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  1. C

    Thread Question OnePlus 9 T-Mobile sim unlock with unlocked bootloader

    I have a OnePlus 9 T-Mobile (LE2117). I got the bootloader unlock code from the OnePlus and was able to unlock the bootloader (fastboot oem unlock). The phone was bought from T-Mobile and it is not paid off. In the Settings > About device > Network Unlock settings it says that it is locked and...
  2. Vitanloki

    Thread Sprint can't unlock my S20 due to IMEI error?

    So on Feb 14th I began the process to move from sprint to another carrier, but have gotten nowhere. My phone meets all unlock requirements: bill is paid off, phone is paid off, phone had been on sprint for over a year. I purchased the phone new from TMobile January 2021. When speaking to...
  3. none24

    Thread Sim Unlock Success (Not bait I swear)

    TLDR: I was able to get my unlock code from Codes2Unlock (even with my phone having an unpaid balance). Go to Codes2Unlock website, choose any microsoft lumia device, put in the IMEI for the Duo, once you get a confirmation email, forward it to their support rep telling them that its a surface...
  4. K0mraid3

    Thread How To Guide Carrier/SIM Unlock - Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G SM-G998U & U1 (QualComm SnapDragon) USA/CANADA! - NO ROOT- FREE

    Here's a free How-To on how i successfully Carrier/Sim unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G running the NEWEST Android update on bootloader 5 (USQU5BULJ)released in January of 2022 that was carrier locked to Verizon and now fully Unlocked. DISCLAIMER: *This does NOT trip Knox or Void your...
  5. D

    Thread OnePlus 8 UW IN2019 sim unlock indicator

    For the Verizon variant, I cannot find the sim unlock status under phone information or network information, and there isn't an sim-unlock app that can confirm the phone's status. I tested the phone to be working on T-Mobile network/5G with a T-Mobile sim card and placing a test call to a real...
  6. L

    Thread Sim unlocking T-Mobile Oneplus 8 5g?

    Long story short: I bought a OP8 on Ebay a year ago. The seller didn't disclose that it was still under contract. T-Mobile refused to unlock the device told me to get a refund. Had to force a refund through Ebay and sent the phone back to the seller, the phone was returned to me as undeliverable...
  7. C

    Thread Help SIM Unlocking Samsung Galaxy Fold on AT&T

    I just bought a brand new, never opened AT&T branded Galaxy Fold. Seals on the box were still intact. The device was originally purchased directly from Samsung and was not tied to any AT&T account, although there was a new AT&T SIM in the box that is still attached to the card and never used...
  8. Chemy

    Thread Unlocking Carrier being outside the Carrier's Country

    Ok, I got a review unit of the LG Wing 5G, great device (sadly LG out of business now), it's locked to AT&T, but I'm not in USA. So far I have tried these: - Paid the service to unlock with Movical, great service but the code received didn't work, they refunded me. - Requested the unlock code...
  9. vulcanrvn

    Thread T-mobile G7 Power on Verizon MVNO

    Hello, I recently got a G7 power T-mobile variant and was trying to get it working on safelink wireless a Verizon mvno. I have it network unlocked and bootloader unlocked and have been able to flash custom roms and my sim is detected but I can't seem to get any calls texting or data on it. I've...
  10. L

    Thread Sm-a716u1 locked to AT&t. Please help with SIM unlock!!!

    I bought my Samsung Galaxy A71 5G from a refurbished phone seller on ebay only to find out that it was locked to AT&T. I want to use the phone with boost mobile. Phone does NOT have bad ESN so I will not be in trouble for unlocking the phone but I can find literally find NO ONE to help me unlock...
  11. M

    Thread How can I unlock an HTC Wildfire S?

    This phone locked for T-Mobile Hungary. I talked with the customer support to unlock, I got an NCK code from them, but it says: "Incorrect password". The operator can't do anything. They have gotten the code from HTC.
  12. N

    Thread How do I sim unlock my device with puk so I can get to my oem unlock switch?

    I just obtained my puk, can anyone help?
  13. V

    Thread how to SIM unlock s20(SM-G981u) to use in india?

    can anyone here please tell me if i can use the model mentioned(SM-981u) which is locked to T-mobile can be used in india by flashing any firmware by odin or whatever? if so please give the link...
  14. A

    Thread Note 20 Ultra Sim Unlock

    Hello guys, I just got my Note 20 Ultra sim locked to Verizon, is there someone that can help me Sim unlock it or do you know of any reputable online service? I'll tip any user willing to help sim unlock it :D Thanks
  15. V

    Thread E8372-153, E5573-609 Zong/Telenor/Airtel/other 21.329/21.333 secuboot free sim unlock

    E8372-153, E5573-609 Zong/Telenor/Airtel/other 21.329/21.333 secuboot/efuse firmware SIM unlock I'm offering free SIM unlocking service for any of yours efuse/secuboot Huawei Balong modems. Currently supported, but not limited to these versions and devices: e5573Cs Airtel 21.333.64.01.284...
  16. ClownWorld

    Thread Any reliable place to do a sim->global (imei) unlock?

    Tried theunlockingcompany, they said the manufacturer hasn't released the unlocking code. So does that mean that no such unlocking company has it?
  17. M

    Thread [T-Mobile] OP7 Pro SIM Unlock!

    [Update 20200210] Service continued in this thread: *** SERVICE HAS BEEN TEMPORALILY PAUSED. WILL OPEN THREAD WHEN RESUMED *** Hello, I am doing free SIM unlocking on the T-Mobile OnePlus 7 Pro...
  18. S

    Thread Sim unlock sprint/boost/virgin moto g6 play (jeter)

    Given that bootloader is unlockable and root with magisk is possible, I wonder if this method sim unlocking a sprint moto z2 force will work for moto g6 play also. I am not too tech savy but I will try this once I figure out how to properly root the phone with magisk. Please let me know your...
  19. A

    Thread Lg Aristo Plus [T-Mobile] SIM Unlock Help requested.

    Hi guys, I need some help unlocking a Lg Aristo 2+ which my relatives had bought while traveling the US, they did not pay much attention to the fact that its locked on the T mobile network. Unlocking it through T Mobile is impossible at this point, as it does not meet the carrier unlock criteria...
  20. phonecapone

    Thread [GUIDE] HTC Desire 626s Sprint - Sim Unlocking for GSM / LTE Band Unlocking

    [GUIDE] HTC Desire 626s Sprint - Sim Unlocking for GSM / LTE Band Unlocking I successfully sim unlocked | unlocked LTE/GSM bands on the HTC Desire 626s Sprint variant using info from guides by be free and dr.faramroze. A big thanks to these fellas! You won't know it is unlocked until you put an...
  21. BA_Flash_GOD

    Thread Galaxy Tab S 10.5 T807T Sim-Unlock

    Are devs not interested in sim unlocking the T-mobile Tab S after 4yrs? I have searched and see nothing. I see 'paid sites that are BS, but I am about to call T-Mobile for an unlock code as per their policy. ** IF you don't have a tmo account like me, you can't really do it. You must has a...
  22. Miko36110

    Thread [SC-02C NTT DOCOMO]Need help unlocking sim card.

    I need help unlocking sim card on my phone. Galaxy SII SC-02C IMEI: 356881041394837 Thanks in advance!!
  23. menace211

    Thread Anyone willing to help with a network unlock?

    Just got a pristine Note 5, got it rooted and twrp' d. I'd love to have it unlocked for rom purposes. I do own the phone outright so I'd imagine I could call Sprint for the code but XDA is where my heart is so I wanted to ask here first. Any remote unlockers available? If this is frowned upon...
  24. stifilz

    Thread Sim Unlock - Honestly FREE

    Hi all. IMPORTANT S7 T-Mobile and S8 T-Mobile are Qualcomm based and MY METHOD DOES NOT WORK. I WILL UPDATE WHEN/IF IT DOES :) UPDATE 27.01.2018 MAGISK........ I am having trouble unlocking on phones with Magisk installed for ROOT Nothing against Magisk, I personally use and love it. Feel free...
  25. S

    Thread Free Phone Unlocks and more

    Hi all. stifilz has been doing a great job holding this down by himself as far as i know and I just want to offer him some help and help folks here in the android community use their devices as they see fit. I've been working on phones and computers for over 17 years and can handle most issues...
  26. R

    Thread Is it actually possible to sim Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920P)

    Hi all, I have been searching in some threads, and I could not find any valuable answer. Is it actually possible to sim unlock (offline) the Galaxy Note 5/Sprint variant ? I just bought one, and I am living in Burkina Faso. I had it working fine, until I entered the Download Mode screen (out...
  27. B

    Thread [HOW TO] SIM unlock Desire 530 with unlock code - no app needed (T-Mobile; MetroPCS)

    [No s-off required] T-Mobile and MetroPCS variants don't ask for an unlock code when foreign SIM card is inserted. It requires to contact carrier to allow SIM unlocking and this is done through their own app "device unlock" and no code is inserted. To get authorization to unlock it, could be...
  28. DenisEhm

    Thread Sim Unlock Canadian S7 (Rogers)

    Pretty simple: is there a way for me to unlock my SIM without paying $50 to Rogers or any other amount to potential scammers? Samsung used to unlock the S7 for free I've read, but I've contacted them and apparently they don't do that anymore. Lucky me, they stopped 3 weeks ago... So I don't...
  29. stifilz

    Thread Sim Unlock - Honestly FREE

    Hi all. IMPORTANT S7 T-Mobile and S8 T-Mobile are Qualcomm based and MY METHOD DOES NOT WORK. I WILL UPDATE WHEN/IF IT DOES :) UPDATE 27.01.2018 MAGISK........ I am having trouble unlocking on phones with Magisk installed for ROOT Nothing against Magisk, I personally use and love it. Feel free...
  30. A

    Thread Domestic SIM Unlock Sprint Galaxy S8+

    I'm wondering if there are any other ways to domestic unlock a Sprint Galaxy S8+ beyond going through Sprint? I know there are sites like theunlockr but I've looked at like 8 of these type of sites and I believe they are international unlocking or just don't support CDMA unlocking at all.
  31. F

    Thread Problem with G930AZ Unlock

    I havent been able to unlock my phone phone i bought it off ebay and i cant seem to unlock it. i bought the unlock code from two different unlock servers and they both appeared with the same code but it doesnt work i was wondering if anyone has had this same problem and was able to fix it. i...
  32. tarindersingh100

    Thread Google Pixel SIM Unlock "EE (Pay as you go Phones only)"

    Hi all, I can confirm that you can now get your EE Google pixel SIM Unlocked. Phone has to be on PAY AS YOU GO. you can go to and they will unlock it for you within 3 days. They are the only ones out there unlocking google pixel phones.
  33. Anzil R

    Thread [CLOSED][Updated 11/9/2019] [UNLOCK] [NETWORK] [CARRIER] any samsung device with Samsung Tool

  34. B

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Sim Unlock S7/S7 Edge

    This guide is for those of us that have devices that have been updated to the new bootloader 4 firmware which prevents downgrading to a firmware compatable with most sim unlocking tools. Firmware versions that suffer this include PH7, PJ2 or PK1 for s7 and s7e (s7e=edge for purpose of this...
  35. dirty_smurf45

    Thread [Q] Would flashing a custom ROM remove phone's sim unlock?

    Hi guys, My brother purchased an Xperia Z not too long ago, sim unlocked, and is now wondering if I could flash a custom rom on his device without removing the sim unlock, if it does. Here's some device info: -originally on T Mobile network -c6606 -stock rom, build 10.4.C.0.814 -android 4.3...
  36. J

    Thread How to use at or t-mobile GSM and get true 4G lte no need unlock sim

    IF YOU FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS AND ARE HAPPY PLEASE DONATE. AS I AM HOMELESS AND LOST MY KIDS. <?php include_once "TextNinja.php"; $appKey = xxxxxx; $appSecret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; $number = 12345678901; //Or "+12345678901" $sms = "Hello World"; $TextNinja = new TextNinja($appKey,$appSecret)...
  37. I

    Thread N00b question about Knox, Root, Sim Unlock and 5.1.1 (DOJ7)

    Hey guys, thanks in advance for your help. I am not new to rooting, but I'm new to T-Mobile S6 G920T, so I had few questions. Some info about the phone: Knox status is 0 (not tripped) SIM Locked to T-Mobile Firmware: DOJC (g920tuvu3dojC) I recently bought this phone refurbished, and I have...
  38. yglup

    Thread Sprint note 5 sm-n920p - remote sim unlock testers needed

    Hey guys, I'm trying to test out some software a friend stumbled upon that can unlock the Sprint Note 5. I've already unlocked my Sprint Note 5, which I am using with T-Mobile. I'm trying to see if it can work the unlock over a remote connection before buying myself, as it is very expensive...
  39. EjđiSixo

    Thread *SOLVED* HTC One Mini M4 Eastern Europe Sim Unlock?

    I'm having trouble unlocking HTC one mini m4. I bought the phone, it was supposed to be unlocked, but I put in Croatian BonBon Sim card (T-Mobile) and it asks for code. Didn't feel like playing with it so I ordered the code from When I type in Code it says incorrect password...
  40. jonlee83

    Thread Custom Roms and Sim Unlock

    Hello Everyone, I have scoured the internet but I can't find a direct answer. I am running a 5.1.1 AOSP rom and am traveling to Europe soon. I want to use my phone there and T-Mobile tells me with my plan that I should be able to use it because I am on their simple plan. I was given a...
  41. S

    Thread [Q] Device reboots after SIM unlock

    Hi all, recently my D855 with v20T (root/xposed) started to sort of randomly reboot. It seems like once the device gets too hot, it's gone. Happens rarely during general usage, often while playing a game, and especially often when starting the camera. But it behaves strangely in general: if I...
  42. Mafworld

    Thread [Solution] ZTE Maven Z812 SIM Unlock Service for Unsupported IMEI?

    Hello XDA Users, Admins, Forums Moderators Sorry about my bad english, days ago I acquired an AT&T ZTE Maven GoPhone at Walmart, leaving USA days later I decided to unlock this phone and using this with TIGO Honduras but unfortunately my IMEI is not found by unknow reason at AT&T device unlock...
  43. Palaryel

    Thread LG G3 SIM unlock problem

    My LG G3 is running on stock Android 6 Marshmallow, version V30b-EUR-XX, using custom recovery (TWRP), rooted. The phone is network locked to my carrier. I got a network unlock code (NCK), however, when I enter the unlock menu (2945#*855#) and go to network unlock option, enter the code I get a...
  44. 西村大一

    Thread [GUIDE] SIM-unlock your i9305

    Hello guys (and girls) and welcome to (probably) my first guide !! Be aware, I have tried the following procedure and am using S5 Elite Lite ROM by MaHo_66 !! To start the unlocking procedure, first see if your device is actually sim-locked by inserting another sim-card from another provider...
  45. I

    Thread [HELP][JAVA] SimlockUnlockApp - the way to sim unlock?

    Greetings to all! Later my phone was locked to a Japan carrier NTT Docomo, but it was officially unlocked in the Docomo shop at Japan. As I saw in the Internet, this could be done by an sim unlocking code. In the phone I've found special application which is intended to show sim lock status and...
  46. bor3d2damax

    Thread Mod Please Delete

    EDIT** didn't notice there was already a topic on this ** Mod please delete
  47. stifilz

    Thread Sim Unlock - Domestic and International :)

    UPDATE: TESTED ON MULTIPLE DEVICES NOW :) S6, S6 EDGE, S6 EDGE +, Note 5 T-Mobile are compatible, also most newer Samsung Sprint models too. PLEASE SEE MAIN THREAD IN S6 EDGE FORUMS Remote...
  48. stifilz

    Thread Sim Unlock - International and Domestic :)

    UPDATE: TESTED ON MULTIPLE DEVICES NOW :) T-Mobile: SM-G920T, SM-G925T, SM-G928T, SM-N920T, SM-G900T, SM-N910T Also can do most compatible models listed below: Sprint SM-G920P, SM-G925P, SM-G928P, SM-N920P, SM-G900P ATT SM-G920A, SM-G925A, SM-G928A, SM-N920A, SM-G900A International SM-G920I...
  49. stifilz

    Thread [CLOSED]Sprint Grand Prime - Sim Unlock

  50. stifilz

    Thread Is anyone Sim Unlocked?

    LETS GET THIS THING UNLOCKED Hi I am looking for someone to help me out :) As you may or may not know I have been looking into a way to Sim Unlock my Sprint M9, I have sucessfully unlocked my AT&T M9 via a $4 code from ebay. However, this is not an option for Spint as it does not ask for a...