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  1. ghost_j1

    Thread forget lock code pattern sony xperia e5 f3311

    hi all I forget lock code pattern for sony xperia e5 f3311 it is linked to gmail account is there anyway to unlock it with gmail without need to perform hard reset is there anyway to access forget password ???? https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_e5-8113.php please help
  2. kamolinkaaa

    Thread Sony E5 F3311 clean install ( stock rom, clean rom ) how to

    Hello, Got my hands on this puppy. It isn't mine, just wanted to help aunt little daughter. When entering some apk like Shazam (settings works tho & some new installed apks like easy backup turned on -yet after time resulted in same error) or You name it the unit freeze itself which results in...
  3. U

    Thread xperia 35 antenna problem

    hi, i repplaced usb motherboard and from then i dont have signal mobile...i replaced and coaxial cable and the same...it recognize sim, itried 2 different...but no signal..wifi its ok..what happened??? i tried with old usb motherboard and again no signal...what happened? help me
  4. Tu_Angel

    Thread [PORT-Oreo-] Sony Xperia XZ Premium Audio Processing to Xperia E5 " Stock Firmware"

    [PORT-Oreo-] Sony Xperia XZ Premium Audio Processing to Xperia E5 " Stock Firmware" hello everyone today I bring you a port of the audio settings of sony xperia functionally and specifically for Sony Xperia E5 and maybe other xperia devices with stock firmware 6.0 MTK. I try it on my Xperia E5...
  5. A

    Thread Sony e5 f3311 simcard no detected !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sony e5 on the simlock screen after updating says: Please insert the sim card1 & reboot .......... PLEASE HELP ME
  6. Tu_Angel

    Thread Sony Xperia E5 [F3311-F3313][KERNEL Stock Root][ Firmware 37.0.A.2.248 /37.0.A.2.252]

    I hope to be posting in the right place. I want to share with you the modified kernel to be able to root our device with the last update of the system that is 37.0.A.2.248 and 37.0.A.2.252 since the current root only applies for 156 or less. I have personally modified and compiled the boot.img...
  7. S

    Thread 5ghz WiFi , Sony Xperia E5 , Xiaomi Note 4 : frequency/channel question

    I cant post in the xperia forums so .. I have both the Sony Xperia E5 and the Xiaomi Note 4 on my 5ghz home network and everything is rosey , however , i have a quadcopter ( drone) that has a camera using the 5ghz network , i have tried to connect it to the phones but cannot see the quadcopters...
  8. A

    Thread Xperia E5 F3313 does not enter into fastboot mode

    Hi, i hope someonecan help me, i was to root my phone, an xperia E, i've done it before with a thread i found here, i did everything ok and it worked but i had to flash the stock room so i could install magisk root but i made the mistake of try flashing the recovery before flashing the Boot.img...
  9. MAREK10747

    Thread Clean os go !! {sony xperia e5} , {android 6.0}

    CLEAN OS GO ABOUT : CLEAN OS GO - Rom based on last CLEAN OS 6 for Xperia E5 , this update have fixed some bugs and is stable . CLEAN OS GO - Have update with ported apps from oreo , and in this version you can download music files from YouTube Go . CLEAN OS GO - In next update (beta) , will...
  10. MAREK10747

    Thread [Guide] Repartition internal storage for more space or swap - XPERIA E5 ONLY !!

  11. MAREK10747

    Thread Stock 37.0.a.1.151 for xperia e5

    XPERIA E5 STOCK - IMAGE FOR RECOVERY Installation On your rooted device with a custom recovery Install - Make a full backup - Full wipe device - Restore Rom - Wipe Cache and Art / Dalvik - Reboot - Wait for boot (sometimes this is 30 minutes max , with black screen . Don't worry wait .) -...
  12. MAREK10747

    Thread SONY BASSOON BINARIES - Xperia open source

    Xperia open source for E5 - Bassoon Hello . I want to put here open source binaries for AOSP android for Xperia E5 F3311/F3313. ANDROID : 6.0 VERSION : 37.0.A.2.156 SIZE : 170 MB KERNEL : 3.18.19 WHAT YOU NEED to build AOSP Marshmallow for unlocked Xperia devices : 1. BRAIN 2. VIRTUAL BOX...
  13. MAREK10747

    Thread Xperia E5 - NOUGAT

    Hello :) . I want to share new release of android for Xperia E5 - Android 7.1.1 . Rom is lineage os but unofficial . Android works on stock kernel . This is ported Android , but I need a help : Rom starting and have bootloop on boot logo and can't normally start . I welcome to my project...
  14. MAREK10747

    Thread Xperia e5 - recovery and clean os 7

    CLEAN OS 7 FOR XPERIA E5 CLEAN OS 7 - Android based on stock system with new better kernel . Clean OS 7 is faster and better than last Clean OS 6 , and have new kernel with added xposed and refreshed recovery . RECOVERY : -FIXED SOME BUGS -FIXED PROBLEM WITH MOUNT SYSTEM AND CACHE -FIXED...
  15. M

    Thread xperia e5 flash boot.img

    Hello I flash the bad boot.img (I think) and my phone sony xperia e5: no longer lights ... when I plug it indicates a red led. and when i try to start it it does not work ... i can not get into the recovery (twrp) nor the flash mode or the fastboot mode. help me !!!!
  16. MAREK10747

    Thread OREO on Xperia E5

    Hello . I create first custom rom for xperia E5 but , now I must drop project of next gen of android 7.1.1 , and now I want to port Oreo for E5 from Pixel . I have few questions : 1.How to port Oreo from snapdragon to mediatek device ???? 2.What I need to port this Android ???? sorry for my...
  17. Pyramid Head

    Thread Getting Sony Xperia E5 as close to Nougat as possible with Xposed

    Hey guys, so as you noticed this device is getting almost zero support regarding custom ROMs. I managed to get my device quite close with Xposed and thought why not share with you. If you already have root and xposed skip to step 3 1st: You will have to root and install TWRP in your device...
  18. A

    Thread I need help with my Xperia E5 (recovery bootloop) [HELP I NEED TO FIX IT NOW]

    Hello, I'm posting this thread because I really need help. I followed this tutorial : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=3584813 to root my Xperia E5 but when I flash boot.img and twrp.img, everything work perfect and when I try to launch my phone in recovery mod (twrp) well I...
  19. MAREK10747

    Thread Concept for "Sony's Android™ Concept" - ALL SONY DEVICES

    Sony's Android™ Concept If you are beginner or power-user you can create and install your own Sony's Android™ Concept !! Why ???? Because Sony's Android™ Concept is a quick and lite os for your device . What you need to create this concept ???? ROOT and RECOVERY . 7zip START 1. Uncheck...
  20. MAREK10747

    Thread BOOT & RECOVERY problem

    Hello . I make for you new android but one day ago I try to update twrp in Xperia E5 , and I flash recovery as boot :( How I do that ???? I install twrp oficial app , and I click flash boot ... I dont know how but recovery was flashed as boot . I have now hard brick , phone is not detected in my...
  21. MAREK10747

    Thread Clean os xperia e5 f3311/f3313 stable

    CLEAN OS FOR XPERIA E5 TESTED ON F3311 , BUT WORK ON F3313 TOO I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Features : ANDROID 6.0.X DEBLOATED QUICK BOOT OTG IN RC8 AND LATER LONG TIME SUPPORT RC16 - BE ANDROID...
  22. C

    Thread Sony Xperia E5 / Home Screen is not working, many System apps are stopping.

    Hi, my rooted Sony Xperia E5 phone( F3311 ) has started to fail when I tried to download the PS4 Remote app with Magisk, I could see the app in Playstore but everytime that I downloaded it the app showed me an error, so I tried many things to pass through SafetyNet succesfully, and nothing...
  23. MAREK10747

    Thread Rom modded xperia E5

  24. MAREK10747

    Thread Clean rom xperia e5

    Hello :) . I want to present new rom for Sony Xperia E5 (F3311) . Rom is stable , clean from any Sony ,,addons,, and quick . Rom based on stock 37.0.A.2.156 . Android 6.0 In future support to 1.5 Ghz (actual 1.3 Ghz) DOWNLOAD Sorry for my English :) Im from Poland . PS INSTRUCTIONS INSTALL...
  25. MAREK10747

    Thread Xperia e5 root (stable)

    Hello . If you want to root the Xperia E5 you need : -Unlocked bootloader https://developer.sonymobile.com/unlockbootloader/unlock-yourboot-loader/ -SuperSu (https://download.chainfire.eu/1114/SuperSU/SR1-SuperSU-v2.82-SR1-20170608224931.zip -ADB and FASTBOOT -TWRP and BOOT img...
  26. MAREK10747

    Thread Ready root for sony xperia e5

    Hello . Root for Xperia E5 is here , (read and use my system , now is little problem with a super su because dont see a root) : 30/046/2017 10:46:28 - INFO - Flashtool Version built on 04-10-2015 21:00:00 30/046/2017 10:46:28 - INFO - Executing search strategies to find proxy...
  27. P

    Thread xpozed for xperia E5

  28. A

    Thread Help with xperia E5 adoptable storage

    Hi, could anyone help me? i have a xperia E5 i tried to configure my SD card as internal storage but sony disabled the option of adoptable storage. i found some tutorials to eneable this option using a terminal and i guess reformating the SD card as private storage, or mixed storage, but, always...
  29. M

    Thread Sony Xperia E5 F3311 [Root][Guide][Twrp]

    After a lot of struggles, we've finally managed to root the Sony Xperia E5. If you own this device and would like to root it, this thread will guide you through the process. Requirements: -You must have the correct drivers installed! You can't proceed without them as the adb interface won't...
  30. Juako

    Thread Sony Xperia E5 (F3311)

    Hello, I want to put Custom ROM in Xperia E5, F3311 model, but I can not find ROM & TWRP for this model. The bootloader if I have unlock option, but if there is no recovery, do not unlock device. Anyone know any options for this? Thank you very much.
  31. notAlwaysHappy

    Thread Xperia E5 - charging issues.

    Hello there. Since there is no section dedicated to E5 General Issues, I'm writing here. Last week my sister's Xperia E5 (which was bought new for Christmas) started to behave improperly. When charged, it randomly turns itself off due to 'Critical battery' even if it had over 40% seconds...
  32. wilbur-force

    Thread Sony E5 microphone intermittent problems

    Bought my Mum and Dad E5s for christmas. They dont install much but my mum is having problems with her microphone. She can only be heard on calls if she goes to speakerphone. Having googled a lot it seems that disabling "OK Google" fixes the issue. But .... its only an issue on my mums phone...
  33. B

    Thread [Sony Xperia E5] Custom Recovery (like CWM and TWRP)

    Does any of these exist for the phone yet?
  34. E

    Thread Sony Xperia E5

    Hello, is there likely to be a cyanogenmod and recovery for the e5? seems to be with every phone but this one... the bootloader comes unlocked too via developer options. thanks.
  35. M

    Thread [ROOT][F3311][6.0]How to root Sony Xperia E5?

    Hey there, Is there a way to root the Sony Xperia E5? I've tried kingroot, kingoroot and towelroot, but non of them worked. I found a way to unlock the bootloader, but that's not the problem. To root the stock rom, which is based on marshmallow, we'll need a custom kernel in order to avoid...
  36. B

    Thread Root Sony E5

    Hi I just bought a new Sony E5 and now I would like to root it so I delete pré installed apps. I finally managed to unlock the bootloader, but now I can't find a way to root it. There seems to be no custom rom available yet. But anyhow I would really like my root status, even without custom...
  37. A

    Thread Xperia E5 photo problems

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, so sorry if i made it into wrong thread ( moderators could u move it to tight thread if im wrong ) So long story short, my friend have xperia e5 and the problem is that the fb messenger app takes very dark quality photos but only the messenger app the stock...
  38. L

    Thread Xperia E5 questions

    I hope i'm in the right section, couldn't find a forum for X5. My question is are there any custom ROMs for Xperia E5 (F3311) and what should i use for rooting the device? Thanks.
  39. P

    Thread [Sony Xperia E5][Bootloader][Root][ETC...]

    So i was thinking that we dont have any thread to this device so i made this. Can someone help me to unlock bootloader to this beatiful device. i cant get it open. when im trying to unlock it with the code(adb or flashtool) it gives me error saying "command not allowed" i have tried many...
  40. evildog1

    Thread Sony Xperia E5 disable permissions popup

    I just bought Sony Xperia E5, but there is a problem. When i open any apps for the first time, it asks me for permission and i have read and click allow or deny, each permission. Sometime Chrome ask me permission again even i allow it while i use Chrome for few hours. I know it's a feature but...
  41. C

    Thread [Help]Sony Xperia E - RED LED unchargable battery

    Hello guys , I am having a serious problem with my Sony Xperia E , it seems to be bricked. Something went wrong , I heard it happens sometimes because of software bug or whatever , and your phone goes into this sleep mode , which won't charge at all. I mean , when I plug it in to charge , the...