1. Sjll

    Thread [ROM][10] LineageOS 17.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  2. xperiaxz2

    Thread Lineage/Calyx/Graphene OS for a locked bootloader?

    My device is xperia xz2. Hope I can use any of these OS for my device. Is there any way? Thank you.
  3. mendesjoao98

    Thread Troubles using the Sony SmartWatch 2 Host App

    Hi guys So, I've recently picked up my 8 year old Sony SmartWatch 2 and some wristbands for it since mine constantly self destroyed themselves, being the reason i stopped using the watch in 2017 or so. So, I use a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) with android 10 and one ui 2.0 and I installed the Smart...
  4. H

    Thread Power-saving feature | How to completely disable?

    Having a very annoying issue with my 5 II where it does not show the correct time on the ambient display. It can be over an hour or two behind sometimes, specially at night, but sometimes during the day as well. I figured might have something to do with a battery saving option somewhere so I...
  5. H

    Thread Navigation app for android 2.1

    Hello and have a good day. I have a sony xperia X8 with android 2.1. Does someone know a navigation app for this android version so that the phone can be used as a gps? Thank you very much
  6. B

    Thread Sony XZ3 not connecting to network - help

    I have a Sony XZ3 which was bought second hand 18 months ago. It's worked fine until about 1 month ago when it didn't get good signal or data anymore. I am in the UK and use a giffgaff sim which runs on the o2 network. I found after some investigation that the phone for some reason was now...
  7. M

    Thread (Finished/closed)entire music dissapeared suddenlly?

    Hello guys I have a strange problem but first this is what i have. sony xz1 compact stock firmware android 9 latest security update of september (fu sony) Yesterday i wanted to play some music when suddenlly i got this message that said i can not play it or something like that and then tried...
  8. K

    Thread Change PlayStore County on Sony Android TV?

    Could anybody give me a tutorial how to change the country on Android TV PlayStore? (Sony KD49XH8096PBAEP, NordVPN is installed with destination county setup). Thanks
  9. N

    Thread Making the most out of Jio Hybrid STB Set Top Box (Without forking)

    Jio STB Sucks. No doubt about it. This forum is for people to make the most out of the set top box. I got the Set-top box for Rs.1000 effectively mainly for Sony Liv because that's what my family mainly watches. At that price it was the cheapest to replace the Cable TV which was also only used...
  10. S

    Thread SONY TV Back button not working on Keyboard after update to Android 9.0

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this and share the trouble I have had and workaround I found after an Android upgrade from 8 to 9 on my SONY TV. Right after the upgrade my 2 wireless Keyboards (1 x USB and 1 x Bluetooth) stopped responding to the Backspace or ESC buttons as "Back"...
  11. tomfan203

    Thread Xperia 1 II very laggy n performance dropped after updated to Android 11

    My Xperia 1 II had been working very smoothly all the time on Android 10, but since the Android 11 update, not anymore...every animations felt not as smooth, apps freezes n crashes more often, phone not as responsive, apps launch time noticibly increased, games runs a lot slower, files transfer...
  12. N

    Thread How to flashrom Sony Xperia X Performance(502so) without flashtool.

    So i got this japanese xperia x performance 502SO from softbank for very cheap and it's stuck on android 6.0 and it can't update with flashtool. I tried many different firmware but they don't work. I want to know if newflasher is working on my sony x performance ?? Please help me !! Thank.
  13. I

    Thread Screen brightness

    i'm having issue when the screen isn't always bright, but when i use youtube it gets brighter. how can i stop this?, i want it to be always bright.
  14. jdilla1987

    Thread Let's See Your Case! - Xperia 5 ii 'Showcase'

    Hey All, Initially this post was to show off one of my cases, but since I'm a bit of a case fiend, I'll be posting all of 'em here. Feel free to post yours and share any thoughts. Several of mine are coming from overseas so I'll be posting them as they arrive. X-Level Guardian case Was my...
  15. Moze666

    Thread Audio is too low through USB-C

    Hello, I just bought a pair of really good headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO, and the sound is very low on max setting. I don't know why, I don't know how... My other Bluetooth or other headphones work great and sound is there, but with these and AMP/DAC Dragonfly RED and a Dragontail (USB...
  16. C

    Thread [ROM] Android 11 + mainline Linux Kernel for Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk. Description: First of all, I want to say thank my friend Pablo for the provided device. It wouldn't have happened without him. This is a pure Android 11 that runs on the mainline Linux Kernel. This project is part...
  17. X

    Thread Losing Root on Sony Xperia Z2 SGP512 Tablet Android 6.0.1

    Losing Root on Sony Xperia Z2 SGP512 Tablet • Android 6.0.1 • Build Number 23.5.A.291 • Security Patch Level: May 1, 2016. So my issue is not rooting the tablet but retaining root. I have TWRP Recovery installed and I run from TWRP and then boot the tablet normally and I'm...
  18. S

    Thread Sony KD-43x8000E Android 9.0 update

    Hi everyone, I have a Sony KD43x8000E Android TV and its currently on Android 8.0. I wanted to know if there's an Android 9.0 update available for this model/version? We have another TCL Android TV at home and that has already been upgraded to Android 9 a few weeks ago. I just upgraded the...
  19. tomanlam

    Thread DEFF Cleave Carbon Fiber Bumper with Kevlar Back case A cool bumper case that comes with a complimentary Kevlar backplate :) Website:
  20. K

    Thread Viper4Android On Stock 8.0 Rom

    Hi guys! This is my first thread so sorry if i make any mistakes, so let me know if i did any! :p So as the title says, We can get viper4android on stock rom but we need to -Have unlocked bootloader -Magisk -Big brain, and focus to not f. it up! -Back up your rom and data, just in case :silly...
  21. C

    Thread USB Audio out?

    Hi guys, I've noticed that when I connect my DAC to the type-c port on phone there's no audio. Is there no sound routing through this interface? Can it be enabled? Thanks
  22. Carmageddon1984

    Thread Stuttering issue on 2019 Sony XBR65A8G on BlueRay content

    Hi, I have downloaded large, 15-70gb mkv files to try playing on the TV. Copied to a USB3 external drive, connected to the TV, and played using VLC Media Player. Some of the have the slightest of stutter every few seconds or so, other seem to play fine. Today, I tried Final Destination Blue...
  23. K

    Thread Factory Reset locked Device?

    Hello all I wonder if someone could help me in a tricky situation. My girlfriend got a Sony Xperia XZ1 from her brother, because he forgot the Device PIN. So the phone is with us currently but we can't unlock the phone because nobody knows the PIN code for the device (IT IS NOT SIMCARD...
  24. F

    Thread [ROM][10.0][XZ2] Pixel Experience for Xperia XZ2 (akari) [AOSP][2020/02/21]

    PixelExperience for the Sony Xperia XZ2 akari What is this? Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation) Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential and...
  25. F

    Thread [ROM][10.0][XZ3] Pixel Experience for Xperia XZ3 (akatsuki) [AOSP][2020/02/21]

    PixelExperience for the Sony Xperia XZ3 akatsuki What is this? Pixel Experience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, bootanimation) Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security, along with essential...
  26. spacedrone808

    Thread XZ1 Compact Fw's: PROs & CONs

    Help me to create mini FAQ. Stock PROs: CONs: AOSP PROs: CONs: crDroid [AlexKarimov] PROs: 1 - Fast: Very responsive and loads quick. Example: stock used to delay when using google maps at all the wrong times. This ROM is lightning quick and I never miss a turn or exit. 2 - Stable...
  27. Castiglionais

    Thread device bricked

    Hi there, My device doesn't start anymore, I tried to flash it with the latest rom 42.2.A.10.107, same, it doesn't work My bootloader is unlocked, and device rooted, so I can't fix it with xperia campanion, also with emma, I can't do it because they ask for a user and password. Luckily ! I...
  28. W

    Thread Bokeh mode / working Gcam for xz1c?

    Having had the xz1c for more than a year, I'm still not able to find a working bokeh mode camera app. Creating a thread to see if others have had better luck or advice? What I've already tried: - Stock rom: - Sony's official "Bokeh" app - unfortunately this requires two shots and a long...
  29. K

    Thread Who can make a android-10.0.0 _ r 1, the developer world has released a tutorial

    My computer is terrible. Who can help me build it,thanks:crying:
  30. S

    Thread [GUIDE] [OREO 8.0] ROOT + TWRP + DRM Fix | AU KDDI SOV34 | 41.3.C.1.147

    NOTE : I created this guide for the Sony Japan AU KDDI version of Xperia XZ Oreo 8.0 users and i have difficulty installing the global version and many that do not support such as NFC Japan are very different from global. Please report this text before you root SOV34 check your sim lock if (x)...
  31. K

    Thread Z3c: cannot install ROMs from TWRP, fastboot mode broken

    Hey all, I've been messing around with my Sony Z3 Compact (D503) and I think I broke something when I forcedfully tried to install a ROM. My problem is this, I have no system to boot to and fastboot mode dosen't work (it boots to recovery instead). Just to be clear, my drivers for ADB and...
  32. T

    Thread Android 10 ROM for Sony Xperia X Compact

    Hello, sorry if this is not correct section, and Im quite new, I only rooted and installed custom ROM to my very very old HTC Desire (Bravo), but now I have my Sony Xperia X Compact and it runs on Android 8 I think, but there is no support anymore, so I am looking for some Android 10 ROM (or...
  33. E

    Thread Xperia Transfer Mobile and Open Devices list?

    Two serious issues remain right now, with the Xperia 1: Xperia Transfer Mobile can't be installed on it (Sony hasn't updated it on Google Play so that we can install it on our Xperia 1 Devices), and the Xperia 1 isn't available on Open Devices, meaning, custom-ROM development will be delayed for...
  34. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] XPERIA Home (No Sony Device required)

    Xperia™ Home is a Personalization App or Launcher that allows you to customize Android Phone. Through this App, you can set new Themes and find your most frequent App quickly. You will also be able to see Promise Icon while installing an App NFO: Version: 12.0.A.0.13 Architecture: universal...
  35. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] XPERIA Clock (No Sony Device required)

    You can set one or several Alarms and use any Sound File saved on your Device as the Alarm Signal. The Alarm does not sound if your Device is turned off. The Alarm Time Format displayed is the same as the Format you select for your general Time Settings, for example, 12-Hour or 24-Hour NFO...
  36. S

    Thread TWRP Tester needed

    Hello, i already released a TWRP for the normal Xperia 10 and i am working on a TWRP for the 10 Plus, but i don't have that device. I would need a tester. Contact me on telegram Schrittii
  37. anabhi

    Thread [APP][PORT] Sony music from xz series v9.0.0.a.0.1 [UNIVERSAL]

    hello here's ported sony music app for all devices , this version is differ from other & latest version and works perfectly well with every device ! Version number - 9.0.0.A.0.1 VIDEO LINK Features Dark user interface Balanced treble and bass audio output Lite...
  38. A

    Thread Xperia 10 Plus added to Sony's Open Devices program

    This means that developers are able to build and flash their own version of Android Pie on these devices. The Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open...
  39. A

    Thread Xperia 10 added to Sony's Open Devices program

    This means that developers are able to build and flash their own version of Android Pie on these devices. The Open Devices program is our way to provide access and tools to build and test your custom software on a range of Sony devices. You can access all the resources you need through our Open...
  40. cubano2031

    Thread Root available ?

    Is there any way to root this phone? I would like to root just to edit the build.prop for the camera api in order to install the Gcam port ....
  41. repey6

    Thread [8.0-11][Magisk][Sony Xperia Music Player with Sound Enhancement][All devices]

    Sony player for Q-10 in this thread too. Hi. I present for you my latest developments of Sony Music Player Full. Please try it. Player has a fully working application Sony "Music" downloading data on a track and album. Also, equalizer, Xloud etc... I strongly recommend that after the first run...
  42. X

    Thread Walkman App 9.4.2.A.0.1 - 14 Dec 2018

    Hi! I decide to mod the Sony Music App and change its name and icon to Walkman like the old xposed module "music to walkman" Enjoy! :D Download
  43. K

    Thread Sony XA2 Plus H4493 Firmware request 50.1.A.11.40

    Hi everyone, I requesting firmware (ftf) for Sony XA2 Plus H4493 with build number 50.1.A.11.40. I post this thread here because there is no section for XA2 Plus in XDA :( . And please, I already tried the firmwares from "XPERIASITE.PL" and I DON'T want their firmwares, since they containing...
  44. RohMish

    Thread [HELP][F8332] cellular won't work right after Sony returned my phone

    So I went to Sony to get my battery replaced. Sony wanted to replace my screen and motherboard so I decide not to go forward with it. Sony literally returned my phone with my display out and headphone jack issues. I went back and they "fixed" my display but with even more issues. But that all...
  45. L

    Thread XA2 Plus (H4413) screen protection

    Hello, fellow owners! Could anyone suggest any good screen protector for XA2 Plus exactly? Own positive experience base is preferable ;) I've unexpectedly faced drastic (hope the word is placed correctly) lack of screen protectors for this phone of adequate quality... Glass items are flat at...
  46. N

    Thread Can you help me select an Android tablet, 10.1" screen or higher? Waterproof?

    I have been waiting forever for a Sony Z5 tablet, and I think forever is how long it will take. :rolleyes: Requirements: 1) bootloader can be unlocked 2) some decent custom ROM/root support 3) 32GB LOCAL system storage, or 128 if no expansion card. 16GB is not enough for local system storage...
  47. X

    Thread Stuck at Bootlogo - Can't enter recovery

    So I got a LT15i which is stuck at at the bootlogo. It seems to be already altered, since it Shows the "KangXperiaProject" I can't boot to recovery or as fastboot, but it is recognised as adb device. Any advices?
  48. jigs4wkiller

    Thread [MODULE] [PORT] Sony App collection (+ live wallpapers, widgets and Bootanimation)

    Sony App collection What can my module do? - It allows you to install most Sony apps from the PlayStore or you download the APKs from APKMirror (Music, Album, Live Wallpapers and many more) - It supports add ons for apps that aren't available at the Play Store (Widgets, E-mail, Contacts...
  49. P

    Thread Random reboots (logcat is inside), please advise

    Hello techy people, I have bought XA2, unlocked bootloader and installed latest LOS 15 (30 Nov build). Installed Magisk, MicroG, Afwall, all worked well and today random reboots started to happen. Sometimes it happens when I play with location settings in maps app, sometimes when I use the...
  50. F

    Thread PETITION: Full Camera API2 support for our XZ1C

    So even with Android 9.0 Pie we still don't have RAW compatibility for our phone, and that would help a lot to catch better pictures and use different apps at theyr fullest. Please sign this petition and share it...