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  1. alexhorner

    Thread Recovering Samsung Gear S2 Classic SM-R732 after "Custom binary blocked by Reactivation Lock."

    Hello, I have attempted to remove FRP from my Samsung Gear S2 Classic SM-R732 using wireless download and Odin. Unfortunately, this has been unsuccessful, and the device will no longer boot and instead shows the red message "Custom binary blocked by Reactivation Lock." I hear that I can open...
  2. A

    Thread Unlockamazfit.com has been shutdown? How can I unlock bootloader now?

    Hello, So I guess this topic is pretty dead for whatever reason and it seems like no one is talking about it but unlockamazfit.com got shutdown I think, the domain is just like not running anymore or something. Is there a new website for unlocking bootloader? I'm trying with Tool All In One and...
  3. A

    Thread [APP] AS_Calculator | Amazfit Verge

    Calculator app for Amazfit Verge with mininal apk size [845Kb] Might work on Pace and Stratos also, did not test on those watches. As a matter of fact, you can also try to install it on your Android phone. You can download the apk from the link Download Apk Screenshot : Download Apk Source...
  4. S


    Hey guys, I'm using Amazfit gtr 47mm smartwatch and it was stuck in the bootloop while i try to do restore. Today the watch didn't connect with smartphone and I tried several times but no use. and I decided to do the factory reset. after that the watch doesn't came back and stucked in the...
  5. M

    Thread How do i hard reset Fossil Black Q Exploris Gen 3 (FTW4004)

    the smartwatch is stuck on google assistant cause i ended disabling some system apps, Wont connect with the phone and the watch doesn't respond to anything. How do i go about doing hard reset to the smartwatch through button combination or any other way. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :)
  6. CarolofHollis

    Thread Kospet Prime2 - Getting Your Photos Off this Smartwatch

    Sharing image using Gmail to send it fails. I can read my email but not send because screen cannot be made to display "send" icon/word. The best I can do is let the message go to draft and grab it from gmail on another device. This is a pretty decent LARGE watch with Windows 10.
  7. hitechdroid

    Thread Which Smartwatch Should I Buy?

    Hey Guys, I am Very Confuses, I want to Buy a New Smartwatch for myself. My Budget is under 5000 INR. I Search on Internet and Find some Best Smartwatch like "Realme Watch S", "Noise colorfit 3 pro". I really like the "Realme Watch S" but the Size of the Watch is big. do You guys recommended...
  8. T

    Thread [APK][8.0+] Watch Navigator - Using smartwatch to navigation in bike/motorbike

    Watch Navigator is an application listen map navigation information and will send navigation information to Smartwatch by notification. User after open this app correctly can go to destination by see information from Smartwatch without open smartphone Support almost Smartwatch (tested in...
  9. A

    Thread Android 11 cant set background permission for smartwatch

    Hello folks. I've been reading a lot to fix this issue but no luck yet so I come to you. I have a Pixel 4XL running android 11, and a smartwatch brand Haylou Ls05, with the apk Haylou Fit. The thing is I cant set the proper permissions to use the location services in the background. Mi GF has a...
  10. N

    Thread Senbono S30 Android Smartwatch

    Hi, may I ask suggestion/s and insights on watch face app I can use because the Ffit app does not have a chrono watchface and also is there other app that I can use with this smartwatch model other than the app recommended by the OEM which is Ffit app. Thank you in advance.
  11. C

    Thread Loking for opions/ feedback

    Hello everyone, I'm doing some research about Fitness and Smartwatchs / headphones. I will use this information for YouTube videos in the future and would love it if you could spare a few moments to take part in my 2 surveys ? Headphones https://forms.gle/4vzVT1zBvzdnC2GC7 Smartwatch...
  12. C

    Thread Would love your opion!

    Both the forms not working for me.
  13. C

    Thread Headphone and Smartwatch Survey

    Hello everyone, I'm doing some research about Fitness and Smartwatchs / headphones. I will use this information for YouTube videos in the future and would love it if you could spare a few moments to take part in my 2 surveys ? Ideally looking for people in the UK and take part in fitness...
  14. droidzer1

    Thread Kospet Prime 2 on Android 10 - Root?

    The new Kospet Prime 2 has a fairly impressive set of hardware and is one of the first smartwatches to run Android 10. Since they don't seem to be open to discussing possible root solutions at a smart watch forum I'm on, I'm asking for any possible help and solutions here. It is an MTK...
  15. R

    Thread OPPO Watch Global Variant Missing Many Chinese Variant Watch Faces

    I have the Global Version with Wear OS. I just worry because the Chinese version has seen more updates and has 24+ OPPO Official watch faces that are so AWESOME. The Global Version seems to only have 12 Watch Faces. They are nice, but I want the new OPPO Official watch faces too, as seen here...
  16. T

    Thread Xiaomi Watch Color first impressions

    I've had it for a couple of weeks now - unfortunetely Xiaomi decided to start over with the software for the Mi Watch line, which doesn't seem to be as open as the Mi Band and Amazfit lines. Still a lot of watch for the money... Had to find the Mi Wear android app on Xiaomis app store or a...
  17. S

    Thread need firmware for X9

    I have a dz09 smartwatch, I have been trying to backup the current firmware with the flashtool's readback but it always seems to fail, probably because I don't have the correct scatter file, so if anyone happens to have a file that works for my watch, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks...
  18. V

    Thread Smart watches and what do you think and what do you like and more

    Hi all! I have finally decided to make the jump to a Smartwatch. I find all the information out there so scattered and confusing, so I figured I would ask you all some smartwatch questions. Feell free to answer some or all of the following: What Smartwatch do you have? Why did you purchase...
  19. M

    Thread Help For Buying A Cheap Android Smartwatch

    Hey guys. I want to buy a cheap smartwatch (my budget is around Rs7k-8k, that's about 100$) that runs full android. Key specs for me are a good battery backup, min 2gb of ram and 16gb storage, an amoled round display,and a waterproof rating(need not be swimproof). I have really looked a lot for...
  20. LadyDi

    Thread Pairing SM V700 to SM-G970U

    Hello, I'm using older Samsung Gear watches: Galaxy Gear SM V700 (camera on side of band) Gear 2 (camera on face) Gear S (widest and fatter screen) Gear S2 Classic. I have had every single one paired with the S10e for over a week. A week (give or take) later, the SM V700 went back to the...
  21. mukulsoni

    Thread Kospet Optimus Pro Smartwatch Detailed Review Video and Discussion

    Hey friends.... I am back with a new gadget review. I have got this Kospet Optimus Pro smartwatch to review from banggood https://ban.ggood.vip/giqs. It's a wonderful smartwatch with all-in-one features of smartphone, fitness band and a watch. Lets checkout this video :good: t_aW6uTSev0...
  22. Damoedge

    Thread Smartwatch website with features filters you can select

    Hi all, I would like to know if there is a website for buying smartwatchs where you can select the features you want by using a filter? Filters where you can select the likes of battery size, GPS, screen always on, harm, ....features like that.....a site something like kimovil.com for phones...
  23. W

    Thread Cheapest smartwatch that does turn by turn navigation?

    I bought an electric scooter earlier this week: It's easily twice as fast as walking, so I get lost twice as fast :o I'd like satnav while avoiding the phone mount (cumbersome & risk of breaking the phone). I've been searching for a few days if I could get the turn by turn instructions from...
  24. S

    Thread Low-Weight-Mp3 player for big mp3-collections (3000+ songs)

    well, the "jungle" of mp3-player software for android is pretty big.... i'm currently using https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mp3songs.mp3player.mp3cutter.ringtonemaker on my smartwatch. (2", 320x240) https://www.sunsky-online.com/view/242836/An1%20GSM%20Smart%20Watch%20Phone.htm i...
  25. D

    Thread Looking for a smart watch that will run Android and be on the 1700/2100 Frequency

    Currently I am on Freedom mobile in Canada. I am looking for a standalone smart watch that has the sim capability to run 3g, 4g, lte, whatever I can get basically. I currently have a DM98 and its a really cool smart watch, but the sim will not work in it as its the incorrect frequency. I would...
  26. aryayush

    Thread Can you use your default watch face with automatic brightness in Always On (AOD) mode

    I want to switch from my Moto 360 because when I use StayLit Wear to set the display to remain indefinitely on, the battery drains completely in three hours. I want a smartwatch with a display lit constantly (with automatic brightness, so it's bright enough to be visible in daylight and dim...
  27. mohtaprashantrocks

    Thread Smarty - Custom BTNotification app for MTK smartwatches (tested with DZ09)

    so i decompiled the original BTNotification app and after a lot of cleaning up and debugging and reverse engineering their systems, i have finally been able to cobble together a functional version of the app. This is a customized version of the smartwatch companion app for MTK smartwatches...
  28. zillo:)

    Thread Ticwatch 2 watchfaces for Ticwatch E/S

    I've owned a Ticwatch 2 for about a year, and it was a great watch, but I decided to get an Android Wear watch, so I sold the Ticwatch 2 and bought a Ticwatch E Ice. I love the Ticwatch E, and I love Android Wear 2.0, but there are a few things I miss about the Ticwatch 2. I really liked most of...
  29. kikan

    Thread Android GO and Smartwatch with Mediatek CPU

    Hi, im wondering if this version of android oreo GO for smart phones, with MTK6580 Quad Core 1.0GHz cpu , can be installed on smartwatch with this MTK6580 cpu ? It will be nice that my chinese smartwatch with android 5.1 can run new Android Oreo 8.1 ( light version )...
  30. Alberto96

    Thread DIGGRO DI06 - Information & Reviews - 1.39" AMOLED | MT6580M | Android 5.1 | 2MP Cam

    DIGGRO DI06 - Information & Reviews - 1.39" AMOLED | MT6580M | Android 5.1 | 2MP Cam DIGGRO DI06 Specs: Official Website: https://www.diggro.com/collections/smart-watch/products/diggro-di06 Official Firmware Reviews:
  31. J

    Thread Best Smartwatch software for Pixel

    Hi everyone, I know this question looks like a no-brainer one as Android Wear 2.0 = Stock Android. Currently I am using a 1st gen Huawei Watch which as you all probably already know, runs Android Wear 2.0 and thinking about upgarding to Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which runs Tizen. Anyone here can...
  32. N

    Thread [HELP] S1 plus 3G 1.3inch GPS Pedometer 1024MB 4G WIFI Camera Andriod 5.1 SIM

    hi folks, i used to have a sony sw3 and i ve changed for this s1 smartwatch, for many reasons. now i never had / used a "non android wer" watch and i am a bit lost, and i have few questions for you. changing faces: i came up to a tutorial here, explaining how use clock skin coco and add faces...
  33. Dvalin21

    Thread Makibes I4 Pro Smartwatch Android 5.1 MTK6850 2GB Ram/16GB Storage

    Want to get opions, not sure if I'm getting yet or if someone has one already please post review Highlights Android 5.1 Operating System The latest system with more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect. MTK6580 CPU 4- core intelligent chip, gives I4 PRO watch phone more...
  34. Alberto96

    Thread LEMFO LES2 - Information & Reviews - 1.3" IPS | MT6580 | Android 5.1 | Metal

    LEMFO LES2 Specs: Official Website: http://www.lemfo.com/ Reviews:
  35. lm124

    Thread GT08S Smartwatch

    HI there, I just bought a GT08 smartwatch (what I think it is a clone). It has a MT6261. I currently use Mediatek SmartDevice with it, but I have seen I can't get anything else than notification title in remote notifier. I use a S4 mini with AOKP Android 7.1. I don't know if it is a problem with...
  36. T

    Thread Searching for Smartwatch < $45 CAD with the following:

    Sorry if this has been asked frequently. I don't mind a relatively spartan smartwatch. My current is an APLUS GV18, but it does have a few shortcomings I was wondering if someone had an alternative option that would deal with those. On the whole, I don't mind NucleOS. I get it. It's cheap for...
  37. T

    Thread App Issues

    I have the Finow q3 plus and am having issues finding apps that work on the round screen./ all my go-to apps dont i.e. ez file explorer etc so at present i cant do simple things like unzip watch faces. i watched smartwatchticks youtube series on basic apps but apart from the cache cleaner and...
  38. H

    Thread Speedometer for biking display on LG Urbane?

    There are apps available to show speed on Android, like Openrider. But that would require a bicycle handlebar mount in order to see the phone screen. Is there a way to get speed info displayed on the smartwatch?
  39. C

    Thread [request twrp] iqi i3 smartwatch

    Please, anyone help? I already flashed the twrp I found via this link: mega.nz/ #! 3pV1SA4S! KrX468VHn3BUfTSNR4vr_HfdhCZJV-QvV7hxAFHog4c Still, it is not so, reboot to recovery, opens the recovery stock and not recovery twrp. Well, in the developer options is enabled, unlock the OEM...
  40. D

    Thread DM98 Smartwatch Help

    Hi i just got my DM98 smartwatch and had a few questions for anybody that has the answers. 1.) I got the watch synced to my phone and i wanted to be able to send and receive text messages, make and receive phone calls, and use the internet. Question: is there...
  41. A

    Thread Push notifications and calls FROM smartwatch TO phone

    Hi! I searched and searched, but didn't found any hint, instruction - maybe becouse of my poor english? My wish is, to push all notifications, calls, incoming in my smartwatch, forward to my phone, ergo the reverse way, as usually. Smartwatch is a chinase one, W90, and both phones I have, are...
  42. C

    Thread Heart Rate Sensor Readings Don't Work

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the android wear community as I just received my LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition in the mail yesterday. I was setting it up and messing around with some of its features and I noticed that no matter what app I used (Google Fit, LG Health, Heart Rate OS, etc.), I could...
  43. T

    Thread GV18/DZ09/GT8/MediaTek Smartwatches - How to perform wakeup gesture?

    Hello, I ask here hoping someone has figured this out. Unfortunately the manual I got was totally in Mandarin Chinese, and there does not appear to be any sort of diagram for the movements to do this. The watch (GV18) has a motion capacity, as flipping it can mute calls, but I cannot for the...
  44. Geeks Empire

    Thread [Phone|Watch][GAME] Binary Bytes Puzzle [Android5.+][WearOS2.+]

    Binary Bytes Puzzle Game, No Limit...! Enjoy Classic 1024 Puzzle Game on Phone & Watch Merge 2 Tiles of Same Numbers to Add them Up by Swiping ← ↑↓ → The target Number is 1024 but after that, You can continue to Higher Points... NOTE: App will Save Automatically. So feel free to...
  45. A

    Thread Need Firmware for smartwatch QW09 (MTK6572)

    Hi all. I got a watch qw09 from China without gapps. My attempts to find the gapps that works on this watch were not successful. Then I downloaded the firmware from Gearbest (v 3.2.8) and flashed it on the watch. Google applications started working well, but the application for calls is very...
  46. Raphael17

    Thread Best Smartwatch?

    I'm looking into entering the smartwatch game but I want something fantastic if I'm throwing that much money on something that ultimately tells time. Basically does anyone know of a watch that -has Android Wear 2.0 -heart rate monitor -fitness tracking capabilities -can make phone calls with...
  47. G

    Thread Android 5.1 ebay smartwatch

    Can i use an ebay android 5.1 smartwatch to receive and make calls over Bluetooth on my primary phone or do i need to get an ebay smartwatch that supports Bluetooth calling?
  48. C

    Thread NO.1 F2 Smartwatch bracelet[IP68 waterproof][Notifications][smartband]

    As the wearable industry development, smartband is no more the same modeling. NO.1 F2 is a smartband with a smartwatch modeling. As a bracelet, F2 supports daily exercise tracker, notifications,, sleep monitor, altitude, etc. And the most attractive feature is IP68 watereproof. What's more the...
  49. D

    Thread NO.1 SmartBand F1 Extra functions

    Hi, Does anyone know of Android Play Store apps for NO.1 SmartBand F1 that allow you to assign different functions to the physical buttons? (like the apps for Xiaomi MI 2):confused: I'm Interested in adding camera button functionality, and shake to wake up screen. Thanks
  50. M

    Thread Gear S3's Auto HR is not the same as Gear S2?????

    Dear Gear S3 users, I noticed that the auto HR isn't the same as the Gear S2??? In the settings of my Gear S2 I could choose how frequently I want to auto track my heart rate with different timings but with the Gear S3 I can only check in or check out this option (HR on or off), see pictures...