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  1. Dante63

    Thread [MOD] Xiaomi mi A1 - MOD DualSpeaker/BuzzFix/MicFix - (05/09/2018) - (TWRP + MAGISK)

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are great... I have received a post on my thread requesting a soundmod for Xiaomi mi A1 - Android Oreo Jan Patch - from user laugeek57 After providing me the files he changed his mind... But Big Thanks go XDA Rajeev for his time in testing... a memebr requested...
  2. Dante63

    Thread GALAXY NOTE 8 - TWRP+MAGISK - DualSpeaker - Exynos & Snapdragon - ROOT - (26/03/2018)

    Hello Everyone, I hope you all are great... PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACKS IN ORDER TO IMPROVE THE MODULE... Don't Forget to say :good: THANKS :good: and if you're very happy, please consider Donating to Support me, it means a lot even if it was little... EXYNOS: I have made SoundMod Magisk...