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  1. J

    Thread Verizon took over my phone, I want to go back to stock FW

    So to preface, I have the Verizon logo at boot, an error message saying "This is not a Verizon SIM" and a whole bunch of crapware that I can't get rid of. My phone is not a Verizon phone and it never was until now apparently. I have an iPhone that I run my business with and with it I have...
  2. alexc2021

    Thread Question Stylus 2021 requires sim to configure

    I need information on how to flash a moto g stylus 2021 because it was made a hard reset for forgetting the code and now to advance in the cofiguration asks me to insert a sim of the company and which does not allow me to configure it and I do not have the chip because it is cricket and I am in...
  3. K

    Thread Mobile Network is off for a while when i restart my phone

    I've Mi 9T Pro with MIUI 11 i also tried AOSP ROMs and MIUI 10-12. When i restart my phone mobile network is off and says "No Service" but after a while (sometimes 5 sometimes 30 mins later) mobile network becomes online. I tried everything i even replaced another IMEI but it still same. My SIM...
  4. K

    Thread [MOSTLY SOLVED] How to fix "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" error

    I was getting a looping "Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped" error on my Red Hydrogen One. Tried the remedies I found with a quick Google search (disable automatic date and time, disable auto-download updates, clear cache and data from the "Phone" and SIM toolkit...
  5. A

    Thread Samsung SIM Card not working

    Hello! A while back I dropped my Samsung A71 in water and when I started it after drying it everything appeared to be fine. But after 2 weeks or so a problem with the SIM card appeared. The card gets recognized, and I need to enter my PIN, however, I do not have any mobile data, which obviously...
  6. abijitark

    Thread Weird SIM-Phone 'incompatibility'!

    My (Vodafone Idea) SIM stopped working in my Redmi Note 7 Pro, but works in other phones. And, other SIM cards work in my device. This has happened before and Vodafone Idea had replaced my card. It worked well for three months and now the same has happened again. I searched online for a solution...
  7. The Dark Knight Patriot

    Thread Sprint Activation Issue- Help Needed

    Hey, everyone, I've had a serious issue with my latest Pixel 3 activation on Sprint. Back in April I successfully activated a new Pixel 3, this one required a physical SIM (Unlike my original Pixel 3). However, once I received the SIM card it was successfully activated within five minutes...
  8. Damianwdff

    Thread Dual SIM problem on Mi Note 10 Lite with android 11 and Xiaomi.eu

    Siempre usé las dos SIM en mi Note 10 Lite, y cuando le puse la ROM de xiaomi.eu seguían funcionando de forma correcta, hasta hace un momento dejaron de funcionar, cuando los dos SIM están activas no funciona ninguna, si descativo la SIM 2 la 1 funciona normal, y cuando desactivo la SIM 1 la 2...
  9. B

    Thread Error when searching for mobile network

    Hi there! So i'm having issues on my A70 with detecting network carriers. It does not connect or find any networks and therefore I cannot call or receive messages, only VOIP works. I have tried with wiping cache, factory reseting, different SIM cards, selecting only 2G or 3G, and calling the...
  10. M

    Thread Weird network problem - signal drops

    Hi everyone, has any of you ever had network problems, as can be seen in the video? For a few days now both network connections have been breaking down when I try to make a call. But that doesn't always happen. Sometimes I can make 10 calls in a row and everything is fine, and sometimes...
  11. Fedroid

    Thread Sims deactivation and MultiRom manager for custom roms

    Dear developers, I want to thank you for your time and consideration building ROMs for our begonia. Gone are the times of cfw and we have plenty of choice of custom roms. It's time to port MultiRom manager! So, we could taste all available ROMs here and there. I haven't got the knowledge to...
  12. garliccheese

    Thread Question about unlocking the device SIM/waiting period

    I've purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 and I'm looking at the LinageOS install guide. I realize that I'll need a SIM card and the Mi Unlock app. I don't have a dedicated SIM card for the device, but I could use the SIM card of another device. What I haven't found any information on - does the...
  13. F

    Thread 2 sims and sd?

    Just as the title says, is there any way to insert 2 sims and a sd card in the poco x3?
  14. M

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro - GM1913 sim unlock possible?

    Hi Folks, It's locked to Vodafone UK, but because it wasn't originally purchased through them they say they can't unlock it :rolleyes: I've spoken to Oneplus and they weren't able to offer any help either, they said speak to Voda, and they've said it's got an invalid imei number - it hasn't OP...
  15. pawels1628

    Thread SM-G928F - latest stock - no sim card detected... urgent..

    I have some trouble getting sim to work on galaxy s6 edge plus, but i'll start from the beggining.. A month ago, when everything was fine i did a full backup in twrp, and just in case partitions backup (everything but system and cache). What i did was a full wipe in twrp and restore twrp...
  16. A

    Thread Sim Card showing no signal

    Pocophone F1, Pixel Experience plus 12/22/2020 ( PixelExperience_beryllium-10.0-20201223-0320-OFFICIAL.zip ) Tried reinstalling pixel experience plus multiple times, still no signal showing. If i insert the sim card on a different phone, it shows full bar signal. Wifi and Bluetooth are working...
  17. Amoura39

    Thread [Help Request] Inexplicable Network Shutdowns

    Before I start, I would like to apologize if anything within this thread is not allowed or if this is the wrong place to post such a thread. I tried to find the rules from the sticked welcome message on this board but the link redirects to this forum's homepage; I did, however, view the "terms &...
  18. M

    Thread [T-Mobile USA] Free SIM Unlocking Service - [OnePlus/Samsung/Google/LG/Moto]

    Hello XDA, I am back at it again with the free T-Mobile network unlocks. Yep, you heard that right... 100% FREE. This service will allow you to go into your Settings and perform a network unlock. I've been doing this for over 2 years now with plenty of vouches, so yes, it's legit! ATTN: IF YOU...
  19. vulcanrvn

    Thread T-mobile G7 Power on Verizon MVNO

    Hello, I recently got a G7 power T-mobile variant and was trying to get it working on safelink wireless a Verizon mvno. I have it network unlocked and bootloader unlocked and have been able to flash custom roms and my sim is detected but I can't seem to get any calls texting or data on it. I've...
  20. aruriruz

    Thread Second sim Issue

    Hello, I have a Mi 10 Pro bought from China, I have installed the latest European stable (xiaomi eu) firmware V12.2.8.0.RJBCNXM but I'm having one issue, present also in previous versions, only the line (sim) with the data activated is the one working, the other line changes to "No Service"...
  21. N

    Thread How do I sim unlock my device with puk so I can get to my oem unlock switch?

    I just obtained my puk, can anyone help?
  22. Raysofsunshine

    Thread Network Unlock TMobile OP8

    Is there anyone who can do this ? I saw someone offering the unlock for free...believe his name on here was mobbdeep?? Service is TMobile, phone came directly from TMobile as well, and have had acount for a few months now.
  23. P

    Thread SIM stop working when I turn off the screen

    I'm facing an issue when I lock the screen, the SIM doesn't work and I don't receive any calls. When I turn on the screen, the SIM starts to work again. Is this happening to anyone? How can I fix it? I tried to reset twice and nothing changed. Here's a screenshot after I turn on the screen. My...
  24. fruity101079

    Thread network + wifi issues and random reboot

    Hello My wife's phone has some serious issues that make the phone unusable. For no reason apparently, suddenly the phone is losing network, wifi and 4g, it's losing it after some minutes of use. And sometimes it randomly reboots.the same, we do nothing and it crashes. Really strange. so I tried...
  25. T

    Thread No sim card detected after upgrade to android 10

    Just upgraded to android 10, and rooted at the same time. Most things work ok. AdAway not... But now I'm not in a wifi network I noticed the sim card is no longer detected... Tried remove and reinstall, reboot a few times... Nothing. Any other ideas? I do not get an error there is no sim card...
  26. T

    Thread New unlocked Sprint tablet SM-T517P for grandparents abroad, to flash or not?

    Hello, please give a little advise. I bought an UNLOCKED used Samsung AT&T S5e (SM-T727A), and another UNLOCKED used Samsung Sprint TAB A (2019) (SM-T517P) from eBay for my grandparents abroad in Argentina; mainly for the SIM capability to use with Whatsapp with me, and their grandkids all over...
  27. tekno4ever

    Thread SIM Card Missing on Android 10 After Installing Magisk 20.1

    After downloading the Android 10 OTA via the Oxygen Updater App I performed a local upgrade upon which everything worked perfectly. Then after installing Magisk via TWRP and a second time via a patched Magisk based boot / recovery image via ADB my SIM card is not being recognized preventing me...
  28. C

    Thread Can't turn off SIM 2 easily since Pie Update

    Hi This is not G6 only - but couldn't find a good place for it. I have my work SIM in my G6 and Oreo I just swiped down and toggled to turn off the phone on my days off. Since Pie I've needed to go in through settings etc etc about 5 or 6 actions. I know it isn't much - but it means I don't...
  29. katbastard

    Thread Grandfathered unlimited data/text only sim in newer phone? Tmobile

    Ok so I have a great grandfathered 25 bucks a month sum card that came with a tablet from t-mobile. It's one of the unlimited up to 50gb then might throttle durning peak hours. I have been using it in a prepaid unlocked us cellular note 5 and get 3.2 download and 5 upload. But if I have a...
  30. R

    Thread How to OTA update Cricket phones with ATT prepaid sim card

    For a long time, you could simply buy an ATT prepaid sim card for a couple bucks, stick it in the phone, go through the activation process and cancel out right before payment. It would still activate enough to allow your cricket phone to update.... although the sim would expire in 30 days...
  31. B

    Thread Are all Mate 20 X Dual Sim?

    I know EVR-L29 represents the dual sim model But are there any single sim models? Reason I ask is, a shop here in the UK is selling one but don’t say if it’s dual sim or not. Google struggle to finds any mention of a single sim model. GSMArena shows a global model and and China model. Thanks.
  32. C

    Thread Second sim is not registering to a network in my rooted H990N

    Hi All, I rooted my H990N yesterday successfully. After rooting i noticed the second sim i signal bar icon is greyed out. The first sim is working. There is a circle on top of Second sim signal bar like its searching for network. After that, i unrooted the phone and flashed the same KDZ again...
  33. U

    Thread Any room with EAP SIM support for Lenovo P2?

    Does anybody know about any custom ROM that supports EAP SIM authentication on Lenovo P2? I am in need of it and it's not supported on my current ROM, LineageOS 16. Please let me know. Thank you.
  34. K

    Thread Testing Unlocked Sprint Note 5 with at&t sim

    I'm heading to Europe in a month and plan on using a European sim as I don't want to deal with Sprints free slow internet and $25 a week is more than I want to spend. Sprint is telling me my phone is unlocked (and I was under that impression years ago) but I want to be absolutely sure before I...
  35. K

    Thread Testing Unlocked Sprint Note 5 with at&t sim

    I'm heading to Europe in a month and plan on using a European sim as I don't want to deal with Sprints free slow internet and $25 a week is more than I want to spend. Sprint is telling me my phone is unlocked (and I was under that impression years ago) but I want to be absolutely sure before I...
  36. J

    Thread I have a baffling problem

    PLEASE IGNORE THIS. I SOLVED IT. I have 2 debs and both are running the AOSP Pie ROM, currently. Until 2 days ago both were able to detect my SIM card; now only one does. Here's what I've done to resolve what I first thought was a hardware problem. * I swapped SIM cards and rebooted; no luck. *...
  37. E

    Thread finally got that stuck simtray piece out.

    for those wondering how, you need: (NOTE: BE CAUTIOUS WHEN DOING THIS. YOU MIGHT END UP BREAKING THE SIM READER IF DONE INCORRECTLY) - super glue - a card or anything thats as thin and hard(er) as a sim card - scissors cut the card at 1.5cm like the image practice getting it in and out of the...
  38. I

    Thread Does anyone make a dual-sim adapter that fits INSIDE of a single-sim Note 9?

    Does anyone make a dual-sim adapter that fits INSIDE of a single-sim Note 9? I see the ribbons and all, but a lot of people think 128 or 512 is plenty of memory and don't use the SD card space, and want a second SIM that works like Simore, etc., etc. without the ribbon cable outside of the...
  39. H

    Thread SIM not found. Emergency calls only.

    Hi guys. Since yesterday I've been facing a particular issue. SIM cards is not being read by the phone. It happened 3 times in the last 24 hours. First two times, I had restarted it thinking it was a software issue and it worked after the restart. Third time I was at home and decided to check...
  40. p51d007

    Thread Verizon in Sim2 slot

    Our boss bought 24 phones for the field technicians (he thinks we goof off...some do, I don't), but the phones are Samsung J phones with a small screen. The have the Knox and other crap in them, with the ability to track. I told him he could track me all he wants, but I'll just toss the sim in...
  41. L

    Thread no sim detection after flashing s9 europe

    hi there. I need your help. I followed the tutroials here for the ressurection remix rom. so everything from twrp to gapps and stuff. everything worked great. except that he behaves like i dont insert a sim. he finds my sd but nothing else. I am searching the net for 16 hours in a row now and...
  42. E

    Thread Cellular is not working! Help plz!

    May be similar to this thread - https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel/help/phone-dialer-crash-t3909817 I just bought this phone used and immediately wiped it to try to load Phh-treble 9.0, but it would not recognize any of my sim cards at all. So I tried Lineage OS 16.0, and that would...
  43. L

    Thread SIM & Network Solution | Alternatively Downgrading

    This guide was originally written by chief_os from 4PDA.ru on how to roll back to Oreo, but my network issues wasn't caused by downgrading and still this helped me out so big thanks to the guy from the beautiful Lviv. I alter this guide a bit, according to what I've done to get my network to...
  44. blckdragn22

    Thread 1st Gen Pixel XL - SIM card issues

    So, I recently bought a secondhand Google Pixel XL 1st gen. I am using it as a secondary device to manage some Instagram pages I have and to use the camera to take ever so amazing pictures with the best camera on the market (blanket statement covering the Pixel 2 and 3 as well). Anyways, I've...
  45. D

    Thread Sim suddendly disappeared

    Hello everyone ! I have some issues with my sim card on OpenBeta3 + custom kernel (Bluspark). One day, without doing anything, sim card suddenly being not recognized on each slot, swapping slots or rebooting doesn't have any effects. (My sim card is good, tested with an other phone) Catlogs...
  46. Steven13

    Thread Data usage wrongly displayed with DUAL SIM

    Hi Folks, Since last update (~jan '19?) I've the following issue with using dual sim cards one private and one business SIM card> The private SIM card is used for data but is is shown as data usage on my business SIM card. Anyone else have this issue? Solution? Thanks, Steven
  47. androidfreak70

    Thread How to check sim lock status?

    Hi! I have a middle east locked Galaxy S9 and I want to know if it's still locked. I read that I have to make a 5 minutes call in that region to remove the lock so I made a 20 mins call just in case. Now I want to make sure that my device is now unlocked or is still locked. How can I do that...
  48. L

    Thread How to permanently disable 2G connection while retaining others?

    I'm looking for a way to permanently disable 2G connection while retaining 3G/4G connection. I know about the *#*#4636#*#* access to Phone Information where I can manually make my phone to use LTE/WCDMA as opposed to the default LTE/UMTS auto (PRL), as the latter allows downgrading to 2G(GSM) if...
  49. J

    Thread Has anyone installed a Treble GSI/ROM on the TA-1045 and gotten their SIM detected?

    Hey guys. With an unlocked bootloader, I've flashed a few different Project Treble ROMs/GSIs, but my SIM card was not recognized on any of them. The ROMs I've tried are Ressurection Remix, LineageOS, Havoc-OS, and PixelDust. On all of them, wifi and pretty much everything else worked fine...
  50. T

    Thread Le Pro 3 (X720) not detecting SIM (no network, no cellular, no service)

    Hi Guys, I have a Leeco x720 which is not detecting any SIM card. all tested SIM cards are working well in other phones. the owner of the le pro 3 tried to flash Lineage 16. Since this process, mobile network isn´t working anymore. I tried some other Custom ROMs without success. I also used...