1. J

    Thread Accessories DBrand Robot Camo

    Shot from the tired looking photos from the S20 Ultra
  2. G

    Thread Accessories Dbrand Leather Skin

    So this is what tan looks like for those interested. Absolutely awesome! THE PHONE DOES NOT SLIP AND IS COMFORTABLE TO HOLD NOW! Cannot wait to see how it ages! Took about 15 minutes to install. But once you warm it up and rub the corners it looks GREAT!
  3. oddlyspaced

    Thread Accessories Bought Skin for my OnePlus 9 Pro

    Got this one from I opted for the full-back one along with camera and logo skins as well. The final price came around Rs. 537 ($7) after some automatic coupon they applied. The packaging is nice too, came with like 4 sets of logo cutouts and in total 3 pairs of...
  4. B

    Thread Accessories Skins for Mi 11? (NO cases and screenprotectors)

    I just ordered my Mi 11, hoping it will be shipped soon after CN opens again. For the last 5 years or so, I've always used skins on my phones/tablets/laptops since I really hate cases but I do want some sort of scratch protection and - most importantly - grip enhancement. Dbrand Black Swarm is...
  5. M

    Thread [THEME] [Mixplorer] Metrial theme by mhz

    These are important themes to enter on the best file manager ever created: MiXplorer, by HootanParsa. I decided to share my creation with you Your MiX app looks modern and pleasant to use. Hope you like it, please report missing symbols, color or something similar. This theme was created with...
  6. Llamas_are_Good

    Thread Transparent Galaxy Note 3 (Skin Template)

    Well, as you all know, Galaxy Note 3 is quite old, and barely gets supported by most accessory manufacturers nowadays, so I decided to take some pictures, and scan the internals of my Galaxy Note 3, and stitch it all up, so I can use it like a transparent skin mod on my clear case, and I wanted...
  7. definho

    Thread Any good "dbrand" skins?

    did someone tried any "dbrand" skins for our phone? had gadgetshieldz skin on my old Mi A2 Lite and it was very good, but there's no skins on their site for Mi 9 Lite, so any good recommendation for our phone?
  8. joco1114

    Thread Huawei Watch Face Designer (w/o Chinese acc)

    Face Designer: Guide:
  9. 1

    Thread Request thread for Developers to see and Consider.

    Hello, our Amazing XDA Developers. Hoping you have already planned something for Realme X, For the people still considering if they want to buy this phone or not, and if there was gonna be a Good XDA developer support on this phone. Why don't you reveal here what you are working on/plan to work...
  10. M

    Thread Mate 20X Skins?

    Hello, i am looking for skins for Mate 20X . Do you know some places where it is or will be available?
  11. J

    Thread Vinyl Carbon Fibre Skin - Customizing the Motorola One Power

    I have just applied this Vinyl Carbon Fibre Mobile Skin on my Motorola One Power. It is Available from Amazon in Sheet form ( 24 X 24 inches) and very cheap. Easy to fix. Aids in giving a rich look to the Phone and making it slip-proof. The Online Info (On Amazon) says: "StickOn skins display...
  12. K

    Thread DIY Skin

    Hi guys some one got layout for RN3 pro for vinyl? I tried to do from my self but I fail very bad many times Tanks
  13. M

    Thread [SKIN] Phantom Skinz Metallic White with Photos

    I two different skins for my new OnePlus 6 mirror black variant. I was able to turn the phone to white. I have previously tried the carbon black and the wood for my galaxy s9. This time I decided to try the white skin. If you are familiar with phantom skins, the provide different kind of skins...
  14. R

    Thread Phantomskinz Matte Full-Body Skin + Full-Coverage Screen Protector Review

    Introduction – With the price of consumer electronics ever inflating, smartphones have become a much longer-term investments. However, phones are concurrently growing slimmer and their bezels smaller; they are arguably more scratch and shatter-prone than ever before. Simultaneously, design has...
  15. 1

    Thread With or Without case protection

    Hi Just want to find out how many people r using OP3T without the case or with skin only/naked. Or anyone use both skin and case.?will the case ruin the skin?:confused: How many people had been regret for not using a case? :D Currently I m using the clear Rinake TPU and I also hv d brand...
  16. Mr.Ash.Man

    Thread ✪ Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SKINS

    This thread is for users to post their current / past SKINS that are available for the Note 8. Wonderful people of XDA, Please Post; Picture of skin applied Brand (e.g d-brand, slickwraps, easyskinz) Skin name (e.g Black Dragon, Gloss White) A few words of your overall opinion Will post the...
  17. N

    Thread Skins/Decals

    I hate putting cases on phones. I just want a nice skin on the back to prevent it from scratching when I put it down. I ordered two, one from DBrand and one from Slickwraps. I received the one from Slickwraps yesterday. Already, within 12 hours, the sides are peeling up. Very bad quality. I...
  18. B

    Thread Google Pixel Navbar for HTC 10?

    Hey guys, i really need the pixel navbar! Any flashable zips or other things? The Navbar App is not compatible with htc 10, the Xstanaa skin buttons size are to big for me and the xposed Modul Nougat Navbar looks not like the pixel navbar. Any help?
  19. A

    Thread Wanted: skin for Poweramp/PlayerPro that's car-friendly

    Currently I'm using PlayerPro and PowerAmp for playing my music collection from an ssd. Both sound great but I find the font used for song title and artist is too small. I need to look more to the screen than I like to take note of the song that is playing. There are also a couple of other...
  20. C

    Thread [THEMES] [POWERAMP] IndianRed Skin for Poweramp

    New IndianRed Skin for Poweramp available in GooglePlay Link to download IndianRed Skin for Poweramp You can leave feedback in this topic or discuss here (official forum) See attached promo for this Skin
  21. M

    Thread Review: MKBHD dBrand Skins for OnePlus 2

    Review for the MKBHD dBrand Skins for OnePlus 2 Why I got the skins I am subscribed to the Massdrop newsletter which I saw a skin pack from MKBHD by dbrand, containing a black, white and red skin for the back of the phone. I checked for which devices these skins where available for and lo and...
  22. S

    Thread Armor Suit Edge to Edge Screen Protector

    Got sick of trying tempered glass that just wouldn't fit. Thus far I've tried two with two more on the way. In the mean time, went to try the armor suit full screen. I don't particularly like this type of skin protector but for the time being it'll do. Pretty much the same thing as Zagg...
  23. T

    Thread [Review] Slickwraps - Black Carbon K1 Skin

    First and foremost: I apologize for any bad shots as I'm not really an expert when it comes to taking shots in general. I've used my S6 to take these in "bad" lightning on my work desk which has very little lightning to begin with (light sensitive person here). It took my about 15-20 minutes...
  24. N

    Thread Custom Skin - transparent, grip skin for Galaxy S6: What do you think?

    After much searching, I could not find a back protector which would add grip to the Galaxy S6, whilst maintaining its thinness ... so I had to cut out my own skin. It's transparent enough to show the phones color and the Samsung logo. Had to source this material from quite an obscure corner...
  25. Hermantje

    Thread Leather skin from dbrand [backside]

    I'm not a case person. I never really liked cases. I do however like the look of leather to some extent, making devices look old-school, like some cameras. I've seen a lot of videos featuring dbrand skins but in my opinion pretty much everyone just seems to overdo the 'skinning'. I'm looking at...
  26. hudsoncouto

    Thread Naked/Transparent Full Body Skin Protectors

    I've noticed that there are a lot of threads for rugged cases, slim cases, vinyl skins and for people who want to use the phone naked (with Nexus Protect, hopefully :P ). But how about covering the phone in a clear, transparent skin to protect the soft alluminium against scratches, while...
  27. N

    Thread Custom made leather skin

    Hey guys, So I got a 'leather' skin from dbranz (I knew it wasn't leather), but it just wasn't enough for me. No one makes (nice) leather cases for our phone, so I thought I'd make my own. Below is an attempt at an unbiased review. I will also show how I made it if it interests anyone...
  28. D

    Thread [GIVAWAY] 5 Savvies SU75 screen protector ultraclear for Pebble

    Here I am, giving away 5 Savvies SU75 screen protector ultraclear for Pebble (similar to this: There's no rule of the giveaway. First one to send me a PM, gets the skins. Sadly for some, this will be limited to Romania. The skins will be sent via national postal service...
  29. S

    Thread [Q] Skinomi skin protector Carbon Fiber/Brushed/Wood

    Retail price $29.95 over at the official website of Skinomi: but over at they retail for $18.95...
  30. Unit ZER0

    Thread [CHALLENGE] Person Of Interest Mesh Phone Theme...

    I didn't know where to post this, so here goes... I am a huge fan of the show "Person of Interest" and I've been looking for a theme for my phone that makes it look like the mesh phones from season 4. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything even remotely like that out there! So here is my theme...
  31. prototype74

    Thread [MOD][XWidget][V2] Galaxy S4 widget skin for all!

    A Galaxy S4 Accuweather widget skin for XWidget Hi guys! This is a modified galaxy s4 widget skin for the custom widget maker "XWidget" Features : -99.9% Original current weather background wallpapers. Ported from the original Galaxy S4 Accuweather Widget! -Original weather icons -12hr/24hr...
  32. F

    Thread [Kustom][Official] Kustom Komponents

    Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP) is the most powerful HD Wallpaper creator ever! KWGT is Widget creator counterpart. Use their awesome WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to create you own design and display any data you need, at once, and with wonderful animations too (KLWP only)! If you...
  33. D

    Thread Any suggestions/opinions on skins?

    Hi all, I'm thinking on going with a skin this time around, rather than a case. For the first time I'm really impressed with the design, and I'd like to not cover it up. So what's your view on this? Are there skins that do a good job preventing scratches? good manufacturers? Anyone had...
  34. N

    Thread SlickWraps Skin For Nexus 5 Review with Images and Video

    1.Introduction and Package Contents Hello,Fellow Nexus 5 Users! This is the review of the SlickWraps Skin for our Google Nexus 5.Most of you might have heard of SlickWraps.They produce a variety of skins for a plethora of devices such as smartphones,consoles,smartwatches etc.Do check out their...
  35. J

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][SKIN] [(W)QVGA] TCPMP Diamond skin v1.0

    This theme is based on netdrg's work and in fact... I just resized the pictures and modified .xml file. :) Please comment, rate and tell me if you find any errors or bugs.
  36. J

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][SKIN][(W)QVGA] Manila transparent skin

    Hi everyone, I like Manila 2.5 look, but I still have Omnia i900 (WQVGA, TouchFlo 2.0). I decided to make similar skin, it works on every WQVGA and QVGA device with Manila 1.2 or 2.0. Just copy files from the package to 'Windows' folder using TotalCommander or Resco File Explorer. Here is...
  37. C

    Thread [Q] XGear Exo Skin + any clear cases?

    So I've been reading the forums and came across phone skins for the first time. I gotta say, I really like XGear's Brushed Alum. considering their price compared to DBrand. (Not a fan of SlickWraps but I've seen those too). Since I've dropped my Nexus 5 a few times on the sidewalk, there's a few...
  38. Z

    Thread iCarbons Carbon Fiber Skin for Galaxy Note 3 Review *with pictures*

    Today I just received my iCarbons Galaxy Note 3 carbon fiber full body wrap around skin. I paid $19.95 for this skin. I got it in the mail in a very small package today, opened it up and installed it on my phone. The installation was very easy. I am one of those guys with shaky hands and not...
  39. K

    Thread A couple of cases - cheap can also be good... :)

    Just wanted to do a review of some cases I bought and tried recently for my LGOG, hoping the info would be useful to other people. There are some other good and cheap options available online, but these are the ones I tried first-hand. I am really happy with all three of them, so here's the...
  40. F

    Thread [Q] Purple Z1 and Dbrand Skin

    Hey All, I'm interested in picking up the Purple Z1. I also really think the Mahogany Dbrand Skins look really cool, but am worried that the bright purple will not go well with the Mahogany Skin. Who has the Purple Z1? How bright is the purple? More than the Z? What do you all think? FYI...
  41. karsakoff

    Thread [THEME] [Exclusive] PlayerPro RFlat Skin

    My new beautiful paid theme for the PlayerPro, made in a flat style, completely free for xda users! Link on Google Play
  42. A

    Thread [UCCW] Widget Disappears

    I created an apk of a widget for the market. I installed the apk and once I place the widget on the home screen it disappears. I've recorded this happening on video. I have no idea why this is happened but that it's only happening with my apk. XfXXC0Vt5QU...
  43. K

    Thread Skin peeling off.. How long do full body clear skins last for you?

    Hey all, I have the Xtremeguard clear skin on my Htc One right now but am now going on my third one. The skin started peeling off at the edges and lifting up. Dirt would eventually get in there and start to look terrible. I have installed wet application skins on other phones and never had a...
  44. Will_Xda

    Thread (Skin) Fresh Yellow By SZP

    I'll Edit The title once i have made all skins By Szp available to us. Sooo Here's another skin for our Desire X Made by Szp (alper.s) originally only HTC One X now available to all Sense 4.1 (light/stock users) as you can guess the color theme for this skin is yellow :) And i liked the look of...
  45. sciphonic

    Thread Sleeve, Stand, Skin and Screen Protector

    I actually like having a super thin tablet so I opted not to go with a case/stand combination. This tablet is so light I just hold it 90% of the time anyway. After much research I went with: Mivizu Shell 7" Sleeve Case - $5 shipped -great reviews, good protection, pockets to carry stand and...
  46. lesscro

    Thread [SKN] Altered skin thread by LeSScro | v1.2 | 26/07/13

    LeSScro Presents A thread who good skin is altered to be darker than black... Only For Black lovers Credits : alper.s Original Skin : JB Sense 4+BeauteousXE skin | thx some friends... alper.s | daninantro | Ghost
  47. R

    Thread My UCCW Skins Collection

    HI EVERYONE, im only new to the android world and i have been learning a lot about it through XDA. I wanted to make my own app but thats a bit down the road for me as im not that advanced yet. So i made a widget for the UCCW app. I learnt everything from XDA, using the tutorials and etc. It's...
  48. Will_Xda

    Thread [SKIN] Dre Beats Skin

    So i had a look at various themes for sense 3 and liked the look of them, but unfortunately they're not compatible with Sense 4 (light) so with the help of top members of the Desire X community i Made this Skin/theme for our HTC desire X (should work on other phones with sense 4.1 roms)...
  49. Will_Xda

    Thread [Guide] Basic Skin creation for Sense 4

    Hi welcome to my guide on the Basics of making and editing Skins for sense 4 Skins are incredibly easy to make and can be really good fun, they are also a good way for you to give back to the xda community without really breaking a sweat What are Skins and how can i make them ? Skins are HTC's...
  50. open1your1eyes0

    Thread Skinomi Carbon Fiber Skin is absolutely gorgeous

    So I decided that I got tired of Samsung's infamous glossy polycarbonate fingerprint-magnet casing and decided to do something about it. I think you'll find the results below are quite stunning if I do say so myself. ;) Feel free to comment and share your thoughts/questions. : ) Skinomi...