1. ShaDisNX255

    Thread Development [ROM][OTA][OneUI5.1] NcX S21FE ROM [SM-A528B]

    NcX S21FE Port for Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G Updated to OneUI 5. This is the successor to RayOS. Wanted a different name/logo for the OneUI 5 version, so enjoy! * Warning, your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting...
  2. D

    Thread Question Param file for a528b?

    Hello, is there a param file for Android 11 so far? Or at least a way to extract it?
  3. T

    Thread How To Guide How to root Samsung A52s (SM-A528B/DS) with working Camera

    Guys, I DID IT !!!! Working Samsung A52s (SM-A528B/DS) with Unlocked Bootloader, Rooted (Magisk), Passing SafetyNet and WORKING CAMERA (yaaay). Problem is that I have no idea how I did it, because it was 3 days of flashing, patching, reinstalling and phone bricking too (unfortunately). I am...
  4. Jumpkid

    Thread Question A52S 5G (SM-A528B) Magisk Root

    Having a long history of root/mods/custom roms, I recently came across the A52S 5G (Q3 2021 version). An attractive phone, even for those choosing flagships as their daily. The problem with this phone is bloat (lots of it) and lack of CSC-modability (or basically, freedom to fully admin your...