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  1. sleeplessninja

    Thread How to pair a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller and fix Camera Spin

    Video that demonstrates the setup, show an example of the problem, the steps to solve the problem, and the working solution!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9czISrLGXNI&hd=1 So first lets just talk about the Hardware Setup. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller OTG Cable. Xbox 360 Wireless Dongle...
  2. W

    Thread [Q] Xbox 360 controller android spinning camera

    I have been trying to use my wireless xbox controller with my xoom, mainly for gta3. I have bought a usb wireless xbox adapter and can connect the controller to the xoom easily. The controls work as tested by the usb/bt joystick demo app, but ingame the camera keeps getting stuck looking down...