1. akash45

    Thread WhatsApp user status monitoring

    Monitor user's online/offline status of WhatsApp Pre-required things : > Chrome with dev-tool > Your Mobile and PC should be connected to the internet > Make sure your pc don't sleep How to use > Open and login into WhatsApp web > Open dev tool ( Step 1 image ) [ Make sure you...
  2. E

    Thread {App Cleaner} Whatsapp Status Saver 2021

    Download: New super fast whatsapp status saver, Custom interface Beautiful Design
  3. Z

    Thread [ App] WA Status Saver Lite - Save Photos and Videos Wa Status Friends

    Loved a Friend's Status? Well, You are at the Right App page . Install Wa Status Saver Lite from Google Play Click here WA Status Saver Lite is an smallest and simple apk to save images and videos from statuses other people wa friends. How to use ? 1. Open your Friends status 2. Run...
  4. D

    Thread A fix for wrong Status Bar padding.

    So, i recently got this device and i found it pretty annoying how the clock and battery icons were too close to the rounded corner of the screen, and since my device is still in warranty i can't use advanced root tools to fix this, but fortunately i found a solution that works in unrooted stock...
  5. G

    Thread [App] Best Status & Quotes 2019 - Status share for whatsapp and social media

    Best Status & Quotes 2019 The best whatsapp and social media status and quotes app that help you to easy copy and share status and quotes direct to whatsapp or share to any other social media app or copy your status or quote to your clipboard and use it wherever you like. Top Status and quotes...
  6. S

    Thread How to change height of status bar?

    Hello, One of the reason I hate holes/notches it that you loose real state of your gorgeous screen taken by ultra high status bar. Back in a day (before notches) status bar was as high as clock text with couple of pixels above and under it... Now it's a big massive space under and above. I...
  7. J

    Thread Increased status bar icon spacing after PIE update

    After upgrading MI A2 Lite to android P i noticed that space betwen notification icons in status bar (to the left of notch) was increased. As a result, the number of icons that can be displayed without the appearance of the point (that mean further incons hidden) was reduced from 3 to 2. thus...
  8. devilex94

    Thread Current Status of different oreo roms on 15/7/2018

    Okay so nice people, we have a lot of casual people asking this lately which oreo rom is most stable/smooth/status about known bugs. So please if anyone who has recently tried roms or even has knowledge about the status of these oreo rom and the known bugs in them, please share your thoughts. So...
  9. D

    Thread [MODULE] WiFi Connection State On Status Bar

    Introduction: This Module Places A Notification In Your Status Bar <Specially No-WiFi Connection Status>. - This Module Is Mostly Used In The Following [If WiFi Is Turned-On Without Getting Connected To A Network, It Gives An Indication That WiFi Is On Which Causes The Battery Draining - The...
  10. Dr.Anshuman

    Thread [BootLoader] How to Change your bootloader status to "LOCKED"

    if you have unlocked your bootloader status and you want your original 'Locked' status instead of 'ReLocked' status, follow the procedure. 1. fastboot reboot bootloader 2. fastboot oem relock UnlockCode this will ReLock your bootloader 3. switch on your phone, go to developer menu and...
  11. Protonus

    Thread [Q] Any way to hide / disable status bar icons without root?

    Just picked up a Verizon V10, was shocked and saddened to find out that the current 6.0 ROM doesn't have root - all of my prior phones have been rooted going back to the original galaxy S, so I'm in a bit of shock haha. One of the things that's driving me most crazy, is all the default icons...
  12. dineshlives

    Thread Remove Whatsapp status feature in Rooted/Non-Rooted android

    Remove Whatsapp status featureRemove Whatsapp status feature Rooted : To Remove Whatsapp status feature 0. Force Stop WhatsApp before proceeding. 1. a. For Root Explorers, open the file ‘/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml‘ b. For SharedPreference Editors, select...
  13. S

    Thread Network Name in Status Bar: VzW and Verizon Wireless

    So this is a relatively minor issue, but still one that's kind of puzzling. Recently my Pixel XL's (Verizon model) network name in the top left of the lock screen has said 'Verizon Wireless' most of the time, except for when I was connected via Wi-Fi calling, where it indicated 'Verizon Wireless...
  14. H

    Thread [APP] [1.0] 100000+ Messages & Status Collection

    Hi there :laugh: We are send you my app. If you like it please Rate, G+ my free app Free app "Messages & Status Collection" with 100000+ contents,status, messages.. and 36+ themes...
  15. Qdhcjv

    Thread Get charging info from recovery?

    I've had an issue with charging my device over the past couple days. Basically any AC/QC wall plug will report itself as USB charging to the phone, only pushing around 200mA at most, which is far too slow to charge the phone. I've basically been using wireless charging since that still...
  16. N

    Thread [APP] [WIDGET] GO Server - app to monitor Pokémon GO server status

    Hi guys, I made an app to monitor Pokémon GO server status it also comes with a widget which can be used to check general status while you can open the app to check every single Pokémon GO server. Here's the download link (PlayStore)
  17. M

    Thread Nexus 7 2013: controlling the status light?

    The Nexus7 LTE (2013) has a small notification LED that blinks when mail has been received. For me this is almost useless, but there are other things I would like it to do. I have been unable to find a programmatic way to influence this LED. Apps like LightFlow don't see it. It's not listed...
  18. BlackZenith

    Thread [Q] Nova Launcher issue with status bar

    Whenever I pull down my notification bar and collapse it, the notification bar looks like it is about 50% transparent. Then after about 2 seconds, the notification bar goes away completely then reappears transparent. I just recently updated to Kit Kat over the weekend, but my setup never did...
  19. dbux

    Thread [Q] Difference between 'Normal' and 'Official'? How to!!

    Hey guys, I'm tired of searching everywhere. Actually, 1. What is the difference between the system status 'Normal' which comes after un-rooting(Custom->Normal) and the 'Official' status which comes with the device before any modding/tweaking/rooting? 2. Is there any un-rooting process which...
  20. J

    Thread [APP] Mojang Service Statuses

    Hi everyone! Mojang Service Statuses Description: With Mojang Service Statuses, you can check the status of Mojang's services from Windows Phone! Version: 2.0 Screen: Store: Web Site...
  21. O

    Thread [APP] Spottr - An easy way to share your status automatically based on your location

    Hello, I developed a new app in order to share information with your friends in an easy and convenient way. In Spottr every user has only one status. By creating spots, this status will change automatically and your friends are up to date! What are spots? Spots have...
  22. Awesome Developer

    Thread Universal BatterY PostinG ALL AndroiD DeviceS

    Hello my friends the idea of this is simple just post your battery status of your device and the type of your device and the mods or rom you used
  23. JaCh0o

    Thread [Q] How to hide battery status icon on lockscreen?

    hello, im trying to remove battery status icon totally from lockscreen. Currently Nexus 7 LTE 2013 (DEB) rooted with exposed framework + gravity box. Still didnt find that option. Anyone got an idea?
  24. H

    Thread [Q] Status Bar disappeared

    I have the at&t Galaxy S III, and this week my status/notification bar just disappeared. It was there all day Monday, and when I woke up on Tuesday, it was gone. Restarts, hard restarts, wiping cache, installing new launchers, trying to use the shortcuts for notification shade and for status bar...
  25. B

    Thread [FREE][NEWS][ANDROID] Transparent Status and Nav UI design

    Hi All, let me know what you think of this UI design.
  26. anandbibek

    Thread [APP] Shareboard - [Twitter,Facebook,Google+] Post to multiple social networks

    Shareboard Multiple social network posting Tired of opening different apps to speak your mind across the multitude of social networks you use? For such situations, a handy and compact app to share contents to multiple social networks from under one screen. You can post status updates to...
  27. JT1510365

    Thread dead thread

    I no longer need this thread can someone delete it?
  28. R

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] TickerToast BETA! Turns toasts into notifications in the status bar.

    I am done with this. Module discontinued. I'm done fighting with that icon. This was initially a request from on reddit. I decided it would be neat so put some time into it. Please note this is still quite buggy and the beta isn't up there just cause it...
  29. H

    Thread [TUT]How to bypass Viber 'Share Online Status' setting[TUT]

    NOTE FOR MODERATORS: I wasn't quite sure about where to post this thread. :angel: If you use Viber, this might be very helpful for you! Recently, I've discovered a little "trick" to bypass the Share Online Status. If you use Viber, you might know that it can only be changed once every 24...
  30. C

    Thread [Q] update via not working

    GUys, after updating to latest firmware (15.1.c.2.8) in xperia m (single sim) if i post pics through fb app with "xperia in facebook" the 'via sony xperia smartphone' tag at the bottom is not coming. It used to come on the previous firmware. Can any1 confirm if this is the issue or its just my...
  31. S

    Thread [APP] Calendar Status - GOOGLE TASKS ADDED ! [2.1.8]

    Calendar status places your agenda on your notification drawer, providing easy and quick access to your agenda from any app and any screen. You can customize almost each detail in the layout so it will perfectly fit your needs and style. Calendar Status also support Google Tasks, providing you...
  32. I

    Thread [Q] Hide Notification Bar

    I've noticed that with a stock (default) wallpaper the notification bar is transparent. But when I put any other wallpaper it is opaque and visible. See the difference in the examples in the attatchments. My question to everybody is this. What is your favorite app to hide the notification...
  33. Fernandoo$

    Thread [Request] Status Bar that shows the Status of the Network

    Sorry for my Bad English :D This is my First Thread.... I need help from someone to modify the status bar of my phone .... I want my status bar shows the status of the network, as in the example: This is the original:Image taken from my ROM: SGS3 v6 by Sniper_Killer This is an example of...
  34. Envious_Data

    Thread Need help - Status bar Modding

    OK so i need help to fix a bug(see Screenshot) My bug is when i have too many notifacations the clock and date kinda go buggy, it seems to push the date or just make the clock say 00.000.... , the date just goes to next line - take note i have been playing around with the status bar for about...
  35. Omessy7

    Thread [MOD][JB]{Tested on SJB} Colorful Neon Status Bars <03/09/2013>

    Presenting... . . . . . . . Mod View: . . . . . . . *Tested and fully working on Super Jelly Bean V6. You can test it on another ROM of CM10 base and report here to get credits. Please if you do like the mod and using it... give me a thanks....Enjoy! . . . . . . . Just flash in recovery...
  36. ScottsDesk

    Thread [Q] Status Notification Question

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S with updated OS, and dont know what the status notification means thats showing up all the time. Please look at the image I have attached to the post. THX Scott
  37. Auronis1

    Thread [Q] GPS will not lock on

    Hi all, I'm struggling to get my GPS to lock on using custom ROMs. My stock system is ICS 4.0.4 (6.16.217.XT894) and with Safestrap 3.11 I've tried Carbon, CM, and AOKP but cannot get the navigation to lock on. I've tried clearing caches, reinstalling, and GPS status/fix apps. Everything...
  38. Omessy7

    Thread MOD]-{HTC Sense Status Bar}-[GB]

    Hello peeps, After working with my friend on a Sense ROM for his HTC Sensation XE- i felt like :silly: sense is nice, kinda :D So, I present to you: ! :D I Hope it works for You and you like it sense i work hard for it and barley sleep :eek: to make it.... I have tested it on my Arc S on...
  39. sikodemon

    Thread [ROOT] Transparent Status bar for Galaxy Ace ii I8160

    *Requires Root* FROM: TO: BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS>>> Backup your SystemUI.apk file located under <root>\system\app\ I am not to be held responsible if the phone melts in your hand for some unknown reason or causes your wife to leave you. Simply copy this SystemUI.apk to your...
  40. jokubas00

    Thread [MOD] S4 Themed Notification Drawer v3.0

    PRESENTS Changelog: V3 New Style New font size New toggle images New indicators Separate BG Mobile Data Toggle position fixed Black BG And More... Known Issues: Mobile Data Toggle: Yeaaah... After I fixed the position. BAM! It works differently. YOU tell me
  41. Narciso Neto

    Thread [XPOSED][NO Flash][ROOT] Transparent Status BAR

    To get transparent Status Bar, you willl need: -XPOSED Installer: -TweakBox: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Install Xposed Installer, and tap Install/Update to get the Xposed Framework...
  42. P

    Thread [BUG] Custom/modified status

    Hello, I have the international, unlocked i9505. I updated it to MDM using the KIES software because there were no slots available OTA. Now today I went to check for updates and it tells me that updates are not available because my device has been modified?? :confused: I have NOT attempted any...
  43. darkodin14

    Thread Official AT&T Galaxy S4 Preorder Status Thread

    Post your preorder status here! Current status: SHIPPED! TO BE DELIVERED THIS THURSDAY! I placed an order with AT&T Premier at 3am on Tuesday. Ordered two black 16gb. Order status was immediately at backordered but changed to processing. I wish they gave free overnight shipping but best I got...
  44. serajr

    Thread [APP] Easy Replace and/or Restart SystemUI.apk Utility - By Serajr - v2, 20/04/13

    Due to the large amount of people who like to change/mod your status bar (aka SystemUI) and also to ease some rework of copy, rename, paste, set permissions and restart the phone, I decided to make this simple application that does it all in two clicks, without restart your phone! How to...
  45. sikodemon

    Thread *Root* XT320 Black Status Bar (instead of stock blue)

    *Requires Root* Hey guys, I managed to root my XT320 a few days ago (using this method: which has opened up a few theming possibilities, mainly, that horrible blue status bar. Before After Before even thinking about doing this make a...
  46. N

    Thread Status Greeper App

    Guys, have someone tried to port this app to our device? I once own SGY and used this application. It will helped you pimped your device.
  47. rodrigo634

    Thread [SOLVED] Bootloader status: NOT_ROOTABLE on LWW

    i can't root my lww, i tried with flashtool and doomloard, following the guides in this forum but it fails. i tried donwdrading to gb and tryin then to root but it fails too. when i flash the stock firmware .431 or .587 it says "bootloader status: NOT_ROOTABLE" and i think that is the problem...
  48. J

    Thread [Q] How to unlock bootloader? Allowed: NO 12w23

    Hi people, after searching a lot, i just wanna make sure there is no way to get this done, My phone has the bootloader locked, the manufacturation date is 12w23 , and the bootloader unlock status allowed: NO Is there anyway to unlock my bootloader? Thanks a lot! Javier
  49. Jostrike

    Thread [MOD ]NEW! AeroGlass Status widgets [MDPI]

    Hi Everybody this is a multiple mod -New launcher -New Walkman Widget -New transparent clock -New Status widgets (Bluetooth,GPS,Data,Wifi,..) -New media widget :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I hope you like The icons are...
  50. B

    Thread [Q] Can't Flash any ROM ! Error status 7 CWM

    Well guys I just got a new Gnote from Rogers and I followed the NOOB friendly tutorials to root my phone and be able to flash custom ROMS ... ROOT is OK Now each time I try to flash a ROM in CWM I receive an Error something like (STATUS 7) aborted blabla (plz see Picture below) I am waiting...