1. K

    Thread Framework.jar patch help with smali/baksmali

    Hello everyone! I'm using an Xperia SP with ViperOS (Android 7.1.2) and wanted to patch Framework.jar with some smali files to port Xperia stock camera for AOSP. I successfully decompiled my classes.dex file which found within the framework.jar, and I replaced the necessary files in order to...
  2. surendrajat

    Thread APKLab: Android Reverse-Engineering Workbench for VS Code

    APKLab The ultimate Android RE experience right inside your VS Code. APKLab seamlessly integrates the best open-source tools: Apktool, Jadx, uber-apk-signer, apk-mitm and more to the excellent VS Code so you can focus on app analysis and get it done without leaving the IDE. Features Decode...
  3. xTPTBx

    Thread [Question] Smali - A way to remove Notifications from an App?

    Hey folks, As you have probably read the title, I have a question regarding using APKTool (by ibotpeaches) to get Smali files for an APK (i was messing around with MX Player for testing purposes) and would like to remove the notifications from this APK. Which classes or methods should I be...
  4. I

    Thread Bypass SSL Pinning and possibly VPN/Proxy Checks?

    So for ages now ive been using Xposed modules and such like Fiddler to bypass SSL Pinning. Its worked 70% of the time, but that 30% it doesnt work is really frustrating. Im trying to SSL Unpin "SUBWAY UK" By AltaineApps. I managed to decompile the APK, go to...
  5. B

    Thread [Q] Disregard imports when compiling Java to be converted to Smali.

    Every source I can find on how to convert Java code to Smali says I should compile the file with javac, which would be fine if it wasn't for the imports. What I'm trying to compile is a modified version of a decompiled file from an APK, so it still has all the imports which are no longer in the...
  6. J

    Thread Help needed: Increasing Parrot Bebop 2 drone max altitude (technical)

    (Sorry, I just realized this should be in Q&A and not General) Hi there fellow Android enthusiasts. Recently I bought a Bebop 2 drone, which is quite fun to play around with. After a couple of flights I noticed that the max altitude of this device is 150m (492.12ft). I dug through a couple...
  7. Eddy2k2

    Thread Trying to get into smali files modifying

    Trying to get into smali files modifying but struggling cuz most of the guides are quite old and don't work anymore on newer devices (Nougat) I tend to watch in my other devices rom to see how the dev implemented a feature (like changing statusbar header color) but don't understand anything! I...
  8. agushack

    Thread how to solve verifier rejected on miui 8 (based on patchrom)

    hello recently my device have a custom rom miui 8 based on stockrom aosp android 6.0.1 (mmb29m) but have some issue, when im trying to copypaste or insert a text on application like facebook,instagram, or anyother socialmedia apps, its become force close im trying to compare with other miui8...
  9. blakegriplingph

    Thread My attempt at modding SkymobLock/Galaxy S7 Lock Screen

    Lol is this worth salvaging? I mean, it's a shame that the app's infected, yet it did a rather accurate recreation of the default Galaxy S7 lock screen. Simply deleting it off my phone would end up with a rather boring default lock icon, yet I don't want ads to fly right up my face either. So...
  10. H

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD][APP] Modify chomp SMS to make it look exactly as SGY SMS app

    Introduction (skip it if you are in a hurry ;)) Is it newer always better than older? not always indeed... For example, the transition from Windows XP to Windows Vista, or from Windows 7 to 8 is been for many a move backward in terms of user experience and performance. I would say that also the...
  11. P

    Thread [TOOL][WEB] Hex To Smali Online Converter

    Hello guys, i have build an opensource web application for converting hex (argb) android colors to smali and reverse. You can also calculate the opacity. You can test the project here: Contributions are more than welcome...
  12. sebastiandg7

    Thread [TOOL][LINUX] AD Tools: apktool, signapk and smali/baksmali v1.0.0 [08 May 2016]

    AD Tools - Linux Android Development Tools for Linux Well, I just found my self needing a tool for Linux wich could help me to decompile/recompile my files (apks, dex, jars... etc) so I looked for it but had no luck. Then I said: Ok, if I need it then I'm going to do it! I has been...
  13. G

    Thread Reverse engineering Samsung system apps

    Hi, I'm trying to reverse engineer certain Samsung system apps in the Galaxy S6 firmware system image, such as KnoxAttestationAgent.apk. I'm a noob when it comes to reverse engineering, and so far my attempts have been unsuccessful. Here's what I've done so far. - Run apktool on the APK. I got...
  14. BRoy_98

    Thread [Completed] Need help in editing android.policy.jar [KK] [TouchWiz]

    Please any one help me to edit smali codes of Android.policy.jar in my galaxy tab 4 7.0 (stock rom) to add some features like 4-way reboot, screen shot in power menu. I didn't find any guide to add this features in kitkat TouchWiz Roms.
  15. Tech N You

    Thread [TOOL][WINDOWS] HAT- Hybrid APK Tool - Bringing New Era of Modding!

    INTRODUCTION What is HAT? Well, HAT is short-form of Hybrid APK Tool. HAT makes decompiling/recompiling of all apk files easy as 1 2 3, HAT supports both apk's and jar files and is very easy to work with. HAT provides all features necessary for any modder/user. Why use HAT? Honestly...
  16. Noxious Ninja

    Thread [Q] Why would this Smali have so many random getClass() calls?

    I've been poking around the Service Mode app from my T-Mobile Note 4. Most of it's pretty straightforward, but I've found a bunch of places that have seemingly useless chunks of getClass() calls. Here's an example: It's a call that...
  17. serajr

    Thread [GUIDE] [SMALI] Theme Accent Colored SystemUI.apk - v1.0 - 08/02/2015

    Here is simple smali editing guide showing you how to give your SystemUI.apk runtime theme accent color change! Changes that you will get by this guide was originally implemented by me here and later on my Xperia™ Xposed (KK) module, also brilliantly ported by: - 4.3: kongaz2 (here) - 4.2.2...
  18. Ticklefish

    Thread [TUT][MOD] Add A Brightness Bar To Stock 4.4.2 And 4.4.4!

    Are you running a stock 4.4.2 or 4.4.4 Xperia rom? Or even a rom based on stock like MoonWalker or Ultimate PureXZ? Yes? Would you like to add a brightness bar to your pull-down screen? Yes? Then read on and I'll tell you how to do it! For this mod, you need to decompile your rom's...
  19. Mfsto

    Thread [Q] Modding on B513

    I like this version of this software but because the runtime selection is hidden I can't switch from Dalvik to ART :( Can someone please edit in smali the setting.apk? :fingers-crossed:
  20. tribalfs

    Thread [UTILITY|WINDOWS]Android Supertool v1.0b- simple yet flexible
  21. mxmr

    Thread [Q][Help!] Adding flashlight toggle to quick settings - decompiling troubles

    Hello fellow xda'ers and flashaholics. I just discovered android kitchen and I'm messing around with it cool. I'm in the process of cooking a personal rom based off of the stock nae images. That has been going okay, no issues I haven't been able to resolve without google. But, I...
  22. TheFixItMan

    Thread [App] [Share] Smali2java - Decompile Smali Files To Java

    Smali2java - Decompile Smali Files To Java This is not my work - I am just sharing this programme which some people may find interesting smali2java is based on smali files generated by apktool v1.5.0 with baksmali v1.3.4. smali2java depends on information such as code line number(.line...
  23. serajr

    Thread [GUIDE] [JAVA to SMALI] Create SystemUI.apk external settings app - v1.1 - 13/04/14

    Hi community!! Here is a complete guide showing you how to create an "External Settings App" to control SystemUI.apk look and feel. I have received tons of pm and mentions from users asking me how did I manage such "magic" work into my mods over Xperia's firmware, so I have decided to create...
  24. SamLayer

    Thread [Tool][Windows] APK Modifier 1.8 [HUGE UPDATE][GUI APKTool]

    APK Modifier This is my first project I'm new here :D The First Portable [For now i can't build portable version.] APK Modifier For Windows (32-Bit) Please Give Feedback! APK Multi-tool + GUI = APK Modifier :cool: Sorry for lating
  25. hitzzzzzzzz

    Thread [Q][Help] Converting Odex to Dex

    I've been trying to convert a certain Dex file to Jar. It's not the regular Classes file,When I try to convert it i get this error dex-translator not support an odex file asks me to download smali to covert odex to dex, the Smali file is in Jar can anyone help me how to use it to convert...
  26. Dr. Globbyglob

    Thread [HTC] Help with adding settings to sense 4.1

    Hello, I am willing to add different options to htc settings in sense 4.1/4.0. Can anyone guide me please on how to do this. I have searched but i only found one for aosp roms. Those didn't work.. I have VTS Studio too. Thanks
  27. S

    Thread [GUIDE] How to solve dsixda kitchen deodexing abort .*odex problem

    How To solve dsixda kitchen abort .*odex during Deodexing So guys i was trying to deodex a ROM via kitchen and i had the abort .*odex and none of the files got deodexed ? I tried googling but didnt find a solution anywhere .. Then i figured it on my own .. I would like to share it with you...
  28. W

    Thread [Q] Adding Apps to Settings Apktool / Smali

    Hi there, i'm trying to add the xposed apk to the settings menu. I've decompiled the apk, modified the lines of code required, deoxed it (smali / baksmali) and recompiled the apk. Ive pused the settings file back, changed the relevant read write permissions. It shows fine in its directory...
  29. darkguy2008

    Thread [DEV][Work-In-Progress][C#] Direct Smali to Java converter

    DIRECT SMALI TO JAVA CONVERTER (This is a work-in-progress. Hop in if you can help!) Welcome guys! This project is born because there isn't any reliable way to convert a bunch of smali files into something you can really import into eclipse and compile away. I've lost a few projects in a...
  30. Goldie

    Thread [GUIDE][SMALI]Understanding and Creating Smali Mods & General Smali Questions

    Firstly I am by no means an expert and am just trying to share what i have learnt about smali as its hard to find much info about general smali. Contributions to the thread are always welcome :) For the last year or so I have been developing AllianceROM on the i9100. During this time I have...
  31. ilie321

    Thread [Q] you consider good to have a smali to java converter?

    Hello to all, What I'm asking you guys is if you consider good to have a smali to java converter. I am working at one and i want to know if to continue or not; if is good to something etc. Please post your opinion here Thanks To moderators: please put this thread in the good section if is...
  32. » Arrow «

    Thread [TOOL] [Windows] Auto BakSmali for edit smali files (Jelly Bean)

    AutoBakSmali JB for edit smali files Edit, make changes on smalis files! Is easy! Decompile and Compile wothout errors! - baksmali-1.4.2 - smali-1.4.2 DOWNLOAD HERE: THANKS TO: * Google * schmittx * ALL Developers
  33. MHousos

    Thread No PhoneFactory.smali?

    Hey, guys! I'm trying to fix data on the MIUI Rom until we are able to build it from source, and pretty much the only issue is data. I'm using Virtuos Ten Studio to add in the PhoneFactory.smali from a Official Cm 10.1 build for our phone. In both roms, there is no PhoneFactory.smali in...
  34. CNexus

    Thread [DEV][HOW-TO] Smali Syntax Highlighting

    Note: This is NOT my work, I merely found it and thought I should share. For those who use Notepad++ and do APK decompiling/recompiling, you can add the XML file linked below to enable syntax highlighting for SMALI. Syntax Highlighting File (xml)...
  35. S

    Thread [Q] Volume Rocker Wake: Bootlooping after editing android.policy.odex

    Hello All, I was trying to get the option of waking the phone using volume keys. I am on ICS (Asia Retail) on my MB865. Editing the Keylayout files did not work. It had worked for me before, but now they did not probably since my phone is locked by a password lock screen due to...
  36. darkguy2008

    Thread [Q] JB 4.1 / Modify MMS.APK so keyboard does not overlap latest sms?

    Hey guys! I've got a JB 4.1 ROM on my device (well, all of the devices released with it, anyways, as it's stock) which has a peculiar problem in the SMS app. Watch this: ( ) See? the keyboard "overlaps" the latest two SMS. Watch closely the highlighted SMS...
  37. havocgb

    Thread [GUIDE] Smali coding guide for beginners

    BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO SMALI CODING OF SYSTEMUI Presenting to you a beginners guide to smali coding. This thread would focus specifically on SystemUI modding. Please keep questions related to other apks out of this thread. Disclaimer Background Ok cut the crap. Lets get to the real thing. If...
  38. jader13254

    Thread [GUIDE] Porting .587 Mods to .13 (Framework)

    [ Guide for using .13 with .587 Mods ] Hi, I announced it already... quite a few days ago... but here is a very simple guide for making the old mods from .587 compatible with the .13 ROM found here: 4.1.B.1.13 Port by Jader13254 (xperia-arc-development) .13 has some new java code inside...
  39. T

    Thread [Q] smali code to wait?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to debug an application and I was wondering if anyone knows of some smali code which will wait several seconds before proceeding? I don't have the source I would like the application to wait a few seconds before loading some libraries. Thanks. EDIT: If anyone knows...
  40. broodplank1337

    Thread [TOOL]APK to Java RC2 *UPDATE*

    APK to Java Release Candidate 2 KWMkfACkHB8 Review by Adam from XDA-TV: YouTube Video The fragment about APK to Java Article on the XDA Frontpage Description: Since I'm into making Android Apps nowadays, I thought of making this tool to save me (and you) time. So I started coding it and it...
  41. espaciosalter20

    Thread [GUIDE] Locking contacts/sms apps in memory on JB/cm10 (technical / baksmali way)

    Hi everyone! kanpurite made a great job giving us the easy way to locking apps in memory in this thread. But, as i told in there is other, a little bit harder, but still it can be done. Requirements: A Pc (this guide is...
  42. bobfrantic

    Thread [Q] Help needed please with edit of systemui.apk please.

    I am trying to port the Status Bar Tweaks here (the deodexed version) to my systemui with 14 toggles. I copy all the required (to the best of my knowledge) smali files and make the correct edits to status_bar.xml and ids.xml in values (again to the best of my knowledge). APKtool will rebuild...
  43. denversc

    Thread [GUIDE] A bugfix for WordsWithFriends using apktool

    This guide is a great example of how to hack a third-party, closed-source application using apktool and smali. The first goal is to fix an annoying UI lag bug in Words With Friends by inserting a call to Thread.yield() at the top of a tight loop before acquiring a global lock. The second goal...
  44. pitchblack5691

    Thread not able to deodex framework.odex

    i get this error when trying to deodex framework.odex (framework,jar) file! i use smali 1.3.3 and baksmali 1.3.3 jar files to deodex . UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: org.jf.dexlib.Util.ExceptionWithContext: Index: 582010, Size: 90198 at...
  45. P

    Thread [Q] Smail/baksmali question for DEV??

    I have seen many many articles on smali/baksmali and I get confused by all the different ways it can be done and the parameters used. Now, my question to all the ROM dev's: Do you typically use any additional commands other than smali, such as, -b -l, to for debugging and/or changing...
  46. P

    Thread [Q] MODS Close Thread please...

    Figured it out....thanks OMJ....
  47. Gtj94

    Thread [Q] Sensation Tablet UI

    SO, I was wondering if it was possible to get the tablet UI working on the HTC sensation. I know there's a mod for it here but I see no updates. What I've discovered so far is that the Sensation need to drop below a density of 140 for the UI to kick in, but for that to work, we need to edit the...
  48. Ticklefish

    Thread [TOOL] Tickle My Android - Decompile & Recompile With Ease

    Tickle​ My Android - Over Seven Years Old And Still Going Strong! Download version 16.5 from here: Click The Box Below For The Changelog: Version 16.5 - Fixed apktool 1.5.2. usage, new future-proof option for reusing original...
  49. B

    Thread [Q] Edit SystemUI.apk/smali?

    So I don't know if this is an obvious question or not. There's something I want to change in the class in the SystemUI.apk. I found what I need to do by looking at the Android source code. So after much research I downloaded APK manager and decompiled the apk. But now I...
  50. Diamondback

    Thread [IDE][] Virtuous Ten Studio - Advanced Reverse Engineering Solution

    Screenshots XDA Portal posts Main Features User feedback Featured Projects These projects were created with the help of VTS, check them out :good: (alphabetical order) XDA:DevDB Information Virtuous Ten Studio, Tool/Utility for the Android General...