1. ZawZaw

    Thread [APP][MOD][MM,N] : Sony Xperia Home Launcher for Nexus Devices[ Update-Oct6/2016 ]

    Hello.......all Nexus User. Here is my own flashable Zip Mod for Nexus Devices. I have Xperia ZU and N5X. Get apk and other file from my Xperia ZU and update apk from apkmirror. Then, I am create own MOD for Nexus devices. This is Sony Xperia Home app and can support iconpack ( no need root )...
  2. SuperLamic

    Thread [Discontinued][ROM][SonyAosp][24/12/2016][Nougat] AOSP for honami 7.1

    This thread is discontinued, use alviteri's builds: This is a testing build of AOSP nougat. It's based on sources by sonyxperiadev, maintained by alviteri. (big thanks to him) It's working quite...