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  1. M

    Thread MediaSource Android Stagefright - how to create it from bytearray in native code?

    The command line client for Stagefright https://android.googlesource.com/platform/frameworks/av/+/master/cmds/stagefright/stagefright.cpp Is using MediaSource to play the Video. How can I set MediaSource to be from byte array (char *), where I can specify it. I want to load the whole file from...
  2. S

    Thread [ROM PATCH] OptimalROM 15-5 Stagefright Full Security Patch (And any other OG5 ROM!)

    Developed out of this project: https://forum.xda-developers.com/verizon-galaxy-s5/development/rd-cid-11-6-0-security-patches-5-0-5-1-t3522355 -------------------------------------------- If you are running OptimalROM 15-5 (latest version) or any previous variants or ROMs based on pre PB1 images...
  3. JohnHorus

    Thread Stagefright fix and Moto Voice together

    Got this device unconcerned about Stagefright, as Moto said it was patched on launch. Well, I'm not sure if they were wrong or if more vulnerabilities were found, but Zimperium's analyzer app says I've got 89 of them! I was looking at CM13 to fix it, as I like using Gravity Box and other Xposed...
  4. N

    Thread Venue 8 7000 Wont Install Update

    Hello, My Venue 8 7000 wont update. I keep getting the an Android update notification (that is supposed to fix stagefright, etc.). After starting the update it ends with the tipped over Android with the exclamation mark. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this? BTW I did a factory reset and the...
  5. proguru

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE (SM-G357FZ) Stagefright-vulnerability patched ROM

    Has anybody built a ROM with the infamous Android's Stagefright-library's vulnerability fixed? The Stagefright bug was found already in the last summer, but Samsung still hasn't patched my Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 LTE (SM-G357FZ) device. The official firmwares are available here...
  6. C

    Thread how concerned should we be about stagefright on the mini/maxx ?

    Being locked to mostly Verizon stock factory roms, I am wondering how concerned we should be? Not sure how much SU67-3 passes but SU67(-0) fails this test badly: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zimperium.stagefrightdetector Verizon isn't likely to let us unlock these to...
  7. T

    Thread 7840 Stagefright update installed on previously rooted device.

    I've been hacking on this on and off for days. Success. Basically the solution is a bait and switch. I've tried so many things, this is recalled from memory and the following steps may be incomplete. I used the latest of ES File Explorer. SuperSU, etc. Get angguesss' update.zip here...
  8. T

    Thread REMOVE, Please

    Delete this duplicate thread, please.
  9. D

    Thread is there a way to fix stagefright and still stay on my favorite KK rom?

    Ive searched and cannot find the answer. Im back on my favorite rom which is the now defunct RICKS ROM NK2. Is there a way to make sure im not vulnerable to stagefright while staying on this rom? THANKS SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP.
  10. J

    Thread Z3 Compact Security Issues / Stagefright

    A few days ago, I started getting random apparently blank MMS messages from unknown urls in Hangouts. Looks like my phone / number is being targeted by someone trying to leverage one of the recent Stagefright vulnerabilities. I've got auto-downloading of MMS messages disabled in Hangouts and...
  11. PsyClip-R

    Thread Surnia [xt1527] Stagefright OTA zip

    Here's the OTA zip extracted from 5.1 XT1527. Fully unmodified. It patches a lot of system apps, modem and gpt. https://mega.nz/#!ixpQyRYI!OSIzlz8OOp3VChQGSkOW-f9gdy87g6cGQZiE4MeaUrI
  12. xda_Noob.

    Thread Offical stagefright fix for samsung

    Hey guys Samsung has released Stagefright fix officialy for Note 3 and I want to guide you how to fix for all other Samsung Galaxy 5.0 based ROM's OK Guys This is How to fix Stagefright for all Samsung Lollipop (5.0) ROM's (extracted from Officially Samsung ROM) 1) Install a Costum Recovery...
  13. S

    Thread Can't Stagefright be used to gain Root on every vulnerable Android Smartphone?

    Since stagefright is actual a thing on the Z5 and it can be used as an exploit i wondered why it hasn't been used as a base for a root exploit? You only need to have the Z5 on at the initial Firmware right? The Exploit seems pretty big with a whole bunch of security flaws...
  14. R

    Thread RaCyanOS KitKat by Racpu_ | Stagefright Patch (December) | CM11S Apps - 09/12/2015

    RaCyanOS KitKat by Racpu_ Hello community XDA forum! I come to present my new work is a compilation of Kit Kat 4.4.4 CM11. And as you may know was the best version for OnePlus One, decided to compile a ROM because Lollipop though many beautiful and fluid, still has many bug's battery and...
  15. phhusson

    Thread Stagefright security fix, without sources

    Hi all, Today I'm pleased to announce a fix for stagefright's security flaws, which doesn't require to disable stagefright, and doesn't require stagefright sources either. The sources, including a detailed README is available at...
  16. Lordificated

    Thread Android 'Stagefright' exploit

    Stagefright is very serious issue on android devices not known to many android users. Currently I am using CM12 Nightlies on my N5. I read about Stagefright sometime back and found that my phone has been sending and receiving thousands of SMS and MMS. So i blocked all access to CM12 Messaging...
  17. mastarifla

    Thread XT1053 222.27.5 Stagefright FXZ

    I was doing some research on some of the other Moto X forums and I noticed that Crash][ over at 4pda.ru and here as CrashXXL has managed to re-upload the FXZ image of the latest update! Here is the link to his XT1053 page with the FXZ :) Big thanks to Crash for downloading from the super slow...
  18. H

    Thread XT1058 Soft Brick after sideloading SF OTA

    Hello! I was trying to apply the Stagefright OTA on my XT1058, but I soft bricked it. Whenever a new update comes out, I prefer to flash stock image to avoid any unecessary issues that may arise from dirty flashing and not having the system requirements to apply the update without having...
  19. Aaahh

    Thread Just got stagefright hacked, Verizon Lg g4 (number orginally from T-mobile)

    Well that's nice, I was watching a youtube video and android system media crashed, figured it didn't mater since stagefright had been patched. I was wrong, seconds later apps began installing themselves on my phone, I didn't get any notification other then when the shortcuts were created. They...
  20. T

    Thread How can the' MMSCtrl' app released by Samsung for Stagefright be uninstalled?

    I installed it on my non-rooted S6 (SM-G920I). Now there is no option to uninstall it.
  21. R

    Thread [ROM] Racpu_CM11S-XNPH05Q | Stagefright V2 Fix | Touch Fix - V1.0 (24/10/2015)

    Racpu_CM11S-XNPH05Q Hello community XDA forum! I come to present my new work is a compilation of Kit Kat 4.4.4 CM11S 11.0-XNPH05Q. And as you may know was the best version for OnePlus One, decided to compile a ROM because Lollipop though many beautiful and fluid, still has many bug's battery...
  22. nhmanas

    Thread [REQ]A Rom+Kernel Request (Devs might interest)

    Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english My request from developers is 1. Apolo 5 (because it is the very stable kernel for this device) updates. Trim and fpbug fix. 2. A cm10.1 rom with stagefright fix and updated display drivers to Mali v3 ( :confused: :confused: ) (I really don't know if...
  23. mastarifla

    Thread XT1053 222.27.5 Stagefright OTA Update Guide

    It seems like there needed to be a thread dedicated to the issues that users have been seeing with this recent OTA, as it seems like there has been a few problems with updating if you ever used Motorola's Stock 5.1 Image, I'll begin by listing the steps necessary to successfully apply the OTA...
  24. santod040

    Thread ★ ☆ M9 Full Stagefright Patch | Android 5.1 | Sense 7.0 ☆ ★

    STAGEFRIGHT PATCH I was asked to see if I could make a patch for the remaining vulnerability from the m9vzw OTA. So I gave it a shot and here is the result: For those of you running stock(rooted) or some other custom 5.1 Sense based rom, this "should" work for you. The link below is the...
  25. thenestor

    Thread [OTA] Captured Pure Edition XT1095 update from 23.16.3 to 23.16.6 (stagefright patch)

    I received a Motorola OTA notification for a minor maintenance update which patched the "stagefright" vulnerability in my Moto X 2014 Pure Edition xt1095. I captured the OTA ZIP file from my cache folder, and it is attached to this post. Size of OTA ZIP is 4.29MB. (Note that Motorola OTA...
  26. mastarifla

    Thread Did anyone capture the Stagefright OTA for the XT1053?

    I am trying to check for updates but I am not seeing the recent update that is being pushed out yet, so I was wondering if someone managed to capture the OTA file Here are the details: Firmware Version: MSM8960PRO_BP_23255.138.89.00R Kernel Version: 3.4.42-gb476356 hudsoncm @ ilclbld99 # 1 Tue...
  27. cranknet

    Thread [FTF] Xperia Z Ultra C6802 5.1.1 stock firmwares

    The Sony Xperia Z Ultra is a 2013 high-end phablet designed and manufactured by Sony Mobile. Codenamed Togari and marketed as "the world's slimmest Full HD smartphone", it is the first phone that allows users to take notes or draw on with a regular pen or pencil. Like the Sony Xperia Z and Z1...
  28. cranknet

    Thread [FTF] Xperia Z1 Compact D5503 5.1.1 stock firmwares

    The Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is an Android smartphone produced by Sony. The Z1 Compact has a 4.3 inch display and is released as a cheaper and smaller version of the Xperia Z1 which features a 5-inch display. The Japanese version of the Z1 Compact, dubbed the Sony Xperia Z1 f (SO-02F), was...
  29. cranknet

    Thread [FTF] Xperia Z1 C6903 5.1.1 Full Stagefright fix firmware files.

    The Sony Xperia Z1 is a high-end Android smartphone produced by Sony. The Z1, at that point known by the project code name "Honami", was unveiled during a press conference in IFA 2013 on 4 September 2013. The phone was released in China on 15 September 2013, in the UK on 20 September 2013, and...
  30. cranknet

    Thread [FTF] Xperia Z1 C6902 5.1.1 stock firmwares

    The Sony Xperia Z1 is a high-end Android smartphone produced by Sony. The Z1, at that point known by the project code name "Honami", was unveiled during a press conference in IFA 2013 on 4 September 2013. The phone was released in China on 15 September 2013, in the UK on 20 September 2013, and...
  31. mastarifla

    Thread Official Moto X Stagefright Patched Libs!

    Hi fellow Moto X users! I went and grabbed the latest brazil OTA with the stagefright fixes and patched the original T-Mobile 5.1 stagefright libraries with the patch files of the OTA and it worked! So I went ahead and did most of the heavy lifting for you and created new library files with the...
  32. rjcrystal199

    Thread Stagefright patch moto x

    I was wondering if anyone got the stagefright patch as its soak testing has started. https://plus.google.com/+DavidSchuster/posts/BHgMKiUix25 i read it here
  33. MarckozZ

    Thread [OTA Update] Stagefright & Security Patch for GPE 5.1 Firmware (LMY47M.M001)

    Hello guys! This is the OTA file containing some security fixes for that Stagefright bullcrap and some stability fixes too. You need to be on Android 5.1 GPE Firmware, compilation number LMY47M.M001. Put the *.ZIP on the internal storage, then go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates...
  34. C

    Thread What ROM has StageFright Patched w/ best Bluetooh HTC DROID DNA?

    Hey, I have two family members with Verizon's HTC Droid DNA (dlx) stock ROM. Beside CyanogenMod 12.1, what ROM has StageFright patched, speaker-audio jack patched, and best bluetooth? Your help is most appreciated. I cannot test all ROMS myself asking for some guidance. ComputeRescue
  35. G

    Thread [REQUEST] Latest OTA dump

    Hi, so recently motorola began rolling out an upadte to the G 2nd gen (details here) (essentially Stagefright+bugfixes,no 5.1.1) and I was wondering if anyone who got it might be willing to share it :D
  36. cranknet

    Thread [FTF] Stock Firmware (D6503) 23.4.A.0.580_3 AT Stagefright Fix

    This firmware update is for Stagefright bug fix. Xperia Z2 D6503 5.1.1 23.4.A.0.580_3 AT.ftf Download: Amazon CloudDrive – AndroidFileHost – AndroidHost Source: Sonyfirmware
  37. cranknet

    Thread [FTF][5.1.1] Xperia Z3 D6603 stock firmware

    This Firmware file is for Xperia Z3 D6603. This update includes the stagefright bug fix. D6603_23.4.A.0.580_Vodafone UK Download: Amazon CloudDrive – AndroidFileHost – AndroidHost Source: Sonyfirmware.com
  38. dberthia

    Thread Stagefright Patch?

    Anybody think we'll ever see a Stagefright patch from Verizon?
  39. M

    Thread Stagefright

    If one has a rooted ROM, are there are updates which can be applied to patch the Stagefright vulnerability?
  40. H

    Thread [FIXED] 95% of Android phones vulnerable to Stagefright MMS exploit

    Hello, a massive bug was found in the media playback component of android. http://techreport.com/news/28701/95-of-android-phones-vulnerable-to-stagefright-mms-exploit I think this bug was fixed in android with this patch...
  41. A

    Thread stagefright vulnerability

    Just found this article http://venturebeat.com/2015/07/27/researchers-find-vulnerability-that-affects-95-of-android-devices/ Google claim it's fixed so which custom ROM will include it? Thanks
  42. M

    Thread [Q] Stagefright hack - Are we safe?

    Simple question about the Stagefright Attack that was disclosed today: Are the current 5.x/M ROMs out there patched to prevent this?
  43. K

    Thread [Q] Stagefright help

    I'm running the latest CM7 nightly and I added all of the necessary steps to get the boot audio working. The problem is that I have a 2 second audio file that I would like to repeat until the boot is complete. I know stagefright has the capability to repeat files but I cannot actual make it do...
  44. sinisin

    Thread Stagefright, VM Heap, SYSCTL and other performance related options

    With the recent release of Spz0s rom and Adrynalyne getting this beat over clocked these settings are becoming obsolete. Use at your own discretion. I recently restored my phone to stock, with basic settings, meaning I did not use any of the settings listed here. I scored a 1013 on a bench...
  45. Rawat

    Thread Galaxy S, JIT, Quadrant and linpack CPU scores

    Galaxy S scores lower than Nexus S for the CPU portion of the Quadrant test. After the JV1 leak, someone said that he automagically got higher scores by enabling JIT in the build.prop. Thing is, he changed a bunch of other things in the build.prop too, and among them were a bunch of things...