1. Shihabus Sakib Rad

    Thread Question Pixel 7 is connected to Bluetooth earbuds but No audio output. Sometimes, Audio plays for only 1 second, then again complete silence.

    QCY ArcBuds (HT07) doesn't play anything when connected to Pixel 7. But The earbuds works well with other phones (Pixel 6 pro and Samsung A series, Xiaomi Redmi 9) and even, windows PC. I have two other Bluetooth headphones and those work well with Pixel 7. I am not sure why this specific...
  2. Jiiiiimm11

    Thread Question Turn off Off-Screen Gesture Sound / Noise / disgusting ear ringing tone...

    The gestures to turn on flashlight with v or unlock the screen with ^ are quite nice, BUT who did implement that worse sound every gesture makes ?! Its a literal reason to stop using them ! So how to disable them ? Srsly I rly hate OnePlus now. My first and last of those bad phones.
  3. Dexrn

    Thread Weird Boot and Shutdown animations found on SM-T280 and SM-T285

    I found these in the stock rom of the SM-T280 and SM-T285 tablets. inside /system/media there are 4 files, I have attached a zip from the SM-T280. I also made some videos of the animations: SM-T280: SM-T285: These sounds sound like something out of a knock off phone... Why are they on...
  4. Kili1.0

    Thread TTS not working Android Head Unit

    Hello, I have a problem with my Android radio. It works perfectly only the software TS18.1.2_20221118.142554 lets germinate play navigation sound. I just get the error message and the TTS (Text to Speech) doesn't work. What can I do against it? I have already done all the updates and am...
  5. SHSM12

    Thread Help remake Stereo sound mod

    Hi. Really need some help. Description: Redmi Note 5 has a working sound mod (zip attached in the file), which adds the left audio channel to the speaking speaker. Only all these mods have a common flaw. They simply add the L channel to the upper speaker, BUT do not remove the left channel...
  6. visioner_vs

    Thread Question Rattling/crackle in the speakers

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a pixel 7, I noticed that at maximum volume, sometimes you can hear some kind of crackling from the speakers, similar to a metallic rattling. If you make it quieter, it seems to pass, surprisingly it does not always happen that way. There is music where...
  7. A

    Thread [ FIXED ] Glitching Sound in Custom ROM

    Well , I took a lot of time to discover this. When you play a music in the background, every touch on the screen glitches the sound I found a solution that worked for me Go to Settings - Sounds - Advanced Then Disable "Touching sounds" and "Screen locking sounds" You also may need to Disable...
  8. P

    Thread Razer phone 2 Stock Rom Things dump!

    So I like having android up to date on this device but like some of the customization that razer was bringing to the table. After a full on fight with my spare parts razer phone I have THIS LINK that is all of the ticks and boops that i was able to find using the root explorer. This also...
  9. tryigitx

    Thread Deleted

    . Deleted
  10. corona1213

    Thread sound problem on POCO X3 NFC

    hello everyone!! so... I got a problem today that my speaker stuttering like this "" anyone can help what is the problem? is it the Audio Chipset or software problem ( I hope it's software) anyway thanks for the help people Thank You
  11. P

    Thread Question Weird vibration sounds

    Hello. I was trying to play with 3rd party vibration test app named Vibrations-Test. After i clicked the right-bottom power button and start to moving the sliders, i noticed really cracky sound that came out of that vibration motor (sample below). Can someone test this too if it is factory...
  12. dziugas1959

    Thread General Setting volume to 0, but noise coming through when playing a video or music.

    Try this, open a video, from a browser or „Youtube“, or maybe open „Spotify“ or a program of your choice set the music volume to 0, put your phone right up to your ear, play and you start to hear noise pause it, after 4 sec. you will hear a little pop and the noise will be gone. I think this is...
  13. T

    Thread Vastking Kingpad K10 - No default system EQ, stand-alone EQ apps have no effect on audio (Android 10)

    Hello. I got a new tablet and the audio is outright painful without an EQ. ( In some music apps, there is a built-in EQ which can make the audio decent. But I need a system-wide EQ and I can not get free options on the Play...
  14. kingracer

    Thread Question Sounds issues on Exynos S22 Ultra (Ukrainian variant)

    Hello all. I've got my Ultra on 22nd of February by pre-order in Kyiv, Ukraine (SEK variant, official reseller) and for a few weeks it was almost okay. But for the last 4-5 weeks I'm experiencing really weird sound issues with only specific games, but not all of them. Also all non-game apps are...
  15. lafreantz

    Thread Question Sound in games cuts out/disappears in Poco F3

    For some reason, when I open most games, the sound always disappears when I start playing. But I can still hear the voices of my teammates through mic. To be clear, the game has sound when on the game's menu screen, it only disappears when I start playing until the end of the game. And the sound...

    Thread Broken HiRes

    Hi. I tried a lot of Android 12 ROMs and all of them has bug with HiRes codec. Sound is shifted to the right, bass reduces volume (I used Poweramp and Neutron, everywhere same problem and on all frequencies). For now the highest frequency on AAudio (24/192). Any ideas how to fix that?
  17. V

    Thread No stereo separation

    Hello. I just jumped to a xperia 5 II from a huawei p30 and i was really anxious to try out the speakers and the sound quality. To my surprise, there is no stereo separation. Front phone speakers...ok, i don t mind. But headphones? Mainly i was using wired headphones from apple. But i also tried...
  18. A

    Thread TCL L55C6US To hear the sound, it requires restarting with every turn-on

    Hello, I have TCL L55C6US, Chassis MT58CU-AP, and Firmware version V8-T658T01-LF1V820 With every turn-on, it requires a restart to activate the voice! There is no sound after the first start, and after restarting it works normally. Tried a factory reset, and firmware update but to no avail...
  19. Blodziu

    Thread Question Issue with Media Sounds and notifications

    Hello, I have a wired issue with media and notifications sounds. In few days after factory reset, most of the sounds work incorrectly, I mean something like playing from only one speaker and they are very muffled. Also media playback, e.g. on YouTube, everything plays from one speaker and...
  20. 2010matej

    Thread How to change media to volume UI Panel

    Hello guys, i need your help. Im using latest update of miui12. After that update, system UI panel was changed from ringtone volume to media panel. (new panel in photo) So if you use volume buttons , you can change media volume not ringtone anymore. I want back ringtone option, because i'm used...
  21. QBEq2

    Thread Google Nest timer sound

    Hello, everyone! I heard the Google Nest Timer sound in a store and I love it. Can someone record the timer sound for me? Unfortunately I don't have a Nest Speaker and all videos on YouTube that have the sound have the old timer sound.
  22. C

    Thread Head Unit - create shortcut of specific app

    Is it possible to create a shortcut of a specific app? For, radio, music, video, BT... there is "For" and when you install that, you got your shortcuts, and that's all OK. I wanna create shortcut for VocalizerEx2 TTS ( engine for Text To Speech. That app is working OK...
  23. C

    Thread Radio app problem with TTS

    Only Radio app ignores TTS engine. When I turn off radio app, TTS is all good. If i play in background some other apps, music, videos, DAB (usb)... TTS engine is working. Because I use iGO navigation with TTS, when radio is on in background I do not have a sound. I tried to play with...
  24. Mohitash

    Thread [APP][OOS11] Sound Enhancement Xtreme+ For OP7/7P/7T/7TP OOS 11

    SE Xtreme Sound Enhancement Xtreme will give you the best experience ever on your stock (without any sound mod) SE Xtreme is fully based on Stock Dolby and Stock OnePlus Sound Tuner. Any mod you install after this will work after this. SE Xtreme comes with modified files for stock Dolby and...
  25. J

    Thread Poor Call Quality Over Bluetooth

    Hi Everyone, Have been using my J8110 with Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus which was working really well, suddenly since yesterday I'm having an issue where the sound quality becomes really poor over bluetooth whilst in a call(including whatsapp, & signal calls), crisp sound quality as before when...
  26. freecap

    Thread [Solved][Request] Lock sound from Stock ROM of Google Pixel 5.

    If someone with a rooted Pixel device can send me these two files I would really appreciate it! /system/media/audio/ui/Lock.ogg /system/media/audio/ui/Unlock.ogg Or send me the whole folder, I don't mind 😅. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I thought of getting the sounds directly from AOSP Source, it...
  27. SergioPshenych

    Thread how to make an external microphone work for sound recording

    Hello everyone I have a question, bought a loop microphone for video recording, vlogging, and so on. But I ran into a problem that when a standard camera was turned on, recording was not done from an external microphone, but only from the built-in one. Tell me who came across and what to do in...
  28. 0

    Thread Umidigi Power no sound in Lineage 17.1

    Hello, I have installed lineage 17.1 to my phone and it works very well, but then i start the phone there is no sound in system / sound speaker Umidigi Power, Lineage 17.1 Question is: Can it be fixed? is there a driver i need to install or? Can you help me out? Thanks for your time
  29. L

    Thread Question NO sound or vibration notifications during calls.

    Such a thing. During a regular phone call, the phone does not let me know about notifications. More specifically notifications are coming, but there is NO slight vibration, some short sound beep etc. This has a big impact on my work. I will not take the phone away from my ear every 10 seconds...
  30. Traveler3468

    Thread More volume steps

    Hi guys, I'd like to know if it would be possible to increase the amount of volume steps on Xperia 5 Mk II? I'm interested in something that LG used to offer, which is 1% increases in volume. Also, I'm new here so please use plain English, cheers:)
  31. _xenoxis_

    Thread [MOD] [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable HI-RES (24bits and over 48kHz sampling) on Xiaomi Redmi Note 9's family

    Hello, I'm going to present to you a method to enable hi-res on the DAC of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9' family. The procedure will allow to you to use the full potential of the WCD9385 DAC present (at least) in the Snapdragon 720G. Indeed, this chip can go up to 32 bits @ 192Khz for PCM stream and...
  32. B

    Thread Media sound is distorted when in call

    Hello. I have an LG G8x ThinQ (Android 10, LG UX 9.0). I have one major problem with it. If I am in a Messenger/Discord call and I open an app that uses the media volume (eg. YouTube, a music player or a game) the second app's media will sound distorted. For example in a game I can't hear...
  33. zargug

    Thread Voice reducing by itself.

    Hello, i've had redmi note 9 pro for almost a year, boguht it month after it released. Im not sure if its global or EU version tho it says miui 12.0.2 global i guess its global then. Recently my phone started acting strange. My volume started to decrease by itself even if i dont have my...
  34. hungcuiga

    Thread Where should the audio processor be mounted in Android?

    I'm new to android and new to anything related to audio processing. The thing is, I have a simple deep learning model to eliminate noise (barking dogs, cars, ...). I want to apply (use) it to the audio output on android phone (ex: when I call messenger, the sound comes from my friend have...
  35. hungcuiga

    Thread Help with Android software development

    Hi everyone, I am a student and am trying to understand the documentation for my project. I want to write an android application that processes the sound directly from the output of the phone, the work can be described as for example: I am watching youtube (or any sound source from where) and...
  36. StarFcker

    Thread Call ringtone lower than music and notification

    hey guys just got my xperia 1 ii not long ago, everything went well except that after updating to android 11, my incoming call ringtone has reduced significantly. I thought my speaker got problem but the thing is , media,alarm and even message notification sound remain loud but my incoming call...
  37. S

    Thread Sound glitch between 19/20

    I updated my headunit today via this post. All is working great except my sound. I tried both the normal sound settings and the dolby settings. on the normal sound settings my sound is really low compared to before the update. when i start dolby and enable it, its louder but not great still...
  38. S

    Thread Sound glitch between 19/20

    I updated my headunit today via this post. All is working great except my sound. I tried both the normal sound settings and the dolby settings. on the normal sound settings my sound is really low compared to before the update. when i start dolby and enable it, its louder but not great still...
  39. TopGEO

    Thread Lenovo z5 damaged media executer

    hello there ! on my phone i installed many custom roms , its L78011 LEnovo Z5 . QFil always could fix any phone break , but now in factory stock rom there is bugs . before there was not , but now after twrp and all these qfil cant fix bugs . i mean auto rotation not works and media player is...
  40. xodeus

    Thread Dual-SIM sound profiles

    Hi. I'm looking for a solution that helps me with souond profiles. I would like to add a profile called "Work", where all communication on SIM1 is muted, and one called "Vacation" where all communication on SIM2 is muted. I don't want to turn off the SIM-cards,just mute them according to the...
  41. 0

    Thread Android 11 random absent notification sounds / notification issues

    Hello, since the update to Android 11 on my S20 (SM-G980F/DS) the notification sounds are randomly silent. This means sometimes (i would say in three cases out of ten) the logo of the app (problem with multiple apps) just appears on the Always On Screen. No Animation, no sound, no vibration. I...
  42. Moze666

    Thread Audio is too low through USB-C

    Hello, I just bought a pair of really good headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO, and the sound is very low on max setting. I don't know why, I don't know how... My other Bluetooth or other headphones work great and sound is there, but with these and AMP/DAC Dragonfly RED and a Dragontail (USB...
  43. X

    Thread N920C Audio Issue through wired Headphones/Earphones

    I am tired of finding a solution regarding audio output My device was N920T i changed its motherboard with N920C ... charging strip was exact N920C model worked great With N920T .. I changed motherboard with N920C now .. everything is working fine except wired headphones ... weird thing ...
  44. kuchynek

    Thread LGCameraApp android 10 - no sounds

    Hi everyone, I am trying to avoid annoying sounds while picture or video is being captured. I figured out how to do it in android 9 - simple change of audio .ogg files in folder system/media/audio/ui by empty ones (same name, 0b size) and delete them also from LGCameraApp.apk (on computer in...
  45. bmaz121

    Thread OnePlus One Notification exit delay function needed

    Have you ever notice with Second verification on a website being logged on to does a text message to the phone with a 6 digit number. Well, with my bad eyes it takes a few seconds to read the small blue verification 6 digit number the site sent me. Boom, the message disappears from the lock...
  46. V

    Thread Any Audio Processing for bluetooth or cable?

    The included RealSound only works with realme apps and i haven't even tried that with BT any recommendation for Sound processing a'la ViperFX (which doesn't work unfortunately) that also work with bluetooth?
  47. G

    Thread Want to Change S-Pen Sounds without having to use another app

    The Note 20 Ultra is Great, but I would like to be able to change the S-Pen Sounds without having to install another App or a Launcher. I would likento know where the Hidden Folder would be for the S-Pen Sounds so I can Change the Sound for when it is removed as well as it being put back. If...
  48. W

    Thread [Need Help] Note 9 bottom speaker volume level suddenly started to sound muffled

    hi there, I have been experiencing this issue with my Galaxy note 9 (SM-N960F/DS). suddenly yesterday day I noticed that the volume the bottom speaker of my phone has dropped drastically, even bellow the volume level of the earpiece speaker, I tried wiping cache and what other stuff I could...
  49. X

    Thread Viperfx isn't working properly.

    I have Viper4Android installed in the phone, and it works sometimes, but for reasons I don't know, the app sometimes just don't work at all, or turns off, and it's really hard to turn it on back again. Anyone knows how to make it so it never turns off? The app itself doesn't have too many...
  50. FHT

    Thread [SM-J701M] Cannot Use Custom Notification Sounds

    Hi! I've been having a problem with my Samsung J701M in regards to Notification Sounds. I try to use a custom sound for my Notifications and Ringtone, and the phone doesn't recognize the files at all. I copy the file to the Notifications and the Ringtones folders in my main storage, but it...