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smart switch

  1. G

    Thread Need help - switch from xz1 compact to s20 fe

    Hi everybody, I am struggling with smart switch to transfer data from my old lovely xz1 compact (Android 9) to a brand new s20 fe (android 11). I used the smart switch tool from Samsung, but I notice that the following is missing when the transfer process is over: - phone parameters are not...
  2. J

    Thread Backup with Smart Switch a black screen Galaxy S5 (Unauthorised device in adb - Root - Usb debugging ON - Unlock patern OK - Recovery accessible)

    Hi, I think I've already explain everything in title. My Galaxy S5 on Android 8 (I think) as her screen broken (black) Before that it already wokr badly and slowly. I bought a new phone but this one break just before I can transfer data. I can unlock the patern (I know that because the volume...
  3. P

    Thread z2 Data Migration Samsung Smart Switch app - OTG Flash Drive not recognized

    I know our z2 forces have a weird USB-c implementation based on previously research on the audio dongles for headsets. From what I remember, Z2's output analog audio out so the internal DAC does the work where as others output digital and an external dac is required. I tried to move data from...
  4. tiesio

    Thread I deleted my SmartSwitch backup......

    So i deleted my smart switch backup on my pc because it took up a lot of space but now i need it to get my contacts back and etc.. can anyone help me please...
  5. BredzProh

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE] Force Update when no OTAs available - Samsung Smart Switch

    Hello! Is your phone not updating, when a newer Android version is already available? This may happen when your device won't connect to the update server (such as using a Snapdragon device outside its region). Thus, today I'll show you how to force update your Samung Galaxy device via Samsung...
  6. goofwear

    Thread I Think I should Share These. SM-G975U

    Let me start of by saying I was messing around with Smart Switch in the past and again a couple months ago. These files are what Smart Switch downloads when it goes to Flash the stock firmware to your phone C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Smart Switch PC\FirmwareUpdateTemp\PLUGIN\SM-G975U\ They...
  7. L

    Thread Smart Switch wants to install the app on the phone?

    When I connect a Galaxy A5 to the PC, Smart Switch prompts to install the app on the phone. Is that normal? Isn't Smart Switch on the PC alone sufficient to perform the backup operation? Thank you, Luke
  8. G

    Thread S10e bricked when using Odin

    My S10e apparently came from UAE: CSC was probably one of these: United Arab Emirates (LYS) United Arab Emirates (XSG) and I downloaded the new firmware using Freya... XEU for UK and tried to flash it. This was a mistake... although not sure why it would be. First time, after putting all...
  9. R

    Thread To back up/restore account credentials, online banking logins, etc

    On my phone, in Accounts settings, I have several accounts listed: Samsing account, 2 Google accounts, WhatsApp, Viber, and some others. I also have online banking apps with stored logins and passwords. And I have a couple of VOIP apps with their login/password and other SIP settings. And...
  10. fxkmd

    Thread Forgotten Password - Data recovery from USB saved with Smart Switch

    Hello Everyone. I backuped my data using smart switch on my old Galaxy S8+. I bought a new phone but forgot the password I entered. Any help? Thanks.
  11. D

    Thread Best way to migrate everything from a Note4 and using Nova on Note9

    Hi all, I've got a couple of questions regarding the Note9, which I'll be getting this week: 1. What is the best way to migrate everything from my Note4 to the Note9? I've read that there a few ways, what's the best? what do I do with content that isn't backed up like game's progress? Does...
  12. N

    Thread Smart Switch error message

    Hi all, i have the Samsung SM-G935F model and i wiped and factory reset via recovery mode and now i am getting the following message on my device; 'An error has occurred while updating the device software. Use the Emergency recovery function in the Smart Switch PC software'. I opened the Smart...
  13. D

    Thread A way to turn off charging another phone when doing smart switch via USB cable?

    So I'm facing a problem with Smart Switch. I have a iphone and I'm trying to do Smart Switch Via USB cable using the adapter on the Note 8 then using the iPhone USB cable to the Note 8 to iPhone. I can't do via wireless which I would like to do as I have more memory used up on my iPhone then...
  14. Zero4

    Thread Smart Switch 'Unzip Error' when attempting to update to Nougat

    Has anyone seen this error in Smart Switch when attempting to update software? See attached screenshot This is happening for me on any PC I attempt to run this update on (3 different Windows 10 Pro boxes). Everytime it fails, it is at 85% Smart Switch version: 4.1.17042_12 Tab S2: T710...
  15. M

    Thread How to fully backup apps with data and settings (no root)?

    Guys, I am really looking to find a solution for a device without root / TWRP / Titanium Backup: How (the hell) or which application does a full backup of the apps with their data? Titanium Backup was the place to go, and also Nandroid backups were great. But since I don't have root any more, I...
  16. M

    Thread S7 Edge Smart Switch Update Unknown Error

    I have a rooted S7 Edge (G935FD) which I was about to update using Smart Switch (PC). However, as soon as I press the update button, an error windows pops up telling me that there is an unknown error. Anyone here who experienced something similar and has a solution? Please help! Thanks!
  17. msoza1

    Thread [Guide] Smart Switch & Your Samsung Phone

    Hello Everyone! Today I bring you this guide on how to back up & restore your phone* via Samsung's Smart Switch *Supports Samsung phones only, may support other Android phones What is "Smart Switch?" Smart Switch is Samsung's PC/Mac and Android/iOS data transferring software, which allows you...
  18. U

    Thread Samsung Smart Switch and text messages / New Galaxy S6 edge

    Hello I have a Galaxy S5 and just got a S6 Edge. I used the Samsung Smart Switch app and transferred everything from the S5 to the S6, including text messages. However, when I open the text messaging software on the S6, my old text messages are not there. I'm assuming I'm going to have to...
  19. hinnn

    Thread [Fixed]Seems cannot connect Smart Switch after root? Unsupported device.

    HI all, New update: If you are using the arter97's kernel, please update to new version 9.1, the issue has been fixed, thanks. 9.1 Kies, Smart-Switch issue fixed...
  20. P

    Thread New SM-G920F with Smart Switch : Device locked ?!

    Hi, I can't connect my SM-G920F to my PC or Mac. I have tried without Smart Switch first. No luck. It is recognized and a SAMSUNG device but won't mount. Then with Smart Switch it says "The device is locked so you cannot connect to it. Unlock the device and it will connect automatically." I...
  21. A

    Thread [Q] Is it safe to Update rooted SM-g850f through Smart switch?

    Hi, i have samsung galaxy alpha g850f and it is rooted, i want to know that is it safe to update from smart switch. because when i want to start update a warning popup that says ::: A rooted device may cause updates to fail, unstable mobile phone operation, and/or other problems.::: so i want...