1. RenzoMag

    Thread /system read-only problem

    I have my device rooted and with twrp. I want to delete some files that belong to the /system partition, but it is set to read-only. I have tried many different things but nothing has changed his condition. Looking at the twrp options I realized that from the file manager I can delete things...
  2. ejrv

    Thread [TOOL][WINDOWS] AzeroKit - Cross Device Rooting, ADB and Fastboot tool (Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and...)

    Introducing Azerokit - Your All in One Rooting, ADB and Fastboot Tools In Just "One" Software (GUI - Windows) Summary: Azerokit is an all-in-one toolbox application designed to empower Android users with a comprehensive suite of tools for rooting, managing ADB (Android Debug Bridge), and...
  3. mr.kacar

    Thread Can't unlock my Xperia XZ?

    Yo, recently I bought an Xperia XZ and wanna try with Lineage OS rom but I can't unlock my OEM. Keep getting '' Incorrect format for unlock data. Should be on the form "0x '' this error. I trying this exact command ''fastboot oem unlock 0x'' . Can somone help me?
  4. S

    Thread Question Sony Xperia 1 IV - 512GB ISSUE

    Good day, i bought about 3 weeks a Sony Xperia 1 IV for my trip, i just inserted my sim card and i get like 0 bars (signal) i can use data and make calls, but when my brother tried to call me it a few times it just goes straight to voice mail i tried three sims already and same result, since i'm...
  5. tomatoketchup

    Thread Question Least friction way to adapt to device idiosyncrasies

    Hey there, I wanted to know what's the proper and least issue ridden way / path of least resistance to adapt lineageos to a device that should run GSI builds just fine like this Xperia 1 IV. Now, phh backed out of making GSIs so that looks a bit bleak now, but then I wonder if the important bits...
  6. S

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][13][ALPHA] LineageOS 20 for Xperia Z3 D6603

    LineageOS 20 /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  7. RoyDet

    Thread Sony SOG01 Simlock Or...(please read the thread)

    Hi all. I hope someone can help me with my phone. I have this phone and I have problems with it. The phone was bought from another person, not in a store. It does not connect to the mobile network and cannot connect to the mobile internet. It is fully operational, all functions work (except...
  8. dasdsad1

    Thread The FM Radio (Sony Xperia) app does not work on Android 13. Ideas? Help.

    Hello XDA Forums, My phone does not have the preinstalled Sony Xperia FM Radio app, thankfully I have another one. So I downloaded from APKMirror the Sony Xperia FM Radio app, APK version 8.1.0, for Android 12+, then I installed it. Then, I accepted permissions for microphone and...
  9. Alex Bush

    Thread Android kernel Sony image sensor support mt6761

    Hi All! I have a sony cam (imx327) and I need to get video and images from this cam to android phone based on mt6761. I wonder if I understand correctly and there is a chance to do it - add supporting of this cam based on kernel(4.9) level /drivers/media/i2c/imx327.c by choising Device Driver...
  10. E

    Thread Waterproof tablets? a sony tablet Z alternative?

    i like to read comics and such in the bath, for years the wonderful, waterproof sony tab Z series served this purpose fantastically but of course theyve long been discontinued and can only be updated to modern versions with heavy modding for a time an IP rating as almost a given in mobile...
  11. ByWitcher123

    Thread How can I upload a photo from my gallery to the background of my watch face?

    I know that there is no google play support for this device, but I don't want apps or anything. I just want to change the photo of the background. Can someone help me?
  12. M

    Thread Xperia 1 SIM/Network locked. Any way to unlock it?

    Hello everyone, I bought a second-hand Xperia 1, but the seller didn't tell me it's SIM locked. I have struggled to find a fix for the past month (a couple of shops here said they couldn't unlock it), does anyone know of any software or anything to unlock it? I found threads on this site, but...
  13. W

    Thread [GUIDE] Root any Sony Android phone without TWRP

    IMPORTANT Rooting can break your phone. Do this at your own risk. Intro This guide explains how you can root any Sony Android phone without installing a custom recovery like TWRP. It's possible by downloading the latest firmware, patching the boot IMG file with Magisk and flashing the...
  14. S

    Thread Firmware link for xperia XA1.

    Hi when I try to flash firmware flashtool error says Data CRC32 error. I think it's firmware mismatch. I have the firmware details of my current phone which is taken from flashtool. Anyone can give me link to this firmware please😟. Current device : G3116 - RQ300534QJ - 1307-5208_R1B -...
  15. S

    Thread XA1 Data CRC32 error.

    I have xperia XA1 which was dead a few days ago. It wont go into fastboot mode nor turn on and show sony logo. It only goes into flashmode. So i downloaded firmware form xperifirm and try to flash using value flashtool. But flashtool finishes flashing after writing TAunit value 01. My...
  16. N

    Thread Sony TV loses control of my AV receiver

    Hello everyone, I ask for your help because I got an issue with my Android TV I have a Sony KD-55XD7005 connected with ARC to my Pioneer SC 1224 I do have the control of my Home theater from the TV remote (mainly the volume), and when I turn off the TV, it turn off the AV receiver. That's OK...
  17. Alex2008Ex

    Thread Question Vendor image on SODP

    Hey, I'm planning on buying this phone and I looked at Sony open devices project and saw that this phone was there but I could not see any vendor image corresponding to this phone. Is it a problem for compiling and using AOSP?
  18. wolfaas12345

    Thread General Seems like Sony is starting to roll out Android 13 for Xperia 1 IV and 5 IV

    Just spotted this goodness on their official Facebook and twitter page seems like we will be enjoying our 13 very soon
  19. sensei punk

    Thread Xperia Z2 Weird Charging problem

    Ok so I started having a weird charging issue with my Xperia Z2, a few months ago when I plugged the phone in to charge and noticed it was constantly showing it was charging and disconnecting non stop (basically this here Xperia Z2 charging disconnect)... first thought was maybe my usb cable...
  20. mielnoir

    Thread Question Google Search bar got ugly!

    Can anybody please tell me what happened to the Google search bar (see screenshot)? Anyone else got this problem?
  21. RenzoMag

    Thread [Discussion] [Question] Android hardware/software structure.

    Update: My phone was not recognized by the computer since the usb flex was broken, the data lines did not work, but the charging lines did. Watch this video for a solution: Hello!. Can someone who understands the subject explain to me how the startup architecture of an android device works...
  22. C

    Thread sony xperia xa2 how to relock the bootloader and recover the bootloaders

    hello everyone i am new with the sony xperia xa2 i had to buy it because my cell phone htc m9 is dead and i want to put new roms. i tried to put the twrp but it came out wrong i had to use the command flashboot flash trwp.img i had problems with the system i had to flash with xperia complication...
  23. _KNT_

    Thread Can't `fastboot -w flashall`

    Probably a noobish question, but despite following the official build guide [1] and later finding out it's broken [2] I still can't flashall: (lunch output cut) ============================================ PLATFORM_VERSION_CODENAME=REL PLATFORM_VERSION=13 TARGET_PRODUCT=aosp_xqau52...
  24. HUNKRR

    Thread Xperia 1 ℵ Ambient Display ℵ Custom Photo ℵ Photo Editor is disabled. Can't open. ☢

    I'm using Sony Xperia 1 Japan Variant. Into the Sticker section under Ambient Display settings, when I choose a photograph from the device it shows "Photo editor is disabled, can't open." But there's no apps in the disabled list. Is there any solution for this. 😥
  25. S

    Thread Not able to achieve max brightness in Sony Xperia 1 IV using Exoplayer OpenGL Rendering

    Hi All, Currently I render the video frames using extensions(OpenGL to render the frames) with exoplayer. I have noticed that when playing videos natively the max brightness achieved is around 1000 nits. But when I render the frames using extensions I get only around 600 nits. Is there any...
  26. ejrv

    Thread How can I downgrade my 2015 sony tv?

    I have a 2015 sony tv that runs android tv 8 now, but it had android 7 past year and i can say that android 8 is a peace of ****. ' so how? MODEL: KD-65X8500D Since I Upgraded i have this issues: - Auto reboots - Date And time Changes To 2020/6/10 Everytime it reboots - So much lags - Wifi...
  27. seyrarms

    Thread Temproot XZ3 Japan Version SOV39 AU / 801SO Softbank / SO-01L Docomo

    Temp Root XZ3 Japan Version SOV39 AU / 801SO Softbank / SO-01L Docomo Thanks for @j4nn make and explorer a Exploit from Global. And many thanks for Mr. Dani from Indonesia the person how make this possible Exploit for japan rom. What's Needed for Temproot? Rom Au version 52.1.C.0.192 for...
  28. Sjll

    Thread [Unofficial] Lineage 19.1 for Xperia XZ [Treble]

    Lineage 19.1 for Xperia XZ /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing...
  29. X

    Thread Old Z2 Tablet SGP512 Given All It's Got?

    As the title suggests I have an old Z2 tablet that has been an absolute work horse for many years. I was using it one night and the Android OS prompted me that the device hadn't been rebooted in 28 days. So after I was done using it for the night I rebooted it. Only, it didn't reboot it...
  30. Bkeinn_ll

    Thread GSI and Xperia 1

    I tried to install some GSIs, but they were stuck at the costum Romes Loading animation. I installed the Firmware with Emma Locked it to update to Android 11 and unlocked it again Installed TWRP and booted into it Wiped system and userdata Pushed to system.img file from the custom rom to my...
  31. RenzoMag

    Thread [Question/Tutorial] Make a phone unusable in 4 simple steps

    Update: My phone was not recognized by the computer since the usb flex was broken, the data lines did not work, but the charging lines did. Watch this video for a solution: Hello!. I'm going to show you how to make any phone unusable, like I did with my Sony experia m4 aqua! Step 1: Unlock...
  32. Janninanni301

    Thread Lets discuss MultiRom

    You guys think its possible to make the XA2 ready for dualbooting? Im trying to dualboot lineage os and Corvus os GSI. If dualbooting is possible can you install the secondary rom on a SD? Looking forward for some responses ;)
  33. E

    Thread Did magnetic cables ever damage your phone ?

    I wanted to buy a magnetic cable for my phone but a lot of people especially on reddit say that it can cause damage to your device. So I researched a little bit and I can't find any threads about any damage on the internet so I wanted to ask if it is true or just misinformation from reddit ?
  34. 4

    Thread [CLOSED] Need help (.qcn backup) from XZ1c owner

    During the process of flashing different ROMs on my XZ1 Compact something went wrong and its IMEI became damaged. I've spent about a month trying to fix it with different apps and methods to no avail, and it seems the only thing that's left is to try using .qcn backup from a working XZ1c to...
  35. 4

    Thread [CLOSED][HELP] Quest of IMEI repair on Sony Xperia models

    Since IMEI is a sensitive subject with xda, I'll preface by specifying that this topic concerns only the repair/restoration of original IMEI number, not its change or replacement for another one with nefarious purposes. I'll get right to it: the IMEI of my Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact has become...
  36. Ulumia

    Thread [APP][2.2+]Xperia Active Home

    This is the home screen from the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active smartphone Works exactly on Android 2.2 and 2.3 The name of the file specifies what resolution it is for and how many desktops there!!!
  37. NExtaaa

    Thread Xperia 1 II Battery

    How long does is your battery last? Mine already had battery replacement with warranty but I'm still getting roughly 4 hours of SOT. Is this normal? Before you ask I had disabled all apps that I'm not using, been through almost every settings of the phone and no change. And from time to time...
  38. Chariotx

    Thread Need help with Bootloop on Xperia XZ1 (info inside)

    Hello. First of I'm a fan of this forum for a couple of years now but never had a chance to have an account until now (Still a total newbie), anyhow I tried to fix it myself for weeks now searching and looking for almost everything I can both Google and here but no avail. desperate as I'm now I...
  39. lemon90

    Thread Question Can SO51B docomo version flash SEA rom?

    I use so51b with many carrier apps, and i want to flash rom SEA 61.1.A.6.2 . Could it work? Thanks for the answer.
  40. KeradSnake

    Thread Is my phone hopelessly locked or there's still second chance? (Forgot pattern, USB debugging on but not OEM unlock so can't flash)

    So basically I have a Stock Sony Xperia Z3 Docomo variant (if I recall correctly it was D6653) that I used all the way from 2017, until I had to let it rest in 2020 because the screen was broken (although at that time before the screen went completely messed up, I managed to enable USB debugging...
  41. D

    Thread Question Power menu "Compatible controls unavailable" issue

    I was trying to get Termux power menu device controls to work and encountered this issue seen on screenshot. The same issue occurs with Google Home. Does anyone have the same issue or have any idea how to fix it?
  42. W

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk] UnifiedNlp enabler module for stock ROM

    UnifiedNlp enabler for stock ROM (Magisk module) What's this and what does it do? It's a Magisk module. You need to have Magisk working to use it. This thread can help with that. It installs UnfiedNlp 1.6.8 as a system app and also does the magic that allows it to work as a location provider...
  43. W

    Thread How To Guide How to backup your partitions with command line (requires root)

    How to backup partition images with dd on the command line (root required) We don't currently have a working custom recovery for the Xperia 10 III, but if you have root there's a simple method to dump partition images. This is a very good idea and you should do it at least once, especially if...
  44. M

    Thread Discovered new phone + DroidKit(?)

    I'll try here since I got no response in the Sony section. I discovered a phone (Sony xperia 10 model I4113) in perfect condition in the electronics trash where I live, just had to buy a new battery. Sadly, the phone is PIN locked and I can't get to the "System recovery mode" when pressing power...
  45. W

    Thread How To Guide How to root and pass SafetyNet on XQ-BT52 62.0.A.3.163

    How to root and pass SafetyNet on Sony Xperia 10 III (XQ-BT52) Tested on firmware 62.0.A.3.163. Disclaimer: This guide assumes you're familiar with the concepts of rooting, Magisk, SafetyNet, fastboot, adb and so on. I will explain why things are done but if I explained everything it would...
  46. D

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Xperia Launcher 3.0.0 by ra3al (Latest Version) (For All Devices)

    Hi, i have the latest version of Xperia Launcher by ra3al! This launcher has: Drawer Search for applications System Settings Launcher Settings Classification of applications and more... WORK FOR ALL DEVICES!!!
  47. MedoHamdani

    Thread Sony Sketch App

    Hi, In this thread or post we will discuss the option that we have to deal with Sony Sketch App. We all know that the app was terminated since it wasn't doing good profit wise, therefore it was shut down, we will not discuss how to export the data, since this option is not longer available...
  48. S

    Thread Can I still upgrade the Android version if I buy a new Xperia M2 now?

    I saw that Xperia M2's Android version is Jelly Bean, but can be upgraded to Lollipop. I want to buy a new Xperia M2 (don't ask me why), but I fear that since Xperia M2 is an old model, I still can't upgrade it to Lollipop (officially) anymore. So, can I still upgrade the Android version of...
  49. Mr fixer

    Thread Sony L1 G3312 Dual Sim Bootloader Problem

    Hi There, I have Sony xperia L1 G3312 I unlocked the boot loader using adb platform tools. But after unlocking I accidentlly locked bootloader using huawei emui tools. And now my phone keeps rebooting in black screen and i can't go to fastboot mode . Also can't unlock it . I can only go to...
  50. C

    Thread Want to root Sony Xperia XA1 Plus to backup DRM-key

    Hey guy, I have the old Sony Xperia XA1 Plus and i want to install new os for it. However, i have to unlock bootloader if i want to install twrp. If i do that, my DRM-key will be deleted and i lost a lot of abilities of my phone. So i need some advices to root this phone without unlock...