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  1. Nimadroid

    Thread Sony Missing Feature [Oreo 8.0.0] [ScreenRecording]

    It's Last updated App From Xperia Z3+ [Z4] And I Bring it to flashable zip Requirements : 1# Sony Xperia Device With [Android 5+] 2# Working TWRP Recovery NOTE: IT'S NOT NEED SUPERUSER MODE Because of it's not modified At last if its Help You hit TNX Button it's Free :good:
  2. K

    Thread [MOD][Z3+/Z5/XZ/XZ1/XZ2/XZ3][11.03.2019] Custom thermal mod (FSC)

    Custom Thermal Mod for Sony flagships (FSC) New! The module is now available to download directly from magisk repo Main advantages - Improved overall performance - Prevent aggressive early thermal throttling - Maintain a consistent performance for extended periods of time - Prolonged camera...
  3. C

    Thread Please I need help!!!!!

    Hello everyone, I need your help with my device, it does not boot, I only have the Sony logo, my device is the Xperia E3 Dual (D2212), I tried to give the flash but it does not recognize, it only stays green. Fastboost mode is recognizing. Please help me, I already installed the flashtool...
  4. R

    Thread cant update xperia z2 to marshmallow still stuck on kitkat 4.4

    So i bought a new xperia z2(D6503) as a back up phone, and i cant update to latest update for it which is android 6.0 its still stuck on android kitkat the phone says that the latest software is already installed i have tried the xperia companion also which also shows the same. Thanks in advance.
  5. N

    Thread Needing help with TWRP + root.... walkthroughs telling me different things.

    Hey hi hello. Rather than screwing up my phone, I'd love some help from people who know more about this device than I do. I want my device to be rooted, all my phones I've owned have been rooted and it's not optional for me. :) I've been reading a lot of walkthroughs, but I seem to be getting...
  6. R

    Thread [THEME] Osmium V1.1a (Multi-feature theme) (NO ROOT)

    Welcome I am proud to present my theme Osmium (V1.1a) for Sony Xperia devices. *FEATURES: 1) BATTERY SAVING: The wallpaper automatically dims at battery below 25%. Becomes black at 12%. 2) NO ROOT NEEDED: Just install as normal apk, and apply theme from Settings. 2) TIME OF THE DAY...
  7. vinaybecool

    Thread Rooting Tutorial For Hard Understanding Keyword FOr xperia C5 Both

    [YOUTUBE] how to root in Marshmallow c5 Ultra Dual/Single Both/YOUTUBE]:good::good::good::good::good:
  8. ZawZaw

    Thread [THEMES][XPERIA THEME][COLLECTION][LIST][LP+] My Xperia™ Theme Collection [Feb 23]

    ZawZaw's "Xperia™ Theme Collection" Hello.....all Xperia Users, I want to present my all xperia themes. This is my xperia theme collection. I hope you will love it. FEATURES LIST Basic Theme Features : - Theme Wallpaper. - Theme Lockscreen Wallpaper. - Nav Key Icon - Lockscreen...
  9. ZawZaw

    Thread [MOD][[FLASHABLE][LP,MM,N] HTC Sense 7 and Apps for Sony Xperia Devices

    HTC Sense 7 and Apps Hello.....all Xperia User. I want to present you htc sense 7 apps and features. I am create flashable zip for Xperia and Nexus devices. Credit to and all apps download from this site. I am now test and All working fine on my Xperia ZU and Nexus 5X. May be work...
  10. ZawZaw

    Thread [MOD][MM+][FLASHABLE] Google Pixel Mod All for Xperia Devices

    Google Pixel MOD All for Xperia Hello....all Xperia Users. I want to present you all Pixel Feature Mod. This is my own flashable zipmod. I get apk and other from, NavKey Icon get from Sir Rajeev Thread and Thanks and Credit to Sir Rajeev and all XDA Developers. This MOD included...
  11. ZawZaw

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION][FLASHABLE] Google Pixel Bootanimation Black & White [Oct/10]

    Google Pixel Boot Animation Black & White INTRO Hello......Everyone. Here is the Google Pixel Official Bootanimation. I Created flashable zip with Black and White Bootanimation, I got origin PNG files on "". Thanks and Credit to this site. All working fine on my Xperia Z Ultra...
  12. ZawZaw

    Thread [THEME][XPERIA][LP,MM] : Xperian Material Dota2 Theme [Update-Oct3/2016]

    Hello.........all Xperia users. Here is my new Xperia theme, developed with Android Studio and simple and perfect. Included Icon Pack in my theme support three Home Launcher. I hope you will love it. Please, test my theme and Plz, give me advice. " Simpl and Perfect Material Dota2 Theme with...
  13. demonio98

    Thread [App][Share] Xperia™ Calendar 20.1.A.1.15

    Xperia™ Calendar 20.1.A.1.15 Install Normal APK For Min: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API 21)_Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23) , Stock and CM ROMs • Expand your network with the intuitive LinkedIn integration in the calendar. • Find your way to meetings easily, using the simple-to-use map...
  14. PDesire

    Thread [THEME][SONY LP][ROOT] Hatsune Mikus Second Desire

    Hey guys, Do you remember the old Xperia Hatsune Miku edition phones made by docomo? I loved this versions, with this theme I want to give you a bit back of Hatsune Miku to our Xperias Hatsune Mikus Desire Description: This is a simple Xperia Theme, not that much modifications to keep...
  15. L

    Thread Problem with ROOTING Xperia M4 Aqua

    I cannot root my phone... I did everything from that thread. :confused: I even unlocked bootloader before attempting to root my phone SuperSU Free cannot update binary code. Tried to use Kingo ROOT - failure...
  16. PDesire

    Thread [THEMES][LP&MM] Xperia Colored Desire Themes, The Enhanced Sony Xperia Z5 Themes

    Hello Guys, today I want to present you: The Xperia Colored Desire Theme Description: It's a Modified Sony Theme, it combine a Type of colors with my Style of Theming Screenshots: Download Section: Xperia Purple Desire...
  17. sanjulgupta

    Thread [ftf][c6502][10.7.a.0.222][india][5.1.1]

    5.1.1 for Xperia ZL C6502 available See screenshot attachment
  18. ogunja

    Thread [Apk] Xperia Browser Concept 5.0+ - 29-07-2015

    Hello friends! Here's Xperia Concept browser Please mirror in my file!!! Required Root root Explorer or Install twrp Download - Xperia Browser Odex Zip flashable Xperia Browser flashzip Odex - Thanks Laercio_lalau Zip flashable deodex flashzip deodex Mirror - New link deodex not flashable or...
  19. GigaSPX

    Thread Adaway not working?

    The whole reason I jumped on board for root on my Z3TC and awaiting root on my Z3v is to block ads. On my tablet, it doesn't seem to be working at all against the intrusive ads that are displayed here on XDA. I made sure all of my settings are correct and database is up to date. What gives?
  20. Z

    Thread [Q] Tasker profile gone wrong: Display won't come on

    As the title says, I was making a tasker profile to give my camera button permission to lock and unlock the device. I also allowed the Secure Settings plugin to be installed into the system. Now, when I boot the phone, the display stays on for a very short amount of time. Ive tried to QUICKLY...
  21. Z

    Thread [Q] Is there a way to "break" a game to work with a controller?

    I got to thinking about how games can be "broken" to work with the Oculus Rift, and started wondering if the same concept can be applied to android games + controllers? Many games support controllers, but not all, and some are only partially supported. On a rooted Sony Xperia Z1s, are there any...
  22. kenil89

    Thread Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Stock Wallpapers

  23. Z

    Thread [Q] Sony z1s [C6916] video is very buggy with focusing

    No matter if it's set to single autofocus, face detection, or object tracking, the darned thing ALWAYS turns into a blurry unfocused mess when i'm trying to record. It's on 4.3 and rooted, what could be tweaked or installed (if anything) to help? This phone has always been buggy with videos...
  24. uxairmalik

    Thread Nokxperia V1.0

  25. mosek

    Thread [PSD] Sony Xperia S Mockup

    Sony Xperia S PSD Mockup Template A mock-up template for showing off screenshots of your apps, ROM's and themes. This time mockup for Sony Xperia S, the template is ready to use, just click and upload your mobile screen via smart layers. Zip pack includes a vector PSD file ( It's a photoshop...
  26. Abrar123

    Thread The Best review for our Sony Xperia ZR

    full review :
  27. M

    Thread adding punjabi (Gurmukhi) to android 4.x

    {working greatly on Xiaomi RedMi MIUI v5.0 but i'll not be responsible for any damage happend to phone} 1. Root your phone. (will void your warranty) try this step at your own risk 2. Download 'FX' from market and install root access from within the app. 3. Download...
  28. unmaskedfalesh

    Thread Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact ****Official Indian Users Thread****

    Now we demand the great from Best .Everyone please share what you think about Sony's New Beast!!!!!!! SPECIFICATIONS Camera and video 20.7 megapixel camera with auto focus 8x digital zoom ISO 3200 maximum in manual mode Sony Exmor RS for mobile image sensor 4K video recording Front-facing...
  29. M

    Thread [Tutorial] Downloading Firmware and convert them into .FTF files

    Download and make your own Firmware Don't misread the title. This tutorial will help you download the needed FILE_xxxxxxxx so that FlashTool can decrypt them and create a bundle to flash. Requirements: Download the XperiaFirmware Downloader tool thing here...

    Thread [PSD] Sony Xperia Z2 PSD by ATMOSF3AR Designs

    SONY XPERIA Z2 PSD : READ THE THREAD FOR FUTHER DETAILS This is for showing off your ROM's and themes and Apps for the Sony Xperia Z2. Cleanly edited and formatted for a more professional & minimal presentation of your mockup. User-friendly, does not require much knowledge of Photoshop...
  31. M

    Thread [CENTRAL] Sony App Update Place

    SONY MULTI MEDIA APPLICATION UPDATE THREAD Good afternoon all Sony Xperia (SP) users. I would like to create one central place where we can share the Sony Multi Media applications we recieve via the Update Center application. I would like to create a thread with the same purpose as this one...
  32. M

    Thread [Index] Tutorial, tools and development guides Index - Updated 03082014

    Sony Xperia SP Tutorial INDEX Hi all, in this thread I will keep a list with all the relevant and usefull tutorials for our device. I do this so that we can find them more easy. This Index contains not only device specific tutorials also some tutorials I believe are worth looking at. All the...
  33. Joel16

    Thread [APP] Facebook Messenger V3

    This is the latest version of Facebook Messenger (Beta) - Facebook Messenger v3.0.1 Play store might say there is an update available, please don't update. Update will revert your Messenger to the previous version. Download here Source
  34. D

    Thread [Tool][App-Modder] Sony System App Editor Ver.1.1 - {divinemamgai}

    This Tool has been replaced by - Juno Please visit the new thread! For older Thread click the button below. Welcome To Sony System App Editor Ver.1.1 Installation Please follow the instructions carefully, cause this is very crucial to the programs working. Step 1 Download the following...
  35. Mahesh89

    Thread Xperia Z2 Codenamed "Avatar" Specs Leaked_ Launching CES2014

    Xperia Z2 Codenamed "Avatar" Specs Leaked Specifications of Sony Xperia Z2 codenamed Avatar and having model number C770X has been leaked out by esato forums which are pretty accurate about upcoming Sony devices.The sources say that there was a big change in design as from Xperia Z to Xperia Z1...
  36. mirhl

    Thread [FIX][ROOT] Disable Fast dormancy on sony smarthphones

    COMPLETELY DISABLE FAST DORMANCY ON XPERIAs fast dormancy should be a battery-saving feature of UMTS networks. TESTED PHONES: Acro S (thanks barmakinfo) Ion S T (thanks icstm) TL (thanks bsined) TX V (thanks carloskar) Z1 (thanks danielalarcon) Z1 Compact (thanks Gregz78) ¡Your phone must...
  37. pROAddicts

    Thread [Q] How to flash a ZIP rom using flashtool?

    Hi: I need to flash using flashtool this "LEAN KERNEL" http://*******/PBKLQ... But the file is in ZIP form... I know how to flash FTF and IMG, but ZIP... I shall appreciate any help...
  38. hhlong89

    Thread [JB][HD720p] Lockscreen mods - icon at bottom, analog clock, transparent slider...

    I have some lockscreen mods for our awesome Jelly Bean firmware, you can choice one. It should work on all Jelly Bean 4.1.2 roms, with 720p display, I think so.... :p Download links and screenshots are below - Clearly lockscreen (without clock, date, icon, always show hint and transparent...
  39. ravi923615

    Thread [13/10][MOD][APP]Sony Xperia Z1 Walkman, ClearAudio+[4.1.1/4.2/4.3]

    ONLY FOR JB ROMS WITH 4.1.1/4.2/4.3 Versions Not working on 4.1.2 jb roms New SONY Xperia Z1 Media Apps : - Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman - Music Control on Notification - Visualizer - New Walkman From Xperia Z1 version 7.12.A.0.0 - New Soundenhancement Xperia Z1 -...
  40. shashivydyula

    Thread [Discuus]SONY'S New Mobile launch this week!

    Any idea about the SONY's new mobile that is about to be launched this week on March 12th 2013? This mobile is about to be launched in India on the above specified date. Is this SONY XPERIA Z or any other? What is the name of the mobile? Features and specs??
  41. E

    Thread [Q] Timescape?

    Hello! Xperia tipo user here. the phone obviously has the timescape app installed (because it shows up under settings/apps) but the icon is not accesible in the app drawer nor is the widget available. I accessed the timescape app itself using the timescape share widget, if you hit the...
  42. [Fenix]

    Thread [P|U|SOLA|GO][Bootanimation] Huge Collection!!! [UPDATE 04.08.2013!!!]

    Hello guys! :) This is my first job that i make on xda... :o Nothing special compared to what the all developers I want to gave my contribution too... Requires ROOT|CWM First of all you must have a recovery do that I refer to this guide (locked bootloader)...if you have...
  43. M

    Thread Beautiful Xperia UI Home Launcher plus Working Widgets (Smooth and Stable) for N7100

    Hello everyone, I tested the Xperia UI Home Launcher along with the Xperia Widgets and was able to get it fully functional. The home launcher is very smooth and stable. And the widgets are really stunning. This is a modded launcher with completely customizable app drawer rows and columns. The...
  44. G

    Thread [Q] Reboot Issue with Xperia Neo V [MT11i]

    Im using Xperia Neo V for the past 8 months. and there is a bug. Not sure whether i can call it a bug :confused: on the sony ics 4.0.4 (updated it one month ago) when i insert the sim and boot it loads up till the home screen and then it restarts again and again and when i tried booting without...
  45. N

    Thread New Wave of Android Phones are ironic

    Yes, this is an angry rant but this needs to be done. After this forum has to endure relentless abuse from people about certain hardware decisions surrounding Windows Phone, I find it more than mildly amusing that these 3 flagship phones: HTC One X - 4.7" Quad Core 1.5GHz 8MP HTC One XL - 4.7"...
  46. orelsi

    Thread I want Sony Xperia

    Iz dat sum ADVERTISING I see on your sig???
  47. A

    Thread play REAL video in X1 without convention

    Hi people, As the title stated, does anyone have any idea? I tried coreplayer in RMVB with no luck. Thanks in advance
  48. msalmank

    Thread Another Video - Huge Concern!!!

    Hi, Another video of Xperia X1 surfaced on youtube: But damn! is it slow in switching!?!?!?!?!!? What do you guys say? (I think he switched before the program refreshed, but not sure) Best Regards.
  49. msalmank

    Thread New Xperia Videos

    Hi, Here are a couple of new Xperia videos... Old Links New Links (These sets of vids are the first real in-depth [well somewhat] videos presented by Sony Ericsson itself. Switching from portrait to landscape is fast... one thing to note however is the panel load time for some panels - which...