1. I

    Thread Sim card not working after replacing display

    hey guys! my FE's display broke sadly after a couple years of use and since I'm off- warranty I decided to fix it myself however after replacing the display with one I ordered online now my phone cant seem to register the sim card I insert it sees there is one but all of the options are greyed...
  2. spiderblitz

    Thread Question 5 Pro with independent SIM "Can't turn on plan"

    Using a number sharing plan is very expensive, so I ended up getting an independent eSIM for my Watch 5 Pro. I added this plan through the secret menu and turning on the eSIM test featuer. This was working for about one day until my watch randomly said that my phone switch phone plans and now I...
  3. D

    Thread Question Physical SIM not recognized and eSIMs not usable

    Hi! Since the August update my phone (S22) doesn't recognize any physical SIM card anymore and eSIMs can't be activated. It just shows that no SIMS are inserted and also the SIM Manager seems buggy. Seems like more people have this problem after the update...
  4. D

    Thread SIM and eSIM for same number - program nano SIM with eSIM details?

    Hi All, Need an advise what's the best way to end up with eSIM and nano SIM for same number. Operator is Orange/France. The is needed as I've two phones (dual sim) and in both need to use both SIMs. One of the phones is standard 2xnano SIM slot and second is modern take on this SIM + eSIM...
  5. chimakho

    Thread Can custom ROM fry the sim card?

    Hello. It is my first question and I am a novice. After I installed Lineage OS, sim card is not working and seems dead it is not working on the other phones. General: - Model: Mi 11 Lite 5G (renoir) - Android: 13 - IMEI: not dead Situation: - Installed Lineage OS as the guide said. -...
  6. M

    Thread [GUIDE] [FLASH] [STOCK] [SUPERIOR] [FAST] Flashing fastest ROM on redmi 9a dandelion global

    Flashing with Sp Flash Tool is not that easy, preloader file causes sp flash tool not to start with any DA file. You have to use attached preloader and DA (not edited, files are from other versions of stock firmware redmi 9a dandelion global). Info about attached files: -...
  7. P

    Thread Question Pixel Experience on viva

    I plan to install Pixel Experience on my device (viva), I would like to know what bugs and problems are present there. I read on the forum that after a while wi-fi and a sim card stop working, are there any solutions?
  8. N

    Thread LG g8x does not detect mobile network

    I have a few years ago my LG g8x from germany (Deu). But i am using it in chile. From one moment to another i let the mobile network be detected, if it detects the sim card, but does not detect any signal, i only connect vía WiFi. I dont have much knowledge on the subject, so i turn here for...
  9. SlickStretch

    Thread Has anybody been able to get a 2nd SIM card working on a converted T-Mobile OP8?

    I have a T-Mobile Oneplus 8 that I have converted to global rom. I can see dual sim in software, with both SIM slots having the same IMEI. From what I've read, It seems like for those that have tried to use 2 SIM cards, nobody has been able to get the 2nd SIM to connect after being recognized by...
  10. VenomousSteam81

    Thread Anyone happen to have a ZTE Z3001S given by QLink Wireless and the sim card inside?

    I had the sim card but threw it away because I can't use it. Now I want it but don't have it because I want to see if I can get the APNs off of it for my Hot Pepper Serrano so I can use my hotspot normally, because the Z3001S was the last phone (that I know of) which had working hotspot. If you...
  11. 4

    Thread Locked Google Pixel 5 (Verizon)

    I bought a Google Pixel 5 (Verizon) from a local online used store. It turned out that he was locked under the carrier. I can no longer return the goods to the seller, because this is physical seller and a lot of time has passed and at the time of purchase this moment was not discussed by us. So...
  12. E

    Thread cannot receive calls

    Hey guys i got Samsung s10 with lycamobile on it. It such a strange issue but I can make phone calls but do not receive calls. I tried calling it with an iPhone and it went straight to voice mail. The weirdest thing is when I switched the sims with a tmobile sim from my iPhone to the Samsung, it...
  13. L

    Thread [CLOSED] NON-STOP SIM issue on moto G '21 , am i the only one??

    xt2093-7 from at&t , unlocked. ever since i got it as a used christmas present, and tried my 2 TMO sims in it, ive been dealing with "emergency calls only". ive tried every apn tweak i know, and a factory reset, the ONLY way of fixing it (temporarily) is putting the sim back in my prior phone ...
  14. M

    Thread Pixel 3a XL Requires SIM Card Removed/Reinserted to Power On

    My wife has a Pixel 3a XL, and in the last 2 weeks it has just shut down unexpectedly, refusing to power back on. The battery is charged, and connecting it to any charger makes no difference. The only thing that has fixed it all 3 times is by removing the SIM card and reinserting it. Then...
  15. L

    Thread Question [Q] How do I fix my SIM network after installing Magisk?

    Hello After I flashed vbmeta.img to my phone (Realme Narzo 30 5G) to install Magisk via fastboot, my device doesn't longer recognize any SIM card. How could I fix or solve this problem? I've tried flashing the stock firmware ROM but I couldn't do it. Please, I need help on this problem.
  16. kerolos98

    Thread need to unlock a phone locked to Verizon

    Hello, I have a problem with my phone (galaxy note 10) I bought it from Amazon as a renewed phone When it arrived in my country (Egypt) I put my sim It turned out locked to Verizon, not fully unlocked as the seller said on the title... I heard about unlocking it with an EDL cable How I can do...
  17. armyofbear136

    Thread Can I Use T-Mobile Phone SIM for Data on Unlocked ATT Tab S7?

    So I have an issue with my current tablet that is locked to T-Mobile not getting any data using a normal phone sim. I'm not about to risk buying a different T-Mobile locked tablet or even one with T-Mobile Firmware as I have a feeling I will run into the same issue, and I can't get any clear...
  18. alteff4

    Thread Question unlocked phone won't connect to a network

    I recently acquired an s21 ultra. was told it was unlocked, which it seems to be, but I don't know the method of unlock. it detects that there is a sim but it reads it as unknown and when I try a manual connect to the appropriate network it won't do it. I've tried with a few different sim...
  19. R

    Thread SIM Card Reader for Android (rooted)

    Hi, I want to read the CBMI field (and other values) of my SIM Card. 25 years ago I had a RS232 SIM Card Reader and Software for it that could read everything off of the SIM Card. It was a dirt cheap but useful Tool. I don't have it anymore (and I also don't have a RS232 port). I have various...
  20. T

    Thread [fixed] Oneplus 8 LineageOS 19.1 Issues with SIM Card and Overall Flashing Recoveries/other ROMs

    Hello. I recently flashed LineageOS 19.1 to my phone, which previously have 18.1 It was a clean install, factory reset first, etc. I now have an issue with the SIM card where it isn't detected at all. Google FI is the provider. I did basically everything I could find to try and fix it and...
  21. devchaudhary78

    Thread Unable to install other ROM after custom from in TWRP

    I recently installed Project Elixer custom rom on my Poco M2 device, everything worked fine. However, calls and sms are not working, I tried a lot of things but no good. So, I decided to go for other custom rom like PixelPlusUI, but when I went to twrp and tried to install it, shows me error ->...
  22. matale0

    Thread Question Is it data speed the same in both sim slots in dual sim Exynos?

    Hi, is it matter which slot I use for 5G data simcard? Like is it both slots use same specs, same data speeds both are 5G? No difference if I stick 5g data sim in to slot1 or 2? They both handle same data transfer speeds and specs? Thanks
  23. Kydaix

    Thread General Bypass OOS13 SIM PIN

    Hello, So I am adjusting the phone of my little brother, the problem is that his SIM card is blocked. So without doing anything on purpose, I realized that there was a little bug that would let anyone have access to your phone without entering the SIM card PIN code! Nice security OOS13! 😅...
  24. D

    Thread Question Problems with SIM (AT&T)

    So I have had this phone since release. Popped in the SIM and has worked fine until 2 days ago and it dropped everything. Rebooted and had coverage for a few minutes then none. Did this for half the day then no cell, no data at all. Went to replace the SIM with a new one twice at AT&T and...
  25. gr3uh

    Thread Help Moto g 5g 2022 codename "austin" consumer Cellular carrier locked after flashing magisk

    Hello, so I recently got a Moto g 5g 2022 "Austin" and decided to root it. I unlocked the bootloader, got the stock rom and patched it with magisk. I took the patched file and flashed it successfully to both slots. I then flashed a blank vbmeta image and rebooted. The phone rebooted perfectly...
  26. Mina392

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop (Keeps loading Samsung Logo) - Loads after Removing SIM Card

    While playing a simple game my phone suddenly restarted, till it reached Samsung logo, and kept restarting over and over. I tried to shut down the phone by long pressing power button, but it kept restarting. Finally I figured out to take the SIM card off, and it could load! After it loads...
  27. fat joji

    Thread SIM not being detected after calling once on stock firmware

    I have rooted my phone (A315G XSA) previously with magisk, it was using an android 11 firmware version, now that android 12 has released in my region I have tried to flash the stock files using odin, after it is done it allows me to set up normally but as soon as I end a call it will no longer...
  28. Srdj4n

    Thread Annoying notifications - SIM 1: no service

    Note 8 Pro Global MIUI 12.5.8 I get this annoying notification all day long, it goes away and pops up again after a few minutes. The SIM slot is ok and the SIM card is functional. I tried another SIM card from different provider and the same problem exists. I also select the network manually...
  29. B

    Thread Pixel 3 XL - Sim Not Detected Issue

    Hello Everyone, I just purchase used pixel 3 xl, it was advertise as not working sim, Phone is in perfect condition with box and all accessories, But it doesn't recognise any sim, I already reinstalled android 12 and even downgraded it to 11 but still no sim detected, I can see that imei is...
  30. Gunstra

    Thread Android Emulator with Sim Clone?

    Question for you...Is there any Android Emulator that will let me clone my phone (enter my imei and sim card number) so that I can download my 106k photos and videos on the Verizon Cloud? All the emulators I have tried say I need to insert a sim when opening Verizon cloud app?
  31. T

    Thread SIM activated and working, but account informations won't show it

    Hi all, I'm trying to unlock my Redmi Note 7 following the lineageos installation guide (, I get stuck at point 7 of "Unlocking the bootloader" section. So, I haven't been able to unlock the phone yet because the Mi Unlock app fails at 99%...
  32. Juuuuune

    Thread Question How to unlock the network on T-Mobile or AT&T devices?

    Like title.I bought a one plus 9/Pro recently,it is belong to AT&T or Tmobile so that it is cheaper.But I can't use Chinese sim on this phone.....How can I do? I want to unlock the network which like Pixel devices.Help plz.Translation form Google-Form China.
  33. D

    Thread Question Problem || No sim service after last update

    I've just updated to the last version yesterday (first update after to android 12 update WW-31.0810.1226.77 - not the update to android 12 itself but next one) . And since then I've got no sim service. Weird part is that sim is detected but I've got no service. Tried restarting, restarting...
  34. S

    Thread Only airtel sim card is working . Not a carrier locked phone...

    HELP... Please......... I have purchased a used Google pixel 3. But only airtel (an operator )sim card is working on the phone. Other operators sim card is showing signal but it is not fully functioning (can't make or receive calls,same in the case of text message)but Internet is working fine...
  35. alan_9990

    Thread Huawei, eSIM and Harmony OS...

    Just purchased a Huawei Watch 3. I'd already read up on the single provider in France (my country of residence) that supplies an eSIM for this watch. However, it's not quite straightforward. Am thinking my "issue" is to do with the installed OS (Harmony OS 2.0) or the "health app" on my phone...
  36. C

    Thread Oneplus 7 Pro - Sim cards no longer detected after latest OTA update

    Hello all, Everything was working on my rooted oneplus 7 pro, until I applied the latest OTA update. Once that was installed and the phone rebooted, my once working mobile network was no longer working. The phone says no sim card detected and every few seconds the default phone app displays the...
  37. E

    Thread OPO No signal, service issue

    Dear all, I kindly ask your support for the following issue: I have got a OPO lineage os 18.1 which doesn't recognize any 3G\4G signal anymore. here below the description of the issue: as OPO is my backup phone I have a nano sim so I used an adapter to put the sim inside the OPO, unfortunately...
  38. A

    Thread SIM not Working after relocking and unlocking bootloader [pixel 3a]

    My Pixel 3a had a unlocked bootloader, I tried locking the bootloader using fastboot and it did lock the bootloader but after that it didn't bootup and gave error saying "no valid software is found... then I decided to unlock the bootloader again. After unlocking the bootloader device booted up...
  39. W

    Thread Selected network (Lycamobile) unavailable. But same SIM works on other phone

    I am having problems with a SIM card that I received from a new company (Lycamobile). For some reason, my phone (Redmi 6) is unable to really connect to the operator's network. The SIM is detected, I can see the phone number in the SIM settings and everything, and even change the PIN if I want...
  40. A

    Thread Question Is there any way to unlock sim for Samsung A025U ?

    Hello! I recently bought this device, but I suffer from a problem that the mobile does not support Global Sim Is there a free solution in order to be able to use the network in Syria? Note: I've OEM unlocking option in Developer option
  41. ariweinberg

    Thread help with Xiaomi Qin1s+ (Boot Loader problem ?)

    I burned my friend a QIN1S+ phone and he stopped receiving and taking out calls, SMS and using the Internet . I don't think the IEI was hurt. Someone checked the device and told me that the problem with the Boot Loader. but didn't elaborate. Can someone help me? It's really urgent. Thank you :)
  42. J

    Thread Verizon took over my phone, I want to go back to stock FW

    So to preface, I have the Verizon logo at boot, an error message saying "This is not a Verizon SIM" and a whole bunch of crapware that I can't get rid of. My phone is not a Verizon phone and it never was until now apparently. I have an iPhone that I run my business with and with it I have...
  43. alexc2021

    Thread Question Stylus 2021 requires sim to configure

    I need information on how to flash a moto g stylus 2021 because it was made a hard reset for forgetting the code and now to advance in the cofiguration asks me to insert a sim of the company and which does not allow me to configure it and I do not have the chip because it is cricket and I am in...
  44. K

    Thread Mobile Network is off for a while when i restart my phone

    I've Mi 9T Pro with MIUI 11 i also tried AOSP ROMs and MIUI 10-12. When i restart my phone mobile network is off and says "No Service" but after a while (sometimes 5 sometimes 30 mins later) mobile network becomes online. I tried everything i even replaced another IMEI but it still same. My SIM...
  45. K

    Thread [MOSTLY SOLVED] How to fix "Unfortunately the process has stopped" error

    I was getting a looping "Unfortunately the process has stopped" error on my Red Hydrogen One. Tried the remedies I found with a quick Google search (disable automatic date and time, disable auto-download updates, clear cache and data from the "Phone" and SIM toolkit...
  46. A

    Thread Samsung SIM Card not working

    Hello! A while back I dropped my Samsung A71 in water and when I started it after drying it everything appeared to be fine. But after 2 weeks or so a problem with the SIM card appeared. The card gets recognized, and I need to enter my PIN, however, I do not have any mobile data, which obviously...
  47. abijitark

    Thread Weird SIM-Phone 'incompatibility'!

    My (Vodafone Idea) SIM stopped working in my Redmi Note 7 Pro, but works in other phones. And, other SIM cards work in my device. This has happened before and Vodafone Idea had replaced my card. It worked well for three months and now the same has happened again. I searched online for a solution...
  48. The Dark Knight Patriot

    Thread Sprint Activation Issue- Help Needed

    Hey, everyone, I've had a serious issue with my latest Pixel 3 activation on Sprint. Back in April I successfully activated a new Pixel 3, this one required a physical SIM (Unlike my original Pixel 3). However, once I received the SIM card it was successfully activated within five minutes...
  49. Damianwdff

    Thread Dual SIM problem on Mi Note 10 Lite with android 11 and

    Siempre usé las dos SIM en mi Note 10 Lite, y cuando le puse la ROM de seguían funcionando de forma correcta, hasta hace un momento dejaron de funcionar, cuando los dos SIM están activas no funciona ninguna, si descativo la SIM 2 la 1 funciona normal, y cuando desactivo la SIM 1 la 2...
  50. B

    Thread Error when searching for mobile network

    Hi there! So i'm having issues on my A70 with detecting network carriers. It does not connect or find any networks and therefore I cannot call or receive messages, only VOIP works. I have tried with wiping cache, factory reseting, different SIM cards, selecting only 2G or 3G, and calling the...