1. S

    Thread Question Ui moving in slow motion

    Hi guys, the issue occurred out of nowhere, just out of a sudden all ui elements started moving really slowly, and I don't mean laggy or stuttery , it's as if every ui animation is taking 10x time of execution. I've tried restarting the phone a couple of times and the issue stays the same. I've...
  2. 0

    Thread High CPU fan - ASUS TUF Gaming A17

    Hello, My computer makes a lot of noise without do nothing. Try to install (hardinfo) on my computer Ubuntu. No luck in that software no Sensors. Maybe the Bios can't see the Sensors / Temp and just get alot of Fan Speed. I have install Windows and Ubuntu still high fan speed I have...
  3. B

    Thread HOW TO - Finger Print Sensor, Speed increase

    If posted already please delete: Saw this on Sammobile, though it was BS but it ACTUALLY worked, might just be late to the party and it's well known already lol https://www.sammobile.com/news/alleged-fingerprint-speed-hack-galaxy-phone-unlock-faster/ Turn off the battery optimization for the...
  4. cognus

    Thread Accurate network / speed test app? Fire stick

    Looking for the smart guys here in XDA to do sanity check of "Speed Test" apps and/or sites>via>browser... Analiti speed test, speed check, Ookla speed test, et al. Which method and/or App or Site delivers realworld throughput results on Fire 4K or other Fire TV Sticks? I am getting Wildly...
  5. D

    Thread EdXposed optimize applications with speed mode

    Hi I have been in the dark for sometime and just recently updated from the EdXposed installer app to the latest EdXposed manager. 4.5.4. Have a couple questions. First, which of the two lightening icons on the framework screen is for optimize all apps with speed mode? Second, is this good to...
  6. TheBlitzS

    Thread Charging speed OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition

    I downloaded Ampere to monitor my charging speed. My phone is at 47% and it says it charges with 4840 mA. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be higher? The temperature is 34,2 degrees Celcius. I also saw that Ampere says the capacity is 4080mAh. The phone has a 4085mAh battery, right?
  7. Bhavyasaran

    Thread Low Charging speed on Eu rom

    I flashed Chinese firmware on my indian redmi k20 pro. Later i flashed eu rom zip with orange fox recovery. I'm getting charging speeds of around 500-700 amps. I like this rom, is there any fix for this issue ?
  8. T

    Thread [APP] [API 21+] Clean My Android [v6.0]

    Clean My Android is focused on real world quality-of-use maintenance. Keep your Android phone running fast after a long period of time. Since our release in 2012, we have accumulated over 4,636 reviews averaging 4-5 stars. WEBSITE https://cleanmyandroid.net/ 🗑️ FREE UP MORE SPACE Get...
  9. B

    Thread Galaxy S10e vs Mi 9: Speed Test

    Well here is the Snapdragon Speed Test and seems very good.
  10. G

    Thread [Guide] Enabling Full speed Hotspot / Tethering (Throttle Bypasses)

    If your rooted then theres various ways to bypass and if used together chances are good you won't have to pay 2x for data: modifying your apn to allow dun type, adding the line: net.tethering.noprovisioning=true to your build.prop and finally using adb from a PC (u can try this even if not...
  11. AVinaSh_S

    Thread [GUIDE] [DEBLOAT] Remove stock apps WITHOUT ROOT [24-DEC-2018]

    Asus Zenfone has stock android without bloatware .. why this thread is created ?? Agreed that we have near stock android and most of the apps can be disabled in settings. But with the method mentioned below, app will never wake up to consume battery and will be uninstalled for current user...
  12. D

    Thread Sudden Wi-Fi speed slow down?

    So for almost a week it seems that my Wi-Fi connection to 2 different routers and one SIM hub (home, my home in a different city and my girflriend's place) is getting really slow (like 100KBps), while the laptop is connected to the same points and gets speeds of 5-10MBps. Also, when I was...
  13. redsmith

    Thread Donating N5 to my Dad. Keep on stock Marshmallow or upgrade to Oreo?

    As said in the title, I'm giving my N5 to my father. Is it best to flash stock Marshmallow or try something a little speedier and secure but not as stable? What are your thoughts? Thank you for all your recommendations.
  14. S

    Thread [Game] Reflex Game : Touch the screen as fast as you can

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Reflex Game a casual game in which you must touch the screen as fast as you can to reach the top of the leaderboards. Reflex Game is available on the Google Play Store in two versions : - Free ...
  15. O

    Thread Poor wifi connectivity and speed compared to other devices

    My Nokia 7 Plus connects to my Netgear D7000 router on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. When the phone is near to the router it will max the connection speed out using speedtest at about 75mbps (max internet speed for me) however as the distance from the router increases the speeds drop off dramatically...
  16. T

    Thread Enable full usb3.1 speed

    Does anyone know how to enable full usb3.1 speeds on pixel. Right now I'm using Samsung t3 SSD, but the write speeds are only about 110mb/s. Which is 5 times slower than a computer with usb3.0 port where I get 400mb)s write speeds. So I'm wondering if there is any kernal or ROM that I can use...
  17. D

    Thread Dual 4G Download Speed Boost feature possible to get on Oneplus 5T?

    Hi guys, I would like to see if anyone on this forum has any idea of being able to have 2 sim card's inserted both with a Data Plan and being able to use both sim card's data plan at the same time to increase speed of downloads on the phone? OR if it's possible to use both Wifi & 4G/ LTE...
  18. N

    Thread Make your 7.1.2 AOSP Device Faster (Root required)

    Hey guys, I just revisited a magisk module that came out over the summer. It's called "enable sdcardfs". Sdcardfs is the new filesystem used by Google in the Android Oreo update which replaces the dated "FUSE" filesystem used on all previous versions of Android. To put things simply, the...
  19. V

    Thread About charging time

    Guys I'm on official miui 9 and the charging time is insane. I've tried my brothers sony charger but same problem low charging speed. It takes 5 to 6 hours for full charge. Though there is no loose connection in USB port and even file transfer is as fast as of when cable was new no interruption...
  20. P

    Thread Tweaks with init.d

    Hi, I am curious on what tweaks you guys have using init.d. post what scripts you got in the /system/etc/init.d here :cool: Is so easy come on! Just look in there and tell me what you guys got lol
  21. A

    Thread Wireless charging speed

    Could anyone tell me if I'm charging wirelessly at 5W or 15W? On one hand the notification says 'Fast wireless charging' which I've read generally means 15W. On the other, my charger, despite being marketed as having fast wireless charging, is only certified for 'Basic Power Profile (5 Watt)'...
  22. N

    Thread WIFI 2.4 GHz - what's the speed you get?

    Whe you're connected to a 2.4GHz hotspot, what's the speed you get into the settings menu? Do you only get 72mbps or 150mbps (in the case you take advance of a 40Mhz band). I'm asking since, on the same 2.4ghz network, my g5 only "sees" 72mbps (apparently it can't use 40mhz band) while other...
  23. J

    Thread Unlocked Tmobile No LTE

    I have an unlocked 998. Tried activating it with Sprint but they aren't playing ball. Went to Tmobile and tried itout for a week. I noticed my speeds werent that great, but it was showing 4G. I went into the hidden menu and played aroind with settings but nothing changed. I had purchased...
  24. S

    Thread Hotspot / Tether Slow? Throttling? Suggestions?

    Hey I was wondering if anyone could give me insight on this weird problem? Using the same SIM in both, Both Native Hotspot on 2.4Ghz band, same servers and tried others. My google pixel 2 isn't getting over 1 Mbps. But when I switch the sim back over to my pixel 1 I get over 10Mbps. (If I...
  25. Y

    Thread 50Mbit speed limit?

    Hello, I am running latest LineageOS. I can't seem to get more than about 50mbit on 4G (with ookla speedtest), with same SIM card, on an iPhone7 I get about 150mbit consistently at same location. I am not sure if this is related to 4G+/LTE-A not functioning. I see only LTE text on the top bar...
  26. Y

    Thread Does Android prefer cores or clock speed?

    Sorry if this has been asked in the past, but I'm a bit curious. I'm asking in context of the same IPC/Instructions per clock(same processor architecture, so that the actual speed of say, 1GHz is identical). For example, for gaming PCs, its generally optimal to have a 4 core processor, with a...
  27. B

    Thread Lags in games?

    I've read people that say that G6 lags in games big time. Is it so? Is it not buy if I would want to have some fun in-between moments?
  28. B

    Thread SLOW Upload Speed! Why?

    What governs upload speed? I am using LTE H2O wireless sim card. https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainControl.php?page=index I get great download speeds, but ONLY 0.01 mbps upload speed on my LG G5 I am on H83020F deoxed rom. I flashed the H83020F modem and still no difference. I am rooted...
  29. D

    Thread Why isn't boot time one of the most frequent questions?

    Hi everyone! Running a VW with a Android 4.4 device in it. It's a 8" QuadCore 1.6GHz with 1GB RAM. My device takes more than 40 seconds to boot up, and it's really frustrating to wait for the UI to be avaliable. Don't want to mess with the HU when driving, so prefer to do it when I start the car...
  30. B

    Thread Graphics Lag in games

    Overall the device is good but having come from an iPhone7+ certain games worked perfect out of the box. My device update to 7.1.1 so I can't root. I tend to use my device as a gaming device more than anything so this lag is annoying on graphics intense games. Is there any way to adjust settings...
  31. Alcolawl

    Thread Can we match the performance of the OP3T?

    Why is the OP3T so much faster than the Pixel XL? Yeah, let's have this conversation. Review after review (including XDA's own) has shown that the OnePlus 3T (and sometimes the OnePlus 3)outpaces the Pixel XL in synthetic benchmarks. Just have a look at this nice comparison put together by...
  32. S

    Thread What causes bottlenecks these days?

    I am still rocking a Samsung galaxy note 2. It isn't as fast as the oneplus 3t(obviously) but it seems to fair rather well. When it comes to simple operations. What I mean is the oneplus 3t is benchmarking at 10-15x the performance, yet things like boot time are only 75% faster. Or 4x. I would...
  33. S

    Thread A1 SD bench request.

    Would some one please take the a1 SD benchmark app and screenshot their results?
  34. J

    Thread Le Pro 3 speed test

    Looks like we've made the right choice baby... =D Le Pro 3 vs OP3T https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KXLGYtJ9MY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOrZFoez3t0 https://youtu.be/JRoLA72d9bM https://youtu.be/qFxu_5dt2Es Le Pro 3 vs LG G6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GMY_tPkVGg Le Pro 3 vs Pixel...
  35. T

    Thread Pixel XL Wi-Fi speed affected by charging state

    After a week of head scratching and attempted process of elimination, I've finally figured out (or at least gotten closer to) the root cause of the Wi-Fi issue I have been experiencing on my Pixel XL 128. What I noticed is that my speedtest (Ookla app) results were occasionally significantly...
  36. C

    Thread Front USB Camera Date and GPS Stamp issue

    I've got a witson mtcd for my renault fluence(megane iii sedan). At first, i bought a 4.4.4 head unit, however its board is broken and replaced with the witson mtcd. I've connected a usb front camera to my hu like this one . This camera (I Think itself) prints Date/time/speed/lat/long data on...
  37. sohamsen

    Thread [MOD][V5]Ultimate Performence-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

    [MOD][V5]Ultimate Performence-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go! For Galaxy Mini -More heavy performance scripts added! -Made from the scratch! -Much Improved! -More aggressive than ever! -Not only init.d performance scripts now it will modify system files and build.prop -More powerful -More...
  38. L

    Thread [APP]root booster - boost battery,speed and stabily....

    hi friends i am back with a great booster by a dev of xda root booster u can boost battery life speed stability tutorial 1.install this apk link MOD EDIT: REMOVED 2.open it 3.in extreme boost select boost stabily that's now feel the...
  39. sohamsen

    Thread [Mod][v2]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

    Introduction [v2]Ultimate Performance is a Mod that combines many scripts and tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve Android system's performance,smoothness,reduce GUI lags and of course some useful battery life improvements and tweaks! FOR S5830/L/B Key Features: 1.Improved Battery...
  40. sohamsen

    Thread [Mod][v2]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go!

    [Mod][v2]Ultimate Performance-Blazing Fast Speed On The Go! FOR S5830I/M/C AND S5839I Introduction [v2]Ultimate Performance is a Mod that combines many scripts and tweaks in one package which is aimed to improve Android system's performance,smoothness,reduce GUI lags and of course some useful...
  41. P

    Thread [APP] [COUPONS] Reader app - Fast Reading. Coupons for paid version. Spritz tech

    Fast Reading Features : ★ Easy to use - even for kids ★ You can add books or texts to your bookshelf ★ Simple control ★ Different colors ★ Download book from cloud ! ★ Open DPF and txt files in app ★ Nothing but reading mode - you'll see only text that you read Train and improve your reading...
  42. nielsscholte

    Thread OxygenOS 2.2 vs 3.0.1 vs 3.0.2 vs CyanogenMod 13 Speed Test!

    OxygenOS 2.2 vs 3.0.1 vs 3.0.2 vs CyanogenMod 13 Speed Test! That result shocked me xD Now I know why XDA exists ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZqnyCBM0bo&feature=youtu.be
  43. P

    Thread [App][4.0+] Speed Reader

    Hi XDADevs! I'm extremely happy to show you my new app. Spritz-like technology app. Speed Reader https://youtu.be/TiBgytptvxg Speed Reader Features : ★ Easy to use - even for kids ★ You can add books or texts to your bookshelf ★ Simple control ★ Different colors Train and improve your...
  44. doo_Z

    Thread Wi-Fi slowness problems

    Hello to all. For about two days I have Wi-Fi slowness problems on my 5X. I'm sure it's a phone problem because, by doing speedtest from my laptop and on Moto E , the speed is very stable and fast, as well as the browsing speed. Instead on my smartphone I can hardly navigate or use Facebook and...
  45. I

    Thread What the best ROM for this device? (Speed & Stability)

    So my main phone died so I got my dads old Grand Duos (i9802). This phone is incredibly slow and laggy so I'm looking for a good ROM with gives me speed and stability. If you guys know a good ROM please tell me :)
  46. nyln

    Thread [Tool] Python Auto-Remove Bloatware (all os's)

    Hi everyone, I wanted to work on my Python skills a little bit, and decided to build this tool that removes all bloatware from amazon, rooted or unrooted. I also included a root script if you wanted to root as well. This is untested, and incomplete. I would like to hear your feedback whether...
  47. N

    Thread MicroSd write-speed opinion request

    Hi, I was looking for a New MicroSd card for my G4; I already have a 32gb samsung Pro sd (U3, 90r/80w) which is really fast, but that space in not enough anymore for me. I saw a 128gb Kingston sd (U1, 45r/10w) for 41€ (or 64gb for 18€), but that write speed makes me flinch :/ Is 10mb/s enough...
  48. D

    Thread [MOD] Performance improvement for Mlais M9

    Init.d scripts taken from the developer of LSpeed, Paget96. Flash through recovery and give feedback please.
  49. H

    Thread Internet Speed Meter - Show realtime Internet speed (download and upload) No Root

    FREE version & NO ROOTING required - Internet Speed Meter 2016 shows realtime Internet speed of your Internet connections on Status bar and Notification bar - Internet Speed Meter 2016 also shows daily both Mobile and WiFi data usage with current Internet (Download and Upload speed) Google Play...
  50. D

    Thread Samsung is further screwing us USA users over

    I just found this video scrolling online. It appears not only do we have a android system and android os bug that is draining our battery faster than our UK counterpart, but also that our ram management is worse. Why are there so many differences for two devices that are supposed to be...