1. yamaha77

    Thread Question fastboot flash splash

    Is it possible to flash custom SPLASH on this device? like here
  2. Jean4dgamer

    Thread How to change splash on my poco x3 nfc?

    How can I change my splash on my device? who knows?
  3. affggh

    Thread [TOOL][SPLASH][QCOM]Change oppo/realme/oneplus boot splash image

    This tool I called it opsplash. :eek:This tool does not support mtk device, qualcomm only!:eek: cause it can unpack/repack oppo splash format image. pic from my cygwin terminal If you like my tool, you can buy me a cofface. Donate : https://paypal.me/affggh First get your splash image:D How...
  4. ahmetztrk

    Thread [TWRP][Fastboot] Splash Screen Pack for Mi A1

    Splash Screen Pack for Xiaomi Mi A1 ·Changes: 1-'Unlocked Bootloader' screen 2-Mi screen Unlocked Bootloader 3-Mi screen Locked Bootloader 4-Fastboot screen 5-'System Destroyed' screen ·Hides 'Unlocked Bootloader' warning ·Hides 'Unlocked'...
  5. S

    Thread [SPLASH] - Custom splash collection for K20 Pro

    Disclaimer: I am merely sharing the photos that you can use to replace the original splash on your K20 Pro. I am not responsible for the damage to your device! Use it at your own risk! Please be careful this is not a boot animation! Also, the zip I have shared is NOT flashable! You have to...
  6. Velve12

    Thread Question Can somebody build a custom boot logo editor ?

    I managed to find the splash.img in /devo/block/by-name/splash.img But there isn't a tool to edit this whith this device's specific resolution . I'd like to bring the bunny back to fastboot and change the Square mi icon ok boot .
  7. Siendra

    Thread Can anybody help me to set m31s original boot screen logo

    guys my m31s device have random boot screen logo how can i reset the logo?
  8. E

    Thread How to change splash image (picture) of Lenovo tab M10 x505x

    Hello I have a rooted M10 tablet. How can i change its splash image? Tnx
  9. Aballamis

    Thread Change Splash/Boot Logo for OnePlus 7 Pro???

    Is there currently a working solution to change boot logo/splash on the OnePlus 7 pro??? I have scoured the internet & XDA and haven't found anything on the subject besides a general guide for Snapdragon devices and SplashInjector. I used the directions on the general guide to extract (for...
  10. SomeoneNormal07

    Thread [TOOL] Create your own splash screen for your Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (YT3-850F)

    While working on a custom ROM for this tablet model, I found a very useful tool posted on XDA by the member @GokulNC in this thread which allows you to create a splash screen for different Qualcomm devices. I took the file for another model and got it to work with this model just by following...
  11. Bonoboo

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [TOOL] Custom boot logo / splash screen generator

    Here simple Windows tool (x64 only) to unpack existing or create your own logo.img Based on Python script by penn5, I only created "wrapper" for comfortable using. Guide, all simple: 1. Unpack attached archive 2. Edit images logo-*.bmp, keep 24bit color 3. Run "2 Repack.bat" 4. In folder appear...
  12. Tuandroidaldia

    Thread [Fastboot] Pixel Experience Splash Screen

    Hello! I've made this splash screen / boot logo for our Mi 9T using this guide It's perfectly compatible with the Pixel Experience boot animation. I've made the fastboot mode logo on my own using Apple's Recovery Mode as example. Feel free to ask for the .bmp to include it in your boot...
  13. spx700

    Thread Google's boot-animation and splash.img customized for Redmi Note 4 ['mido']

    The splash contains a customized fastboot screen and ofcourse the boot logo. Also, this boot-animation is completely based on Pixel's boot-animation. The way I customized this is by editing the images in Part 0 and Part 1 folder inside the Pixel's bootanimation.zip. Here is the preview of the...
  14. bladez

    Thread [Guide][G780F][Android 11] Remove Bootloader Warning

    This mod will remove the pesky Warning screen on phone bootup about unlocked bootloaders and the dangers of them. It's possible to make your own custom image if you want to. More on that later. Download the .tar file Put it in Internal Storage on root folder Start Powershell/cmd adb shell su...
  15. Bonoboo

    Thread [BOOTLOGO] Default "Mi" splash without "Unlocked" text

    Simple default splash without annoying useless note about unlocked bootloader. Also Pie firmware include splash with incorrect proportions, it's vertically stretched. But this is with normal dimensions. Made by this utility. UPD: reulploaded, fixed missing fastboot logo (mi-bunny). Just flash...
  16. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [APP][Live Wallpaper] Splash Wallpapers - 4K HD & Live Wallpapers

    Splash Wallpapers - 4K HD & Live Wallpapers by HackDrip Splash is the best platform to find 4K HD and Live Wallpapers from the community. Splash Wallpapers is the only community which provides high-quality HD Live Wallpapers for Android. Splash App is specially designed for those who want a...
  17. hinxnz

    Thread SPLASH SCREEN - Stock splash screen without warning!

    Stock splash screen without the warning message for rooted S10+ devices Completely stock splash screen All warnings have been removed WARNING: Flash at your own risk! Directions Download attachment Place attachment into download folder in internal storage Check md5sum -...
  18. Nimadroid

    Thread POCO F1 Boot Splash Collection

    ========================================== Hey friends i have done some splash for POCO F1 U Can Also Request For UR Own Splash Logo Just submitt UR PNG or ETC in comment I will get notifications and do I will continue everyday as i can Fill free to buy me coffee...
  19. RKBD

    Thread [MOD][SPLASH] Custom Boot Splash Pack for Razer Phone 2

    Custom boot Splash for R Λ Z Ξ R PHONE 2 by RKBDI Use this at your own risk. THXSplash download SplashA10 download SplashA10G download SplashRefreshA10G download SplashRefreshA10 download SplashGoogle download SplashGoogleLogo download SplashPA download Instructions 1...
  20. RandomAJL

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Custom Splash Screen (Remove unlocked bootloader warnings)

    Custom Splash Screen Requirements: Rooted Samsung Galaxy A50 (ONEUI 1 or 2 & GSI) Splash screens: A50 Dark A50 Light A50 Dark No Knox A50 Light No Knox Google Dark Google Light No Recovery Button: A50 Dark A50 Light A50 Dark No Knox A50 Light No Knox Google Dark Google Light Steps...
  21. Y

    Thread [GUIDE][Android 9/10]Remove unlocked bootloader and custom image warnings

    This operation involves risks,XDA and / or myself can not be held responsible for any problems encountered during installation or possible handling problems. You rooted your A50 or installed a custom rom and you want to get rid of the annoying warnings about unlocked bootloader and custom...
  22. Anzil R

    Thread [MOD] Pixel Experience Splash Screen

    Pixel Experience Splash Screen For Redmi Note 5 (vince) Note: This mod replaces the splash logo (white mi logo in black background), and fastboot logo of your mi phone. Works with any custom or stock rom. But, it's better with Pixel Experience ROM. Installation Backup your Splash.img with...
  23. pritish1998

    Thread [TOOL][MOD]Splash Screen Maker Tool [Yu Yureka Black]

    Yureka Black Splash Screen Maker Tool /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this...
  24. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [SPLASH] Violet Splash Generator and Splash images

    More instructions will be added soon. Instructions: 1. Extract zip 2. Open your desired image (1080x2160) in Paint (windows) and select all + copy 3. Open the bmp images in paint, named 1, 2, 3, and 4 according to you requirement (the text written on the images) and select all + paste...
  25. tys0n

    Thread J4+ bootlogo extracted.

    Hi. I tried to help finding and replacing the bootlogo for this device, but it turned out it's located inside aboot.mbn which is Samsungs OEM bootloader. It won't be possible changing it, or at least I won't because of the risks of messing with bootloader. I've never done that before, plus I...
  26. A

    Thread Note 7/Redmi Splash/Boot Logo & Bootanimation

    Note 7 Splash/Boot Logo & Bootanimation For Note 4X/Note 4SD (mido): Thanks to #GokulNC How to Flash: At first Download the files & put it on your storage. Then Flash it by Recovery/ TWRP. Now enjoying Note 7 Boot Logo & Bootanimation. * I'm not responsible for any kind of brick issue. But...
  27. M

    Thread Stuck in Android One splash screen.

    I unlocked the bootloader and critical partitions of my device but now the phone won't boot to system. It's stuck on the initial splash screen and it won't do anything. I've tried wiping /data from the stock recovery but nothing changes. Please help me because I literally got the phone two hours...
  28. I

    Thread [TOOL] [LINUX] Tissot Splash Maker (mod all 5 PNG's in splash.img)

    Hey, Here is a simple to use program to build splash.img from 5 PNG's. The 5 PNG's are: 1. Mi logo screen on locked bootloader 2. Fastboot image 3. Mi logo screen on unlocked bootloader 4. 'System destroyed' image 5. 'Please lock the bootloader' early splash. I have ported the AutoIt3...
  29. tnmsrkr

    Thread [mod] [remove boot-loader warring ] [slash] [mi a1]

    REMOVE BOOT-LOADER WARRING BY FLASHING MY MODDED SPLASH IMAGE. DOWNLOAD SPLASH.IMG Flash img in fastboot. {{command: fastboot flash splash splash.img }} Credit: CosmicDan for https://forum.xda-developers.com/mi-a1/themes/tool-tissot-splash-maker-mod-5-pngs-t3799701
  30. P

    Thread [FLASHABLE ZIP] Minimal CustomSplash (BootLOGO) For Redmi 4/4X

    Custom SplashScreens/BootLogo For Redmi 4/4X By Pg Aesthitic Download Logo | Fastboot Aesthictic_v2 Download Logo | Fastboot Amoled Download Logo | Fastboot Annabelle Download Logo | Fastboot Anonymous Download Logo | Fastboot Avengers_IW Download Logo | Fastboot B.A.D...
  31. ArK96

    Thread [FLASHABLE] [SPLASH] 10 New Custom boot splash images for Redmi Note 4 (SD) [MIDO]

    11 Cool Minimal Monochrome Boot Splash For RN4 (SD) Splash created by ArK96 Created using tool by GokulNC Hello guys, this is my first share of Mods here at XDA. That is why I chose boot splashes since there seems to be very little risk here hence people will consider flashing my work. But be...
  32. R

    Thread [FLASHABLE] Pixel 2 Boot+Splash for OPO [BACON]

    Earlier we got boot animations from pixel 2 devices, but I am here with flashable ones to reduce work on your part. So just download, and get to flashing! Instructions- -TO FLASH PIXEL 2 BOOT ANIMATION+SPLASH- Just download the appropriate boot animation and flash through any custom recovery...
  33. T

    Thread SM-920P stuck on 'Galaxy Note 5' splash screen after disconnecting from GearVR. HELP!

    Hi all, I've found myself in a bit of a pickle for the last four days. I was using my GearVR headset, when it froze. I could hear the audio, so I assumed it just needed to be redocked on the headset. So, I took it out, and was immediately met with a black screen. After a few seconds, it came to...

    Thread [S-OFF] Universal Splash Screen Flasher Tool (All Variants) OneClick

    I have decided to release a universal tool for flashing Splash images in S-OFF devices i have made a new thread because this Tool will work with all variants and it is a completely different method than previous one I shared earlier. This tool was developed by ivicask and JEANRIVERA (me)...
  35. S

    Thread [Flashable] Modified Xiaomi boot splash

    I originally disliked the website below the Xiaomi logo in the stock splash screen so I removed it to achieve a more simplistic look. Enjoy!
  36. B

    Thread [TOOL]SplashInjector[OP5]

    SplashInjector splash injector is a tool created by me based on the work done by makers_mark . it is a basic command line interface but it gets the job done. it supports all oneplus devices so far except the oneplus x :crying: i can add support once someone gets me the logo.bin file from that...
  37. TENN3R

    Thread Change splash screen

    As the title says, I'd like to know how to change the google pixel spash screen, instead of the stock one I'd like to use one made by myself because with PA rom would look much better (see attachments). I had an S6 but the procedure was different, also nexus 6 has a different file/location where...
  38. SidOfficial

    Thread [SPLASH] Boot Logos-Ubuntu,Nexus 5,Motorola,Wonder Woman,etc.

    Boot Logos Monsoon Edition For Redmi 2/Prime Hey guys, I am back with another set of boot logos for our Redmi 2. You can also look in my old work on boot logos here Boot Logos. I hope you would enjoy my work. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that happens to your phone. If you...
  39. SidOfficial

    Thread [Splash]Flashable Boot Logos of Avengers, POTC, Joker...

    BOOT LOGOS - BULK EDITION For Redmi 2/ Prime Since there are not much cool boot logos available for our beloved Redmi 2, I decided to make some cool boot logos. The fun part is that they are flashable, so you don't have to write those commands everytime. Here's my work Boot Logos:-...
  40. D

    Thread [TOOL] [G903F] Bootlogo Changer (flashable zip)

    Hi folks! just wanted to share this little zip. I personally made it for S5 neo, but it will probably work on every device with Exynos7580 chip (assuming the param-partition is located in /dev/block/mmcblk0p9). I adopted it from here. so credits go out to amtra. If you flash the zip "as-is"...
  41. tys0n

    Thread [MOD] SM-A520F [BootLogo]

    Hi! I havn't seen any custom boot logos for A 2017 series yet, so I thought I could start. !!THIS IS ONLY FOR A520F!! It's all based on work from moluntic (Thanks for awesome script) Check out original thread and read about how to recover if anything goes wrong, and give him a thanks! Also...
  42. taalojarvi

    Thread [MOD][SPLASH] Sailfish OS

    Hi Guys, As most of you probably wouldn't know, Sailfish OS does not have an animated boot screen, it just shows you the image from the splash partition. So i made a little mod that replace your splash screen with the Sailfish logo. Also this thread and mod is my way of showing support to...
  43. Swapnil Soni

    Thread [Splash] Watch Dogs Special Edition Logo[Flashable]

    hello everyone, since Watchdogs has its own unique fonts and logo here I created the Special Watchdogs splash logo with REDMI 2 Fonts How to: 1.Download Zip 2.Boot to TWRP or CWM (TWRP recommended) 3.Navigate Zip and Flash 4.Enjoy new Logo Download Redmi 2 Watchdogs Style Splash Now You...
  44. tys0n

    Thread [mod][a310f][bootlogo]

    Modified PARAM partition, in which the bootlogo and other images exist. It simply acts as a image cache for bootloader. I've been doing this mod for several samsung phones over the years and now when I got the A3 I wanted to try it out again. I also attached a zip with the original logo since...
  45. EypCnn

    Thread Zenfone 3 Splash Creator And Flashing

    Hello friends, today I'm going to tell you how to do the painting while opening your device. And That You Did It Splash.img how to open file flashla the search process you'll do I'll tell you. I Have Done Primarily From Below Zenfone3 Splash Creator.zip The File Named Download. Creating Splash...
  46. S

    Thread [Tutorial] Create a Splash Screen on Android : the Right Way !

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a tutorial learning you how to create a Splash Screen on Android by following the right way. Note that you can also discover this tutorial in video on Youtube : E5k696ekXwg Create a Splash Screen on Android : the Right Way ! At a certain moment in...
  47. androcheck

    Thread [MOD] Change power-on logo (splash logo)

    Edit: Thanks to GokulNC now there is a tool to create custom splash images (boot logo) for the LePro 3 (LEX720 and LEX727). If you want to create a new splash logo (power-on screen) first head over to GokulNC's thread here for the HOWTO:: [GUIDE] How to Create Splash Screen (Boot Logo) for Le...
  48. EypCnn

    Thread Create A Splash Screen - Flash

    Hello friends, today I'm going to tell you how to do the painting while opening your device. And That You Did It Splash.how to open IMG file flashla the search process you'll do I'll tell you. I Have Done Primarily From Below Lenovo_Vibe_P1_Splash_Maker.zip The File Named Download. Creating...
  49. yumm91

    Thread Change splash screen in mi 4i (not bootanimation)

    Anyone able to change splash screen for Mi 4i? I check the list in /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/ but there is no splash block. I presume it is logo so i tried dd that and it comes with logo.img (exactly 8mb in size). Anyone have succeeded in changing splash screen for mi 4i please tell. Thanks
  50. Mustafa Daşdemir

    Thread [WHITE-BOOT-SPLASH] [No racism, there is a black one as well]

    Long story short; If you use newer UX aKa N7 port rom which comes with white '' Samsung boot animation'' ; this splash is made for it to fit better. In case; attaching the original black one though. Its been tried by myself, both zips are working. Flash via TWRP recovery and enjoy(or not, I...