures for signatures [Stock + most ROM's]UPDATE 09.01.14

    Hi guys, I don't know if someone is needing some signature pics, but if it is so, here I made some. Everyone who wants to take part of this small project, just feel free to add some self made signatures for this device!! Stock signatures: *** *** *** *** *** *** ***...
  33. TroubleShooter™

    Thread [Signature] Pics For Everyone [PNG]

    Presenting some cool Signature that i made for all XDA users including me, Request/Feedback is most welcome.;) Warning : Don't use non-designated Signature pics, might put you in trouble and further infraction possibly cause banned for you. I Warned You ! Junior Member Senior Member...
  34. H

    Thread [Q] Signature Banner Problem!

    when i post a relpy, my signature banner appears really small is it small just to me, or to everyone else aswell? pls answer, thx
  35. Phoenix

    Thread ▆ ▇ ▉ Signatures Hub™3D ▉ ▉ Logo Hub™3D ▉ ▇ ▆

    ▆ ▇ ▉ Signatures Hub™3D ▉ ▉ Logo Hub™3D ▉ ▇ ▆ If you are looking for some cool looking, beautiful signatures, then you are at the right place..! because I make the signatures & Logos as you prefer and as per as your Requirements in a beautiful professionally looking manner...! If you are...
  36. Phoenix

    Thread ▆ ▇ ▉ Signatures Hub™3D ▉ ▉ Logo Hub™3D ▉ ▇ ▆

    ▆ ▇ ▉ Signatures Hub™3D ▉ ▉ Logo Hub™3D ▉ ▇ ▆ If you are looking for some cool looking, beautiful signatures, then you are at the right place..! Coz I make the signatures as you prefer and as per as your Requirements in a beautiful professionally looking manner...! If you are looking...
  37. sherbibv

    Thread Lg L9 Signatures

    Hey guys ! I recently made a Custom signature-image for LG L9 users which you can see below. And I thought why not involve others in creating signatures so that all L9 users can have one(is desired). Minimal or whatever style you want. Just post here. Hope you guys like my idea and will post...
  38. j.posarekar70

    Thread |◣ USERBARS ◢| GALAXY Ace Plus

    Hey guies here i wish to share with you some of mine created Userbars for our device GALAXY Ace Plus. :highfive: I found on XDA every device like S4, DESIRE etc.. has userbar fourm in their thread, but not for our device :confused: well userbar is just kind of another signature which users can...
  39. jonmall1441

    Thread [Q] NDEF Signature Record in Android

    Is there anyway to add a signature record to my NDEF Message in Android? I am developing a P2P ticketing system (since access to the SE is not available on non rooted devices) for my dissertation and would like to add security to it by adding a Signature Record to the sender's NDEF Message...
  40. Lexmazter

    Thread [USERBARS] XDA Developers [Signature Pics]

    I know that there are some userbars around, but i present here my vision of some simple userbars. For more requests, just post in this thread. Member: v1 v2 Senior member: v1 v2 Recognized contributor: v1 v2 Recognized themer: v1 v2 Recognized developer: v1 v2 Elite recognized...
  41. sammyycakes

    Thread [SIGS]Request A Free Minimal XDA Signature

    I made myself and a couple of friends a new signature the other day and I decided that I wanted to make one for whoever wanted one. If you want one just simply fill this out and post it here: 1. Name wanted on signature: 2. Color for the base: 3. One-Two colors used for the text: 3. Any...
  42. SammiSaysHello

    Thread Want signature banners?

    Hi guys, I've decided to stop making banners because life's getting busy. Might change in the future though. Sorry :( Hey folks If anyone wants me to create a banner for your rom or or mod to put in your signature or posts, feel free to ask me by posting below :cowboy: I made a couple so far...
  43. pk92

    Thread [Q] SMS Signature

    Is there an app that can automatically (without input) modify an outgoing message and add a signature onto the end, but with options to have different signatures for different contacts? For example, I can have a signature for my mum, and a different signature for my sisters. I'd prefer to...
  44. DSF

    Thread [Signatures] ☎ Create your own mobile devices timeline (phones history) - super easy

    [Signatures] ☎ Create your own mobile devices timeline (phones history) - super easy Hi, A new free web service has been just released - You can create your own mobile devices showcase (timeline). As users creates timelines (eg: add phones and year when they got them), some...
  45. whitest0rm

    Thread signature userbars

    hi guys (and girls!) ive started making userbars for you to put in your signatures here on the xda forums (put them in other forums if you want too) anyway theres only a few at the moment, more are being made. please comment any you would like me to make, they can be for phones or custom ones...
  46. saywhatt

    Thread Share your sig code please

    After some time here on XDA seeing a lot of different signatures and working on my own over time, I think the bulk of mine is pretty settled. Edit: Thanks to the tip from BIGMOH, I have 110 chars left so just a little tweaking around the edges, maybe one or two more useful links. Before...
  47. moonfire711

    Thread [Q] How to remove T-mobile GS3 signature from Gmail?

    I noticed that in every email I send with gmail from my T-mobile variant of the GS3, it has the following signature at the end: "From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network." Does anyone know how to remove that pathetic thing?
  48. T.C.Stockdale

    Thread Signature links

    WARNING !!...The super thread now contains multiple threads for more than one version of the galaxy note !!.."YOU" are obligated to read and understand the methods and terminology of material posted here.."BEFORE" flashing or installing anything to your pretty, and expensive device. If you have...
  49. G

    Thread [Signature BANNERS] Samsung Galaxy S ROM's

    Signature Banners Show which ROM you are using! Hello Galaxy S users, Here I present to you, a set of signature banners you can insert in your personal XDA-signature to show what Rom you're using/own. I don't know if there is any interest in this sort of thing here, but we'll see where this...
  50. G

    Thread [Signature BANNERS] Samsung Galaxy SL ROM's

    Signature Banners Show which ROM you are using! Hello Galaxy SL users, Here I present to you, a set of signature banners you can insert in your personal XDA-signature to show what Rom you're using/own. I don't know if there is any interest in this sort of thing here, but we'll see where this...