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  1. I

    Thread Question Android 13 / One UI 5 Discussion Topic on S22 Ultra

    Hi! Android 13 / One UI 5 is now officially released for S22 Ultra, and many of us wish to discuss it, but information is scattered across the forums, so I wanted to have a central place that deals directly with the final/stable release so I can gain feedback and possibly help you. Here's what...
  2. danielcampos

    Thread General 💥 One UI 5.0 Beta [SnapDragon] Oficial - Android 13 🔥

    Good morning greetings to all I create this thread exclusively for the s21 Ultra Snapdragon version, in a few moments I will upload the .zip file I leave the link of the first FOTA Don't forget to leave your thanks
  3. Bolero.

    Thread GCam settings for Xiaomi 11T Pro

    Hello, I am using GCam 8.1 Does anyone have a config file for Xiaomi 11T Pro? Thanks! Bolero
  4. gbux07

    Thread S21 Root?

    Hello. I'm new to rooting and bootloader unlocking. I have read numerous guides on rooting the S21, and when it gets to the stage where you enable OEM unlocking in developer options, it doesn't show a setting. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction because I have no idea where to...
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    Thread General How good is Xiaomi Mi 11 in 2021 - Full Review - Expensive Mid Tier or Cheapest Flagship?

    <Moderator Edit>: Removed self-promoting YouTube video. Hi folks, I made an in deep review of the Xiaomi Mi 11 based on my use of the device so far. My goal is to check if this is the most expensive mid tier phone or the cheapest flagship. If you have the device or plan to buy it have a look...