1. Quinny899

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] owoify - owo what's this

    owoify owoify This is an Xposed module that turns your system furry. It makes almost every TextView use OwOified speak. You don't want to use this on your daily driver. Seriously. Examples Screenshots Inspiration There's been a jailbreak tweak for over a year which does something similar...
  2. MishaalRahman

    Thread [GUIDE][Difficulty: Intermediate] Read a Random Top Voted Thread from Reddit

    I'm sure many users here have heard of or currently use Reddit, the link aggregation website. If you use the website for news, to find funny jokes, to find awesome tips, etc. then you'll be happy to know that Reddit offers the ability to read data from its subreddits in the form of a JSON feed...
  3. E

    Thread no audio phone on cm11?

    hi.. i saw this occurring on several places, but i couldn't figure out a solution, it would seem that i can't hear any audio on the phone, unless i'm using a speaker. using cm11 latest nightly build. also no relation, i've started using gmail for exchange, the stock mail app, allowed me to...
  4. teamgeny

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Debate!

    Hi! Debate! is a mobile APP that helps you manage speaking time equitably during debates, round tables, presentations, conferences, dialogues, orals, report presentations, speed- dating,... With Debate! you can choose the number of participants in the debate, write the name of the...
  5. socioan

    Thread Make your phone speak Greek

    Hi I am going to tell you howto make your phone speak Greek. 1. Download this fileNaunce.zip http://www.2shared.com/file/Nv0k5QUT/Nuance.html 2. Unzip the file and placeit to internal sdcard0/Naunce. 3. Open the folder and runthe vocalizer.tts_.apk 4. Go to Settings /Language and input /...
  6. MosesTheTool

    Thread [Q] Does anyone understand Chinese here? This is about HTC ONE X

    I need someone that speaks Chinese and has basic knowledge of Flashing roms, this is very important and might be a break-though for the HTC ONE X. Please let me know by PM, thanks. P.S. This might seem irrelevant, but it really is, and if there is success, what I am doing will donate greatly to...
  7. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][3.0+/HOLO][FREE] Speak! -PHONE/TAB- A simple yet powerful TTS client

    Speak! A simple yet powerful text to speech client for Android tl;dr Speak! is a free TTS client for Android using the Holo UI and fragments. For features, read the description (or scan to find it) This thread is for bug reports, questions and suggestions. Please search before posting to see...
  8. ibegary

    Thread [Q] Anyway to Speak The Caller ID

    Couldn't find it by searching, is there an app or a hidden somewhere that will read the caller ID and then play the normal ring tone. (i.e. "Incoming Call From <INSERT NAME>...."<plays ringtone>) I wanted to try Ring Pro but didn't want to spend $3 on something that may not work.
  9. ashishshevale

    Thread [Q] llama app make it speak current time

    Hi I am using llama and trying to write event whose one part need to speak the current time I understand we can use llama variable make it speak its value (##variable name##) so want to get current time in string format in llama variable llama doesnt have built in variables like tasker...
  10. L

    Thread [Q] need help with application...

    Please help me i have this application and it contains a service... This service doesn't work Anyways the source code is in the attachments. I doesn't have any full error report, but one thing i know... It works as an activity, but not as an service