1. N

    Thread Question Hidden apps - third party dialer

    Hi! Currently running LE2123_11_C.44 Using third party dialer Simple Dialer - I can't access hidden space/apps section when using this dialer. Seems only to work with stock dialer (Google dialer). When applying secret passcode and dialing it...
  2. bennylaws

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] [ad-free] Radi-oh! - Android radio app

    Hello, I would like to introduce my brand new release of a very simple, very lightweight and easy to use Android radio application: Radi-oh! Download size is just ~5 MB. No unnecessary extras, simply radio with a clean interface. ⛔ The app is ad-free. ☝️ (* Many radio stations do send ads...
  3. HogFrog

    Thread [Game][Casual][Arcade] Flow the octopus

    Simple game, made to take a look at a new game engine. Help this little octopus fight the flow. Try to beat other players highscore in this simple arcade game. -Simple controls. -Compete with other players. -Challenging gameplay. Play Market
  4. HogFrog

    Thread [Game][Farm sim][Casual] Fantasy Farm

    Free and simple farm simulator. Grow crops, sell and expand your property. Farm simulator. A simple simulator that will allow you to enjoy the life of a farmer. You are not alone. Tired of watering your crops? Hire and upgrade workers - let them do it for you. The most experienced of them can...
  5. Hamza417

    Thread [APP][FREE][4.4+] Simple and Elegant Compass App

    This is the first Android app I have made . Screenshots Features :- - Shows true north - Shows the device heading in degrees - Shows latitude - Shows longitude - Shows the Address of current location - Use flashlight as Torch - And, a map to easily spot the things around you Get it from...
  6. C

    Thread [Hyper casual game] Ball vs Spikes : Kawaii bouncer

    Hi guys, yesterday we released our new hyper casual game Ball vs Spikes : Kawaii bouncer on the Play Store. It is an hyper casual game where you have to jump up by tapping the screen to mantain the kawaii balls in the air while avoiding touching the spikes. Some of the many...
  7. B

    Thread Vs995 simple mobile MMS and 4g LTE

    I have simple mobile on my VS995 and not able to send mms. It also cannot keep 4g LTE service only 3g/H . I have check around for the correct APN settings and nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any remedies to any or both of my problems? Thank you
  8. M

    Thread Easy way to root the e6883?

    I have an Xperia Z5 Premium Dual. e6883 Kernel 3.10.84 Android 6.0.1 Build 32.2.a.0.305 I've been trying to find a simple guide on rooting this phone. I don't want to install custom anything, just root. I already unlocked the bootloader, so why is it so difficult to find a thread on how to...
  9. TenSeventy7

    Thread [EOL][ROM] Miix 5

    for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime [/CENTER] More Features Installer powered by AROMA with HybrInstaller - very easy and user-friendly to install. Framework is more refined. Full lock screen overhaul. Now matches DreamUX's lockscreen clock. Full notification panel...
  10. GalaticStryder

    Thread [Kernel 3.18.122][Android 8.1.0] Lambda Kernel for the Le Max 2 [Weekly][09/15]

    Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war. Please do some research if you have any concerns about using custom ROMs/Kernels. You are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device...
  11. S

    Thread [Free][Game] Santa on Fire

    Hello! :) I would like to show you my Christmas game with name Santa on Fire Play Game: About: "Ho, ho, ho", said Santa and he jumped into the chimney. But little boy don´t know, that fire isn´t a toy. The fire is growing...
  12. GalaticStryder

    Thread [Kernel 3.18] Lambda Reborn for the LeEco Le Pro 3 [Nightly][EUI][03/23]

    Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war. Please do some research if you have any concerns about using custom ROMs/Kernels. You are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I...
  13. yojosefo

    Thread Simple / Elegant Template - SM Big Calendar

    Hello everybody here is the last version of my Zooper Widget, it is completly editable and works awesome with dark wallpapers. It will display the next three calendar events, and dates update automatically. Please say thanks if you download! :highfive: Greetings from Mexico, Soulmexico
  14. Marurban

    Thread [GAME][FREE][4.1+] Jumper

    Hello everyone, I would like to present you my first but certainly not last game written in Unity. About game: - free - arcade - simple but challenging - perfect to play during a short break, eg. in the bus, tram, train or waiting in a line Do your best and jump as high as you can ★ Unlock...
  15. T

    Thread [THEME][KK/LP] MATERIAL TOXIZEN ( get the simple look with beauty)

    Material Toxizen Simple yet beautiful Screenshots Messenge I'm currently working on more design for toxizen material themes. so keep in touch u'll get simple yet perfect themes for ur device. thank you Message me on facebook to give ur suggestions -...
  16. Zak Jones!

    Thread Trying to sort through a million threads... Is this phone rooted or not?

    Sorry guys, I'm just bad at trying to sort everything out, but you lot have sure been busy posting. Anyway, I'm seeing a bunch of people complaining that the phone hasn't been rooted yet, the bounty thread and all, but then I'm seeing little bits of off software that require root, like Xposed...
  17. T

    Thread [Theme][LP/KK]Material X Perfect

    Material X Perfect A simple and normal theme. For those who likes keep things normal and simple. Simple Is Perfect Download Featuring Custom Clock Widget Beta By #Ambor
  18. S

    Thread [game][4.0+] RESIZE 1.1.2

    RESIZE Free Android Arcade Game. New way for killing time, while You are waiting something. Simple game rules: - Swipe Your finger left / right to change size of BASE; - Collect positive disks, avoid negative disks; - Earn so much score as You can; Features: * 14 Special disks (Power-ups...
  19. A

    Thread KitKat 32bit to LP 64 bit in a snap.

    SO... DO we want to flash stock lollipop and then flash custom roms... It is abselutely not needed now. If you are somone on L trying to go to KK here is the thread for you So straight to steps.... 1)...
  20. A

    Thread [App][4.0+] Task Triage (Simple To-Do List)

    I created a simple and intuitive to-do list app. After completing a task, just swipe to cross if off. It features a minimalist design while still having the deeper features of to-do lists such as recurring tasks. At the core, this app has a smart sort algorithm. Therefore it will prioritize...
  21. N

    Thread The Impossible Game on the Nook Simple Touch

    Greetings, nookies! Gone are the days of Angry Birds being the only playable game on our Nook Simple Touch devices. I have found that The Impossible Game by FlukeDude, one of the most fun, minimalistic and rage-inducing games I've ever played (which isn't saying much :p), works remarkably well...
  22. usman farhat

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Simple Color Wallpaper 1.2

    You can add simplicity to your device by setting your wallpaper to a plain color. Choose from a vast variety of color shades and pick the best shade to set as your wallpaper. Usage is simple: Just select a color, press OK and then press the button Set Wallpaper and your wallpaper will be set to...
  23. niels97oet

    Thread [FIX] Stuck In Simple Recovery [CM][S4]

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share you my Quick and Easy guide on how to fix the "Stuck in Simple Recovery" for CyanogenMod ROMs. I had this just once, a few weeks ago and important data was on my phone that I didn't want be lost. So let's get to it: 1. Take out the battery to make sure Phone is...
  24. T

    Thread [Game][2.3+] Zie Invades Earth - A game about an alien stealing from kids

    Zie Invades Earth is a simple minigame about an alien stealing candy (and subsequently other things) from babies and kids. The game is heavily inspired from the classic Nintendo Game & Watch titles where a certain act is repeatedly performed to accumulate as many points as possible. The...
  25. Bobbi lim

    Thread Deleted.

    Deleted. XDA:DevDB Information SkyDragon Reborn Sense 4/5, ROM for the HTC One X Contributors Bobbi lim, HolyAngel, dragonesdenano ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean ROM Kernel: Linux 3.1.x ROM Firmware Required: JB Hboot Version Information Status: Stable Stable Release Date: 2015-03-27...
  26. H

    Thread [Game][2.3+] Tapazoic - be a part of the legend!

    Hi all! Eons ago, heroic tales were written of the survival of the scratchiest. Be a part of the legend! Our prehistoric hero, Tapazoic the caveman, is trapped in a deep hole and must scratch and claw his way out. Do the walls contain the key to freedom? PZNIiApaqeo Available on google play...
  27. fiz:ik

    Thread [THEME] Minimal Grey for WhatsApp+

    HOW TO INSTALL ★ Download the provided files (.xml and .jpg) ★ a) download it from my dropbox b) use the attached zip and extract it ★ Copy and paste the files (xml and if you want the wallpaper, too) to "WhatsApp/PLUS/saved_pref/" ★ ★ Open WhatsApp+, go to the menu, press "PLUS", go to...
  28. tomasslavicek

    Thread [App][4.0+] Koala Phone Launcher: Simple phone interface for older people

    Hello, I would like to introduce you our new app: Koala Phone ( Download on Google Play: Help us translate Koala Phone to your language: It is a simple...
  29. dalanik

    Thread [THEME] Visual Black, White & Red Theme (Phantom ROM v13 [4.4.2]) v0.98

    Visual Black, White & Red Theme for Phantom ROM v13 [4.4.2] v0.98 This is a theme for Phantom v13 even though it might work with other 4.4.2 ROMs. The idea is to simplify the interface, hide the (un)famous Samsung teal color and make everything black with only white letters and red for...
  30. J

    Thread [GAME] Tap Me 1.1

    This is a fun little game I threw together. I have tried to optimize it for all screen sizes. Please try it out and give me feedback. I am aware of the bug where the head multiplys which occurs sometimes and im working on that. If you are here to hate then dont download it. This is made for the...
  31. dbux

    Thread [Q] A simple camera app with basic controls.

    I had spend time on finding a simple camera app that can at least have touch anywhere on screen to capture feature. I really miss this feature. Can anybody recommend an app with this. Thanks.
  32. S

    Thread [Q]Location of magnetic sensor on tablet covers

    Can anyone with a smart cover (the ones with magnet) confirm the location of the embedded magnet on the cover? I believe book or simple covers, all allow the magnetic lock/unlock of screens. :cowboy: Need it to emulate the lock/unlock feature using an old non-magnetic cover and some spare...
  33. Ashrockr

    Thread [THEME] LG Keyboard Themes [21.01.2015]

    Here are some of the keyboard theme for LG. No root required. Work only on G3 Keyboard. New themes :- HERE Installation:- Settings -> Language & Input -> LG Keyboard Settings -> Keyboard Height & Layout -> Keyboard Theme. ----------->Android L ----------->Android L Red ------->Android L...
  34. P

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Game of Squares - Simple & addictive puzzle

    Minimalist puzzle game like Sokoban but vice versa. Google Play (free): P9Y0nBreb28 Tap on squares to move them to the right places! For example, move a red square to the red circle. Squares move only in the direction in which the arrow is pointing at them. Detached...
  35. A

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Colorate 1.2

    It's my first game. I published it on GooglePlay: Everything is simple: 3 colors, 3 lines, 3 squares below. Just tap them, to send them up. If you connect 3 or 4 elements, they will be destroyed. The game looks slow, but you...
  36. HeartBroken

    Thread [App][4.0+] Note It! - Never Forget Always Remember

    Welcome To Note It! Note It! "Make Everyday Life Much Easier” Note It! Is an Ad-free, Sleek, Beautiful ,Quick ,Well-Designed Note Application. Users are able to write Notes as well as create multiple Checklists. Note It also has a Quick create widget that allows for Writing/Creating a...
  37. HeartBroken

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Simple Torch

    Hey this is another Simple.Beautiful, Lightweight, Ad-Free Torch app. Here is the link to it on Google Play. Please note that it may not work with some devices so let me know if it doesn't and i will try to fix...
  38. tpierce89

    Thread [APP][3.0+] SuperContact - the painless way to add new contacts

    DISCLAIMER If you have been a part of the Don't Pause thread, or seen the Floating Censor thread, then you have seen my previous work. I really enjoy building apps, but I am terrible at graphic design. You know this if you saw the original UI of Don't Pause. Franco Colomba aka SystemErrorOne...
  39. C

    Thread [Q] Power Saving ROMs, anyone?

    Does anyone know of any extremely simple ROMs that conserve battery? Google research points me to Energy HD 2.0 but I can't seem to find one for the Verizon model. Any help or suggestions for a good power saving ROM would be much appreciated.
  40. R

    Thread Looking for simple white icon pack

    Hello, There are so many nice icon packs out there, but what I want is just a simple white icon pack (no shading, no mask). After searching the Play Store, DeviantArt, and XDA for hours, I found nothing that fits the bill. I hope someone here can help me find one (which is still actively...
  41. A

    Thread [APP][2.3+] Crescendo 1.0.3 - A Simple Homescreen

    Hey XDA, I've got a new app, and I would love some help in testing it and finding any bugs! Crescendo Launcher is a homescreen replacement that makes it easier for seniors (or kids!) to use an Android phone or tablet. Features Screenshots FAQ Upcoming Features/Bug Fixes...
  42. B

    Thread [GPL] [KERNEL] AeroKernel - 09.03.2015

    Hello guys, let me present to you my Moto G Kernel. Its based upon the stock Moto G kernel source and was build for the stock ROM. The main goal for this kernel is to improve battery life while keeping up a reasonable performance. Features; Added my own hotplug-driver (disabled mpdecision)...
  43. AndroidGX

    Thread [KERNEL] [4.3] [29 Nov.] ★ SimpleGX v3.5.1 ★

    WARNING : This kernel is only for Galaxy S3 International (GT-I9300) version, and running Android 4.3 (Samsung ROM's) ! Click below to read the full story.. Many of you knows already knows me from my older LiteGX kernel series (for Android 4.1.2 & 4.3). This time for SimpleGX, I would like...
  44. I

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Counter 0.99

    Counter is a simple app to count anything. It provides pages and labelled numbers with +/- buttons and auto save feature, it's is in a quit early stage, I plan to add special counters, and floating windows (like in Usemon) ideas and bug reports are welcome and sometimes if I like your idea I...
  45. a10fjet

    Thread Stupid Idiot's Guide to getting rooted Moto X on 4.4 (for dummies)(also zombies)

    Okay here is my guide for anyone daunted by the fragmented guides scattered all over the place and who doesn't want to piece stuff together. I was pretty apprehensive about attempting this so I figured other people are too, so hopefully this helps someone. It's really redundant so if your...
  46. G

    Thread [APP][Free] Simple Reminders

    Hi, this is a small app I made to remind myself to do things that don't have a set due date or deadline. About the app A simple app to keep you on top of things. Type in your reminder and click create, and the reminder will stay in your notification tray until you clear it. It's a simpler and...
  47. Dante1990

    Thread [Q] NOOb, Please Help (Regarding Flashing ROM's)

    Hi XDA Community Well i just need your help. I bought a Samsung Captivate Glide phone more than a year ago and now i think its time for flashing some ROM's since ICS is getting too old for me plus it is really battery and ram hungry. My phone really needs updating and i dont want to mess it...
  48. Awesome Developer

    Thread Simple rom 4.3XXUGNG (s3 features & asop apps & KITKAT & ANDROID L THEMES)V4(14-10)

    Simple rom 4.3XXUGNG (s3 features & asop apps & KITKAT & ANDROID L THEMES)V4(14-10) INTRODUCTION THIS ROM BASED ON THE LAST SAMSUNG 4.3 OS ( I9300XXUGNG ) THIS ROM ROOTED AND Deodexed ([Bak]smali 2.0.2) AND Zipaligned AND Busybox (1.21.1) THANKS TO :good: JustArchi :good...
  49. S

    Thread [app] flat zooper widget

    Screen Shots: Flat Zooper Widget is a collection of various simple and beautiful looking widgets I have created. These Widgets include features such as- -Shortcuts (clock, calendar, battery, ect) -Calendar Information -Weather -Battery Stats -The Ability to customize and tweak as you see fit...
  50. dully79

    Thread [HKTheme] Borderline - 15/10/13 + Adonis project

    This is for xhdpi AOSP based ROM's using HKTheme engine. Themed: * Framework-res.apk * Calculator.apk * Contacts.apk * Deskclock.apk - (Analog clock widget) * Dialer.apk * LatinIMEGoogle.apk * Mms.apk * Phone.apk * Play Music *Settings.apk - (Power widget) * SystemUI.apk Screenshots...