1. P

    Thread Development TWRP - Need Devs! {Already in quasifunctional state} TEST build posted. Need someone to pick this up and finish

    ** UNOFFICIAL A-TEAM RELEASE** *******Testing ONLY******* **testing has only been done on GN2200 July patch device but should atleast boot into twrp on other sec patch on GN2200 devices*** ***Let us know if not*** *****HEED THE WARNING OF IMPENDING APOCALYPSE, DOOM, BOOTLOOPS , BRIMSTONE AND...
  2. alexhorner

    Thread NST/G in 2021 - Guides and Development

    Hi there, Having recently acquired a very cheap and almost new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, I have been searching around the XDA forum collecting together as much information as I can easily find about the device and what it runs. It is clear to me that development on the device has long...
  3. aphrx

    Thread A Walk-through on how to build Android from source

    Walkthrough Video In this video, we will attempt to build Google's Android operating system from source. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is well documented, but never the less, here's a guide to all the steps necessary to run an emulated instance of Android. Full Documentation...
  4. V

    Thread Switch/force audio source system-wide or per-app in Android 11

    Hello, I am searching for a solution to switch audio source (microphone) from default to my desired output, per-app or system-wide. Specifically, I use iRig Stream USB device which is basically a USB DAC device (it captures external audio signal, eg. from a mixer or external microphone and...
  5. Alpha_Radke

    Thread General Source code up - Stock ROM up - Time to find root

    We got Nokia 5.4 source code and firmware up. I have been looking deep into the source code for any tricks before building it. However we have boot.img now and I think we should get magisk support here. As excepted we have these results: cp: can't preserve ownership of 'busybox': Operation not...
  6. D

    Thread Compilation Error

    /mnt/sdb1/lineage/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/checkpublicapi-lineage-last-timestamp )" /mnt/sdb1/lineage/out/target/common/obj/PACKAGING/lineage_public_api.txt:474: error 18: Class lineageos.preference.SelfRemovingDropDownPreference superclass changed from DropDownPreference to...
  7. S


    Hello everyone, Id love to start developing an Ultimate Privacy & Security ROM for the RM3 and RM3S, however I can only find the RM3 kernel source codes for android 9, does anyone have links to where I can find the kernel for RM3S? I know of Nubias github but model numbers are weird and RM3S...
  8. mslezak

    Thread Red Magic 5G MOD Kernel GPUOC 900/940mhz +battery 1.4 STABLE!

  9. N

    Thread [SOURCE] [phoenix] link to device tree {kernel source} POCO X2/ Redmi K30 4G

    officially shared February 5 2020
  10. A

    Thread [GUIDE] Porting Kernel Source to Snapdragon Device

    Some OEMs violating GPL licenses and won't publish linux kernel sources for their Android devices. On this post I’ll explain how to port kernel source to any android device. Maybe you can port kernel sources to other SoCs with similiar ways but I've explained qcom way. What do we need ? A...
  11. BusinessKid

    Thread Kernel sources for Redmi 7 [onc] released!

    The kernel sources for our beloved device Redmi 7 [onc] has been released on MiCode/Xiaomi_Kernel_OpenSource! The code is not on master yet and a stable rollout is expected by the end of this month. Hurrah! Finally we can begin development for this all-rounder device. So get your development...
  12. M

    Thread [Request] Voltaqe kernel source

    Does anyone have the source code of latest version of Voltaqe Kernel (v15) ? Asked himself, he had lost it! Also searched all over the web, couldn't find anything. Thanks
  13. B

    Thread [OFFICIAL|SRC] Source for Motorola Stock Oreo 8.1.0 | MMI-OPS28.85-13

    It's finally released. Now we can expect improvements to all the custom ROMs :fingers-crossed: :D
  14. A

    Thread MorpheusTV source

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody did manage to get hold of the source of MorpheusTv. I have been searching for it with no luck. The developer stopped updating it, but its really a nice apk and I would like to keep it running. I was hoping to be able to find how to update the scrapers so that I...
  15. A

    Thread how to turn on this feature?

    hello sir...i am creating a rom actually not porting but just creating from source..its been 2 months i am working on it!!actually m fixing some bugs with that too to all...i want a feature on my rom that is"soft reboot" as we all know there is no such feature in any stock rom
  16. O

    Thread MT6261 and MT6260 Source Code Discussion

    The Mediatek Source Code is very deep water especially the MT6260 and MT6261. For editing Firmwares based on these chipsets there are many unknown secrets. This thread should help to collect as many secrets as possible in one place.
  17. S

    Thread Failed to build a new oreo rom DOT OS 2.

    I used MAD Team's sources to build the rom and went as far as the build stage but then an error struck. Ninja error : "/etc/init.rc" is required and missing. So if any developer can help me, I can retry building it and maintaining a steady stream of updates for our aging device. I believe it is...
  18. V

    Thread Building the SM-G530W gprimelte from source - Needing Help

    Hello all, So I'm trying to get myself into building from source, and I have this wonderful gprimelte that I figured would be a great way to try and figure out how this works. My only other option is a SGS4 (jfltecan branded jfltexx) that doesn't have a working SIM card tray, so that throws...
  19. M

    Thread Help downloading the new kernel

    The old instructions from Nvidia (new ones aren't available yet) say to set up the git directory with "repo init -u git:// -b rel-24-uda-r1.4-partner -m tlk/t210.xml". Do I use the same branch for the Oreo sources, or do I switch to the new...
  20. Y

    Thread Kernel source modification for different android versions

    I have the kernel source for JellyBean 4.2.2 that boots cyanogenmod 10 and other jellybean ROMS. But when I use that kernel for Kitkat like Cyanogenmod 11 that doesn't work. To make sure the problem is in the kernel I packed the cm11 boot.img with the jellybean kernel and it didn't boot. So...
  21. Huexxx

    Thread Kernel Source Code for sagit(chiron) ...

    FYI Right now I'm very disconnected from rom/kernel develop so I don't expect to compile/modify it... but here is it for your enjoyment. Best regards.
  22. MedicStuder

    Thread Kernal Source Released

    The Kernal Source has been released by Razer. Links to the source is at the bottom of this page: Here are the links to the source just in case: MR1 Releases: Build 853 Build 851 Production Releases: Build 822 Build 813
  23. L

    Thread [LineageOS building] source code organisation

    Hello, I'm looking for some help to understand better Lineage OS 14.1 source code organization... For instance I'm looking for default settings, and after a few hours I can't find where parameters such as "display_temperature_night" are "stored" or generated at build time in the source code...
  24. M

    Thread Where is this screen coming from?

    OK, I'm puzzled by how this screen appears on my phone every now and then (see attachment). It happens when I am charging it after using it, i place it on my desk. Then the screen appears... The thing is, I am not sure how this screen comes about (what apps is causing this screen). I have...
  25. M

    Thread HTC Released Kernel Source for Europee Devices

    Hey everyone, HTC just released the Kernel Source for Unlocked 1.03.401.6 and Carrier Versions on HTC Dev Website
  26. C

    Thread Fuchsia for nexus 4 (mako) ?

    I was looking at the fuchsia source, until I saw this, is it possible to compile fuchsia in mako? Source:Deleted./
  27. RJinxed

    Thread deleted

  28. M

    Thread Any info about Source Code releasing?

    Hi guys, anyone knows when Source Code could be released? Thanks :)
  29. jasonmerc

    Thread [Q] How to Diagnose Lineage13 Boot Problems

    Here's attempt 2 at me trying to make a ROM from source, and just like the first time I tried (back with the R1 HD) I'm running into problems. I am following this guide by the way, but just substituting everything for cm13 where it says cm14.1. I've decided to try and compile Lineage 13 for...
  30. savagezen

    Thread Zip Made from AOSP Source Fails to Flash in TWPR - Invalid Format

    I'm taking my first stab at developing and have successfully built AOSP from source (aosp_angler-userdebug). The boot.img and system.img flash fine over fastboot, however, the .zip created from: $ make updatepackage passes an error in TWRP when I try to flash it. Something to the effect of...
  31. RJinxed

    Thread Assistance in Compiling Kernels

    Can you guys provide a STEP by STEP tutorial on how to compile kernel? PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE LINKS FROM OTHERS (Cause I probably already tried their method and I'm getting errors) I have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a bootable USB I have the kernel source I have linaro toolchain 4.4.3 But for some...
  32. riirezende

    Thread [PETITION] Help to push Xiaomi release Source of Mi5s Plus

    Hello Guys, we need to force Xiaomi release the source. help with this petition Freedom for the Kraken
  33. D

    Thread AOSP Roms Call Echo

    The issue to be discussed is the call echo receivers hear when on speaker on AOSP roms well defined by DJRobBlaze This poll is for people to vote about their own model... I had a thought that maybe it is model specific issue... so please vote. "ALL! of the source built Roms have this problem...
  34. J

    Thread [Kernel Source Request] Sign here.

    Hello my Friends. I am here to please Request you Sign here to Request Xiaomi publish the kernel source for our Redmi 3S. In just a Second you can help us. If you Sign you contribute and if we have de kernel source we can do great things with this beautiful phone. Sign please. Thanks a lot...
  35. facuarmo

    Thread Downloading Nougat source :D

    I'm so f****** happy, I've decided to start downloading Android Nougat's source code. I'll try compiling later, wish me luck please, haha :D.
  36. O

    Thread What Is The Source Difference Between AOSP and CyanogenMod?

    When I compiled CyanogenMod 13 I did repo init -u -b cm-13.0 --depth=1 --groups=all,-notdefault,-device,-darwin,-x86,-mips,-exynos5,-intel,-eclipse,-device There were absolutely loads of repos (how many exactly?), which makes me wonder, how many of...
  37. Aronuser

    Thread [Source of Chinese ROM's] [Redmi 3S] [Update 02.10.16] Redmi 3s in Chinese: 红米3S Kernel in Chinese: 内核 Chinese search engine: .... to be continued ...
  38. jasonmerc

    Thread [Resolved] Why Doesn't "lunch" Command Show My Device?

    I'm trying to build CM13 for the R1 HD by following this guide. I made my way through to the part where I need to issue the "lunch" command to show which devices CM can be built for. Even after (supposedly) making my own local_manifest file correctly which pulls the R1 HD device tree and...
  39. yasitoo

    Thread Issue with USB Audio Source

    Hi all, I need some help to undestand how the USB mode "Audio Source" (under developper options) works, When i set it and then plug the USB cable on PC i get "LGE Android Phone" under Multimedia controllers with small yellow triangle (error code : 10) :confused: Also i don't get any sound on...
  40. sscsps

    Thread SM-T211 Kernal Source form

    I just download the from The Official site and it took a bit of an effort to do that! I mean the download channel is probably not stable as it kept dropping at around 20mb or even less. After about 20 tries (with different tools) I downloaded it finally. If...
  41. I

    Thread Who to contact in xiaomi about releasing sources?

    Could anyone point me to a person/email/website to contact about them releasing their sources? If enough of us tell them maybe they'll release it, helping to solve battery bugs, fingerprint sensor, etc.
  42. sandeep.sethi

    Thread [GUIDE]Compiling ROMs from Compressed Sources

    I have recieved many messages about how to compile ROMs from compressed sources , here i present the guide First Lets start with the download links Download Thanks to DigiGoon vaibhavpandeyvpz kD MSF Jarvis and regalstreak for their works for more info u can see the link above to understand...
  43. sandeep.sethi

    Thread [GUIDE]Compiling ROMs from Compressed Sources

    I have recieved many messages about how to compile ROMs from compressed sources , here i present the guide First Lets start with the download links Download Thanks to DigiGoon vaibhavpandeyvpz kD MSF Jarvis and regalstreak for their works for more info u can see the link above to understand...
  44. sandeep.sethi

    Thread [GUIDE]Compiling ROMs from Compressed Sources

    I have recieved many messages about how to compile ROMs from compressed sources , here i present the guide First Lets start with the download links Download Thanks to DigiGoon vaibhavpandeyvpz kD MSF Jarvis and regalstreak for their works for more info u can see the link above to understand...
  45. sandeep.sethi

    Thread [GUIDE]Compiling ROMs from Compressed Sources

    I have recieved many messages about how to compile ROMs from compressed sources , here i present the guide First Lets start with the download links Download Thanks to DigiGoon vaibhavpandeyvpz kD MSF Jarvis and regalstreak for their works for more info u can see the link above to understand...
  46. Gaukler_Faun

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Seven - Workout App | Open Source

    I want to introduce my app: Sieben It's a small android application to perform the seven minutes workout. It is completely free (open source), with no ads and no permissions are needed. Features: pause and resume an exercise jump to previous or next exercise TTS support English, German and...
  47. L

    Thread [GUIDE] Build CyanogenMod (or AOSP) from source

    Start building! Requirements: A good CPU (2 cores more prefered) 4 GB RAM or more Knowledge of using Linux Time and patience Step 0: (getting ready) Make sure you have at least 50GB space free and all the required packages installed. You can get a guide to installing packages on Ubuntu here...
  48. X

    Thread [Completed] So tired asking everyone and searching but still can't find anything

    I successfully compiled my first kernel and tried to add schedulers and governors. I just want to make a more custom one like adding or modifying hotplug drivers. I tried looking on others' source on their git but I still can't understand and don't know where to look exactly. I'm a dev and...
  49. W

    Thread [APPX][v1.3] Reboot app

    Built for Windows 10 USAGE: Start app. Phone should reboot. INSTALL: Download latest & extract it. Tap the appx in File Explorer app on phone & confirm trust. It should install If it doesn't, try installing the dependencies first (extract zip and tap the appx:es)...
  50. V

    Thread Xperia Z3c Changing stock cm theme before building

    Hello guy I was able to build cm12.1 for my xperia z3c But now I want to change the stock theme with a custom theme, which I will build with android studio. My problem is now that i will get a "customtheme.apk" and I dont know with which file I have to replace with in the cm source directory. I...