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  1. S

    Thread status bar no no notification icon

    hey, on redmi 9 even if you put notification and content on the lock screen there is no icon in the status bar. Why? look, there are several notification icons here if I unlock but from the lock screen they are not seen thanks
  2. Y

    Thread Using the mouse when applying full screen

    Hi, guys, when I move the mouse to the top of the screen when the software is full screen, the status bar will come out. It's very annoying. Is there any module that can prohibit this behavior? Especially when I use Rd client.
  3. A

    Thread Increase notification icons limit on status bar

    Hi, I recently updated my Mi A3 to android 11, and the notification icon size limit, on the status bar, is 2, instead of 4. Which means that after 2 notifications on the status bar, you'll get a dot. On android 10, the limit was 4. Does anyone know a way to increase this limit WITHOUT ROOTING? I...
  4. oZo

    Thread No WiFi calling shortcut

    I have a Note 9 U1, and there is no WiFi calling shortcut button in the drop down menu. There is no way to add one that I can see. It just isn't an option. I have Sprint, and WiFi calling is on my plan. It works fine if I go into settings and turn it on. i just want to know how to add the...
  5. I

    Thread Any way to remove the clock from the status bar?

    So, my status bar looks pretty clean already after tweaking it a little bit with the help of SystemUI Tuner - but - I kinda want to take it a step further and remove the clock from my status bar, as I don't need it because I've already got a clock widget on my homescreen. I tried removing it...
  6. T

    Thread How do I disable or hide the clock on my Kindle Paperwhite 3 Status bar on top

    Hi all I'd like to hide or disable the clock on the home page status bar. I couldn't find any relevant option in the settings. Perhaps there's another way to get into the device and hide the clock? Thanks vin
  7. williamtavares

    Thread Mi Mix 3 5g screen glitch/blinks

  8. A

    Thread Can`t pull down status bar

    Hey guys, as the title suggests, sometimes I cannot pull down the status bar in order to view notifications or turn on/off wi-fi, reading mode and so on. I couldn`t recognize a particular pattern when this will happen and it could (as of my knowledge) only be resolved by rebooting the phone...
  9. H

    Thread Android 9 "Pie" - How to move the status bar clock away from the left side

    Google, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the status bar clock has to be on the left side because of phones with a selfie camera notch at the top. I have such a phone, a OnePlus 6T, but I always have enough free space on the right side of the status bar, but not enough on the left side...
  10. D

    Thread On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue?

    On Pie and rooted. Is there any way to fix the "4 status bar icons max" issue? Hello! I've searched far and wide and have read tons of complaints about this issue, but no resolutions. Those complaining posts I found were from several months ago, so I was hoping maybe a resolution came about...
  11. Daved+

    Thread [APP] Second Screen Status Bar

    NOTE: ALPHA PHASE HAS FINISHED. If anyone wants to continue using this app which is going to be pro only for the moment, contact me (tg group and channel) THIS PROJECT IS BEING UPDATED AND SUPPORTED AND I DON'T PLAN TO ABANDON IT. If you ever wanted to have a working status bar in the second...
  12. A

    Thread Status bar and lockscreen notifications

    So I just got my Mi 9 after deciding to move over from my Samsung galaxy S8. I don't understand what the hell is going on with the notifications it's really putting me off this phone after using for 2 days. From the lockscreen I can't see any notifications. Status bar just shows the time. I've...
  13. V

    Thread New Mate owner - couple of questions

    Hi there: Just got my new phone last night and have been looking for answers to this: Is there a way to increase the size of the font of the status bar items? I can't even read them, they're so small!
  14. F

    Thread U11 Status Bar Stays in Full Screen Video

    Ok, I tried combing the entire internet looking for possibilities on how to do this. This is driving me nuts now that I started watching full screen video on my U11 and this nonsense doesn't exist on my u12+. Is there a light way without rooting to get the same behavior, ie: the bar goes...
  15. R

    Thread Status bar font change [Lineage 14/Nexus6/Root]

    As the topic title indicates how do you change the font? I've tried fontfix, ifont, and tried a mix of font face variants and nothing changes the status bar font. In particular the clock. Bored of it. hesitant on using substratum to do it since that's way too much overhead. Any other ways...
  16. M

    Thread How to (only) hide notification icon from status bar?

    Hello everyone, I just got my Oneplus 6 (coming from Honor 6x) and got a small question. On EMUI I had the option to hide a notification icons from the status bar but keeping the notification displayed, is there something like that in OxygenOS too? I need this because I wanna see the...
  17. L

    Thread Status bar icons LTE

    I have trouble telling if my phone is on LTE or not. I can't see the icon very well. Does anyone know of anything that makes it larger or something else that is easily readable. The reason I ask is at my home I use my phone as a hotspot and if it's not getting LTE it's useless to even try to use
  18. yoallen78

    Thread Question - How to enable LTE icon in the status bar (if you're in the US)?

    I have been trying to find a way of having LTE display as my network connection instead of 4g+/4g (I know that there's no technical difference, but aesthetically it does make a difference and it's easier to see when you're not on an LTE network). The closest that I have found to making this...
  19. yoallen78

    Thread Question - Is there a way to modify the clock in the status bar to display seconds?

    My previous phone was a Motorola X Pure Edition that was rooted with Xposed and Gravity Box installed. Within Gravity box, you could modify the clock in the status bar to display the seconds timer along with the hour and minutes. I am wondering is there a build.prop edit that can be made...
  20. S

    Thread HIDE VoLTE & RCS Service Icons - Alternate Method [EXYNOS][ROOT]

    If you're running a custom kernel & have VoLTE and/or RCS enabled by CSC or manually, chances are you have these icons in the status bar. Here's an alternate method on how to hide them if you don't like them as much as I do rather than editing the icons in imsservice.apk. With the editing...
  21. arbyn

    Thread Help ! Somehow my status bar has started to auto hide ?

    Not sure how or why but I have to drag down from top of my phone to show my status bar. I do have it set to auto hide navigation bar but never set anything to hide status bar. What would cause this ? I have not run any ADB commands to achieve this either.
  22. S

    Thread Can you make it so the bluetooth icon only appears when a BT device is connected?

    I want to keep bluetooth on all the time, but I don't like the BT icon always sitting in my status bar even when nothing's connected. I know I can disable the icon altogether with system UI tuner, but I do want to see it when a BT device is connected. Is this possible? Thanks!
  23. K

    Thread How to combine (selected) multiple app notifications into one group

    Good evening everyone. I have a question I've been meaning to ask for a while, as I cant figure it out myself. I have a lot of apps. Some i use all day, some I keep around (just in case i think i might ever think about using it once :). As we all know, some apps use persistent notifications to...
  24. H

    Thread How to change status bar height?

    I've got an Essential Phone (7.1.1, Magisk + Xposed) and I'm trying to to change the status bar height. Here's a stock image of what it looks like at default dpi. I was able to use use the window manager (adb shell wm) to offset the status bar upward, but that's not a complete solution. Anyone...

    Thread Shortcuts.

    In the previous version (EMUI 3.1.1 - Android 5.0.1) when I was pulling the status bar to access the shortcuts, I had all the shortcuts available. Now (EMUI 4.0.3 - Android 6.0), I only have 9 shortcuts available (3x3). I can only replace them with others in the edit menu! Anyone know if there...
  26. W

    Thread Show battery percentage in top status bar

    I think i'm spoiled by custom roms. Is there an easy way to show the battery percentage in the status bar at the top of the screen? (i can't remember if this is called status bar or notification bar but its where the clock and notification icons show up)
  27. S

    Thread Can I change the status bar icons on the Verizon variant of the phone?

    I would really like the stock Android status bar icons. My main gripe is that 4g/3g takes up a whole other icon instead of being combined into the cell signal. Any chance of modifying these without root?
  28. flyer_andy

    Thread (MAGISK) Status Bar Cleanup Module / Remove carrier, NFC, disabled SIM, roaming icon

    This Magisk Module is for the A2017U only. I've tested this on Magisk v13.5, 13.6, and 14.0 without issue, including no SafetyNet problems. Magisk v15 requires the files in post #8 (these files are for B32/B35 users only!!!) It does the following: Remove carrier label Remove NFC icon Remove...
  29. L

    Thread Any good App or ROM capable of displaying signal strength in dBm on status bar?

    Honestly, when I was still on some older phones I loved the feature that could display signal strength dBm on status bar, which existed since CyanogenMod (CM7, maybe even earlier). It gives me a better understanding about the surrounding signal quality, rather than some unhelpful signal bars...
  30. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] [NO ROOT REQUIRED] Hide The Status Bar Or Nav Bar With ADB

    Hide The Status Bar Or Nav Bar With ADB To permanently hide Nav Bar for root users only see post 2 Note this only hides the Nav bar - swipe up gesture will show Nav bar and not all apps will honour the hidden status Requirements ADB setup on pc - see Here if you need to set it up Moto USB...
  31. G

    Thread [ADB, no root] How to hide the navigation bar AND status bar on all apps

    First of all, it's important that this mod isn't for everybody, because it hides the status bar as well, to fill the entire 18.5:9 screen with content. It looks very immersive, as if the entire front side of the phone is display, because the top bezel is about as thick as the status bar would...
  32. T

    Thread SystemUI / Good Lock etc.

    Hi all, A newbie question to the Android experts. I have read in many forums that a rooted device is needed in order to change and/or customize status bar icons. However, Samsung Good Lock app was able to do this on an un-rooted device. Good Lock app provided AOSP status bar icons and I loved...
  33. R

    Thread Can someone help me diagnose what's wrong with my phone?

    This started out when I used a charger cable that wasn't the one I usually use. That cable wa's my girlfriend's main wire though so I thought nothing could go wrong. The adapter and cable were both by Tronsmart. The first symptom was the area right underneath the status bar also showing a...
  34. flyer_andy

    Thread Network icon/Status Bar Enhancement (B19 & B25 only)

    This is a status bar enhancement for build 19 & 25 Nougat (stock only) for the A2017U (USA version). Here are the features: Changed network type icons for 4G LTE, 4G LTE/CDMA, 3G EvDO, and 3G HSPA to be a bit sleeker. EDGE remains as-is. Removal of NFC icon Removal of SIM disabled icon (for...
  35. I-TensE-I

    Thread Any way to remove the WiFi data arrows from status bar? [Hydra ROM]

    Wanam Xposed used to have a function to get rid of the arrows underneath the WiFi icon in the status bar. Since 6.0.1 Wanam switched to XTouchWiz and the feature isn't there anymore. I have looked in GravityBox and it's gone too. I just want a regular WiFi symbol to show up to tell me the...
  36. Bewildered Wolf

    Thread [Guide][Mod] Custom Text In Status Bar

    Hey folks. This is a small guide on "HOW TO ADD CUSTOM TEXT IN STATUS BAR" by editing your SystemUI. I know some of you may know this but many users don't know about this and they are like asking about "HOW TO ADD CUSTOM TEXT IN STATUS BAR" again and again. So, people go for Xposed Modules. But...
  37. R

    Thread Can you identify this? Alarm clock icon in notification bar

    Can anyone identify the highlighted icon in the notification bar in the attached image? It shows up sometimes after a reboot.
  38. flyer_andy

    Thread How to enable SystemUI Tuner in stock B15 Nougat (root not required)

    Hey case you'd like to access the SystemUI Tuner, you can do so by creating a shortcut to activity "SystemUI/.DemoMode" (see screenshot attached). Activity launch widgets can be added in numerous ways but the easiest in my view is with Nova Launcher, which allows you to add a...
  39. H

    Thread galaxy s7 nougat status bar

    Good day. I have recently upgraded my S7 to Nougat and i'm still getting used to the new interface. Could anyone tell me if it is possible to change the number of items on the left in the status bar before it puts the ... simbol? Example in the attached pic. Thank you.
  40. S

    Thread what to add in manifest for blocking the status bar

    Hello. I'd like to do this: when an app is open I want to block the status bar, preventing users from sliding (expanding) it and checking the notification panel (should be the same thing of when the screen is locked: you can see the notifications icon on the status bar, but can't open it). I've...
  41. B

    Thread status bar clock AM/PM

    hey xda, quick question I'd like to make the AM/PM in the status bar large. right now its capital AM/PM but its only half the height of the clock font, and I want it full height. Running Insertcoin 5.0.2, Rooted and Xposed. I have only found xposed mods to switch clock from AM/PM to am/pm. If...
  42. boxguy1

    Thread Modify Status Bar without Root

    Hi guys I found this cool app on the Google play store by James Fenn it allows you to modify the status bar without root it might not work flawlessly but it does this is job this does not work in the lockscreen and live/scrolling wallpaper screenshots below FEATURES Center Clock option...
  43. shadeau

    Thread [THEME][MOD][6.0.1] TW Customizations For Note 4 N910V

    First off I want to give a HUGE thanks to supergrobi94 who pretty much did all of the heavy lifting for this project. He designed the apks and flashable zips that we are using and gave us permission to modify them for the Verizon variant. His work can be found here: Thread I've been working with...
  44. S

    Thread help with intents

    Hello. I have some issues I think I can solve launching some intents (or activity, or plugin) with Tasker, but I need some help: - is there a way for setting the default storage location to sd card (instead of internal memory)? - is there a way for assigning a playlist to all my alarms (I'm...
  45. emanoj.i9103

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD][ApkTool] Disable Roaming Indicator R in Home Networks

    Disclaimer: You agree to the risks of modifying your system partition and the after effects such as WW3 that might be caused due to this! This is just compilation of my steps to fix an issue and not necessarily my own work. Appropriate credits to respective creators of this mod or similar. No...
  46. N

    Thread [Android 4.4.4] Broke my status bar wifi icon and soon my mind

    I used more than one app to do things on wifi enable and wifi/network connect. Mainly mac, dns, turn off IP6. I tried to install a webcam app that also made use of things in that vein and now whenever wifi connects to a network successfully the status bar crashes/FCs over and over again. I...
  47. taymo

    Thread Center Status Bar Clock .buildprop Mod?

    I have the straight talk variant (sm-s920l). Since we cannot install Xposed, I was wondering if anyone knew a way to modify the build.prop to accomplish the center status bar clock?
  48. A

    Thread tiny writing on pull down notification

    Hello I am now the (Proud?) owner of this phone because I have gone bill pay - moved from a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6, which i did like but the camera didnt have OIS and the camera lens was in such a silly place many a time I used to accidentally cover it with my finger when i wanted to take...
  49. HDxDaniel

    Thread [MOD] Centered clock in status bar [6.0.1][.ZIP][SM-N910C]

    Hello everyone, today I bring a mod to center the clock in the status bar. This works for the Note 4 (SM-N910C) with Marshmallow (6.0.1). // TUTORIAL Flash THIS file with TWRP to enable the mod. || Alternative download link HERE Flash THIS to restore the original file. || Alternative download...
  50. emyaz

    Thread Touch gesture for status bar in jeally bean

    Hello, I have KitKat on my phone installed but want to go back to Jeally Bean because of stability and speed. But KitKat has this very nice feature that the status bar appears in an fullscreen app when you pull down on the edge of the touchscreen. Is there any way I can have this also in Jeally...