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smart unlock

  1. V

    Thread When using Smart Unlock, tapping on the notification in lock screen doesn't open the app directly

    Just switched to S21 from Pixel 2. In Pixel, when I click a notification from lock screen (with smart unlock), it opens the app directly. In S21, it brings me to a screen which says "swipe to unlock". Once you swipe, it opens the correct app. But this is an additional annoying step. Any idea on...
  2. D

    Thread Smart unlock option / app for stock or xiaomi.eu

    Hi guys, I am looking for a way to add / enable the smart lock functionality to the MIUI ROM (i use the weekly xiaomi.eu). That functionality is there (i get the notification to enable smart unlock when pairing a new BT device), but it doesn't work. Is there any way to do this with root...
  3. J

    Thread Trusted Face and Camera Issues

    Okay, this question has probably been asked before but I don't think it ever had a definitive answer. What's up with the camera issues on all the Nougat ROMs? Why does Trusted Face work some flashes and not others, and more importantly, how do you get it to start working? My camera seems to be...
  4. S

    Thread How to get Trusted face on my Device

    I'm trying to get Trusted face installed with smart unlock on my nexus 7 tablet. I know flash gapps mini or full But. i'm trying to flash it with beta K3.4 asap - 7.0 rom. I flash it with mini and it works. But when i boot into system gapps is Not installed. So when i boot back into recovery...
  5. A

    Thread Smart Unlock

    Hi, I have enabled smart unlock, but it doesnt seem to work from moto display, however, used to work on ambient display ( which doesnt exist on marshmallow). What I have noticed is IF you start / wake up the phone with the power button, it then lets you use smart unlock. However, if you unlock...
  6. wedge666

    Thread [APP] PressPowerKey or how to double tap to sleep using an alternative launcher

    If you use an alternative launcher you lose the ability to double tap to sleep. Using Nova Launcher Prime (and maybe other launchers) and a screen off app will give back that ability, but then you loose smart unlock. The only way, with Nova, to turn the screen off and keep smart unlock is to...
  7. TheBogBrushZone

    Thread Smart Unlock Not Unlocking

    I just got the Lollipop update yesterday via OTA (UK unlocked 910F, not rooted) and I'm having issues with Smart Unlock. I started by removing my corporate Exchange account from the phone and clearing the trusted certificate store to remove the administrative controls (I've switched to using...
  8. T

    Thread [Q] Lolipop smart unlock. BT does not stay connected to PC/iMac. App to fix?

    I used to use unlock with wifi/skiplock to turn off lock at home, but it is not supported under lolipop. Smart Unlock in lolipop only give you GPS unlock or BT unlock, no wifi. GPS doenst work if you live in a condo, so BT it is. Problem is I dont want to buy a speaker for home, and leave it...
  9. 1

    Thread [Q] App for proximity unlocking which is working with Android L and Smart Lock

    On my nexus 5 with factory image of Android L I have set up two trusted bluetooth devices (which prevents me from entering my company password everytime I unlock my phone). What I would like to happen when I open my case is that the phone screens turns on and I can view notifications without...