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  1. Mohammed.Swi

    Thread [ROM][N1AWIFI][SM-P600] NO custom room works with it!!!!

    I'm trying to install a custom room on my tablet, I tried to install those ROMs, but none of them worked, they stay on the logo after room installation 👇👇👇 https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/rom-n1awifi-sm-p600-nougat-resurrection-remix-5-8-5-unofficial-microg-ota.3606313/...
  2. oroboros74

    Thread [SM-P600] What ROM are you guys using, suggestions?

    I'm trying to use my tablet more, which I haven't because it gets hot in the back and the charger is slow to charge the battery... I thought of seeing if there's a decent alternative ROM. Currently I'm on LOS 14.1 (2018-12-23) - any suggestions?
  3. E

    Thread horrendous battery life... what's going on here?

    OK, So I have an SM-P600 which I kept completely stock until 2 years after my purchase date (needed the Knox environment for the first two years). It is fully rooted with TWRP and have been running CM 12.1 for ~3 weeks (prior to that I was giving Temasek's CM13 build a go). Over the...
  4. h311sdr0id

    Thread Stock Firmwares (SM-P600 and others)

    Hey everyone. Been awhile since I've been back here and I wasn't sure about all the new changes. Couldn't find any information regarding the stock firmwares and if we are allowed to upload them here. I'll Explain Further: Stock Samsung firmwares used to be free to download at good speeds...
  5. duendemago

    Thread The proper 5.1 version for my GN 10.1 2014 UBUCNH2

    Hello people. If you go to the Sammobile website you will see that there are many official releases for Galaxy Note P-600 Wi-Fi 10.1 2014 version. I still don't see an official release for UBUCNH2 base band. I wonder if there is another baseband I could use as a functional substitute for my...
  6. E

    Thread [dev] [rom] [sm-p600] [XXUDPD1] [5.1.1] [llp6001] Discontinued

    ROM LLP6001 (New Firmware release) This is a test and that will trip KNOX.... So you have been warned about all possible consequences. I am not responsible of anything that can happens to your device. Please test and report. I will try to update with new firmwares from Samsung but I am...
  7. gilvbp

    Thread [Official Lollipop 5.1.1] Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) SM-P600 Firmware Update

    Hi gus finally it´s out. http://live.samsung-updates.com/index.php?device=SM-P600 Anyone knows if i can flash this firmware on sm-p601? thanks.
  8. X

    Thread Why no love for Note 10.1(2014) edition

    Hello dear developers, Why you guys not showing much love about note 10.1 (2014 edition).? I don't see any super duper ROMs after one and only sbreen94 's Hyperdrive RLS5.1. There are couple of CM based good ROMs like Teamsek's unofficial builds and RaymanFX 's roms, but we loosing lot of TW...
  9. Andmoreagain

    Thread [KERNEL] valexKernel [SM-P600 | CM13/AOSP 6.x ]

    valexKernel For SM-P600, AOSP/CM13-based 6.x ROMs ONLY! Disclaimer: This kernel is for use with AOSP/CM13-based ROMs only and will not work on stock ROMs. If your device bricks, breaks or explodes as a result from flashing this kernel I am not to be held accountable for it. Flash this at your...
  10. H

    Thread [Q] The Hard Reset / Factory Reset does not work on my sm-p600

    Hi guys, My factory reset does not work. I have an error <3e> In odin I have a SW REV. CHECK FAIL. DEVICE:3 BINERY:2 I cannot neither do any recovry hence flashing. I am rooted and have previously flash many system. I am in 4.4.2. I have try a 4.4.4 but return to the official samsung os...
  11. L

    Thread [reset knox-relater] I need reference to study to create a flashing file for a SMP600

    Hello guys! I own a samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 wich is rooted (yes, I've got "KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 1") The thing is that this gadget doesnt have too much developers and most of the ones who have this device need to reset the warranty bit cuz we're experiencing battery issues, and I think mine...
  12. R

    Thread [Q] abysmal micro sd card performance (64GB Sandisk Extreme Plus)

    I just purchased a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Plus MicroSD card (80MB/s Read and 50MB/s Write) and the performance on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 WiFi SM-P600 is absolutely horrid. I tested using A1 SD Bench and i got 34.44MB/s Read and 23.50MB/s Write which is significantly slower than what the...
  13. KarthikeyanVedi

    Thread &#9668;[ROM][P600/1]&#9658;Hydronium ROM v2&#9668;[4.4.2][July 10]&#9658;

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> */ * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,thermonuclear war, * or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research * if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before *...
  14. I

    Thread [Q] Which Processor do I have?

    I need to know which processor I have so I can download the correct version of TWRP for the tablet. I there is a Exynos and a Qcomm version. What info do you need from me so I can find out which processor I have? I have the Wifi Only version. If you need any other information please ask for...
  15. B

    Thread [Q] Default build.prop values for SM-P600

    Hi guys, Recently I modified my build.prop, and I lost the backup I made of the original settings. I only changed three values, so if someone who has an SM-P600 and has not modified their build.prop could check and give me the correct values, I'd appreciate it! The only three that I need are...
  16. hanspampel

    Thread [MOD] Transition TW Effects for Galaxy Note 10.1 2014

    I was bored a little bit and ported some nice transition effects to our galaxy note 10.1 2014. Its tested on my sm-p605, but should work on sm-p600/601 too. Download TW_Effect_1 TW_Effect_2 TW_Effect_3 TW_Effect_4 TW_Effect_5_Insane TW_Effect_6_Side_to_Side TW_Effect_7_ICS...
  17. hanspampel

    Thread [APP]100% AccuWeather Transparency [Samsung Stock ROM 4.3 / 4.4.2]

    I dont found a transparent version of AccuWeather. So i made it myself. Its only a 100% transparent version of the widget from Samsungs AccuWeather. Its based on android 4.3 and is for deodexed roms. I give you 2 versions of the MOD. The first (.zip) is flashable through your recovery, the...