1. N

    Thread Extract SMS to clear text on Firefos OS-based device (using GerdaOS, a free alternative to KaiOS)

    Dear XDA-community! I recently bought a `Nokia 8110 4G` (which runs `KaiOS` by default, which is based on `Firefox OS`) and flashed `GerdaOS` as an alternative (more free and secure) OS (see also ``). Some things work great, but some not so much. Specifically I'm able to...
  2. ajhalls

    Thread Simple Hello World for SMS Access without root?

    This is my first time working with Kotlin or Android. I looking to get a very basic Hello World type thing started as a proof of concept of a future app, but need a little basic guidance. I would like to be able to back up my SMS and my MMS messages. I have found that most applications focus on...
  3. TienDatPhan

    Thread [FREE][APP] Send SMS HANDSFREE by Voice: Unlimited message

    Dear all, This application was inspired by the fact that there are great demand on editing and sending quick SMS, without much action from your hands (no keyboard typing, minimum screen touches). Unfortunately, current applications on the market do not provide an adequate handsfree experience...
  4. E

    Thread Implementing SMS Verification with Huawei SMS Retriever

    Hi everyone! Today I will briefly walkthrough you about how to implement an SMS Retriever system using Huawei’s SMSRetriever service. First of all, let’s start with why do we need this service in our apps. Applications that involve user verification usually do this with an SMS code, and this...
  5. A

    Thread What's best backup solution for sms messages?

    I've been using SMS Backup & Restore but am considering switching to another app. I'm not getting the warning "Advanced messaging not supported" and in the past I've had some pictures not be restored. I prefer not to backup to the cloud (at least without encryption) and have been copying...
  6. P

    Thread Amazfit GTS 2 - no sms or iMessage notifications

    Hi all I got a brand new amazfit gts 2 but whatever I do I can’t get notifications from my iPhone sms or iMessages. Sms notifications are on in the app ... Any ideas ? Thanks
  7. J

    Thread Why does Xiaomi recommend to replace the default Xiaomi SMS app by Google SMS app?

    Hi there, I am a user from Russia using Xiaomi phone. This morning I received a notification from, seemingly, Xiaomi with recommendation to switch over to Google SMS app from original Xiaomi SMS service. The reason I've decided to create this thread is because once I had installed the Google...
  8. black97one

    Thread Send SMS with Google Home & Nest

    Hello, For those who would like to send SMS with their Google home with advanced UI, it is now possible with the Android application that I developed ? If you already know "Talk to Mister Home" the voice application that allows you to put time delays in routine...

    Thread Pixel 5 Not Making Calls/SMS

    So I was going to go ahead and order a Pixel 5 but I'm reading on Reddit where several folks are reporting issues where they cannot make calls/texts using known working sim cards. Functionality resumes after reboot and then drops out either quickly after the reboot or at some unknown time. This...
  10. R

    Thread Problems with SMS

    I got my 6 pro international about a month ago. Since then, I've noticed a few issues with SMS that I didn't have with earlier phones: 1. long delays (20-30 seconds) in sending texts 2. long delays (hours) in receiving texts 3. out of order receipt (e.g. a bunch of texts followed by the first...
  11. M

    Thread Google messages app suddenly real slow and killing battery...

    Hi everyone, I have been a generally happy user of Google Messages including beta RCS and messages for web on my Macbook / Chrome. Sometime around 2 weeks ago it started killing my battery -- like running in the background enough to run your phone down in 4 hours, I also noticed using it was...
  12. W

    Thread OP 8 Pro Unlocked - No Incoming SMS - Verizon Wireless

    Hello, I know this has been touched on before but I have not seen anything recent about it and I just got this phone today and I have no incoming SMS. I have everything that uses data working fine (email, etc), and outgoing SMS, and incoming and outgoing calls are fine, but I am not getting...
  13. P

    Thread How to select/highlight text in text message MIUI 12 Mi9lite

    Running MIUI 12.1 20.6.18 on Mi 9 Lite. Why can't I double click on a text message in Message app to view the message and select text to copy it from that message? Can someone please help. Did I miss something?
  14. N

    Thread Emergency alerts (Android 10) in other SMS apps

    Hi, is there any way to receive emergency alert messages in other apps and not in the default Messages? I asked Textra about it and the answer was: The problem is that when an alert comes (and since I have Textra as default sms app) instead of viewing the alert I get a popup to choose...
  15. D

    Thread Alternative SMS apps stop working, only native SMS app stay alive, why?

    Hello, I don't have any problems to receive SMS with the native application. With other apps (QKSMS, Chomp, etc), it works for a moment, but after the night for example the SMS do not arrive anymore. If I launch the app, it works for a few hours, but the previously sent SMS are definitely...
  16. B

    Thread Override stock messaging app?

    Device: Realme X (China variant) So, other than installing a custom rom, is there any way to override the stock messaging app in ColorOS 6 that would allow to me to use Facebook Messenger instead as the SMS app? When I try to do that now, I always get a system message about it switching back...
  17. T

    Thread Airplane mode causes loss of SMS message centre number - how to access Service Menu?

    Hi all, My 6P has a weird problem where it loses the SMS message centre number if I turn on Airplane mode at any point. On stock Oreo I had to go in to the hidden service menu and manually set the correct SMSC number or text messages wouldn't work. However, I'm now on ABC ROM and the same...
  18. N

    Thread Multiple SMS merge

    Hi! I've searched lots and yet haven't found any info about it, maybe it's my original idea then. ;) Is anyone of you aware of an Xposed/Magisk module/App that could merge several consecutively received SMS' into one, or at least use one sound notification for them? I will tell you what I need...
  19. nichobrooks

    Thread Play Store downloads stuck at 99 or 100% or SMS (stock app) stuck on sending?

    If you are having these issues (see title), what worked for me was to disable, uninstall or freeze (if rooted) the google app. This means you'll lose "ok google", google lens, etc. everything related with the assistant, but, for me is worth it because sending sms messages to have them show...
  20. blackice000

    Thread Google Voice SMS Blank Screen after Double Tap on Notification (lock screen?)

    Hey All, I am still using Oreo 8.1, and am mostly happy. Recently (likely after a Google update of some sort I am getting a BLANK page when i double tap on Google voice notifications from the lock screen. I see the regular messages page for a split second then it's blank/ Exiting and...
  21. Rohlajz

    Thread SMS - characters count

    I own Nova 3 with Android 9 and I cannot find any setting how enable/show characters count for writing SMS. It is standard for Android 9?
  22. steejo

    Thread Texts sometimes not sending with WiFi Enabled

    At work I have my WiFi set up with a custom IP address and DNS for our wireless network. For some reason, my texts sometimes refuse to go out unless I completely disable WiFi, let them send, and then re-enable it. Never had this issue before on my Google Pixel 2. Also using Pulse app right now...
  23. rahlquist

    Thread Adjust number of SMS messages stored on Pie?

    So neither the stock OnePlus messaging app nor the vanilla messaging app seem to allow you to set the number of messages per conversation anymore? Does anyone have a clue if they have moved it somewhere outside the app or?
  24. paulckruger

    Thread REQUEST for info related to privacy and security.

    Good day!:D I have a page for online privacy ( and want to add more information regarding smart phones and personal privacy and anonymity to that site. Anyone who can offer insight to these questions as well as suggest additional questions I may not have thought of I...
  25. Berni-0815

    Thread SMS sending not working in LineageOS 15.1

    Hi, I'm acually working on LineageOS 15.1 and I'm running into a problem: In frameworks/base/core/java/android/content/ (in the method PendingResult beginning with line 86) the resultCode is set to 4! This is RESULT_SMS_UNSUPPORTED added in API level 19 public static final...
  26. S

    Thread Vzw S7 Edge w/ BYOP Straight Talk Sim not sending texts (Call and Data working)?

    I got a used Verizon S7 edge and activated it last night on my Straight Talk line with a BYOP Verizon Compatible Sim Card. I checked the phone before purchasing and it said it was fully compatible. Data and calling seem to be working fine (though DATA could be running a bit slow - I haven't...
  27. jdelano

    Thread Black screen when trying to open text message from lock screen

    Hello, Has anyone else experienced this? Yesterday afternoon my 3 XL started displaying just a black screen when I double tapped a text message notification on the lock screen. I have to use the power button to return to the lock screen and then unlock the device again. I do not have any lock...
  28. groston

    Thread Android Message - show more than three lines while composing?

    Is there some way to force Android Message to show all lines in a SMS that is being composed as opposed to just the three lines that are displayed?
  29. jauhari

    Thread Tell us your Daily Use SMS/MMS/RCS Messages App?

    Which App do you prefer? Android Messages by Google or Default Messages App by OnePlus? Tell us why choose it?
  30. C

    Thread No data for MTK Device

    Hi there guys!:fingers-crossed: I've tried to install a couple of Project Treble roms, however it seems that all of them have the same issue, they don't connect to the mobile connection ( by Vodafone RO, if it's relevant in any way). I've configured the APN and contacted the carrier and they...
  31. xanda-escuyer

    Thread SMS alerts played through earpiece during voice call.

    Since Wileyfox migrated from CyanogenMod to plain Android they have allowed a really annoying bug to creep in: SMS alerts are played at full volume in the earpiece during an active voice call. Apart from being super annoying it might be dangerous in some cases as depending on the volume of the...
  32. BritSwedeGuy

    Thread Signal messages being sent from wrong SIM

    I have a UK SIM in slot 1, a Portuguese SIM in slot 2, and SIM 1 as the default for everything. Yet when I send a message via Signal to a non-Signal user it is sometimes sent using SIM 2 - has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if it's a bug in OxygenOS or a bug/feature in Signal. I am...
  33. E

    Thread SMS Send and Receive sound

    There a way to have a send and receive sound while using the SMS/Message app? Just like the notification when using an iphone? Thanks. ~billy
  34. hotphil

    Thread SMS (Google app) notifications not working

    Love my Amazfit. One thing that's been bugging me though. All notifications work for all apps except SMS (using the Android default SMS app, not some 3rd party one). Anyone else have this issue? I've reviewed the SMS app settings a dozen times and they're all correct.
  35. Wayd

    Thread anoying locs screen wake up whe new sms

    Hi, When the SMS is received (to the samsung message) *, the sound of the notification is played, the icon is displayed on the AoD, but it also lights up and displays the Lock Screen. Everywhere I'm looking at setting this status (display and lighting Lock Screen) to turn off .. will anyone...
  36. B

    Thread Plz disregard. Delete if possible.

    Please disregard. Mods: please delete thread if possible. I found the answer. Turns out I was doing it wrong. Regards
  37. K

    Thread why is SMS app accessing internet (Lineage 15)

    Hi, I was surprised today to see that my android firewall (afwall+) blocked several communications from the SMS/MMS application (ID 10068). The following IP address were blocked, all on port 443 These IP belongs to google hosting, have...
  38. awildsloth

    Thread Basic SMS Outgoing Format

    Hi everyone, it's good to be back after a while! :D Whenever I send a text message to someone, no matter who it is, I type everything correctly, like ã, é, õ, ç and all the special characters that my language has, and I also send emojis, as everyone else does. My problem is that the receiver...
  39. I

    Thread Replacement for Chikka APP?

    Hi, I'm looking for an APP that can replace Chikka, since the service stopped in march this year after running for almost 2 decades. I found 2, but both has some things I don't like: FSMS (Freedom SMS) - The app works like Chikka and replies do end up in the APP's own inbox, but keep pushing...
  40. blackice000

    Thread SMS notification "try again on phone" BUT Actually sends text message?!?

    I have been seeing this message when using OK Google to send a text message. All works fine...contacts lookup, text composition and send. Then I see: "try again on phone" BUT it Actually sends text message?!? Any idea how to fix this. It's annoying. I have had it happening on Android 6, 7 and...
  41. blackice000

    Thread SMS notification "try again on phone" BUT Actually sends text message?!?

    I have been seeing this message when using OK Google to send a text message. All works fine...contacts lookup, text composition and send. Then I see: "try again on phone" BUT it Actually sends text message?!? Any idea how to fix this. It's annoying. I have had it happening on Android 6, 7...
  42. R

    Thread [HELP NEEDED] SMS delay when I have VoLTE on

    Hello! I'm from Portugal, and I'm in Vodafone. When I turn on VoLTE, SMS spend around 1 minute to send, but when I turn it off, SMS are sended immediately. I found a IMS section in QXDM, but I don't how to configure it. Also, whenever I try to read or change the values of that section, QXDM...
  43. greenys'

    Thread [GOOGLE] Verification on a "new" device

    Hi there, so my question is: Is there any way to disable Google's verification whenever I enter my Google account on any device? For example I love to test and use various custom ROMs on my Redmi Note 4X but whenever I start fresh with one Google will ask me to verify if it's really me who wants...
  44. RRosh

    Thread No Missed Call Alert Messages

    Hi! My Nokia 6 (TA-1000) started receiving missed call alerts, bank funding and withdrawals, and even mobile courier promo texts as well. First I thought it was an error from my mobile courier's end. But when I swapped SIM cards with 2 different phones, My SIM (other phones) got alerts, and the...
  45. jack1192

    Thread MIUI Messages app on BB Keyone? Is there a way to make it work?

    Is there any way to get MIUI messages app running on a BB Keyone? I need the keyboard for my work phone but the stock android messages app is horrible. It doesn't let me send group SMS (text messages). Xiaomi's messaging app is amazing in this regard, as it lets me send group messages via SMS...
  46. S

    Thread text message sms mms app enables send & receive via web browser when phone is off

    i want to be able to send & receive text messages (SMS, MMS, view & attach pics, etc.) via web browser when the phone is powered off. is google voice the only option? i know that options exist when the phone is on e.g. pulse thanks in...
  47. billybag

    Thread Group Chat History Is Too Small!

    My phone starts to clear group chat texts waaay too soon. The limit seems to be 20 texts, and that is not a lot when you are chatting with a group! i have tried looking through settings for a way to expand it and i could not. i also turned off auto-clearing in general, but it still deletes group...
  48. R

    Thread SMS not sent in Nougat ROMS

    I got a weird problem in my device 3/32GB. No matter whatever nougat ROM I install, I am not able to send or receive SMS. MIUI and Oreo ROMS are working fine Tried flashing different firmwares with no luck Any help from anyone would be appreciated
  49. U

    Thread SMS app with hidden messages feature like on MIUI needed

    Isn't there any sms app like that on MIui In which we have hidden messages feature. I love that feature very much and I need that app.:confused:
  50. T

    Thread [App] Textto - Text From Your Computer

    Hello everyone, I've finally launched a long-time side project of mine, Textto, and would love some feedback. Textto lets you text from your computer. When one of my favorite apps became too expensive, I set out to make my own text-from-pc service. I've been using Textto for over a year now and...